'I'm going to bet against Bill Belichick - he's going to get exposed' - Skip | NFL | UNDISPUTED

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Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

Hace 2 meses

Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe discuss the New England Patriots' offseason moves, most recently releasing veteran kicker Stephen Gostkowski. Hear why Skip is betting against Bill Belichick without Tom Brady.
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About Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED:
UNDISPUTED is a daily two-and-a-half hour sports debate show starring Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe. Every day, Skip and Shannon will give their unfiltered, incisive, passionate opinions on the biggest sports topics of the day.
'I'm going to bet against Bill Belichick - he's going to get exposed' - Skip | NFL | UNDISPUTED
Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

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Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED
Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED Hace 2 meses
Will Bill Belichick get back the Patriots dynasty without Tom Brady?
Stephen Raftery
Stephen Raftery Hace un mes
@Heisenberg-SchrodingerEmc2 What defines a Great Coach? Knowing what players to play. Knowing how to get the best out of your Players. What does a GM do. Evaluate players, put together the best coaches and players. Belicheck saw something in Brady. He gave him confidence, built teams to Toms strength and Orchestrated the Greatest Dynastt in Football History! Who was Bill Walsh before Montanna? Dan Marino the Greatest Pure Quarterback ever, Don Shula considered one of the Greatest coaches Ever. How many Super Bowl? 0 no defense. BB and TB12 complimented each other Perfectly. Stupidest debate I have ever heard!
Stephen Raftery
Stephen Raftery Hace un mes
@manny_ nuff you are clueless. The Tuck rule was used 3 or 4,times in the regular saeson that year. One time against the Patriots. The call was made instantly, the long delay on the replay to overturn the call was to find what yard to place the ball, because of the Snow. That call didnt even tie the game. The Patriots still had to drive down later for a game tying filed goal late in the 4th quarter to send the Game into overtime. Raiders still had every chance to win that game! You can't change History because you didn't like one call in a game!
Zo Wattz
Zo Wattz Hace un mes
Patriots dynasty is over 🙌
Jared Taylor
Jared Taylor Hace un mes
Patriots are DONE
Jared Taylor
Jared Taylor Hace un mes
@Brennanj7 I didn't know QB's like Brady grew on trees? Are you out of your mind? Patriots are done!
aj paynter
aj paynter Hace 12 días
Hey guys this is the one this is the video you need to send to skip then point and laugh at him. BIG NEWS GUYS apparently bill can’t win games without Tom 😂. Pats will win devision and the patriots haven’t gone anywhere don’t be foolish he’s proven us all wrong to....many....times. (Provided Josh Allen isn’t absolutely Legit in Buffalo, which can happen 🤷‍♂️)
Steven Hornostaj
Steven Hornostaj Hace 27 días
Don't win many games scoring 13 points. Oh wait, 7 without gotz
Steven Hornostaj
Steven Hornostaj Hace 27 días
So they are better than the Steelers and Colts/Titans? Miami? Cleveland? They will be 6-9 at best
Steven Hornostaj
Steven Hornostaj Hace 22 días
@6Rings249Wins#Winning GOAT ya but they have two #1 wr, 2 #1 TE......
Steven Hornostaj
Steven Hornostaj Hace 22 días
@6Rings249Wins#Winning GOAT plus the hardest schedule this year
Larry Smith
Larry Smith Hace un mes
All the names he said had left you hadnt even heard of half of them until last year or the year before bb has replacements for them guys watch and see him if not this year next year he will be a superbowl contender and will hardly have heard of 90% of the players
Stephen Raftery
Stephen Raftery Hace un mes
Skip, Get Real! Do you expext any coach to rebuild in one offseason. Talk to me next year and we will see what the Patriots look like. Patriots Nation, We are in Great Hands with Bill!
marroni ugelli
marroni ugelli Hace un mes
Belichick has to worry about Sportswriters, Brady has to worry about linemen, Cornerbacks off the shoulder . And my favorite..the unblocked linebacker...
