I paid TWO Developers to make the SAME Minecraft Update

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We asked TWO DIFFERENT developers to make a new nether update for us.
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We paid two different developers ImCoolYeah and BlueCommander to make us a nether update, we asked them to make a new game mechanic or an update to an old one, a new structure of area with new things to explore, a friendly new pet of ally, a new super useful or op item, and a new boss battle. #Minecraft #Nether #Update
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✅ Created by ImCoolYeah
✅ Created by BlueCommander
🎶 Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound
All music used with permission from its creator.

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Bryce haha
Bryce haha Hace 16 horas
Bharti Asnani
Bharti Asnani Hace 2 días
Second one 6 to 10 cause it has mire loot but 1 to 5 was awesome had better things i like both
Zach Dejuan Porras
Zach Dejuan Porras Hace 2 días
Rex Hall
Rex Hall Hace 2 días
add both to minecraft but change what the collecter looks like
J Wold
J Wold Hace 3 días
Minecraft players after watching this video: Mojang, give us AN UPDATE!!😁
WolfCraft Hace 5 días
18:44 scariest u just have to see Herobrine
SquaredMineblox -
SquaredMineblox - Hace 6 días
Thomas Irwin
Thomas Irwin Hace 6 días
i liked them both equally. Bloodcrafting, Ember pick, Mausoleum, Nethermancer and Hell boulder were my favourites.
Anay Tikmany
Anay Tikmany Hace 7 días
1.16 has introduced striders and you can tame them ; they have fire resistance
Zach Attack5456
Zach Attack5456 Hace 7 días
13:30 when I see a spider
Paul Clawson
Paul Clawson Hace 7 días
nice, 1:55, a TLoZ reference!
Arsen Hace 7 días
You were trying to make the brute seem harder to kill by missing your shots on purpose. You were shooting him in between the legs.
maria sorrentino
maria sorrentino Hace 9 días
I liked blues updates. because I liked the Salamander🦎🦎🦎 and the oranges🍊🍊🍊
Topi legends Topi
Topi legends Topi Hace 10 días
I want the pets on lake block nest please and nether star sword and emerald armor and sword please
Topi legends Topi
Topi legends Topi Hace 10 días
I want the pets on lake block nest please and nether star sword
Topi legends Topi
Topi legends Topi Hace 10 días
I want the pet on lake block nest
Sakine Hace 11 días
i need that ember pickaxe...
Aνєяу • Fιяє Bσмв
Aνєяу • Fιяє Bσмв Hace 12 días
Ectoplasm Mha??
Leo zeng
Leo zeng Hace 13 días
Rhea Bender
Rhea Bender Hace 16 días
Can we buy these too? Can someone please answer because I wanna know
Ethan Monster Pro
Ethan Monster Pro Hace 16 días
Lillian Parsons
Lillian Parsons Hace 17 días
I liked icys more
Stella Velev
Stella Velev Hace 18 días
The first dude was much better but the boss on the second one was cooler
Um Aleatorio
Um Aleatorio Hace 18 días
Man, that's modders are better than mojang team, realy
Isaac Dempsey
Isaac Dempsey Hace 18 días
Logan Stahl
Logan Stahl Hace 18 días
2:20 Striders: Am I a Joke to You
Tyrel Hansen
Tyrel Hansen Hace 18 días
The Nethermancer needs to be in the Bone Den
Rylan Brosh
Rylan Brosh Hace 18 días
As he says no health regen his health regenerates.......bruh. around 5:50 when hes talking ab frostbite
yoga wahyuhutama
yoga wahyuhutama Hace 20 días
Ali Qalawi
Ali Qalawi Hace 20 días
Logdotzip maybe u should show this update to alexbrinedanoob
Catelyn Scrivner
Catelyn Scrivner Hace 20 días
I like the second one better
Theplexion Hace 21 un día
Want to tobgo walo around
TacoMan14798 Hace 21 un día
This guy really said "AHWSAGE"....it's osage ( like Oh...sage)
Frances Angelique
Frances Angelique Hace 22 días
Wha ever
CoffeeDrinks Hace 22 días
2:06 "My new best freind" His old best freind: *Sad old bestfreind noises*
Matthew Rivera
Matthew Rivera Hace 20 días
Adrianna Wright
Adrianna Wright Hace 22 días
“ Stupid llama”
Elle DeMars
Elle DeMars Hace 23 días
This stuff looks cool
Kendra Warren
Kendra Warren Hace 24 días
I think the nethermancer was the he better boss
#NICHOLAS C Hace 24 días
Exactly like a necromancer
Shay McCoy
Shay McCoy Hace 24 días
Theodore Benau
Theodore Benau Hace 24 días
Icey's was far superior
Drawing Journey
Drawing Journey Hace 24 días
Someone has 2 million more subscribers than you
Jobe Halfpenny
Jobe Halfpenny Hace 25 días
i like bluez
Edsel Guillermo
Edsel Guillermo Hace 25 días
I like the bone den
o0Yummy_ Burger0o
o0Yummy_ Burger0o Hace 25 días
Potato Bean
Potato Bean Hace 25 días
I think you should clone yourself
Colton Pope
Colton Pope Hace 25 días
that stuf doese not work
KIRITO Seesaran
KIRITO Seesaran Hace 26 días
Did anyone else notice his horrible aim?
Themeplord group
Themeplord group Hace 26 días
Average 2000 Hidden
Average 2000 Hidden Hace 26 días
Listen to the first 4 seconds in 0.25 speed
Mia van der Heijden
Mia van der Heijden Hace 27 días
Why does the salamander look like Charzard the Pokemon am I the only one who sees this?
Harris Kimzey
Harris Kimzey Hace 27 días
pronounced OH-sayj
Seth Bridge
Seth Bridge Hace 27 días
cybertron gameGOD
cybertron gameGOD Hace 28 días
Arn Castillo
Arn Castillo Hace 28 días
Bendy Videos
Bendy Videos Hace 28 días
Wolfgamer3000 Hace 29 días
Wolfgamer3000 Hace 29 días
And update by bluecommand
Wolfgamer3000 Hace 29 días
I love icy
Mr Potato Man YT
Mr Potato Man YT Hace 29 días
Wait a minute... How did you carry such a Heavy Boulder and you can just throw it so far?
anime boy
anime boy Hace un mes
icey is better and looks cooler
Bianca 1
Bianca 1 Hace un mes
He basically shows everything that happens before the video even starts
Ember McSpadden
Ember McSpadden Hace un mes
I have a namesake!
Maxwell Langlois
Maxwell Langlois Hace un mes
DANIEL MOORE Hace un mes
icy's was far better
Ty Joe
Ty Joe Hace un mes
Please make blue tooth red stone. Like you flip a switch and far away it emits a red stone signal
Fused Silicon
Fused Silicon Hace un mes
Most of them have been fulfiled by nether update
Trent The Trainiac
Trent The Trainiac Hace un mes
I like both
First Last
First Last Hace un mes
Man i hope my kids dont sound like these pewdiepie wannabes
Jaziyan Wheaton
Jaziyan Wheaton Hace un mes
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