I can't believe it all FITS!!! Hack Pro Pt. 2

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We tear down the Apple Power Mac G5 and prepare the case for our monster Gigabyte Aorus C621 Xtreme motherboard. Let's see if our dual Radeon VII’s and all of our Corsair Vengeance RAM are recognized by macOS...
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applemac prog5hackintosh

Robert T
Robert T Hace 6 días
With the awful store ad placement, I will most assuredly never buy anything from LTT.
ghettoftw Hace 6 días
MemeSpaghetti Hace 6 días
I wish that I had found this yesterday when I took mine apart lmao actually on second thought *those poor CPUs*
Radoslav Borisov
Radoslav Borisov Hace 6 días
Is it so hard to disassemble normally? Without drama and breaking 50 percent of components...
eleclaw Hace 7 días
Where is part 3?
Ewo Lam
Ewo Lam Hace 8 días
What's the software to make the motherboard adapter plan?
Chuck "Andril" Onassis
Chuck "Andril" Onassis Hace 8 días
i really need this rig so i can continue t watch this channel because the hamsters are getting tired running around to power my pitiful system, do it for me and tehse poor hamsters
Intrspace Hace 9 días
C621 Aorus Xtreme? That's a risky name OwO
A kind of legacy
A kind of legacy Hace 10 días
when do we get the final episode
Kiwi Hace 10 días
will there ever be a part 3?
Luciano Alberto
Luciano Alberto Hace 11 días
Are those drawings shared/public?
james of oof 123
james of oof 123 Hace 12 días
I have a powermac g5 that's working
景圈圈 Hace 12 días
where is the part 3
Joey P
Joey P Hace 12 días
Ashame regardless that you taken it apart. But what I’ve done with one of my G5’s was tried my best to keep the G5 look. Did well didn’t cut much reused the rear fan Assembly and fitted new 92mm looks great front I/o with new usb parts and the original power button. What an amazing case and computer.
XxmacwarfarexX Hace 13 días
I got an idea... What if you run Macintosh and use bootcamp and in the windows from bootcamp you install VMware and install mac os again and use bootcamp on that
Dominic Davis-Foster
Dominic Davis-Foster Hace 14 días
"Why would they design it like that?" Because it was designed by an Englishman ;P
Sugma Bolzack
Sugma Bolzack Hace 14 días
Lol comments section full of apple users trying to act like they can compete with rigs. If they can, why would anybody gut one to build a real rig in it?
Alen B
Alen B Hace 15 días
Part 1 no hair gel Part 2 lots of hair gel Not sure what to make of that.
Aaron Gray
Aaron Gray Hace 15 días
4:40 "feels like when I'm having wisdom teeth removed..." nice. That's exactly how we do it too...
iamrlk69 Hace 15 días
Where is the rest of this? Part 3? Rick
Gregor Babič
Gregor Babič Hace 16 días
I did this 13 years ago: www2.arnes.si/~mbabic/G5%20x86%20project/PowerMac%20G5%2070.JPG
Mr. Complicated
Mr. Complicated Hace 16 días
Exactly the treatment every mac deserves :D
Vivian Kurz
Vivian Kurz Hace 16 días
It pains me how Linus manhandled that powermac
VietVlog Hace 16 días
Kids in Africa...
Sofian S.
Sofian S. Hace 16 días
“Yeah, so we could unscrew them or *mhm uagh...*“ (4:30) xD. 100% can relate.
Jordan P
Jordan P Hace 17 días
Dune case pro build
PointlessMiracle Hace 17 días
I did a build like this a few years ago, but man, I can remember it was quite a hassle getting those parts out. Although I did it a bit cleaner than you guys!
thanh an le
thanh an le Hace 17 días
Can sb tell me what program did Linus use at 8:22 ? i’m curious
Gabriel Androczky
Gabriel Androczky Hace 18 días
Linus, Linus... how f-in' barbaric of a disassembly this was :( Even if it's a non-working machine.. it hurts.
Michael Drivas
Michael Drivas Hace 18 días
Who is NOT putting the tools on the peg board back in place? :-) Good news! no one seems to have OCD but maybe they should.
