I Made Rie a Surprise Birthday Cake! | Alix Traeger

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Alix Traeger

Alix Traeger

Hace 3 meses

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ily guyz

Hey there, I'm Alix! ♡ You may recognize me as the giggly girl from BuzzFeed Tasty. I made my own channel so I could show you guys my life outside of the Tasty Kitchen. (It's still a little crazy) Subscribe for videos featuring food, travel, fashion, music, fun times, adventures & more!

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Alix Traeger
Alix Traeger Hace 3 meses
who wants a FACE CAKE?!?!
Inayat Arora
Inayat Arora Hace 4 días
Alix Traeger me want a cake this is my face -🥳🥳🥳🥳
Eiman Sasi
Eiman Sasi Hace 5 días
It was strangely good😋😋❤️
Juli Patnayak
Juli Patnayak Hace 7 días
Meeee! Lol 😆
Kyleigh jean Espanola fleras
Kyleigh jean Espanola fleras Hace 14 días
Wolffen51 Hace 48 minutos
Rie's wish....that next year Alix does Rie's bday cake on her bday
Devil’s Angel
Devil’s Angel Hace 9 horas
9:30 she doesn’t know she is coming too🤣😂🤣lol
Artsy hub
Artsy hub Hace 13 horas
Alix ur no drawer, ur an "artist"
Artsy hub
Artsy hub Hace 13 horas
I love seeing Ralix
Cheesy Chicken Gacha
Cheesy Chicken Gacha Hace un día
"No more funny business." *laughs*
Danica Tasić
Danica Tasić Hace un día
I love you Alix!!!
Frisian Gaspar
Frisian Gaspar Hace un día
Abigail Scaife
Abigail Scaife Hace 3 días
When the train honked they all said what the f**k is that
entertainment yt
entertainment yt Hace 3 días
I like your. Cake 🎂
Hari Ávila
Hari Ávila Hace 4 días
8:24 Jeff the killer who 😂❤️
Nylla Rania
Nylla Rania Hace 5 días
Alix:"Kinda looks like if Rie and Micheal Jackson had a baby"8:35 Me:More like Rie looking like a serial killer or a creepy ghost😂 No hate on Rie or Alix its just a joke..i love seing Ralix on Tasty:)
Carmina Bermudo
Carmina Bermudo Hace 7 días
Lmao rie really said her face is delicious, like calm down
AJ Soaps
AJ Soaps Hace 9 días
Left her full time job ? What at Tasty ?
Margarette Gail
Margarette Gail Hace 9 días
I really love your friendship!!!❤️
Everything Miss A
Everything Miss A Hace 12 días
Do you still work at tasty ?
Chris John
Chris John Hace 14 días
The cake look so good 😋
Calcitriol Hace 21 un día
I like your skin color, I don’t know how to describe it but yeah
Paris Gile
Paris Gile Hace 22 días
Sempioen Hace 24 días
Intro: gets in the car. Me: PHEW no singing. Alix: HELLO YoUtuBEEeEeE
Amy T
Amy T Hace 25 días
I didn’t know you left Buzzfeed.
mimiyel oli
mimiyel oli Hace un mes
i love you alix and rie 🥺😍
Dallas Wendell
Dallas Wendell Hace un mes
4:05 🤣
xxshadow_1985xx -_-
xxshadow_1985xx -_- Hace un mes
Alix u still work at tasty??
Sean Budman
Sean Budman Hace un mes
Alix: People are looking at me. Me: lol
Yeona Evangelista
Yeona Evangelista Hace un mes
i really love ur energy, ur cheerfulness is sooooo ❤❤❤ sending love from the philippines. 🇵🇭
Clare Lee
Clare Lee Hace un mes
OMG Alix I love you!💙❤💙❤
Jamila DiCaprio
Jamila DiCaprio Hace un mes
girl that fake laugh after every sentence gotta go
A. B.
A. B. Hace un mes
So does she still work for buzzfeed? I thought she quit?
Abigail Scaife
Abigail Scaife Hace un mes
The egg said "fluck my life"
Sandhra JS
Sandhra JS Hace un mes
Wait a second. She left FANCY? OMG WHY
Jessie Z
Jessie Z Hace un mes
hee hee
Tyler G
Tyler G Hace un mes
11:02 🤣🤣🤣
