I Gave Myself Those Awful Ramen Nails

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Here is Cristine's video talking far more in depth about her Holo
Taco polishes, eswomen.com/id/v%C3%ADdeo-Hq-99XWJ6TI.html I know they're all sold out right now but it's kind of for a good reason because those things are SICK AS HELL. This is her website www.holotaco.com sorry y'all but you're just going to have a book an appointment at my ramen salon if you want HoloTaco on your nails I'm very affordable at the low low price of $600 per appointment I only do one appointment per year I'm very tired.
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jennamarblesmoureyI gave

imary Tenden
imary Tenden Hace 9 horas
Other youtubers; By the way this video is not sponsored Jenna;This video is sponsored by Top Ramens Julian;No its not Jenna;Yes ıt is Julian;No ıts not
Bella Boo
Bella Boo Hace 10 horas
Not being mean or anything at all but that package was on her website
Michelle Fernandez
Michelle Fernandez Hace 22 horas
I just realized this video doesn’t have the squeaky intro and I’m bothered
Sun Shine
Sun Shine Hace un día
Um ok but Jenna looks beautiful in this
disco heehee
disco heehee Hace un día
jenna should get a guinea piggg
sporky27 Hace un día
watches this video while eating ramen. chicken ramen.
Maria Annenkova
Maria Annenkova Hace 2 días
You’re not a terrible person, you’re an artist!
Lisa Nass
Lisa Nass Hace 2 días
Canadian spirit animal is so pure lol
Sarah Woodward
Sarah Woodward Hace 2 días
Ramen nails= snacks on the go beech
Dovahkiin lord99
Dovahkiin lord99 Hace 3 días
I love her Theresa Caputo nails.
Annie Ryan
Annie Ryan Hace 3 días
Jenna quoting Linkin Park, I felt that 😂
Jordan M
Jordan M Hace 3 días
This just shows how ramen may not even be food
MacKenzie Noel
MacKenzie Noel Hace 3 días
Every time I watch this I get a craving for Ramen
Lauren Rebecca
Lauren Rebecca Hace 4 días
4:05 Kermit is me joining my friend group uninvited
TaylorAmelia Hace 5 días
Why a mortar and pestle instead of a coffee grinder. Just to make things way harder 😂
soscott Hace 5 días
i came for jenna, not ariana grenade
Anna Guggemos
Anna Guggemos Hace 6 días
Unexpected Pasta band name called it
NinjaNipple Dog
NinjaNipple Dog Hace 6 días
You can use tea bags/mayybe coffee flters to fix a broken nail. Ramen is just stupid and nonvegan
RockerCatErrorEncountered 404
RockerCatErrorEncountered 404 Hace 4 días
Some ramen is vegan. Maruchan isn't, tho. Edit: Top Ramen's "Oriental" flavor is vegan.
Abi Hernandez
Abi Hernandez Hace 6 días
Omg Jenna looks so pretty in this video!!! 🥰
Asha Marion
Asha Marion Hace 7 días
I want to be able to speak with my nails
Madison G
Madison G Hace 10 días
“More like P R you sure about that package” I’m not sure why I find that so funny 😂 1:43
Brittany Campo
Brittany Campo Hace 11 días
always nice to see carpet, thanatos, papaya and squirrel.
Fynn Hace 11 días
I finally understand. I was always wondering how people could spend hours on YT watching "makeup tutorials" and being SO AMUSED. SO THIS IS WHAT Y'ALL WERE TALKING ABOUT?!?! I WILL NEVER LEAVE!
Kilo Gray
Kilo Gray Hace 12 días
I watched this video as I sobbed because I hate myself and I was having a panic attack while shoving rice and curry in my mouth
Bryanna S
Bryanna S Hace 12 días
Did the nail buffing make anyone else’s teeth grind and give them chills
Bryanna S
Bryanna S Hace 12 días
Someone please tell me why juliens personality is just dad
harald becker
harald becker Hace 13 días
i don't think ist that surprising that it works.. i mean you put a few lairs of glue and nail polish....the actual ramen can't get wet
Oxiclea N
Oxiclea N Hace 14 días
2:01 when Kermit went rogue
mira151001 Hace 14 días
9:19 I fucking choked when he zoomed into her crooked pinky😂😂😂😂😂😂
Veronica Sawyer
Veronica Sawyer Hace 14 días
in the nicest way possible, kermit looks like ebeneezer scrooge.
Autumn Wycheck
Autumn Wycheck Hace 14 días
wow it's kinda slick how its all like a big ad for simple nailogical but it doesnt seam like it, lol
TortoiseGirl 22
TortoiseGirl 22 Hace 14 días
It’s confirmed: Jenna is holosexual 💿💿💿
Ashton Wilson
Ashton Wilson Hace 15 días
No criticism. Love jenna. She's my aesthetic but I wish she would trim down the tip she puts on. I feel like that would make the nails more comfortable for her 🤔. Just a thought thought. LOVE YOU JENNA!!! 🥰
Elsie DeForest
Elsie DeForest Hace 15 días
Some jail nails.
Coretta Hall
Coretta Hall Hace 15 días
Jenna: “So I’m thinking I’m gonna do 4 black ones and one BLUE one” basically what every popular girl on insta says to her premium subscribers
alilbitkitten Hace 15 días
"dad noise" hahaha aw
Team Glassroots
Team Glassroots Hace 16 días
You know what she should do. She should do arylic pour nails
Unreliable Narrator
Unreliable Narrator Hace 14 días
Team Glassroots absolutely
Christine Maurer
Christine Maurer Hace 16 días
your dogs are adorable number 1 number 2 RIP HOLO and number three ramen lives matter sub to simplynailogical
Emerson Cothran
Emerson Cothran Hace 16 días
Jenna is giving me Ariana Grande vibes
BEETCH Hace 16 días
Oh no... _S H E H A S A W O K E N_
mar7br04 Hace 16 días
The only reason this works is because Ramen noodles are not real food. If you can use them on your nails and bathtubs maybe they don't digest in your stomach.
