I'll no longer be working with Nintendo, here's why.

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Nintendo contacted me and dropped me from their Nintendo Ambassador Program and asked me to remove all mention of working with them, here's why.
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BeatEmUps Hace un mes
You win some, you lose some. I want to thank all of you again, for everything you do for me. I would be nothing without YOU. Love you guys ❤️ My Twitch - www.twitch.tv/beatemupswood My Twitter - twitter.com/BeatemupsWood
the switch controller
the switch controller Hace 13 días
Hey just remember that we will always love your videos no matter if Nintendo thinks so or not because you truly are an amazing ESwomenr
thoughts of an jamaican
thoughts of an jamaican Hace 19 días
they took u off because u talk about the ps5 on the channel
Nabil Zammit
Nabil Zammit Hace 27 días
Keep up on the goog work, I loved your style and i really feel that your 100% sincere
Timothy Johnson
Timothy Johnson Hace 27 días
You're welcome wood you matter
Joe Mo
Joe Mo Hace 27 días
Mike Ross all over again.
Ehren Leon
Ehren Leon Hace 21 un minuto
Hey man keep the Nintendo spirit up don’t get down and stop you have gone so far and it doesn’t matter if your in it or not dont stop what you love to do
Youtube Clue ll
Youtube Clue ll Hace 53 minutos
You did so much. you even convinced me to get a switch.
Casey Jamie
Casey Jamie Hace un hora
Hi after watching several of your videos, you convinced me to buy a Nintendo switch.
fairy Hace 2 horas
There hasn’t been a time when I want to know about a game and I can’t find you talking about. Personally I really think they messed up. But I really applaud how well you take it and just continue to do the thing you like. You will find success in your personality bc that’s what everyone is here for
Rory Savage
Rory Savage Hace 2 horas
Dude, that is disturbing. I hope it reconciles. You are only doing nintendo justice, and they should appreciate you.
Sprayvaughn Martin
Sprayvaughn Martin Hace 5 horas
You'll make it man. Got a good face and a decent sized following. Other fish in the sea mate
zanthraxnl Hace 5 horas
You not having to be scared to get kicked out and actually having to put down money for games to review will only make your reviews more unbiased and honest. For your viewers this is an improvement.
1ro Hace 5 horas
ITS YOUR MOD, WAKE UP! Its like when you do work interview, but when you get rejected the HR will never ever tell you the real reason
MJ Alkaabi
MJ Alkaabi Hace 7 horas
I bought switch because I was convinced by your channel. You rock dude 😘 I am disappointed on Nintendo 😔
Shinji Ikari
Shinji Ikari Hace 7 horas
This suck. You helped a lot keeping nintendo relevant on low sales times (wiiu)
Caroline Whelan
Caroline Whelan Hace 7 horas
just got a switch it was you who inspired my
Biscuit Bandit
Biscuit Bandit Hace 8 horas
Imagine if victory was a girl and you kissed her but it turned out that girl was your cousin
Chinó Eu
Chinó Eu Hace 8 horas
Mate, I don't even own a Nintendo product and I follow and listen to your rants. Keep up the great work!
Mishaiel M
Mishaiel M Hace 9 horas
I never bought switch console or any games for switch watching their trailers or advertisements. I watch videos like yours and other game reviewers. So if Nintendo is still able to be in market selling millions of units it’s because of you people. I have always loved your videos and watching videos like yours take me back to my childhood. I grew up with a gba and I still love my gba games more than my switch games. So yeah I’m never gonna hate Nintendo at any point but I really feel what they did is wrong in ur case. They should know who’s important to their marketing, some random employee or a true Nintendo fan who does it for his love for the company that flourished his childhood.
Oscar Hudson
Oscar Hudson Hace 9 horas
did nintendo maybe dislike-bot this video haha
Bruce T
Bruce T Hace 9 horas
This sounded like a bad breakup. Sorry to hear man but from how you handled it got yourself another subscriber. Been watching your reviews before but never subbed. Can’t wait to see more stuff from you!
