I did a $1,000 Pack Opening and these Packs got out of hand... 🤯 💰

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This is what happened when i spent $1,000 on Madden 20 packs in Ultimate Team. Not going to lie... this was pretty amazing
*35,000 and I'll do one final $1,000 pack opening in Madden 20 if you ALL want to see it! (Not sure if you can this get there, but good luck!)
Another $1,000 Pack Opening: eswomen.com/id/v%C3%ADdeo-4Km0U54yhj0.html
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So blessed to have you stop by and watch my video! Most importantly don't forget to keep God #1❗️
-YoBoy Pizza
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YoBoy PIZZA Hace un mes
Not sure if this is possible, but i'll do one final $1,000 pack opening if this video hits 35,000 Likes... Also, what's the best pack that you've ever opened??
connor constantino
connor constantino Hace 14 horas
YoBoy PIZZA is the nesy
Awesomecat_9 The gamer
Awesomecat_9 The gamer Hace 18 horas
Team of the year Luke keackly (Idk how to spell his name and yes I fell stupid
Jennifer Callender
Jennifer Callender Hace 3 días
I got a 96 Randel Cunningham
Andrew Boyll
Andrew Boyll Hace 4 días
I got a James Bradberry in a FA pack my over is 83
Caden Hatchew
Caden Hatchew Hace 4 días
Can I have a 95 warren sapp PLEASE Username: TheBus362327
Dylan Terhune
Dylan Terhune Hace un hora
13:05 my dad when he's telling my mom 2 get 2 the bed for 🍆🍑
Dylan Terhune
Dylan Terhune Hace un hora
Ham Slice
Ham Slice Hace 11 horas
Me: can't buy xbox live gold and can't by coins Also me: oh my gosh i got an 86 Pizza: oh only a 92 overall Ezekiel Elliott
Littletj money
Littletj money Hace 11 horas
Pizza: Let's open another pack Frank: OHHHHHHHHHHH
Brady Keirns
Brady Keirns Hace 12 horas
4:42 when I finally stop being constapeated
Bilal Ahmed
Bilal Ahmed Hace 13 horas
Yoboi is a ravens fan?????have I time travelled
connor constantino
connor constantino Hace 14 horas
98 bobby wagner
lil YFHDRAKO Hace 15 horas
My best is getting a 99 mahomes
Skinny Tv124
Skinny Tv124 Hace 20 horas
Kid’s House
Kid’s House Hace 20 horas
My best pack was when I pulled a 97 DeAndre Hopkins
Jeanna Wheat
Jeanna Wheat Hace 20 horas
Did anyone notice how he got about 15 warren sapps
Sam Shore
Sam Shore Hace 23 horas
Because ravens are in Steelers division. Yaboipizza is committed treason
Gerard Garnett
Gerard Garnett Hace un día
Lien Bessey
Lien Bessey Hace un día
It is so awesome
Dylan Teeters
Dylan Teeters Hace un día
Gdawg Cochran88
Gdawg Cochran88 Hace un día
I got a 30k coin pack and got a 97
The_Light _Rising
The_Light _Rising Hace un día
You’re a Steelers fan so take that ugly ass Lamar jersey off
Matt M
Matt M Hace un día
14:21 I got that card in a gold player pack
D money
D money Hace un día
Game changer pack I got a nfl honor Lamar Jackson
Kamren Baxter
Kamren Baxter Hace un día
Nobody in the world: : Frank : OHHHHHHHH!!!
Angus Brantley
Angus Brantley Hace un día
The best pack I got was a 92 overall Calvin Johnson
JaVon Jason
JaVon Jason Hace un día
The best pack I ever got was Tomorrow's Superstars
Gavin DILLON Hace un día
When I’m trying to sleep Frank comes in and starts yelling like a Dying cow
Andrew Rizzi
Andrew Rizzi Hace un día
I got Eziek too that was my best pack
Mark Monahan
Mark Monahan Hace un día
I’m gifting some people that subs to me a lot free 99 Patrick Mahomes
Mark Monahan
Mark Monahan Hace un día
Once I get 1k subs I’m giving away a 100$ giftcard if u sub
Gideon Hodges
Gideon Hodges Hace un día
weekly goal score 4 touchdowns the same player
DJ Eaton
DJ Eaton Hace un día
Best Pack ever: Hail Mary Pack 90 Redux Cameron Jordan
Brian Fouis
Brian Fouis Hace 2 días
2018 madden- I got 95 snow beast Rod Woodson! Sold for 1.2million!!! NOTHING CLOSE since then 😩
Rcz Crispy
Rcz Crispy Hace 2 días
Game changer s
TWKUltra Gamer
TWKUltra Gamer Hace 2 días
I opened a game changer pack and got all 90-93s
ZACHATTACK 131 Hace 2 días
Gridiron pack 96 Amari cooper
Edward Schiller
Edward Schiller Hace 2 días
I play madden mobile and I once pulled a 98 Matthew Judon out of a 80+ player pack
Austin Press
Austin Press Hace 2 días
Take your hat off please
Marcus Hernandez
Marcus Hernandez Hace 2 días
He’s a Pittsburgh fan but he rockin the raven jersey 💀💀🤦🏽🤦🏽🤦🏽
Todd LeFever Jr
Todd LeFever Jr Hace 2 días
88ovr in goldplayer Pack
Andrea Cook
Andrea Cook Hace 2 días
99 patty
Toobusytopoop Hace 2 días
Gerardo Palomares
Gerardo Palomares Hace 2 días
i hate frank after this video...
