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Life of Boris

Life of Boris

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Boris is back! This is a status update on the current situation. The situation is good. Cooked with a chainsaw last time and cooking basics is coming. Leave your request in the comments and I will add it to the list of 300 I already have. No idea too crazy!
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Welcome to the official Life of Boris ESwomen channel! On this channel, you’ll find a variety of Slav Gaming, Cooking, Car reviews, Animation and Tutorials content, including Slav games, GTA gameplay, Gaming, Budget recipes, Slav cooking, DIY guides, Country Reviews, Language lessons and animated content.
Stay cheeki breeki! Enjoy!
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Weirdo's World
Weirdo's World Hace 5 horas
After watching hours of your cooking videos i can't watch any of your videos without getting hungry lmao
Johnathan FiddleurPants
Johnathan FiddleurPants Hace 19 horas
Ofcourse, he needed to cook with a chainsaw before uploading the "I'm coming back" video
Delta Crust
Delta Crust Hace 3 días
Imagine *Mr. Slav* meets our Comrade *Boris* 🤔🤔🤔
panqueque445 Hace 4 días
"Same microphone from 2015. Why fix if not broken?"
Cindy Vogt
Cindy Vogt Hace 4 días
Boris when are squatnik suits coming back
kokichi ouma
kokichi ouma Hace 4 días
Aaatlas Hace 4 días
Wait a minute he was in bratislava my hometown in austria is not an hour away
QHOSYI ENT Hace 5 días
Boris Karbas gut
Macho's Slav shack
Macho's Slav shack Hace 5 días
Put automatic subtitles and watch part 1:15 (intel masturbates)
Ifoundmyold2014ac c
Ifoundmyold2014ac c Hace 6 días
something tells me he meant to upload this first and ESwomen pulled a my yt channel on him
J05 Hace 7 días
assuming 1 video every week then 52 videos every year, so about 6 years
Rui Quintas
Rui Quintas Hace 7 días
I have vodka 4 u
Антон Hace 8 días
Русские здесь На месте
L A Z Y 。
L A Z Y 。 Hace 8 días
Can u do a q&a at 4mil subs
Hye Emmanwell
Hye Emmanwell Hace 9 días
I like life of boris video...uraaaaaaa
Giorno Giovanna
Giorno Giovanna Hace 9 días
negative comments on Boris videos? must be vadim blyat
CHEEZE CAKE man Hace 9 días
Obviously we all sound different one time theenn different another
Nicola Turloi
Nicola Turloi Hace 9 días
the return of the king
Warren Estes
Warren Estes Hace 10 días
Da comrade Boris has returned URA
Lisa Thuban
Lisa Thuban Hace 10 días
We all look like you now.
Влад 123
Влад 123 Hace 10 días
Slav brother you come БЛЯТЬ
Judah Asuncion
Judah Asuncion Hace 10 días
I have no idea if he is actually a blyat
Filip Szumiński
Filip Szumiński Hace 10 días
Gdzie jest kurwa Polska, dawaj mi Polskę Pamiętasz ten polski majonez??????
syncdi Hace 10 días
We all thought we'd see his face. Ha, no! His long schlo-
Strongwolf playz
Strongwolf playz Hace 10 días
Russia+vodka+AK-47=1000000 rpm
Mortex Hace 10 días
Never fear,Boris is here
shibe 104
shibe 104 Hace 10 días
kurwa he's back
Zedi gan
Zedi gan Hace 10 días
Hey Boris it is winter down here in Australia and us bogans would love to know how to grow potatoes like Babushka
pankozavr Hace 11 días
Ti zaedal gde russan sybtitrs
Miś Polarny MAN
Miś Polarny MAN Hace 11 días
Twój kanał jest Kurwa Zajebisty 🇵🇱🇵🇱🇵🇱🇵🇱
Brandon Mallare
Brandon Mallare Hace 11 días
I searched "Im back" I ignored the top ones
Curious Hace 11 días
Slav nation rise
keter.rerzoperz Hace 11 días
How to be boris
keter.rerzoperz Hace 11 días
es normal que un argentino vea esto , yo si lo paresco , agachado todo el dia leccion de vida
DisnamiaEdit 201
DisnamiaEdit 201 Hace 11 días
Russia: Opaaa Colombia: epaaa Me: :/ f*ck
Rais Soilder
Rais Soilder Hace 12 días
"Ah yes!.....this chair is shit."
