I Painted an Entire Outfit (Pt. 1)

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Moriah Elizabeth

Moriah Elizabeth

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Hey guys! Today I am going to paint an entire outfit!! I've painted on shoes, painted a jean jacket, painted on shirts on separate occasions, but today I am going to paint a FULL outfit at once to create a completely custom outfit. I have had so much fun in the past painting on that denim jacket and customizing my shoes, I was really excited to painting on my clothes. This was a super fun customization project.
If you've never tried painting on clothes you should! There's some tiktok painting on clothes videos if you need more inspiration. It's a great ay to up cycle old clothes, or just have fun decorating things. Greaat art project idea for when you're bored at home.
I am using fabric paint and leather paint on all of these items. These paints are flexible so that paint doesn't crack when you wear the clothes.
If you stuck around to the end, you will already know that I am going to have to save the jean jacket for next week. I thought I would be able to paint the entire outfit in one video, but it turned out to be much more time consuming of an art project than I thought. I didn't want to rush through the jean jacket, since I have a really cool plan for it. I hope you don't mind waiting for part 2, and I hope to see you here next week 馃槂
WATCH PART 2 HERE: eswomen.com/id/v%C3%ADdeo-I7fY9Jq5m40.html
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Radar Salon
Radar Salon Hace 2 horas
To the people who thumbs downed this amazing video... I would like to paint your tiny black hearts into pastel rainbows.
L&A Ditto
L&A Ditto Hace 3 horas
When you took of one side of the tape it sounded like you were gnawing on somthing I have no idea why I came up with that馃槄
Happycat Anderson
Happycat Anderson Hace 4 horas
You tricked me actually I thought you got rid of of it I was like how could you do that I actually really like the design
Kendal Foxman
Kendal Foxman Hace 4 horas
Moriah- We鈥檙e just gonna slip that up the shorts just in case it leaks. Me- I- 馃槀
Harper Myers
Harper Myers Hace 4 horas
i'm home alone, and i'm terrified of staying home alone, but you made me happy :D
K.C. 123
K.C. 123 Hace 4 horas
When Moriah pointed at her face and said: Not here, we can't do anything about that. Me: Duh! You're already beautiful!
iiPanda Plays
iiPanda Plays Hace 10 horas
Me: WHY IS THER SO MANNY DISLIKES My Sister: its normal Me: NO SHE IS THE BEST DUH My sister: do you know how menny ppl ther is in da world Me:.................... 90000 My Sister: Nope 7M Me:馃槺馃く Like if you want mega uni in adopt me! 馃憞馃徏
Andjelija Aleksic
Andjelija Aleksic Hace 10 horas
Jasmine Desjardins
Jasmine Desjardins Hace 10 horas
You did trick me with the shoes I actually really like it
Ellie Larsen
Ellie Larsen Hace 11 horas
15:40 me a homosexual: 鈿 _ 鈿
Panda UwU
Panda UwU Hace 11 horas
I was born 2010 馃槺馃槺 creepy
Allie Ryan
Allie Ryan Hace 11 horas
When u put it in the wash, will the paint come off?
kzleavy Hace 12 horas
You can get edible paint
filza iqbal
filza iqbal Hace 12 horas
2010 was the year I was born!!!
Gwendolyn Sanchez
Gwendolyn Sanchez Hace 12 horas
If u don't want a thin shirt u should get a plain white shirt in the men section cause they r thicker
Gwendolyn Sanchez
Gwendolyn Sanchez Hace 12 horas
U should have done a donut design I don't think u have ever don't that befor
Madyson鈥檚 farm fun
Madyson鈥檚 farm fun Hace 12 horas
Madyson鈥檚 farm fun
Madyson鈥檚 farm fun Hace 12 horas
Some times I鈥檓 just to lazy to take care of my paint brushes
Lucas Vargas-Holley
Lucas Vargas-Holley Hace 12 horas
obnoxoin Moriah 2020
Woodrums Hace 13 horas
It isn't the full RAINBOW! your missing red!
Jeffery Mealey
Jeffery Mealey Hace 14 horas
Also im in my grampas acount
Jeffery Mealey
Jeffery Mealey Hace 14 horas
I was born in 2010
Priyamvada Jain
Priyamvada Jain Hace 14 horas
I don't know why but if I could hire u as an interior designer I would clearly it's just me so I will exit the chat bye people if u were still reading this
A J Hace 15 horas
Oh MaI gAWD yOu LiEd tO Us yOu DiDn'T PaInt tHE EntIRE oUtFIt Oh MaH gAWd
Bobaflowers Hace 22 horas
Me:outfit Moriah:oufrit
Merianis Ruiz