Jjj M
Jjj M Hace un mes
Exposed like steven seagal
Billy Cain
Billy Cain Hace un mes
While we're discussing who meant more to the Championships Belichick or Brady how about we talk about Peyton Manning and the fact it didn't matter who coached him he would take you to the Super Bowl. 4 Super Bowl trips for different head coaches he is the goat.
Billy Cain
Billy Cain Hace un mes
In short term Tom Brady will have more success he's went to a team that's already built to win now. it's a good situation for aging declining quarterback who has some great players around him in the long run Belichick will prove he was more important for those championships than Tom Brady it'll just take a little time.
Dadson worldwide
Dadson worldwide Hace un mes
It's gonna take tom every bit if two years at best. Idk why you have to put a 2 yr limit on him though. If he's still healthy and enjoys it then no reason to retire. Yeah it's older than we're used to but if you get him for $20 mill and have the best running game and defense you can't tell me brady can't hand the ball off 70% of the time and play action 2 reads and dump it off at 45 yrs old. You could actually groom a qb proper by limiting toms time if you really wanted to work through his decline. Were talking about can tom carry an entire offense right now. But thats not the only way to win.
Dadson worldwide
Dadson worldwide Hace un mes
How do you best prepare for a Qb legend to leave? Build a great defense. You can check that box already. If they play like last year all bill is looking to do is score 17 points a game. Do this and they make playoffs and have a competitive season.
Pat Martin
Pat Martin Hace un mes
Well, let's take a look. The Patriots have been losing star players every year just like every other nfl team, since the beginning of their dynasty. Bill has been able to replace all these players with other players that most people have never heard of. Then within a couple years these new players step up and become the new stars. Point being Brady would most likely not have won any super bowls and would have been retired years ago had he not played for New England.
Henricson Deloverges
Henricson Deloverges Hace un mes
lool.. not only BB will get expose. TB too will get expose. will see what will happen this season. 😂
WISDOM vs knowledge
WISDOM vs knowledge Hace un mes
Belichick made Brady, not the other way around!
Martin Rademakers
Martin Rademakers Hace un mes
Belichick won't be exposed this year. The entire NFL season is going to be cancelled due to Novel Coronavirus. Nobody gonna allow 80,000 fans in one location during a pandemic.
StrongTree Roots35
StrongTree Roots35 Hace un mes
Without Tom Brady bill going to fail they not going to be in the playoffs talk they will never win a championship again
Mark Oakes
Mark Oakes Hace un mes
I 'm wondering whether Robert Kraft will recover from this. 2020 could be BB's last year in NE.
Austin Emre
Austin Emre Hace un mes
If Love had knocked it out of the park even better with a coaching change or stayed steady I might be sold but turnover habits TRANSLATE to the League. Sam Darbold comes to mind, a bust.
Tom Lawson
Tom Lawson Hace un mes
Napoleon Belichick is coming up on his Waterloo and will end up in Football Elba.
shredder Hace un mes
I like Brady but he is old now. Belichick is Croatian and Croatians are the best coaches in all sports. They are chess masters ! Soccer, basketball , waterpolo , handball and NFL coaches with Croatian roots are the best !
Nik DAgreek
Nik DAgreek Hace un mes
who cares who the QB is when you already know what each teams play call already is
James Sanders
James Sanders Hace un mes
Why doesn't anybody see that this evil mastermind is planning on tanking for Trevor and as a Bills fan I hate that idea.
Mary Camerota
Mary Camerota Hace un mes
Right you are Shannon !!
Mary Camerota
Mary Camerota Hace un mes
Wait a minute ! Neither one won without the other. You love Brady, well I have a problem with Brady pushing for Jimmy G. To get traded and leave the Pat's high and dry. Someone give the guy who loves Brady a Tylenol !!!
lukey1210 Hace un mes
Pats dynasty is done thank the lord 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
Hasu Hace un mes
Bills will win the division. Pats finish second, Dolphins third and Jets last.
Romane Ingram
Romane Ingram Hace un mes
Patriots won't be the same Brady was the heart and soul of what they were.
