I Mixed EVERY Cookie Flavor Together for MY BIRTHDAY

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Tried to be Safiya Nygaard for my Birthday today again by mixing EVERY cookie flavor together into one DISGUSTING yet DELICIOUS Birthday cookie cake for myself! (FYI My Birthday is Tues, July 7th but this is my last upload before my Birthday. But whatever close enough, BIRTHDAY SUPER POWERS BEGIN NOW!)
Last year's I Mixed EVERY Cake Flavor Together for MY BIRTHDAY: eswomen.com/id/v%C3%ADdeo-uKoao_EAuB8.html
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chrisopher lewis
chrisopher lewis Hace 25 minutos
Happy birthday 🎂
Amaryllis56 Hace un hora
Me, a Homestuck, seeing the Betty Crocker packets: *Ah yes, the mark of the B A T T E R W I T C H*
wayne taylor
wayne taylor Hace un hora
Bailey Lively
Bailey Lively Hace 3 horas
I love eating cookie dough!!! Who else?? Nobody?? Ohh. Ok.
Bailey Lively
Bailey Lively Hace 3 horas
Madison m
Madison m Hace 4 horas
My brother is watching another video and it says there's so much cocoa color of my eyes and I was like yes watch them suffer it's hilarious and now my grandpa calls me a little devil 😂
Madison m
Madison m Hace 4 horas
Happy birthday 🎂🤯
Matt Stepp
Matt Stepp Hace 4 horas
Happy birthday
Nafiue Muksit
Nafiue Muksit Hace 4 horas
happy late b day
Yeyson Pacheco
Yeyson Pacheco Hace 7 horas
Happy birthday 🎂
happy one month after your birt day
Megan Sheik
Megan Sheik Hace 7 horas
Megan Sheik
Megan Sheik Hace 7 horas
Megan Sheik
Megan Sheik Hace 7 horas
NJnamjam Rangel
NJnamjam Rangel Hace 8 horas
Innocent Inkmoon
Innocent Inkmoon Hace 8 horas
I know this is late but in elementary school I made a giant homemade cookie for my friend and brought it to school. We had a party in the outdoor shelter at recess and we all had pieces of cookie cake. uwu I'd do it again
Karrde999 Hace 9 horas
Happy birthday
A͜͡c͜͡u͜͡r͜͡e͜͡ Hace 9 horas
Happy b day srry I’m late also 7:17 I feel u
Bella the cat and chewy The dog
Bella the cat and chewy The dog Hace 11 horas
Happy birthday
Emma Poloai
Emma Poloai Hace 11 horas
happy very very late birthday
Bad Artist
Bad Artist Hace 12 horas
Happy birthday
Teagan Hammond
Teagan Hammond Hace 14 horas
I already saw this video but I just thot next year mix different brownies together
Teal Midnight
Teal Midnight Hace 15 horas
All hail hot dog/ bread/ deer queen yasss I am so late my youtube messed up
Maya Osman
Maya Osman Hace 15 horas
Happy Birthday 🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳❤❤❤
Hitoshi Shinsou
Hitoshi Shinsou Hace 16 horas
This is the last thing i have to do for your birthday wish!
Soggy Wafflez
Soggy Wafflez Hace 17 horas
11:06 she does t sound like herself....
Barbara Vallad
Barbara Vallad Hace 17 horas
Have the best Happy Bithday's Lauren!! 💞🏆💮🍞🍪 💞
Soggy Wafflez
Soggy Wafflez Hace 17 horas
She giving off really big safiya nygaard vibes right now. I mean shes wearing halo and black, plus shes making a frankenstein cookie!!!
IdkBoy Girl
IdkBoy Girl Hace 17 horas
My birthday is July 2
IdkBoy Girl
IdkBoy Girl Hace 17 horas
Happy late b-day
IdkBoy Girl
IdkBoy Girl Hace 17 horas
U still have ur birthday powers
strawberryz girls123
strawberryz girls123 Hace 19 horas
People who dislike hate cookies! 🙄😑😆😂🤣
zoeyzoneOMG !
zoeyzoneOMG ! Hace 19 horas
Happy birthday!!!!
