I love board games

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Guys What is a Castle.
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51 Clubhouse Games and Chess

CallMeCarsoncallmecarsonlivechess51 clubhouse games

n0ahyb Hace 4 horas
Saiche Hace 6 horas
He clearly likes it!
Matěj Kršák
Matěj Kršák Hace 10 horas
You made me want to play chess so I went to play chess on chess.com and now I don't want to play chess anymore
Frozen Football
Frozen Football Hace 19 horas
I don’t know what was happening the whole video but...funny
prune eater
prune eater Hace un día
yo we cant even see past your face cam
sheba is a sheba
sheba is a sheba Hace un día
Castling is a move in the game of chess involving a player's king and either of the player's original rooks. It is the only move in chess in which a player moves two pieces in the same move, and it is the only move aside from the knight's move where a piece can be said to "jump over" another. Castling consists of moving the king two squares towards a rook on the player's first rank, then moving the rook to the square over which the king crossed. Castling may only be done if the king has never moved, the rook involved has never moved, the squares between the king and the rook involved are unoccupied, the king is not in check, and the king does not cross over or end on a square attacked by an enemy piece. Castling is one of the rules of chess and is technically a king move (Hooper & Whyld 1992:71). The notation for castling, in both the descriptive and the algebraic systems, is 0-0 with the kingside rook and 0-0-0 with the queenside rook; in PGN, O-O and O-O-O are used instead. Castling on the kingside is sometimes called castling short (the rook moves a short distance, i.e. two squares) while castling on the queenside is called castling long (the rook moves a long distance, i.e. three squares) (Hooper & Whyld 1992). Castling was added to European chess in the 14th or 15th century and did not develop into its present form until the 17th century. The Asian versions of chess do not have such a move. The castling must be kingside or queenside. Neither the king nor the chosen rook has previously moved. There are no pieces between the king and the chosen rook. The king is not currently in check. The king does not pass through a square that is attacked by an enemy piece. The king does not end up in check. (True of any legal move.) Conditions 4 through 6 can be summarized with the more memorable phrase: One may not castle out of, through, or into check. It is a common misperception that the requirements for castling are even more stringent than the above. To clarify: The chosen rook may be under attack. The rook may move through an attacked square, provided the king does not. (The only time this can happen is when castling queenside and the only such square is the one adjacent to the rook.) The king may have been in check earlier in the game, provided the king did not move when resolving the check. In handicap games where odds of a rook are given, the player giving odds may still castle with the absent rook, moving only the king. There. Enjoy now carson.
Lordkaos31 *
Lordkaos31 * Hace un día
ive been working on a short animation and just lost over a 100 frames for renaming the project this cheered me up
Bandit Baddies
Bandit Baddies Hace 2 días
You asked for a grandmaster to review this game and all I can say is what the actual fuck was this
Gh0st_ k1d
Gh0st_ k1d Hace 5 días
baba booey
matzes run
matzes run Hace 6 días
sle Hace 6 días
I swear to fucking christ, i got an 8ball ad
Nautical Hace 7 días
This ain’t his first rodeo
Volt Hunter
Volt Hunter Hace 7 días
this guy isnt funny anymore
Xyphæ Hace 10 días
7:44 carson looks like snoopy when he laughs, or am i high
no comment
no comment Hace 10 días
These games are making me board
『 Cristxqher 』
『 Cristxqher 』 Hace 11 días
I went brain dead watching this .
somefacka Hace 11 días
not so gud disliked
TK Kmetz
TK Kmetz Hace 12 días
9:52 Carson ships zukka?
Hollyn Richter
Hollyn Richter Hace 12 días
JTPlays Hace 12 días
He clearly likes it!
Concrete Crow
Concrete Crow Hace 12 días
where’s miku
Oszixx Hace 13 días
Me stream sniping people in chess
Pat Rick
Pat Rick Hace 13 días
what’s that sound who that be huh?
SlothTheWeeb Hace 14 días
Can you please play Mancala with Schlatt this is all I want
Eric Eric
