i forced megalodon sharks to evolve and this happened

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i forced megalodon sharks to evolve and this happened
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they have a mind of their own
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LGBT Hace 15 horas
Dude look back at the video and you can see a meg with the neck of a grafi
T Beck
T Beck Hace 17 horas
Niklas Notland
Niklas Notland Hace un día
You're running GTA better while having 150 sharks better than i am running it with no mods...
Doodliver Hace 2 días
Hungry Shark's update looks pretty good
Kath Silence
Kath Silence Hace 2 días
got a sandshark. Shark airways. shark city. landshark... Shark airways definitely my fave
destin duhn
destin duhn Hace 3 días
New mobile game called yolo you should check it out
Skylar Kinman
Skylar Kinman Hace 3 días
What the heck happened at 5:52
Arthur Heriz-Smith
Arthur Heriz-Smith Hace 4 días
5:52 for a second i thought the meg was a banana
Bob Shaw
Bob Shaw Hace 4 días
Remove the megalodon mod but keep the man eater
thevibingyodafreddy Hace 5 días
i think Aquia man is now I flying fish
Lucas Blake
Lucas Blake Hace 5 días
shark pd pull over 😂
Evan Frederickson
Evan Frederickson Hace 5 días
I heard someone say cocaine
DomoSlomo Hace 5 días
Hungry Shark Evolution 3D
Reece Lee
Reece Lee Hace 5 días
Gray see’s any shark Gray - Megalodon-Senpai!!
Zanith 123
Zanith 123 Hace 6 días
Hahaha funny the conan
Luke Poma
Luke Poma Hace 7 días
He's one of the few people who can say that they tackled a plane with a shark lol XD
The Reptile Nerd
The Reptile Nerd Hace 7 días
Chaos's Nuclear Brush
Chaos's Nuclear Brush Hace 8 días
Petition to make this the next shark movie plot
The Quiet Kid
The Quiet Kid Hace 8 días
5:54 the sharks are playing volleyball
Totally Awemazing
Totally Awemazing Hace 8 días
When a shark sounds like a drone. 747 eater
robo binch
robo binch Hace 10 días
Us: 2020 can't get any worse.. 2020: okay evolved meglodans it is.
Brandon lego gaming collabs and more
Brandon lego gaming collabs and more Hace 10 días
TriniRascal Hace 10 días
1:31 eswomen.com/id/v%C3%ADdeo-izGwDsrQ1eQ.html
Slythus Hace 12 días
why do modders always have to blow you up or set you on fire....imagen how fun the flooded mod would be in online
David Nomack
David Nomack Hace 12 días
I want to know what was going through the guys heads rappelling into the boiling sea of megalodons LMFAO
Cicely Charlson
Cicely Charlson Hace 12 días
Grady killed the people in GTA V5
Eliza Knepp
Eliza Knepp Hace 12 días
5:51 did he not see the megladon do f*cking yoga?🤣🤣🤣 how could he miss that😂😂🤣
Spleens the cat #10
Spleens the cat #10 Hace 13 días
I laughed so hard that my cereal turned red👌 😂👌 lmao
-MJSarcastic- Hace 13 días
Imagine how ironic it would be if Aquaman died because some sort of fish or marine animal killed him. Like, you had one power, one that made you possibly the worst hero ever, and you still failed.
HappyHuntress FunLover
HappyHuntress FunLover Hace 13 días
11:30 The levitating shark has assended and achieved Godhood XD
Jiraiya Sensei
Jiraiya Sensei Hace 13 días
What's more dangerous? Land sharks or seas bears?
There’s a Bee ?
There’s a Bee ? Hace 13 días
pause at 6:15
Kevin Tan
Kevin Tan Hace 14 días
realistically if they evolved they wouldve gotten either smaller or developed filter feeding
Audrina Green
Audrina Green Hace 14 días
Transformer Boy
Transformer Boy Hace 14 días
Florida man tackles airplane with shark
Lana Hassan
Lana Hassan Hace 14 días
6:15 *_long neck shark_*
Garrett Crawford
Garrett Crawford Hace 14 días
I've never seen Gray laugh so hard
Jørn Olfot
Jørn Olfot Hace 14 días
oh mother of god 6:15
Leon De bruin
Leon De bruin Hace 15 días
Pls check 6:15 . The sharks are evolving
PRODIGY SCRUBBY PERSON 70 subs with no vids
PRODIGY SCRUBBY PERSON 70 subs with no vids Hace 15 días
Beaches in Florida be like:
Hanson Liang
Hanson Liang Hace 15 días
Ah. Another day on a beach in Florida.
PRODIGY SCRUBBY PERSON 70 subs with no vids
PRODIGY SCRUBBY PERSON 70 subs with no vids Hace 15 días
Rian Li
Rian Li Hace 15 días
Pilot: we wish you a good flight Gray: attacks plane and crashes it in the water Me: WTF IS THIS
AkwardSaurus Rex
AkwardSaurus Rex Hace 16 días
6:15 that shark is stretched out
Tove Malmborg
Tove Malmborg Hace 16 días
Imagine going to the beach and hearing a loud SMACK and then you look behind you and you see a yacht flying in the air and a shark peeking out of the water
allangame time
allangame time Hace 16 días
Put a shark on the moon
leslie bakkerud
leslie bakkerud Hace 17 días
Fun fact : sharks has to swim all the time if they dont, they die Thats why they never sleep
Karmadillo Hace 17 días
Scary flying shark
Technophant Hace 18 días
Thank you Grey
beepbeepbop Hace 18 días
*And that, kids, is how airplanes crash.*
Paul Zimmerman
Paul Zimmerman Hace 18 días
Add Tara Reid in this and you have a movie better than all of the Sharknado's ever.
MrSirKirby Hace 18 días
You are welcome. eswomen.com/id/v%C3%ADdeo-SXiExCuHZDg.html
HugoLink06 Hace 18 días
1:21 Peekaboo
Is that a Jojo Reference?
Is that a Jojo Reference? Hace 19 días
When the inside of the shark is emptier then your soul that’s how you know something is wrong.
hermark Hace 19 días
Hungry shark 3D
owee McMiller
owee McMiller Hace 19 días
Warning: all sharks will have strokes
foxycat_animations UwU
foxycat_animations UwU Hace 19 días
Those sharks are graceful XD
TheGreatWoodenTable Hace 19 días
This video is the Definition of YEET
Obi1kenobi10 Hace 19 días
Finally a GTA that I would play
Ally Gunn
Ally Gunn Hace 19 días
What mod menu are you using?
Chumpy the Anteater
Chumpy the Anteater Hace 19 días
6:15 that shark be like “You like eating people don’t you gray?”
sonic plays
sonic plays Hace 19 días
Why do you say I'm playing the only game that can
Valerie Harmon
Valerie Harmon Hace 20 días
You should do more of this gray
Ko6i Hace 20 días
12:09 this is the future that liberals want
Lizard Shaer
Lizard Shaer Hace 20 días
His neck😂😂 6:15
Josheon Zyskowski
Josheon Zyskowski Hace 20 días
gotta love the maneater mod
Parody5Gaming Hace 20 días
6:15 anyone else see the giraffe megaladon
the red tailed shark
the red tailed shark Hace 20 días
7:06 I was laughing lungs out with this
Jason Peal
Jason Peal Hace 20 días
Every video makes me actually laugh out loud.
YesToToast Hace 20 días
you should play ManEater, it's like what you did in the video but a actual game
Shakespeare Nuketh
Shakespeare Nuketh Hace 20 días
Officially the greatest thing I have ever watched
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