john_santhosh641 Hace un mes
Omg pls put your make up...
xDigitalMonster Hace un mes
You left Tasty? Awww I’m gonna miss seeing you on there! 😭❤️
DarkLord YT
DarkLord YT Hace un mes
She is kind alike Emilia clarke
SH.17 Hace un mes
i would love to date you and i'm stright
afsha shaikh
afsha shaikh Hace un mes
a need a bestfriend like alix❤❤❤❤
Ismit Ara
Ismit Ara Hace 2 meses
Ismit Ara
Ismit Ara Hace 2 meses
Wing Hace 2 meses
What does shit mean I thought it was a cake
Wing Hace 2 meses
BTW Nice singing voice it kinde ov inspiring
Ismit Ara
Ismit Ara Hace 2 meses
Bang bang
Ismit Ara
Ismit Ara Hace 2 meses
Face cake
ren Hace 2 meses
I haven't watched tasty in a while...but after I decided to watch again, I learned that you are not in it anymore...It was so saddening cause you and rie are my most favorite tasty producers... I always watch you and rie, I love both of you especially when you are in the video together..why? why did you leave? and when did you leave?
q qq
q qq Hace 2 meses
I cracked at 11:02 , right when Rie blew the candle I really thought it's was a sound effect
BOB Diaries
BOB Diaries Hace 2 meses
I just wanna ask why you left your job?
blue-chaos96 striker
blue-chaos96 striker Hace 2 meses
I like so much your natural looks, and you have a contagious cheerful personality awesome video ^-^
XxLunarWølfxX Hace 2 meses
Puts some makeup gurlll Btw love your video I love you having makeup last year aahahah #RALIX
Jr. Rivera
Jr. Rivera Hace 2 meses
Alix is naturally gorgeous.....slay girl!
Tegan Elizabeth Smith
Tegan Elizabeth Smith Hace 2 meses
Samriddhi Sharma
Samriddhi Sharma Hace 2 meses
Did she leave tasty??
Aleesha Miah
Aleesha Miah Hace 2 meses
4:02 I've done it too many times😪
Jay Robinson
Jay Robinson Hace 2 meses
That Alix is beyond obnoxious, just looking at her I can tell he's always "on."
Donnie Wallace
Donnie Wallace Hace 2 meses
Jay Jay
Jay Jay Hace 2 meses
Lol i laughed too hard at the egg.
Zoey Zoella
Zoey Zoella Hace 2 meses
When the cake slightly falls: “Make Rie Fancy”
Kimberly Ann Medina
Kimberly Ann Medina Hace 2 meses
I love you Rie and Alix!! My favorite chefs 🥰😍
Senamis The Witch
Senamis The Witch Hace 2 meses
Is it me or she kinda sounds like Brie or Nikki Bella and looks a little like Brie
Lýnn Hace 2 meses
wait.. so that means RIE IS A SAGITTARIUS YASSS!
ginagaladriel Hace 3 meses
Why didn't you print the zoomed photo to make a template? easier than trying to draw it from scratch, oooh well... the thought is what counts right? :)
Dran Tsuruoka
Dran Tsuruoka Hace 3 meses
Who watch this in 2020😻😻🥰 👇🏻💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙
Ursula Hace 3 meses
If you mix Rie's cake with Alix's cake its gonna be rie's face with a hole in her face
Unaisa Irfan
Unaisa Irfan Hace 3 meses
Alix wearing sleeveless rie wearing a sweater 🤔. Am I the only one or is anyone else confused about the weather 😉
Aidelum Hace 3 meses
Is it just me or does the cake actually look identical to Rie?
Amnah Rafiq
Amnah Rafiq Hace 3 meses
Aww 😍
Lachi_ molala_
Lachi_ molala_ Hace 3 meses
U'll notice that the decoration say Happy BirthAY and not birthday 11:16
Akiro Sarili
Akiro Sarili Hace 3 meses
She was able to tell it was box cake
Rasha Sankari
Rasha Sankari Hace 3 meses
Finally alex with some brows😁♥️
haya ahmed
haya ahmed Hace 3 meses
best friendship hands down
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