Eric Eric Hace 14 días
I’m guessing Carson loves 51 Clubhouse Games
zone the bone
zone the bone Hace 15 días
Idk how to play chess so idk what's happening
CEO_Of_Salt Hace 15 días
This stream single handedly chopped Carson's viewers in half
OkayIGuess Hace 15 días
Play poptropica
Kári Júlíuson Búason
Kári Júlíuson Búason Hace 15 días
Another title: Three idiots play chess
Modzillan Hace 15 días
The Cheese
The Cheese Hace 15 días
For a second I forgot he wasn’t actually playing ocarina of time
Jeffrey Cain
Jeffrey Cain Hace 16 días
Shift is the GOD of BFBB speed running
JonahMastro Hace 16 días
More of this
Itz_BenyBoi Hace 17 días
That guy sucked at chess
Jenna Eiden
Jenna Eiden Hace 17 días
The music during connect four kinda reminds me of club penguin.
Felix Withers
Felix Withers Hace 17 días
Don't we all
Dashney Evans
Dashney Evans Hace 18 días
Altrive and Jawsh a combination of humor I never knew I needed.😆
Corey Vine
Corey Vine Hace 18 días
1:43 is Carson complaining about the board games he loves
Dominick Dupuy
Dominick Dupuy Hace 18 días
#1 Chess streamer right here
gam er
gam er Hace 19 días
51 Games from around the world?! In one game?!!
Salvador Vega
Salvador Vega Hace 19 días
If Charlie (Mositcritikal) were to play vs Carson he'd really pry open those ass cheeks in chess with only 6 moves.
Jonathan Mengel
Jonathan Mengel Hace 19 días
How did you not know what president is lol
Whyteyy Hace 19 días
9:32 katerino and he likes arrow by the looks of things
nahnah390 Hace 19 días
Wait, is president just tycoon? Like I know the only reason I know that game exists is because of persona five royal, but that shit was fun as fuck.
Sebo Hace 19 días
Sebo Hace 19 días
Vladimir Putin
Vladimir Putin Hace 19 días
9:53 I see that Carson hasn’t given up hope yet because of you search history Or he’s just laughing at all the hate she getting and well deserve
Barrett Greenough
Barrett Greenough Hace 19 días
where's the 4 player chess
Fred Reinchmidt
Fred Reinchmidt Hace 19 días
He clearly likes it!
me gongaga
me gongaga Hace 19 días
i don’t even know how to play chess but watching this, i was in tears
Zooch Hace 19 días
connect 4 had the club penguin ice fishing theme song
Taiga Hace 19 días
did jawsh miss a win at 7:08 ?
TheSRGriffin Hace 20 días
Carson says he’s dumb, but he rawdawged everyone in worldwide 51 games and chess
Jay Brando
Jay Brando Hace 20 días
What's the link to that chess site?
Hulax Hace 20 días
This reminds me of that one time my class were forced to play in chess tournaments 2 years in a row
bill raymond
bill raymond Hace 20 días
Holy Hay Thi Man Like Board Game
Davide galeazzi
Davide galeazzi Hace 20 días
11:47 is the reason why i love altrive
Literal Big
Literal Big Hace 20 días
Carson you made the mistake of enabling cheats and making it very obvious. I know you think I didn't notice it but if you check the top left pixel of the screen you normally can see blue if the cheats are not enabled but it was green meaning that your speedrun of ocarina of time was a sham. Honestly this is kinda low even for you. You let me down man, and I don't think I can continue being a subscriber to your channel unless you own up to your lies and come out clean. :/ Sorry pal
- McMilk07 -
- McMilk07 - Hace 20 días
Verify Lmonke
Verify Lmonke Hace 20 días
Ur mome
Meat Cider
Meat Cider Hace 20 días
These aren’t board games they are video games you damn liar
Zach Morgan
Zach Morgan Hace 20 días
Board games? More like bored games, cause those games aren't having any fun.
Lukas Gregory
Lukas Gregory Hace 21 un día
i dont like board games
Egg Noodle
Egg Noodle Hace 21 un día
he clearly likes it!
Lucky Studio's
Lucky Studio's Hace 21 un día
Bruh for real that 11:16 connect 4 game's graphics are giving off real quality overwatch porn graphics vibes
oreo cat
oreo cat Hace 21 un día
i haven't seen a single board throughout this entire video, clickbait /:::
George Washington
George Washington Hace 21 un día
Carson sure does love his board games.
Flyer MRmagmakub
Flyer MRmagmakub Hace 21 un día
Carson you should go on the dating show again Edit: typo
Crispy-_-chips Hace 22 días
bel="like this video along with 54,848 other people" aria-pressed="true">
Jeff Giraffe
Jeff Giraffe Hace 22 días
Radical Rights
Radical Rights Hace 22 días
baba booyey
I made Pokimane in Youtubers Life???
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