I Finally Did It! - LWIAY #00120

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Connor King
Connor King Hace 3 horas
14:12 its the same picture as the thumbnail for the may NLSS on Northernlion's channel, coincidence? Probably man.
Sarah Guardado
Sarah Guardado Hace 20 horas
Floor Gang for life!
William Yardley
William Yardley Hace un día
Hi pewds I have been watching u for 12 years and u have the most subs and I keep watching u everyday we miss what u upload and I’m also moving to Texas and I might not Be able to whatch u anymore pewds ur the best youtuber
DTRealDeal Gaming
DTRealDeal Gaming Hace un día
hey what happened to measure your PP? I always laugh for that part lol
C W Hace un día
there is no such thing called floor gang because according to newtons laws of gravity everything falls to the ground. floor gang for the win!
Karolina Dłużyńska
Karolina Dłużyńska Hace un día
I stubed my toe pls help
I stubed my toe pls help Hace un día
Roses are red Violets are blue I'm searching the reddit link And so do you
OrangeWhite Hace un día
Me( A Dane):Norway was ours and always will be Felix
Reed Prior
Reed Prior Hace 2 días
I am ok for boxing match. I might get knocked out but at least I can say I was knocked out by Pewdiepie
UrbanChaos TV
UrbanChaos TV Hace 2 días
Very Epic
larséN' Hace 2 días
If you like Pewdiepie You'll love LWIAY
名無し Hace 2 días
Hitting video
al_sensei 908
al_sensei 908 Hace 2 días
if pewdiepie and felix is twins then who the hell is beastmaster64?
Vincent Mesina
Vincent Mesina Hace 3 días
why you trick us
joão soares
joão soares Hace 3 días
11:35 hell, i would go as far as to say that women with big pipi are best women :v
joão soares
joão soares Hace 3 días
5:50 is a she you sexist monster!
SharlyFT Hace 3 días
The old intro is better. But yall arent ready for this conversation
tincanman 10
tincanman 10 Hace 3 días
Man I got pranked
Erik Järvis
Erik Järvis Hace 3 días
When it trolled me that I can turn my Volume up my ears exploded
Sakura Chan
Sakura Chan Hace 3 días
I happy to see that most of the artists I know got their art showcased here on lwiay, I hope to meet the same goal someday ^^
D-Trox Gaming
D-Trox Gaming Hace 3 días
Woi ngopi Pediepew
Thememe tae and kookies and suga with a golden face
Thememe tae and kookies and suga with a golden face Hace 3 días
planemod Hace 4 días
planemod Hace 4 días
0:25 brofist!
CrazyClasher22 Hace 4 días
What's the difference between LWIAY and Meme Review Don't hate me I'm new ;-;
Daniel Murphy
Daniel Murphy Hace 4 días
One like is one pray for tambourine
Dark Kalum
Dark Kalum Hace 4 días
That photo montage was some dedication. The creator literally took the photos in a manner to have Pewds lip synch "Bitch Lasange". That's insane. I don't think Pewds noticed though. Bravo sir, bravo.
cody chabot
cody chabot Hace 5 días
ahahahahaha i knew it, you almost had me at the start
GG Hace 5 días
I hope tambourine is better soon
Daniel Schifter
Daniel Schifter Hace 5 días
When it said to put my speaker down I turned it to maximum
StarDude Hace 5 días
Pewdiepie isnt actually spelled pewdipie it is actually. Pew die pie. ;3 I'm not sorry
neuron55 Hace 5 días
Hey, despite all the fornicating you haven't reached 106M yet.
Angry Pekka
Angry Pekka Hace 6 días
Gu kha
Emily Sanders
Emily Sanders Hace 6 días
It was mesmerizing to watch his beard grow lol
FBI OPEN UP Hace 6 días
Austin Rodenhiser
Austin Rodenhiser Hace 7 días
Ngl when he said to turn down the volume I turned it all the way up
Ethan York
Ethan York Hace 7 días
floor gang
carlye hall
carlye hall Hace 7 días
@12:50 Marzia: "Now you can focus on breaking my back like you broke that tambourine"
Cilvannau Hace 7 días
7:59 I just come for it there
sucke me pingu
sucke me pingu Hace 7 días
it is time to grow a long hair
Kaitlyn_2020 Hace 7 días
Welp we got one 31 years old :3
Who else got a slap cop ad
Krispy Killz
Krispy Killz Hace 8 días
Nice too get ear raped by pewdiepie
Christian T
Christian T Hace 8 días
Every image of pewds was just burned into my retina
Ali BenRajeb
Ali BenRajeb Hace 8 días
William Bienkowski
William Bienkowski Hace 8 días
0:04 is 0:05 on countdown
William Bienkowski
William Bienkowski Hace 8 días
Dagmar Søvsø
Dagmar Søvsø Hace 8 días
18:35 :Sad danish noises:/
anandganguli Hace 8 días
Man I became Floor gang yesterday and I got 20% muscle increase FLOOR GANG OUH OUH OUH
cynical cylinder24
cynical cylinder24 Hace 8 días
pewdiepie: says Denmark **shows a flag of Brazil**
Tori Peterson
Tori Peterson Hace 8 días
14:05 when worlds collide
Cris Alvaro
Cris Alvaro Hace 8 días
Yo no hablo inglés,Xd traductor ❤️😅
Cris Alvaro
Cris Alvaro Hace 8 días
Yo:no hablo inglés Pewpide: traductor
Arman Faizal
Arman Faizal Hace 9 días
Pewdiepie are handsome
F T Hace 9 días
Pewdiepie is so handsome
Kavita Manilal
Kavita Manilal Hace 9 días
Big pepe
SwiftyPlayz _
SwiftyPlayz _ Hace 9 días
Lmao I have that game
Lil Shawni
Lil Shawni Hace 9 días
Does anyone actually turn down their speakers when it says? I mean, honestly.
Haris Platis
Haris Platis Hace 9 días
tbh i think that LWIAY should be ''Laughing With I And You''
Allan Partridge
Allan Partridge Hace 10 días
damn I just realized how dumb that picture a day thing was half the fucking pictures weren't even him they were that famous reporter smh i thought u changed
xioqi Hace 10 días
Awsome Video !!! Mind Checking Me Out ?
Donna A
Donna A Hace 11 días
The montage pictures are like singing the bitch lasagna song omg
JJ Oh Ginger 1
JJ Oh Ginger 1 Hace 11 días
LWIAY is like pie you get a slice every once in a while
CURSED Apple Hace 11 días
@PewDiePie minecraft got a nether update...
Mango Hace 11 días
Shit I fell for it I think I'm Def now......
Vans Hace 11 días
have he done r/watchpeopledieinside ?
Ved Parekh
Ved Parekh Hace 11 días
The Nether update for Minecraft is here!! Go back to playing it please pewds!
SunShine Hace 11 días
"Turn down you speakers now." Me: *Turns it down* "Just kidding, You can put your volume back now." Me: *Me already knowing that it's a prank and you can't even fool an 12 year old girl* Editor: not bad, kid.
manutd.69 69
manutd.69 69 Hace 11 días
I was watching this when i was 9 years old now I am 19 years old
Tim Emerick
Tim Emerick Hace 11 días
Mr best
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