Jean N
Jean N Hace 16 días
Now I’m hungry for ramen
Cal M
Cal M Hace 17 días
"giant nail tech, this is not for you."
Claire Hawkes
Claire Hawkes Hace 17 días
No ramen is going to spoil this nail polish for me loooooooolllllllll.....
Sasha Ergun
Sasha Ergun Hace 17 días
Ur dogs are so pretty.
Sami Sheen
Sami Sheen Hace 17 días
this just shows how many chemicals are in ramen noodles
Marie Smosh
Marie Smosh Hace 14 días
Alex Neumann im pretty sure no one is talking about h2o when someone says theres chemicals in the food 🤦🏽‍♀️ carcinogens and chlorine are chemicals that are in ramen and shouldn't be that's what we mean
Alex Neumann
Alex Neumann Hace 15 días
@TerryMusic You can just say "There's a ton of harmful stuff in there" instead of continuing the cycle of people fearing abstract 'chemicals' and chemistry. And please stop trying to insult me, I haven't called you a name even once in this conversation.
TerryMusic Hace 15 días
Alex Neumann chemicals that shouldn't be in the body.... 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄 Pesticides? BPA which is a carcinogen that's in the styrofoam? There's hydroquinine in the noodles as a perservative. You really think we're talking about water and salt? Yes you're being a smartass
Alex Neumann
Alex Neumann Hace 15 días
@TerryMusic Because that's not what it means. If someone called you a bat or a horse and you know damn well you're a human, you wouldn't just agree. If someone pointed at an orange and said "That's a crocodile" you wouldn't agree.
TerryMusic Hace 15 días
Alex Neumann smartass, you know damn well what someone means when they say there's chemicals in food 🙄
Teri Sutton
Teri Sutton Hace 18 días
Jenna, I love your curtain tie back. Although that is a damn fine method I can be persuaded to send you my version. I don't know. Maybe.
Hannah McDonald
Hannah McDonald Hace 18 días
Jenna marbles slaying a shitty nail hack for 20 minutes
Ella Newman
Ella Newman Hace 18 días
Someone plz tell me what lashes she’s wearing I love them
Jessica Mota
Jessica Mota Hace 18 días
She's got a real Ariana Grande vibe in this video
Cassie Peel
Cassie Peel Hace 19 días
It’s not garbo it’s carbo
Whitney Schuebel
Whitney Schuebel Hace 20 días
I feel like this was invented by some broke college bitch who really wanted her nails done but couldn’t afford it so she got creative.
Logan Gutzke
Logan Gutzke Hace 20 días
Of u took a hot shower would the noodles cook
Foxy Grandpa
Foxy Grandpa Hace 21 un día
Brb I'm gonna glue carrots to my fingers
JessicaAndPineapple :3
JessicaAndPineapple :3 Hace 21 un día
Bunny and Kermit and peach are thr cutest
Hollie Higgins
Hollie Higgins Hace 21 un día
Bro anyone else notice Kermit sticking his tongue out at 2:13 - 2:18 i cant stop laughing!!
wolfy aviles games
wolfy aviles games Hace 22 días
I want to be pet with acrylic nails
Jess Brajer
Jess Brajer Hace 22 días
My friends cats love when I scratch them with my nails.
Ellen Clarke
Ellen Clarke Hace 22 días
As a vegetarian, I get the nastiness of the smell of chicken. I never thought it was possible before lol
scnnycat Hace 23 días
you posted the dumbest video im intrigued
Michael Walker
Michael Walker Hace 23 días
Ain’t no one worried unless julien’s ass is in the shot.
Elizabeth Mion
Elizabeth Mion Hace 23 días
Jenna: Ew it's just getting chunkier and chunkier *ME*
MissPronounced Hace 24 días
This was an ad for cristine. Ok then
Peyton Holland
Peyton Holland Hace 25 días
Julien saying “Cut. No.” twice to her Linkin Park reference 🤣
Chad Matayo
Chad Matayo Hace 26 días
That is a perfect combo Jenna’s nails, that jeans chair, and those hot glue shoes she made a few years ago Oh and Jenna if your Ramon nails come of just remember you can always make a new hot glue nail
Just trash현실 심오
Just trash현실 심오 Hace 27 días
Kermit : * cries in Korean * cus he can't eat the roman Bunny : hehe I will eat it
Lindsey Matthews
Lindsey Matthews Hace 27 días
All the holosexuals have been dying for this moment. Collab time
Lindsey Matthews
Lindsey Matthews Hace 27 días
Heather Norton
Heather Norton Hace 28 días
I live for that moment in the video where Marbles is barking at seemingly nothing whilst Jenna threatens Julien with her ramen nails after he called her ramen lady
Heather Norton
Heather Norton Hace 28 días
*As you (a Toy's R Us employee, who doesn't even know how your Toys R Us wasn't demolished) try to explain why yelling at children is bad to me, I pull out a nail fail and file down my ramen nails, the room slowly smelling more like ramen while my lap fills with ramen particles. Your fellow employee opens the door to the backroom and asks if someone's cooking ramen*
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