Nicholas Vergel Sarabia
Nicholas Vergel Sarabia Hace 10 horas
It's like Nintendo has that B**chy best friend that suggested she breaks up with you, because you're a risk ^^
Martin Romero Prado
Martin Romero Prado Hace 10 horas
Nintendo is dead!
Fakhrul Azri
Fakhrul Azri Hace 11 horas
You doing a bit sad
Andrea Florio
Andrea Florio Hace 12 horas
You didn't like Xenoblade Chronicles 2, so I understand them really...
Yamsthepotatoking Hace 13 horas
You got me to get YS 8 and it was so fire rip ambassador status
RegularCal Hace 14 horas
Wood without Nintendo is like peanut butter without jelly. Can’t even imagine it.
William Hace 15 horas
At least being a brand ambassador or not being one won't change you. There is a certain youtuber that became a Bethesda ambassador and his content became all positive talking about how amazing FO76 was at launch
theclubvids Hace 17 horas
You're legit in my eyes.. nintenbro!
Scott Armstrong
Scott Armstrong Hace 18 horas
hmmmmm, ruining future opportunities with one little whinging video? Little too much ego seeping out here.
Matthew Harris
Matthew Harris Hace 19 horas
Definitely the mod video dude. They get real butt hurt over that stuff. They can’t have an ambassador supporting modding. I love a good mod, but it can’t be in your brand that’s so closely linked to them. Whether they say it or not, it’s definitely very clearly not a coincidence. Big bummer dude. Thanks for all you vids. I’ve enjoyed them over the years and will continue to.
lemonadelauncher Hace 21 un hora
Maybe the title “I’m NEVER playing Zelda again after this...” did it? Love your content man
David Razmadze
David Razmadze Hace 21 un hora
Offthewall1120 Hace un día
This is the first vid i ever watched but i went back and watch ur vids and honistly amazing you deserve none of that getting kicked out
wlmmrtn4469 Hace un día
Tbh, I just subscribe to a bunch of gaming channels, I don't go for personality, you're just another channel, I don't get influenced by ESwomenrs. Sorry you're upset but it really doesn't mean anything to me and I don't own a Switch. Lol
Paul Bman
Paul Bman Hace un día
Sounds like they want people to advertise without appearing like it's sponsored. That's shady. If they're keeping all your benefits but they want you to hide the fact they are that's really dodgy.
Sir Jacopo da Londra
Sir Jacopo da Londra Hace un día
I actually it’s good for you, so you can be more then just Nintendo! I watch your videos for Nintendo, but I honestly would love to hear your thoughts on non-Nintendo games too!
RelentlessGaming Hace un día
Is this a girl?
123AJs Hace un día
And you bought so much stuff omg I gotta go love you bro
123AJs Hace un día
Bro say Nintendo and my hearts starts racing they've done us so wrong as fans. They died after the gamecube
123AJs Hace un día
Imagine all our favorite pokemon getting the amimations they deserve 60 fps 1080p acted out animations!! Nintendo is soooo stubborn. Every console they make has to have a gimmick. They should make a beast console with some teraflops. And no gimmick the console and the controller. #NES2020 sorry man im so sorry. I think nobody wants to work with NINTENDO is what it is.
123AJs Hace un día
123AJs Hace un día
They're selling 60$ cardboard who's in a worse situation. THEY SOLD US CARDBOARD BECAUSE THEY ARE DYING.
123AJs Hace un día
Because they need to go Sega (make games and not consoles)and make games on a good console not a plastic piece of garbage.
Dan Smith
Dan Smith Hace un día
Good Nintendo sucks.
Andrew Cipolla
Andrew Cipolla Hace un día
lol bro i have watched almost everything you have put out and you convinced me to buy nothing :D bunch a weak minded people in the world if someone convinces you to buy something you dont need or want
jared billman
jared billman Hace un día
good. its time to grow up
PedroxD_Hunter Hace un día
He said one two switch was the worst switch game and Nintendo got mad at him.
JL Libido
JL Libido Hace un día
😂😂they treat u like beatch.
