I can't believe it all FITS!!! Hack Pro Pt. 2

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Linus Tech Tips

Linus Tech Tips

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We tear down the Apple Power Mac G5 and prepare the case for our monster Gigabyte Aorus C621 Xtreme motherboard. Let's see if our dual Radeon VII’s and all of our Corsair Vengeance RAM are recognized by macOS...
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applemac prog5hackintosh

JMCCustomMotorcycles1 Hace 17 horas
PT 3 IT FIT!!!
Nikolas Brandt
Nikolas Brandt Hace 20 días
I work in a repair shop, and seeing Linus _rip out_ that CPU heatsink is both so satisfying and so angering. We had to go to two different stores to find allen wrench drivers long enough to fit down those huge heatsinks, and taking out the CPU heatsink only led to me eventually finding a disgusting corroded PSU. So yeah, satisfaction and annoyance that _he_ gets to do that. Edit: holy shit
rayn Hace 22 días
5:39 can't tell if he means double penetration or display port
Komrade BigTex sucks
Komrade BigTex sucks Hace 22 días
Perforations? Its called pocketing, linus.
Komrade BigTex sucks
Komrade BigTex sucks Hace 22 días
LTT must have like 20 powermac g5s sitting around from this.
Dr .Q
Dr .Q Hace 23 días
first thought after reading title: Thats what she said
NikeBoyLP Hace 24 días
"hack at it again" the intro made me laugh out loud
jajkomaster Hace 24 días
I. AM. SO. PISSED. RIGHT. NOW. Dude, wtf did that poor G5 do to you to deserve such a painful death?! 😡
Hyperspace Yohan 787
Hyperspace Yohan 787 Hace un mes
he sounded like he was giving brth
TheCakeIsAPie Hace un mes
Dude, I feel the first 5 min of this video. Found an old Mac Pro laying around getting thrown away and it took me 2 days a paper clip, hammer, and a screw driver, and lots of yelling, getting my arms and fingers hurt to get it all out.
jordanw2009 Hace un mes
A cm and some change? Lol an inch ;)
T.J. Snyder
T.J. Snyder Hace un mes
I like how he unintrusively advertises the channel’s merchandise.
Ninja 21
Ninja 21 Hace un mes
Wish inverted case layouts were more popular.
BlueShader Hace un mes
I was thinking Dude Perfect when he said DP
Gavin Mateo
Gavin Mateo Hace 2 meses
So you gonna link the EFI? 😂
Maurice Netzko
Maurice Netzko Hace 2 meses
I can feel the pain of disassembling this. Its like Lego, but like only 4x2 plates and no tools to tear them apart, only bloody and ruined fingernails
LANo Hace 2 meses
Those GPU's just hanging off the PCI-e slot had gave me extreme anxiety.
Isaac Hace 2 meses
What happened to this project Linus?
solen18 Hace 2 meses
That was a clean save
Josema 2000
Josema 2000 Hace 2 meses
extra THICC fans
IPAWS2018 Hace 3 meses
"Everything is designed to be straightforward."
GeneralFetched Believer
GeneralFetched Believer Hace 3 meses
Unwoven Sleeve
Unwoven Sleeve Hace 3 meses
Linus had way too much fun breaking that mac
Roger Alvarado Hernandez
Roger Alvarado Hernandez Hace 3 meses
Could you give us the template for the motherboard tray
LellePrinter82 Hace 3 meses
I almost had a heart attack when Linus "took apart" the G5. So I skipped that part. Some parts can actually be salvaged and sold. There are people outthere looking for parts.
Roy Patton
Roy Patton Hace 3 meses
Now byild a Ryzen Version!
Nigel Hace 3 meses
linus the type of guy to build an external case for his smartphone components in case he needs to upgrade the storage
Ken Riehle
Ken Riehle Hace 3 meses
Please be careful those cases if you haven't experienced firsthand can cut you like a razor blade. I had my hand slip inside a case on a build and it ripped right past my thump on the top of my hand towards my wrist and took 5 stitches to close the wound. So when I watch you ripping apart a case I cringe as I am hoping you don't experience what i did first hand. Needless to say i ruined the build with blood as it sprayed into the case. I enjoy watching all your videos. I use your videos to help me decide on parts for my own personal PC. I wish I could afford the things you show but maybe someday. Thank you for the intuitive and educational shows.
Tino Moser
Tino Moser Hace 3 meses
If it's stuck, use force. If it breaks, it should have been replaced anyway.
M Ha
M Ha Hace 3 meses
Where is pt.3
Vanno. Hace 3 meses
Looks like a sleeper pc. Basically the same. Just shove so good components into a original bad system.
TJS Humor
TJS Humor Hace 3 meses
Oh my... that physically hurt me to watch you yank out that motherboard
Shane Hace 3 meses
Part 3 please