Alyssa pet
Alyssa pet Hace 19 horas
Tsuvalaki Hace 20 horas
The dislikes are b a d this is a godly video that only comes once a year U_U
VerucaMilo Smith
VerucaMilo Smith Hace 20 horas
i did the commenting now what .... no i actually forgot what Lauren said to comment about
Ellie Tie
Ellie Tie Hace 21 un hora
Annabelle Lee Purper
Annabelle Lee Purper Hace 22 horas
arts line
arts line Hace 22 horas
dont watch
Camron Kilpz
Camron Kilpz Hace 22 horas
Camron Kilpz
Camron Kilpz Hace 22 horas
Happy birthday 🎉🎈🎁🎂🎊
Ellie Tie
Ellie Tie Hace 23 horas
Me watching this on a Tuesday a 5 months after her birthday
Scarlet Straley
Scarlet Straley Hace un día
Happy birthday sorry i'm late
bubble bitchlicious
bubble bitchlicious Hace un día
luaren: notice me ayono: so if its my birth day sempie will notice me
Noemi Sosa
Noemi Sosa Hace un día
Happy birthday
Willow 607
Willow 607 Hace un día
Happy bday
Pineapple Princess
Pineapple Princess Hace un día
Happy Belated Birthday Lauren!
Lily wildcraft wolf
Lily wildcraft wolf Hace un día
I hate cake and love cookies and cupquackes :3
Lily wildcraft wolf
Lily wildcraft wolf Hace un día
Srry I missed your birthday and it's been a month but I finally saw this before it's too late
Konstans Mple
Konstans Mple Hace un día
Yep... You're powers are working
c: :c
c: :c Hace un día
Happy Birthday
Witch Macy
Witch Macy Hace un día
Happy late birthday
Mark Stephens
Mark Stephens Hace un día
She says to us that she watches cooking shows once and a while...... I have never seen ANYBODY need WITH THEIR HANDS when the the batter is still batter and not even mixed yet NEVER
Asher Mitchell
Asher Mitchell Hace un día
Idk if I'm looking at it wrong but when Bobby said it was the best thing thing she had made on camera I was just like °-° ok then
King Doolittle
King Doolittle Hace un día
Betina Cairns
Betina Cairns Hace un día
Happy birthday Lauren🥺😍💕
Elin Bergarp
Elin Bergarp Hace un día
Happy birthday
Corgi God UwU
Corgi God UwU Hace un día
Happy birthday!!
Kawaiwolflatte ;3
Kawaiwolflatte ;3 Hace un día
Happy bday I’m really sorry I’m late😓
Jordan Spalding
Jordan Spalding Hace un día
Also what if you did something like donuts or like muffins
Jordan Spalding
Jordan Spalding Hace un día
You need to do more of the like Mixing every ingredient something like that again because I really enjoyed the cake one and then this one and I just really really really really really really really really really! Love them! But it’s just a suggestion that you don’t have to do it I’m just saying I love them and I think like maybe a mixing everyLike condiments and trying it on a chicken nugget or something
She made me like we'll happy birthday
Samantha Ellyson
Samantha Ellyson Hace un día
Me: eating the already made cookie dough while you make the other stuff Mehehehhehe she will never see me
XxStrawberry_PandaxX Hace un día
Me: when is Lauren's birthday? My bff: July 5 - December 31st Me: T h a t s a l o n g b I r t h d a y My bff: I t I s Happy late birthday lauren!
Patch Ford
Patch Ford Hace un día
Happy birthday!!!!
Pixie Hace un día
I swear her birthday was just a couple months ago- I GUESS ITS BEEN A YEAR
Christopher Wellens
Christopher Wellens Hace un día
I probably would've just made all of the different cookie doughs, then mixed them together so I know I made them correctly (of course I wouldn't probably just put a little of each like she did before mixing them all together)
Kate Miller
Kate Miller Hace un día
lauren: omg it's my b day! pay attention to me! new ppl: what month is he b day? us: E V E R Y M O N T H!!!????
A Person
A Person Hace un día
Well. Birthday power still going strong.
Lourdes Fernandez
Lourdes Fernandez Hace 2 días
Happy Birthday 🥳 😂
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