I Hired A POKE BODYGUARD.. His EVIL PLAN Will Shock You! (Roblox)

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I Hired A POKE BODYGUARD.. His EVIL PLAN Will Shock You! (Roblox) NEW SLOTH PLUSHIE OUT NOW!! hellojuniper.com/poke

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What is ROBLOX? ROBLOX is an online virtual playground and workshop, where kids of all ages can safely interact, create, have fun, and learn. It’s unique in that practically everything on ROBLOX is designed and constructed by members of the community. ROBLOX is designed for 8 to 18 year olds, but it is open to people of all ages.

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ItzBella Hace 15 horas
I am a fan but I unsubscribed becuz you donated them money fr!
Jayden Schmidt
Jayden Schmidt Hace un día
How do you get so much money in bloxburg without buying stuff like if your also interested!?
Xxxgamercide 1
Xxxgamercide 1 Hace 2 días
Poke why would you pay them you should of run or leave the game
makandjou ola tchalla
makandjou ola tchalla Hace 2 días
I used your code
Matt Juvinall
Matt Juvinall Hace 2 días
Hehe solo cool
Mahesh Dhamnekar
Mahesh Dhamnekar Hace 2 días
Poke I,'LOVE you
Sparklingtube Hace 2 días
Isabel Judd
Isabel Judd Hace 2 días
Isabel Judd
Isabel Judd Hace 2 días
Some girl today trap me in her jail under ground
Danny Gavranov
Danny Gavranov Hace 2 días
sory waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Danny Gavranov
Danny Gavranov Hace 2 días
i am a fan not a rober
Anna Holden
Anna Holden Hace 4 días
Right when he started the intro I saw QuickMikeOne on the server
Azid Hace 5 días
Do you think poke will ever spend all his money on bloxburg,I always spend all😂
Pinexapple Hace 5 días
Poke how do you like make it so you don’t have to hold the camera
Ayden Haley
Ayden Haley Hace 5 días
U have to join ur game u made pokes place that game people are bullying so pls stop this rudeness and I’m aydenhaley in roblox so u can know and I’m a big fan and pls friend me I would be super happy if u accepted my friend request but it is fine if u don’t wanna friend me
Ayden Haley
Ayden Haley Hace 5 días
U have to join ur pokes place people are bullying and saying I hate poke so u have to join they are being super rude and my user name is aydenhaley so I could know it’s me
Samar Bokaii
Samar Bokaii Hace 5 días
Poke:use star code poke me:ok sure but what does it doooooo???
Ninjaplayz S
Ninjaplayz S Hace 6 días
8:20 maybe teleport to work
mary Guevarra
mary Guevarra Hace 6 días
If they come back and try to break in to ur house just block those
Soul Rippin
Soul Rippin Hace 7 días
I think poke bodyguard is a pooply guy idk
Alexa Home
Alexa Home Hace 7 días
Bella and patty
Bella and patty Hace 7 días
His name is OmqItsOreoi
Bella and patty
Bella and patty Hace 7 días
Somebody was watching me in Lil huses
Poke Hyper Fans
Poke Hyper Fans Hace 8 días
Poke you remember you save timmy mother ,did you notice the black guy is the thief.everytime theres a problem the two guy always seen
Alex Bradley
Alex Bradley Hace 8 días
Come to my hotel I sent you a friend request my name is alexb12354
Lauren Michelle
Lauren Michelle Hace 9 días
I found a poke hater his username is carters1902 I hope you can find his secret out in a vid
Janice Boulton
Janice Boulton Hace 10 días
My roblox user is Alexgamergirl595
Janice Boulton
Janice Boulton Hace 10 días
Please accept my friend request!
Janice Boulton
Janice Boulton Hace 10 días
Hey poke your my favourite ESwomen i subscribed liked and used star code poke! I've been watching you for ages in your biggest fan!!!
NaTosha Green
NaTosha Green Hace 10 días
*bodyguard set him up* Them: GIVE US MONEY *poke gives them money* If I was in that situation I would know there is a button called reset 😶
Student: Ali Ali
Student: Ali Ali Hace 10 días
Student: Ali Ali
Student: Ali Ali Hace 10 días
How old are you