Jane H
Jane H Hace un mes
Tom Brady will make it his mission to take another team to the Super Bowl just so everyone will know it was him and not Bill Belichick who made the bigger difference with the Patriots.
Guillaume Poirier
Guillaume Poirier Hace un mes
Forrest Gump
Forrest Gump Hace un mes
Jameis Winston or Cam Newton would be a decent filler.
Caleb Ransom
Caleb Ransom Hace un mes
I think he is going to do a rebuild
D. Paul Sikand
D. Paul Sikand Hace un mes
Not really a fair or even an intelligent consideration. Currently as a team the Patriots have a pathetic roster. Give Belichick a couple years to rebuild around the new players and he will e back stronger than ever......yes Brady was a comfort zone.....meaning you could surround Brady with average players and the team still did fine..... Now we will have an average QB so the rest of the players will have to be better than average. It is a complete rebuild. But Skip is completely foolish to assault Belichick during such a major shift in personnel. Almost like skip is trying to make the story about....Skip....! No coach has ever worked better with what they have than Belichick!!!! Period
lamar Massey
lamar Massey Hace un mes
Not a fair statement at all to make ESPN Team. To be fair Bill doesn't have a quality team to work with, therefore its pointless to try to make silly theories to validate his greatness.
IlluminatedMike Hace un mes
Lindsey Fichera
Lindsey Fichera Hace 2 meses
BB rude as f*** he really do whatever . I'm mean it usually it's good. But for Brady let that man finish there in piece
Christopher Eaton
Christopher Eaton Hace 2 meses
The Patriots defense was totally exposed last year. 'Nuff said.
Frank Things
Frank Things Hace 2 meses
defenses gonna try to grab dat stiddy
Arthur Fonzarelli
Arthur Fonzarelli Hace 2 meses
Patriots are a total mess right now. People act like they are above a rebuild when reality is outside of with Brady the guy had an awful 7 year coaching career
joe Hace 2 meses
Brady and Bellichick will both be exposed.
Maniac Rider
Maniac Rider Hace 2 meses
Doubt it. Tom is the GOAT, but Bill is pretty damn good. Remember when Brady got hurt and Brissett took over, 11-5 that year. Still missed the playoffs but I'd bet that's the only year in NFL history that a team that won 11 games and didn't make playoffs.
DEUCE Hace 2 meses
He'll have at least a year to fugure it out b/c there won't any football this season. Brady may not ever take a snap in Tampa either.
Brave Sir Robin
Brave Sir Robin Hace 2 meses
Brady with Mike Evans is going to be unfair.
Karen Pratt
Karen Pratt Hace 2 meses
Dudes got 8 rings. The only thing exposed are his 2 ringless fingers.
D G Hace 2 meses
I'm a huge Pat's fan but my money's with Brady I agree with skip
Michael Udeze
Michael Udeze Hace 2 meses
Shannon sharpe, please, stop interjecting and interrupting!
Lane Potts
Lane Potts Hace 2 meses
Even if Tom Brady stayed bill belichick has destroyed this team maybe it’ll help us in the future but for this year bill has destroyed this team even if Tom Brady stayed I don’t think the pats are playoff contenders
David McCallum
David McCallum Hace 2 meses
As a Falcons fan, I wish they had a coach who was not friends with the players.
For once I actually agree with this clown.
10000liverpool Hace 2 meses
Bill is dumb lol he wasn't even the head coach when he won his only rings without Brady ppl need to understand that
Redpillx89 Hace 2 meses
To fly a rocket ship you need to be an optimist
m g
m g Hace 2 meses
What is Skip taking about, they won the Superbowl last year, how is that trying to make life miserable for Tom? Skip talks out his a$$.
Alfred Pasly
Alfred Pasly Hace 2 meses
Teams are going to be licking their chops if they have the Patriots on their schedule.