Bizzarlizard YT
Bizzarlizard YT Hace 18 días
who remembers the dell xps 8300 | | \/
MR ?MUDZ Hace 18 días
would like a part 3 plz
Azone Hace 19 días
finally a decent tutorial on how to dismantle a mac. thanks Linus
ushir maharaj
ushir maharaj Hace 20 días
Whens part 3 coming out ?
this channel is now dead.
this channel is now dead. Hace 20 días
Roger Skagerström
Roger Skagerström Hace 21 un día
You could start doing tearedowns for iFixit! :D Imagine traveling back in time showing this to the people who bought a new one for 4 000 dollars xD
BandomBeviews Hace 22 días
Im sorry linus, but i did a much better job taking mine apart, and I’m fifteen. I don’t think it’s the computer, I think it’s you.
Vesek Hace 23 días
I have G4 version of this PC
Vesek Hace 23 días
And it still works :D
Michael Hathaway
Michael Hathaway Hace 23 días
Linus, what's lewd about DisplayPort?
Magic Tofu
Magic Tofu Hace 23 días
Linus : How to adapt our “non standard” layout to “HPTX” Me : 😮
Michal Sulicki
Michal Sulicki Hace 23 días
Nice, but you destroyed last of user-dedicated PowerPC G5 Quad based machine :(
Christiano Debarry
Christiano Debarry Hace 24 días
Marti77e Hace 24 días
There is a more modern pc case gonna be available soon for apple fans www.indiegogo.com/projects/dune-pro-pc-case#/
Thomas Andersson
Thomas Andersson Hace 25 días
Maybe make a Dune Pro chassis based Hackintosh? :) www.dunecase.com/index.html
Andrew W
Andrew W Hace 25 días
Can we see some of the machining done to make the adapters in that new shop?
Gokul Raj
Gokul Raj Hace 26 días
Can you please do a video on GPU acceleration on Ansys R3???
Robert Marais
Robert Marais Hace 26 días
This video was riddled with dirty jokes
Kit Palencar
Kit Palencar Hace 26 días
A beautiful piece of engineering ripped apart by an amateur... smh
T. Hane
T. Hane Hace 26 días
All that work/planning, when a Dune Pro Case got you fam!
Vexermeister Hace 26 días
you can have all the parts you need why not make something like this XD eswomen.com/id/v%C3%ADdeo-JnIuQnFgjhE.html
chinthor Hace 26 días
Nah. The seasoned Mac techs out there are in two (slightly overlapping) groups. "Ermahgerd! No! Oh, the humanity!" and also, "Heh. Always wanted to do that."
MLAN Hace 26 días
that's what she said.
mrdali67 Hace 27 días
"We could outscrew them" ... heck no lets tear it all apart applying as much violence as possible .. lol
ralsei Hace 27 días
Linus give me $500 for my pc and make a video from it. 😂
Kyle Nokes
Kyle Nokes Hace 27 días
Honey never finds me working coupons
Nathan Dimbleby
Nathan Dimbleby Hace 27 días
Use a screw driver
Akash Pandya
Akash Pandya Hace 28 días
1 dislike for making us wait again! Just do it in one video man please...
Andrew Hart
Andrew Hart Hace 28 días
Make this super frustrating build then transfer it all to the Dune case when/if available?!
OMGitzlateslam Hace 28 días
Heh thats what she said
Mark Tomlin
Mark Tomlin Hace 28 días
Oh my god, the carnage!
Matt V
Matt V Hace 28 días
Linus picks up multi thousand dollar populated mobo by the cpu cooler...
Inachu Ikimasho
Inachu Ikimasho Hace 28 días
Just make it windows 10 #LULZ
Bill Garrison
Bill Garrison Hace 28 días
Inachu Ikimasho
Inachu Ikimasho Hace 28 días
I love those G5 cases! I will buy one just to mod it so a regular pc motherboard can fit inside. Might be a tad bit of work but I think it will be worth it.
unstopble87 Hace 28 días
WTF... Linus?! Unnecessary episode...
Michael McPeters
Michael McPeters Hace 28 días
MountainMods website offers a backplate for this case to put a PC board in. www.mountainmods.com/product_info.php?products_id=56
I would love to buy it, Linus;), SO WHEN is it EXACTLY GOING to be AVAILABLE TO BUY IN the LTT STORE.COM
Joel Brooks
Joel Brooks Hace 28 días
0:42 sorry Linus. The only thing I saw and heard was Peewee Herman. Literally had to stop the vid to make this comment. 😂
Prem Nag Reddy Somireddy
Prem Nag Reddy Somireddy Hace 28 días
Why don't you guys just use the new Dune Pro case that was released? It looks just like the Mac Pro.
Ghost P
Ghost P Hace 28 días
Part 3 !!! Please hurry :)
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