The Corner Of The Internet
The Corner Of The Internet Hace 12 días
Boris’s old video: I’m leaving... boris now: I’m back!
Hambaxx Hace 12 días
Where is Polish movies? ❤️🇵🇱😭
Soap Hace 12 días
Xenomorpheus prodictions is stealing content from this channel.
Brody Glover
Brody Glover Hace 13 días
1:27 you can see his eyes.
Lyan Zepar
Lyan Zepar Hace 13 días
No Boris... How do you know the carpet is Finest Slavic Quality... You stole it from Aloona, she never daid it was original 😂
Johannes Sergio
Johannes Sergio Hace 13 días
Face reveal?
Катя Санникова
Катя Санникова Hace 13 días
кто русский интерестно)
Глеб У
Глеб У Hace 13 días
Как учить английский)))
*DEGOUS* Hace 14 días
All these mf saying there back here's the real one.
Licornmazik Hace 14 días
He came back just before belle delphine, he is belle Delphine confirmed
Hiryuu Seika
Hiryuu Seika Hace 14 días
welcome back!...a shame about the privated old videos i wanna watch them too...i found your channel too late and been watching your videos for a week? now, it amazes me how you could make all these videos and im not complaining i will simply watch all your videos
Apelsin Channel
Apelsin Channel Hace 14 días
Борис ты русский
blissxfull Hace 15 días
❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺 FINALLY
ilikebunnies Hace 15 días
5:21 Boris: a big folder on my desktop, staring at me, screaming- Me: *HOMEWORK FOLDER >_>* Boris:... make these videos ^_^'''
Martynas Karkauskas
Martynas Karkauskas Hace 16 días
Lol I have the same Soviet carpet
I BADGOD Hace 16 días
Борис ис бэк
Блогер без подписчиков
Блогер без подписчиков Hace 16 días
ну шо боротко будэм разговаривать по русски
Temir Mirza
Temir Mirza Hace 16 días
What's wrong wrong with this camera бляяять
Temir Mirza
Temir Mirza Hace 16 días
I want to have this SLAV AKCSIENT
CRAZY TV GAMING Hace 16 días
Why is CC Russian(auto generated)?😂
Papa_smoke69 Hace 16 días
Damn I remember when this crazy Slavic man was at 500k man it has been along way
Topshot 14
Topshot 14 Hace 16 días
id like to see you take your dragunov for a range day
The Zombie King
The Zombie King Hace 17 días
for the love of BLINS show us face reveal
Gabriel Moreira
Gabriel Moreira Hace 17 días
0:56. посмотрите на отражение kkkkk. look at the reflection kkk. olha o reflexo. toma cuidado kkkk
Gug Hace 16 días
@Gabriel Moreira 'cês devem ter um super olho porque eu não consigo ver a cabeça dele no reflexo kkk
Gabriel Moreira
Gabriel Moreira Hace 16 días
@Gug quase apareceu o rosto dele kkkk
Gug Hace 16 días
O que tem no reflexo?
Anonymous Hace 17 días
Face Reveal on 4M subs BLYAT
Tend Hace 17 días
play wolfenstein the new order
İlya Uysal
İlya Uysal Hace 17 días
Definitely better than belle delphines return
Shrek 46
Shrek 46 Hace 17 días
Privyet Boris I suggest making a gameplay video of CS GO
Кирилл Быков
Кирилл Быков Hace 18 días
Какого хрена, Борис ?
KillPop4ik Hace 14 días
@Кирилл Быков я знаю, но не помню кто может также говорить
Кирилл Быков
Кирилл Быков Hace 14 días
Не ну ты глянь на его акцент
KillPop4ik Hace 17 días
Он не русский или русский............................... Я хуй знает
Nem Gam Boi
Nem Gam Boi Hace 18 días
96 videos and 96kb gem, coincidence? i think not!
da boi
da boi Hace 18 días
Ажажажажажажа i knew you would come back
NKVD KGB: Lavrentiy Beria & Nikolai Yezhov
NKVD KGB: Lavrentiy Beria & Nikolai Yezhov Hace 18 días
Boris returns, but definitely not from gulag
Some Ukrainian
Some Ukrainian Hace 18 días
Те кто знает русский, включите субтитры русские (сделано автоматически)
Pandji Gadjah Mada
Pandji Gadjah Mada Hace 18 días
I have an idea for you Only drink vodka in 24 hours how about that :D
Flip phone in vodka - the ultimate test
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