Merianis Ruiz Hace 22 horas
I鈥檓 that person let鈥檚 talk
Emma Parker Mann
Emma Parker Mann Hace un d铆a
Yay 馃榾 I get to talk to Moriah!!
Andreas _world123
Andreas _world123 Hace un d铆a
Can you make a coloring kids book
Derek Schwendinger
Derek Schwendinger Hace un d铆a
That one person that takes care of there paint brushes Me: oh wait I鈥檓 that one person Everyone else: akward
路N铆ght Cl酶ud路
路N铆ght Cl酶ud路 Hace un d铆a
Desi Kat
Desi Kat Hace un d铆a
when you were doing the shoe and you did the tape sound effect i was playing with my cat and my cat just paused cuz she hates sounds like that so that was weird.
Mercedes -
Mercedes - Hace un d铆a
We should get a dictionary of all the words she has created
Rima Mohammed
Rima Mohammed Hace un d铆a
Moriah: dose anyone take care of there paint brushes? Me: I do 馃檵馃徎鈥嶁檧锔 Moriah : I need to speak to that person Me : ok sure 馃憣馃徎 馃ぃ馃ぃ
Alauna Reynolds
Alauna Reynolds Hace un d铆a
Alauna Reynolds
Alauna Reynolds Hace un d铆a
The red is not there
iiMoonlight Gacha
iiMoonlight Gacha Hace un d铆a
You missed red! 馃ズ
Chelsea Brady
Chelsea Brady Hace un d铆a
Moriah: makes up the word obnoxion The word gets put in the urban dictionary 馃く
Ditti Singh
Ditti Singh Hace un d铆a
When you you where one table your shoes blind in there I was like an are is the legs馃槅
Bridget P
Bridget P Hace un d铆a
You missed red 馃槓馃槕馃槉
matusala beyene
matusala beyene Hace un d铆a
鈥淣o one has everything, but everybody has something鈥 Woah holy crap this actually has a lot of meaning
Gracie D.
Gracie D. Hace un d铆a
No one cares that much about a rainbow, just me. Me:*internally agreeing*
Ashen Wolf
Ashen Wolf Hace un d铆a
I take proper care of my paintbrushes.
surgical _1867
surgical _1867 Hace un d铆a
I take care of my brushes
Libby Bodet
Libby Bodet Hace un d铆a
new word new word its mine
Milo TwT
Milo TwT Hace un d铆a
I take care of my paint brushes and if they spoil or become hard I might buy a new one- 馃槄 is it just me or other people too?
Aanya SPENCER Hace un d铆a
How do you make redorange
Aanya SPENCER Hace un d铆a
The full rainbow is red orange yellow green blue indigo and violet moriah
SDDL Ninja
SDDL Ninja Hace un d铆a
11:53 new word
Living with Airine
Living with Airine Hace un d铆a
XD juiciness btw love the fake ripping tape sound hahha on the shoes
Living with Airine
Living with Airine Hace un d铆a
XD play doh vibe hahaha
Pippa Gatehouse
Pippa Gatehouse Hace un d铆a
Alessia Evans
Alessia Evans Hace un d铆a
letoferu Hace un d铆a
**me watching this at midnight** hehe respect the drip karen- im sorry-
Harmony Lewis
Harmony Lewis Hace un d铆a
11:08 u sound like grinch xD
Dystopyx Rose
Dystopyx Rose Hace un d铆a
14:03 it鈥檚 almost the trans flag 鉂わ笍 (Not in the right order, but it鈥檚 the pattern :3)
Dystopyx Rose
Dystopyx Rose Hace un d铆a
Anybody else getting Alolan Muk vibes from the shoes??
B Tris
B Tris Hace un d铆a
tiffybearoxox Hace un d铆a
Am I the only one who only JUST realized that in the thumbnail she is painting a *paint pallet*... Not a piece of clothing lol... Am I blind? Or did I see something no one else saw?? Hmmm...
Nope nope No you dont
Nope nope No you dont Hace un d铆a
My poor innocent ears!!!馃槩馃槩馃槩馃槩
Kira Stormer
Kira Stormer Hace un d铆a
14:00 T R A N S F L A G T R A N S F L A G
Audrey Sky
Audrey Sky Hace un d铆a
trace judkins
trace judkins Hace un d铆a
You make Beautiful stuff.! Laugh
Rebecca Gorwood
Rebecca Gorwood Hace un d铆a
I don't when i use paint brushes i leave the paint in them and don't touch them for like a week and then when i come back i have to wash them and i get angry XD
Rebecca Gorwood
Rebecca Gorwood Hace 2 d铆as
I actualy got tricked...XD. I was thinking gurl you messed up
Sadie Taylor gard
Sadie Taylor gard Hace 2 d铆as
I love your artwork
Florence Senior
Florence Senior Hace 2 d铆as
Your a botfall person
Kara Dragneel
Kara Dragneel Hace 2 d铆as
"Does anyone ACTUALLY take PROPER care of their paint brushes? Let me see that person I need to speak with them." u-uhm hi? hello.
Unicorn Otaku
Unicorn Otaku Hace 2 d铆as
Just wear the jacket that u already painted before
Andrew Parry
Andrew Parry Hace 2 d铆as
Oh never mind
Andrew Parry
Andrew Parry Hace 2 d铆as
Where can I buy merchandise
geubli razane
geubli razane Hace 2 d铆as
The cheos were is the red
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