Cody Sampson
Cody Sampson Hace un mes
Alfred Pasly licking their chops for what? To beat on a weaken roster 😂
Gene grable jr
Gene grable jr Hace 2 meses
Holy cow I agree with Skip, Brady was integral.
andrew t payne
andrew t payne Hace 2 meses
Skip Bayless is impossible. Bill Belicheck gets a pass. You never discredit Belicheck. Sharpe makes a lot of sense. Yes Belicheck has been trying to get ride of Brady for a long time. If it wasn't for Mr Kraft Brady would have been gone and Jimmie G would be be the starter in New England.
Bronze Tiger
Bronze Tiger Hace 2 meses
I think Bill wanted Brady gone a few years ago But I don't think he REALLY thought Tom Would LEAVE THIS YEAR. He lost Van Noy this year too right? Meanwhile Miami has made some IMPRESSIVE off season moves and the Bill's are" Nipping at the Heels". I think Bill will get exposed. And I have been a Patriot since Tom got there. Don't think they get in playoffs this year at All.
Fred Meeker
Fred Meeker Hace 2 meses
I'm betting that without a good offensive line Tom Brady will crash and burn this year.
Theodore Young Jr.
Theodore Young Jr. Hace 2 meses
Insightful analysis! Two strong theories!
Oliver Phippen
Oliver Phippen Hace 2 meses
BB took a 199 and turned him into the GOAT What can he do with 133 ????? cant wait ???????
Joseluis Ojeda
Joseluis Ojeda Hace 2 meses
The melodrama that is Skip is tiring. Shannon is a Brady hater. He is a disrespectful Ex-player. He trashes one of the greatest players of all time or the best of all time. Skip does the same to Lebron James.
Spyda AkaKenshiro83
Spyda AkaKenshiro83 Hace 2 meses
Keep sleeping on us Patriots I love it ..please keep counting us out
Brandon 123
Brandon 123 Hace 2 meses
Of course cause he’s tanking next season for Trevor Lawrence or Justin Fields whichever he wants 😂
rayshawn muhammad
rayshawn muhammad Hace 2 meses
Anybody else realize if Miami gets tua then it’s gonna be a wby disaster for NE wat with josh Allen and Sam darnold already in the division
John Taylor
John Taylor Hace 2 meses
I've always had the feeling Brady made Belichick way better than he is...going to be interesting to see
Will Moffett
Will Moffett Hace 2 meses
Skip is mostly right although what is really going to be exposed is the whole concept of coaches, their playbooks and their personnel decisions, as being the greatest determinant of a team's success. Jon Gruden's faith in his system, reflected by his insistence on recruiting aging players who would conform to his system, destroyed the newly winning Tampa Bay franchise. Will Belichick follow a similar path without Brady? He certainly has the ego which could make that possible.
isaac debeila
isaac debeila Hace 2 meses
people are out here saying that Pats are reloading and such, yeah that was in the pasted when they had young players get mentored by older players, Tom left them with no heir for QB, they will stay reloading for the next 50 years like the chiefs have
The Truth
The Truth Hace 2 meses
The New England Patriots used to be nothing. Then along came Belichick. I remember in the first super bowl they made it to with Bill as head coach. At the beginning of the game, they didn't do individual announcements. I'm summarizing but it was something like this: "The New England Patriots have decided to forego individual announcements, and be presented as a team." And they ran out on the field together, as a team. Belichick installed a new culture, a new belief system. No one, NO ONE is more important than the team. THAT is the reason for their success. I've seen Bill praise his players many times in public. I don't know what goes on behind the scenes, but I'd rather have a coach that prioritizes the team winning over any individual player. I'm a huge Brady fan, I think he's the greatest QB of all time. I wish them both the best, its just too bad both of their ego's wouldn't allow them to remember where they came from.
Ricky Tan
Ricky Tan Hace 2 meses
People act like Brady was a 1st round pick or something Belichick will find another quarterback and continue winning when Brady is retired
sub zero
sub zero Hace 2 meses
Belichick aint have a ring till brady walked in the building
Jorge Flores
Jorge Flores Hace 2 meses
Wasn't Mel the one who destroyed Tom Brady on Draft Day. So, why is he being quoted?
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