GL0xGL0Ckz Hace un día
Mans Camera Shoot 8k💀
basicallyanedit Hace un día
it’s so wack that they took you off...every game that I’ve bought is because of you :(
Sneakspore Gamer
Sneakspore Gamer Hace un día
I'm sorry that this had happened to you
Roger Karwiński
Roger Karwiński Hace un día
Nintendo... Bring #BeatEmBack
Tohi Hace un día
We don’t watch you for your status, keep it up an Nintendo will realize their loss :)
solarlola 9
solarlola 9 Hace un día
Don’t be hurt by it.. life goes on
Phym the Seraph
Phym the Seraph Hace un día
to be honest i never bought a game because someone else said its great. peoples reviews mean nothing to me, i have my own opinions, my own taste so i need to get myself a picture of so im watching gameplay videos ( like the first 2 parts ) and see if i could like that game, then i buy it
Tierell Thornton
Tierell Thornton Hace un día
Bro I've bought almost my whole collection after watching your reviews. Nintendo doesn't know what they're losing, also prob dont realize there angering their community
Todd Phillips
Todd Phillips Hace un día
You convinced me to get Zelda breath of the wild and smash bro’s ultimate and my brother animal crossing
DGrizz Nature
DGrizz Nature Hace un día
you having depression should not be a good enough pull out reasong for Nintendo as far as branding. its better to have you someone whos active for mental health awareness and pleases a vast community. Nintendo doesnt see that videogames can be treatment for anxiety and depression as an outlet so to see another gamer who feels how we all feel is not a reason to oull out or maybe promote you heavily but not enought of a reason to pull out their imagru from yoyr personal use or acess since you should be on your own with the same sponsorship from Nintendo
DGrizz Nature
DGrizz Nature Hace un día
because of you im still playing nintendo
GhostFS Hace un día
I can tell you one things... I'm watching you content from time to time even not owning a Switch (I have DS however)... and I was near to buy one just to know what you were talking about. So yest it's more your personality that make likebale the content. So... if you will decide to pass to PC games. I will be much happier :D
Tyrell King
Tyrell King Hace un día
U made a review on last of us
Officer Tom
Officer Tom Hace un día
I love Nintendo's games but I don't like Nintendo as a company or the higher executives working there.
Alined alined
Alined alined Hace un día
Mango Gaming
Mango Gaming Hace un día
You worked for nintendo?
Jackie Williams
Jackie Williams Hace un día
My Theory: First off I have no reason to doubt you but back when you did your fundraiser video and asked people to send money to you and you would donate that money to the charities of your choosing did you contact Nintendo for their opinion and blessing considering you are their "ambassador"? I remember sending you a request to do a follow up video proving that 100% of those donations went where you said they would go including what i would assume your business tax charity deduction was last year. When your taking other peoples money, you need to be overly transparent. I remember telling my wife that your fundraiser may come back and bite you if you weren't careful. You can't say "we raised X-amount of money and we sent X-amount of money where I said we would without having substantial proof that happened. I don't see any logical explanation on why you were dropped given the 3 possible reasons you were provided by your contact. I enjoy watching you and Kim's content and will continue watching but I would recommend you stay away from collecting money and rather just do a mention of the charities you would like your viewers to support on your behalf.
PBG Hace un día
I love Nintendo but honestly I’m ashamed of how they handle this situation. They are beating around the bush and should’ve been more honest.
Xten Hace un día
That pause on the Passion part really killed it haha all the best man!
Not Toxic maxxy
Not Toxic maxxy Hace un día
WORK FOR SEGA you will work with time-contraints and torture
Rodolfo Reyes
Rodolfo Reyes Hace un día
Channel dies because no inside content😂
Matteo & Daddy Gaming
Matteo & Daddy Gaming Hace 2 días
I support you 100%. Also me, please support the channel of my Child. 😅
ProSeanGaming Hace 2 días
6:57 splattoon, splatoon 2, Wii U, 2 Nintendo switches, super smash bro’s, 3 pro controllers, 8bitdo, meat boy, super Mario maker 2, and many more.
ProSeanGaming Hace 2 días
shmackatrotsky Hace 2 días
Nintendo makes great games, but the way they run their company is so freaking whack. They're the Disney of the gaming industry. Greedy, ethically bankrupt, censor-happy, and capable of churning out extremely entertaining media.
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