MrCacciLLo Hace 4 meses
Nice video. So where's Part 3?
iev mertus
iev mertus Hace 4 meses
Best Pr0n title on youtube without block!
Cain Luo
Cain Luo Hace 4 meses
Hi, Linus i very like your videos, can you test C422 + W-2195 Hackintosh? like HP Z4-G4 + W-2195/W-2195B~ thanks
Rogue Studios
Rogue Studios Hace 4 meses
5:35 u got me there XD
Ira Jacobs
Ira Jacobs Hace 4 meses
LOL um actually
LoyalPyro Hace 4 meses
Why not amd its so much better and eficent.
Henry Yeh
Henry Yeh Hace 4 meses
Where is the 3rd part?
E Kennedy
E Kennedy Hace 4 meses
I couldn't find Part 3 - is there a Part 3? If not, what was the final cost? Thanks!
David Hace 5 meses
Did it need to be in an actual apple case? Seems like you made your lives unnecessarily harder by making not only a hackintosh, but a small form factor sleeper hackintosh.
Brian Franco
Brian Franco Hace 5 meses
Part 3!
Mhd Jn
Mhd Jn Hace 5 meses
XSquibX Hace 5 meses
soooooooo.... where's part 3?
incognito 82
incognito 82 Hace 5 meses
Bonjour wants to know your location
Samuel Hace 5 meses
did you guys ever finish this? still interested to see the final product.
Alan Dike
Alan Dike Hace 5 meses
your pcie express bifercation.. there is actually a pcie 16x card to 4x 4 can actually be done via some switches on the card, or on the mobo.. My taichi has it on mobo, but there is I believe an asus card that does it on card.
fire starter
fire starter Hace 5 meses
Where is part 3
Aaron August
Aaron August Hace 5 meses
Did this channel turn into a scrapping channel? How to tear apart your Mac!!
Dylan Shinn
Dylan Shinn Hace 5 meses
Do NOT use HONEY!!! They sell and resell your data for money!!!!! Just do your own browsing to find the best deals!!!!!!!!!
Rick Sehfeld
Rick Sehfeld Hace 5 meses
Where is pt 3?
jackbrabham Hace 5 meses
Nothing sells more the edgey PC guy appeal than trashing Apple hardware with a Watch on the wrist...
SSC2308 Hace 5 meses
PT 3?
Loreaver Hace 5 meses
Hopefully he does it before he retires
Terence Grant
Terence Grant Hace 5 meses
Is this dead?
damanorelse Hace 5 meses
This series is so terrible. a 15 minute video where you show a bunch of parts, a 13 minute video a month later where you put the parts into the case. don't show us any of the machining or design or anything, that's fine, just parts in a case. And this was 3 months ago! the actual mac pro is already out! iJustine and Mkb already made their videos, and this project is still not wrapped.
J DB Hace 5 meses
03:50 for god sakes linus, watch a guide XD
Sindre Tysnes
Sindre Tysnes Hace 5 meses
So, is there a pt. 3 coming soon? :-)
Scott Turner-Preece
Scott Turner-Preece Hace un mes
It’s here. Just named differently. eswomen.com/id/v%C3%ADdeo-Td1lgAW08ho.html
Harrison Hace un mes
the part 3 file might have been corrupted
ArduinoBen Hace 3 meses
Guess not, wonder if they just misnamed the pt4 video or if part 3 is sitting somewhere in LTT
Verloren im Cyberspace
Verloren im Cyberspace Hace 5 meses
i had the same question..
Andrey Mosin
Andrey Mosin Hace 5 meses
Where's part 3? It's been 3 months
David Pinkhasov
David Pinkhasov Hace 5 meses
WHERES PART 3???????
Diamond Tiara
Diamond Tiara Hace 5 meses
3:55 the mobo goes with it, my god how even... Also I've always been impressed by the size of IBM's PowerPC processors, they are small, compact, but rarely or never on a socket, mine is soldered on my AS/400 preventing any upgrade.
Travis B
Travis B Hace 6 meses
If you email a link of this video to your health insurance carrier they might pay for the expenses as "therapy".
chilrad Hace 6 meses
Agree with the below. What happened Linus? Did Tim Cook say he'd send one of Apple's "thought police" round to kidnap Yvonne?
Deez_Nuts? Hace 6 meses
Why I am the only one looking for part 3? Where is it?
Matthew Nagy
Matthew Nagy Hace 2 meses
Half Life 3 anyone?
rockstar happy days
rockstar happy days Hace 3 meses
Snickerdoodle Gamer Thank you!
Snickerdoodle Gamer
Snickerdoodle Gamer Hace 3 meses
Deez_Nuts? It’s called water cooling the fastest Mac on the planet
Nope Nope
Nope Nope Hace 6 meses
So this was in October! Come on where is the final video!!!
Kris Ruiter
Kris Ruiter Hace 6 meses
where is PART 3?
Hack3rPT Hace 6 meses
Dead project ? Did they forget part 3 ??
AnobizII Hace 6 meses
Where is part 3?
This should be called: "Linus beating the shit out of a computer for 13 minutes straight"
Manuel Aravena
Manuel Aravena Hace 6 meses
When is part 3 coming out ??? any chance you can actualy beat the new mac pro ??
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