I CHEATED to beat Fresh in a 1v1...

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I made a 1v1 map where it was rigged to make me win. Let's see how Fresh handles it...
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Phantom Jazzy BTW
Phantom Jazzy BTW Hace 4 minutos
Anyone wanna try out for my clan called phamtom
Alexander Abrajan
Alexander Abrajan Hace 5 minutos
Can we just
lc pedersen
lc pedersen Hace 40 minutos
Your not better then fresh just don’t cheat
iiŁxnëły Hace 50 minutos
Are we all noobs just staring at this and be like- “Why can’t I play like this”
the real juice mundo
the real juice mundo Hace un hora
The title should be called",I still managed to screw up even when I cheated, cheaters never win kids".
Aidan Gaming
Aidan Gaming Hace 6 horas
Since when did Muselk get the worst at the game (no offense)
Vladof Gunner
Vladof Gunner Hace 6 horas
I love how half of Fresh’s restrictions end up working in his favor
David Perez
David Perez Hace 7 horas
Muselk makes normal people look like bots Fresh makes pros look like bots
Shahn For Sports
Shahn For Sports Hace 8 horas
Shahn For Sports
Shahn For Sports Hace 8 horas
Andrew White
Andrew White Hace 11 horas
Reality Gamez
Reality Gamez Hace 11 horas
Muselk I’ve been practicing Muselk generally impressed
Nathan Smith
Nathan Smith Hace 12 horas
Muselk sucks
Merxy Lox
Merxy Lox Hace 12 horas
Muselk is a bot
Bailey Scianski
Bailey Scianski Hace 13 horas
What do you expect fresh is the best player no hate ninja
Paul MacCarthy Ohea
Paul MacCarthy Ohea Hace 14 horas
Fresh is a God
Elijahn_Kealan Da TWINS Saena filise
Elijahn_Kealan Da TWINS Saena filise Hace 15 horas
You should 1v1 your stream snipers
Baubeletueur Hace 15 horas
That end tho.
Ethan Delport
Ethan Delport Hace 17 horas
U just have excuses thats all u have
Ethan Delport
Ethan Delport Hace 17 horas
Bro u think u good yoh u suck let me one v one u
Ritiwiki 456
Ritiwiki 456 Hace 20 horas
Fresh : abcdfghijklmnopqrstuvwxy Also fresh:oh did I forget ez
CVX Adam
CVX Adam Hace un día
You will be hated from now on for bullying a young man which is better than you. And if you're mad , fresh is more mad bro
Matias GamesYT
Matias GamesYT Hace un día
Im late😐
keith jones
keith jones Hace un día
I don't like you because you're cheating
Agent Meowscles
Agent Meowscles Hace un día
Musulk must be hurt
Sonny J Webb
Sonny J Webb Hace un día
Muselk do a part 2 of this in a map called red v blue with Asian caracters at the end if you do do it then look at the signs on the wall and press the key it tells you to. This will increase your weapon damage by at least 5%. Like so muselk can see this
Bylevistro Hace un día
Top 2 trending in Argentina
OwlzZ YT
OwlzZ YT Hace un día
Muselk:why did it say i lost? Fresh:Cuz I Won Muselks Brain: *i am confusion*
Samuel Paradise
Samuel Paradise Hace un día
first time muselk didn’t say “WHaTs gOIn oN GUyS” 👌
ALKAMALI_PRO Hace un día
I was there when fresh was streaming
James Matthew
James Matthew Hace un día
Thats got to be one of his funniest video outro😂😂😂😂
Just_ Khan
Just_ Khan Hace un día
You bot muselk
Logan Weir
Logan Weir Hace un día
your a bot
CGC ECHO Hace un día
CGC ECHO Hace un día
Your cheating
CGC ECHO Hace un día
Your a bot compared to fresh
miggyzzz Hace un día
map code please
Xd Firefish
Xd Firefish Hace un día
MassiveSwordsman 278
MassiveSwordsman 278 Hace un día
Muselk: Appears with a hundred rocket bots* Fresh: ahhh interesting!
Jacob Giard
Jacob Giard Hace un día
He said he brought his ice shoes🤣
Bolt Runner
Bolt Runner Hace un día
Can the comments stop hating about how muselk is a bot he went to the World Cup has 9 mil subs and is probably better than you
sWeaty_CLAps Hace 2 días
Dude what the crap not tryna hate but fresh is way better than you
Mia Mesita
Mia Mesita Hace 2 días
is it just me or when fresh says “mr. muselk” it reminds me when spiderman says “mr. stark”
jayden boy
jayden boy Hace 2 días
Muselk is trash🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Chayathon Siriphand
Chayathon Siriphand Hace 2 días
You cheated also I use code fresh I never use code muslk
Maria Mckenna
Maria Mckenna Hace 2 días
Do a death run everyone say the same
Tommy Tucker
Tommy Tucker Hace 2 días
Mate ur irrelevant
Raisha Rai
Raisha Rai Hace 2 días
You are a cheater Muselk I'm not surbscribing you because you are a cheater in Arena 1v1
Maddie Beaudoin
Maddie Beaudoin Hace 3 días
Bro u literally should’ve made it that he couldn’t move on the last level or add all of the things up for both of u🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️
Chase Lim
Chase Lim Hace 3 días
Fresh also whenever level too unfair: interesting...
Chase Lim
Chase Lim Hace 3 días
Fresh when he wins: I'll take that! Muselk when he wins by cheating: Easy!!!!
Ali Raza Wasti
Ali Raza Wasti Hace 3 días
Elliot you are an idiot
Undead Smoke
Undead Smoke Hace 3 días
He so badd
Penny Denson
Penny Denson Hace 3 días
Can you beat fresh when he has 1000 health
Sebata Investment
Sebata Investment Hace 3 días
Can we apriciate how muselk is a bot
The Power Alley
The Power Alley Hace 3 días
14:21 lol Fresh's reaction
Thresher Gaming
Thresher Gaming Hace 3 días
Dude why you saying easy you suck the only reason you won was because he was taking damage you bot, my 7 year old cousin can clap you
Adam Sinclaire
Adam Sinclaire Hace 3 días
Mr Muselk your a bot
Laif Murphy
Laif Murphy Hace 3 días
muselk can i 1v1 u my name is MJL-gamers
NMD _JamesIsLost
NMD _JamesIsLost Hace 3 días
Muselk when he wins but using: yeeeeeeessssss fresh when he wins while fighting muselk who has hacks: .............................yes
Japheth Isaac
Japheth Isaac Hace 3 días
fresh is too freaking good at this game
Vincent Mills
Vincent Mills Hace 3 días
Did the dumbest person in the world tell you that you are the best gamer of our generation
Poisonous Snake
Poisonous Snake Hace 3 días
How is muselk so bad.
Malikai gaming
Malikai gaming Hace 4 días
Harley Ariza
Harley Ariza Hace 4 días
hey muselk if u didnt cheat fresh would still win
Don'Tray Dickens
Don'Tray Dickens Hace 4 días
Hamish Duck
Hamish Duck Hace 4 días
Charlotte Lewis
Charlotte Lewis Hace 4 días
9:45 “no worries cutie pie” 😂😂
Noah Kroger
Noah Kroger Hace 4 días
Elliots a bot
Sphered Hace 4 días
Can we appreciate how bad muselk is
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