Nerd Swagging
Nerd Swagging Hace 2 días
I pulled 96 Lt tyrann Matthieu and 92 Keith bullock
Aidan Kirk
Aidan Kirk Hace 2 días
Why r u wearing a ravens jersey if ur a true Steelers fan.
AyyJoshh Hace 2 días
13:36 that man frank is crankin
Stacey Burns
Stacey Burns Hace 2 días
94 Jim brown
Jellybean Hace 3 días
Legends fantasy pack 97 Andre reed and 95 Aaron Rodgers
Winter Ninja
Winter Ninja Hace 3 días
hey pizza can you pls put aroon rodgers on auction the 92 ovr
Jason Silva
Jason Silva Hace 3 días
11:11 everyone thought that was Derrick Henry for a second don’t lie
Shiven Patel
Shiven Patel Hace 3 días
98 overall
shards wheezy
shards wheezy Hace 3 días
92 OVR Michael Vick
jacob1 is my discord
jacob1 is my discord Hace 3 días
12:45 me when my mom comes home with mccdonalds
Jill Haarbye
Jill Haarbye Hace 3 días
Can we get a counter of how much time the shook each other’s hands
Craig Priemer
Craig Priemer Hace 3 días
I got super bowl tyreek and mahomes
Dylan Towle
Dylan Towle Hace 3 días
i opened a get a player pack and got a 93 ovrall
Seth Palermo
Seth Palermo Hace 3 días
All 90 over all
Lisa GAINES Hace 3 días
Julio Jones
quinton gaming
quinton gaming Hace 3 días
Pulled 94 ahman green
ree me
ree me Hace 4 días
11:32 what is that ?
Missy Mixture
Missy Mixture Hace 4 días
On a legends fantasy pack i pulled a 94 emmit smith in the second round
Alexander Amato
Alexander Amato Hace 4 días
my best pack had a 95 bo Jackson and a 92 Micheal vick in it
Arnoldo Hernández
Arnoldo Hernández Hace 4 días
My favorite pack is tyreek hill
Joey Playz
Joey Playz Hace 4 días
My best pack had Lamar nfl honor
Paradox_Scribbly YT
Paradox_Scribbly YT Hace 4 días
I got 2 nfl honors in one pack earlier
Tayven Dorsey
Tayven Dorsey Hace 4 días
My best pack is a tomorrow's superstar
Amanda Starkey
Amanda Starkey Hace 4 días
Yoboy pizza: were not going to get hype unless it's like a 92 plus overall you feel me. Next pack gets 90 overall flashback, OHHHHHHH
Carlie Hammond Mathew Mulholland
Carlie Hammond Mathew Mulholland Hace 4 días
MY best pack was a clutch pack and I hot a 94 Troy Polimalu do u want him?ps sry this is late
Caden Hatchew
Caden Hatchew Hace 4 días
Can I have a 95 warren sapp PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE If u do this is my username: TheBus362327
Jared Davidson
Jared Davidson Hace 4 días
the best pack is when i pulled a 98 troy aikman and a 99 ezekeil elliot and a richard sherman for some coins
Jack Breiwick
Jack Breiwick Hace 4 días
Why you say Aaron sucks when he made the playoffs and the steelers did not
Connie Calverr
Connie Calverr Hace 4 días
Me when covid19 ends 12:45
Sanjib Basu
Sanjib Basu Hace 4 días
i pulled a 98 lamar jackson and 99 patty mahomes
Connie Calverr
Connie Calverr Hace 4 días
Why you be wanting lamar the ravens and your Steelers are rivals
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