Student: Ali Ali
Student: Ali Ali Hace 10 días
A poke all you tubers have over 100 views
Robin Mauldin
Robin Mauldin Hace 10 días
hi people of this show im a big fan of POKE
Robloxisthebest. #adoptme#bloxburg
Robloxisthebest. #adoptme#bloxburg Hace 12 días
Do u even care about ur fans
Potato XL
Potato XL Hace 12 días
.-. Me in this situation: pushes all of them down and steps on them and runs away
Mento Show
Mento Show Hace 13 días
Poke can you suport my Chanel the name is mento show if you can i would be so thank to you
Krishnendu Tasha
Krishnendu Tasha Hace 13 días
Why are you always up this house?
Wrenchelle 123
Wrenchelle 123 Hace 13 días
You should have gave them 1$ and not even ask how much or just rest your character
Kamal McCotter
Kamal McCotter Hace 14 días
Kamal McCotter
Kamal McCotter Hace 14 días
So I was gonna have fun in your crib but I saw a POKE HATER GAME POKE I Love U man Be save And everyone use star code poke
Liam Gray
Liam Gray Hace 14 días
Liam Gray
Liam Gray Hace 14 días
Emm is it me or can U not just run past them because it's roblox so could U not just escape Like if U agree
Adidev Guha
Adidev Guha Hace 14 días
I can’t believe there is sooooooo many Sneaky Billy Three and Quick Mike One vids there are.
Victoria Anthonyno
Victoria Anthonyno Hace 14 días
No you should have reported them
Dripzz George
Dripzz George Hace 14 días
Jaiden St Marthe
Jaiden St Marthe Hace 14 días
Why give them cash so dumb just reset dude
Jared Garcia Cruz
Jared Garcia Cruz Hace 15 días
poke i am new i need tobux
jonathan payne
jonathan payne Hace 15 días
My name is raylee im on my dad's account
jonathan payne
jonathan payne Hace 15 días
Jessica Soto
Jessica Soto Hace 15 días
Hi I'm a big fan of you I friend you on Roblox can you accept it and can I have a shout-out my username is pretty_star239
floriaorchid Hace 16 días
Poke you could just run past and let your fan drive you to your house and then unroommate the bodyguard and lock your door and you are save :T
08 Raghad Radi
08 Raghad Radi Hace 16 días
Poke I joined your team in Roblox
p m
p m Hace 16 días
Poke when you are at the old life paradise i saw something behind you
enrique ake
enrique ake Hace 16 días
Why do u give them the money?
Darran Whatley
Darran Whatley Hace 17 días
Look at my secret house on Roblox!
a t h e na d u b l a s
a t h e na d u b l a s Hace 17 días
Omygod just said bye loser then teleport to ur room house
jerome manalili
jerome manalili Hace 17 días
poke the two players are they really bad or just used for your videos...seems like a bully.
Farah Ismail ismail
Farah Ismail ismail Hace 17 días
I love ur videos and I’m a big fan username: ompitkid
nattalia rivera
nattalia rivera Hace 17 días
I was thinking in my head that the bodygaurd was private chatting the robbers
LPS 10 Things :3
LPS 10 Things :3 Hace 17 días
It feels so wrong when poke pays bad people :( But NOT BEING A HATER poke u are so amazing I love all ur vids!
Maria Pellegrino
Maria Pellegrino Hace 17 días
Poke you should have got out of the game
Roblox Player Pete
Roblox Player Pete Hace 18 días
Just block them
NAR Hace 18 días
Cool vid!
Justice Golubeff
Justice Golubeff Hace 18 días
Lol 5k is not a lot for poke he has 2M lolXD
Sarah Peleg
Sarah Peleg Hace 18 días
Hi poke remember me on Roblox I saw you am I right
Julia Hace 19 días
Yesterday I used star code poke and I got your merchandise on Roblox 🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳but my mom won’t let me get your merchandise in real life ☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️
marcbiensteven salvador
marcbiensteven salvador Hace 19 días
so sneaky billy three is three? like triplets?
Marie Bess
Marie Bess Hace 19 días
can you friend me pls i have a problem my user name is lumberjack2377
Itz TJ Plays
Itz TJ Plays Hace 19 días
i supported you poke
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