I Bought My Budget Dream Car!

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Engineering Explained

Engineering Explained

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New project cars starts now! I bought one of my absolute favorite cars for under $20k.
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I went shopping for an Acura NSX. I found one from 1992 in red; it was absolutely gorgeous, low miles, and had a two-owner clean history. I went for a test drive, and that's where things fell apart. I had in my head how legendary of a car this was, but it unfortunately didn't live up to my expectations. Don't get me wrong, the NSX is quite good. The shifting is absolutely perfect, the torque curve genuinely impressed me for a relatively low powered engine, and the handling was without a doubt quite solid. However the steering and the braking left a lot to be desired, which I was shocked by, considering the manual steering rack. Perhaps I just caught a lemon, but left a bitter taste that turned me away from the car. So to my true love I went, and I absolutely love it. Check out the video for the full breakdown!
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Ron Bradshaw
Ron Bradshaw Hace 7 horas
No clue what a Tesla owner wants to do with Gazzzoooliiine cars anymore?....
S L Hace 7 horas
Love your channel and video. But same price i will 120% get a base model Mustang GT. Thanks.
Enjuku Miata
Enjuku Miata Hace 8 horas
Congrats!!! See you at Miatas at the gap 2020 :)
Cuddly Jon
Cuddly Jon Hace 10 horas
As soon as I saw that rear antenna, I knew it was a Miata. Didn't even matter about the bed sheet haha. Welcome to the club!
cupertinoish Hace 15 horas
shouldn't have sold S2K in the first place. But this new car probably keeps the channel going
Jurgen Vesst
Jurgen Vesst Hace 18 horas
Great choice. It says a lot coming from you. Also great move with the donation.
Jan93Banan Hace 19 horas
Never seen this model before. Looks really aggressive for being a mazda. I would have chosen this over the honda aswell.
Rick Davis
Rick Davis Hace 21 un hora
I look forward to following your build. I sincerely hope you use Fab9 Tuning and go with Ecutek, as Bryan seems to have done the best job with the Edelbrock SC kit. Also...the raceroms are phenomenal (only via Ecutek) I've kept my 2016 Club normally aspirated but replaced the exhaust and had it tuned for 93 octane as well as e85. These cars really respond well to power mods. Enjoy!!! PS....pop and crackle adds a nice touch. Bryan added a little to my calibration. It passes the wife test so it isn't obnoxious.
Kyle Delsan
Kyle Delsan Hace un día
I new it was a miata from the thumbnail
ousi00 Hace un día
Actually the NSX corner slower than the S2000. I owned both. It is MR so during cornering it's quite stable. The NSX suffer from initial understeer and it's not as agile as the S2000 during short corners. The S2000 is very fast in long sweeper since it doesn't have much understeer to begin with. The brake of the NSX is lackluster even if you deleted/upgraded the ABS and swapped out with 4-pot fixed calipers. I guess it's the brake booster. Steering gets loose (ball joints, tie rods, and the manual rack itself) and it's a long ratio steering rack, but they don't make the rack anymore so you won't get the feel back. When I had it, it was quite an eye-opener. However, the car industry moved on and better cars can be got for whatever aspects. Even the FK8 Civic Type R is faster than an NA1/NA2 NSX in nearly all aspects when stock or with simple bolt-ons - which I own now.
case1177 Hace un día
thats right, mx 5 is always the answer!
MooseyQ Hace 2 días
Uhg.......a miata?!
dschNgz Hace 2 días
0w20 ? Just put water in it,its the same after a while
smokeldogg Hace 2 días
You can get yourself a Trans Am with an LS1 for cheap.
Cassandra Stornoway
Cassandra Stornoway Hace 2 días
Great choice
allride Hace 2 días
Nice! Looking forward to this project
Dylan Lowe
Dylan Lowe Hace 3 días
Anybody that doesn't like the look of the MX-5's is probably dead inside
Michael Freund
Michael Freund Hace 3 días
I was recently cross shopping a MX-5 with a Rav4. I guess I like sequential numbers.
SuperFacecloth Hace 3 días
Red sweater-jazz hands... Best red sweater-jazz hands of the 20's so far bro.
Laccer Hace 4 días
I own a 99 1.6 NB. It's not a fast car, any grocery getter would love to race me and most of them would win but none of them has that amazing handling and fun factor that Miatas have. Speed isn't everything, making 300+ HP doesn't help if you can't use half of it on public roads.
Adrian Munoz
Adrian Munoz Hace 4 días
Try looking into the 2.5l swap for the ND.
Canada Bob
Canada Bob Hace 4 días
0/10 was expecting a Pontiac Aztek. Kidding aside, nice catch !
RIOS Unlimited
RIOS Unlimited Hace 4 días
I bought a 2015 MX-5 Miata last week. I look forward to the future projects on your ride.
Raph Gambuto
Raph Gambuto Hace 4 días
true budget drivers car
Adam N
Adam N Hace 4 días
koeniglicher Hace 5 días
You really should sell Japanese cars.
Splitch Hace 5 días
That's a lot of math to rationalize away a 6mph difference in trap speed.
cabal51 Hace 5 días
I bought a white 2016 Miata in October that's spec'd almost exactly like yours appears to be (Club, manual 6-speed, BBS, Brembos, and no extra nonsense) and I love this car like I've loved none other! I feel vindicated that you agree with me.
lone damaged wolf
lone damaged wolf Hace 6 días
Budget lol rich people are funny
Finn Halland
Finn Halland Hace 6 días
You made the best choise, no doubt and the colour is so much better than the yellow (it will never be a Ferrari) not to say red wich is turning pink after a couple of sunny days. What i wonder is how you compare this modern car to a couple of vintages and how well one of them compare. The S2000. Are they offered for around the same price there? Newest S2000 must be 2003 or something. Miata 2016. Are they at the same price tag? Further i wonder about the comparason of the S2000 and its performance BEFORE V-tec kiks in. It is a v-tec engine and is meant to copete by using that. It was never buildt for torque and i dosen`t need it for the purpose the car is ment for. I am sure you more than anybody know that.
Gaz Edwards
Gaz Edwards Hace 6 días
part of the reason i like (wouldnt buy one) a first/second gen mx5 is because of their simplicity
ItsJustAlex Hace 6 días
a new miata makes 181hp @ 7500 RPMs and 151 ft lbs of torque. his is the pre engine revision model. wonder what he got it for.
Anton Maranto
Anton Maranto Hace 7 días
I had been thinking about it for a long time as well, but watching this made me pull the trigger. Thanks Jason! I was lucky enough to get a 2016 launch edition and it is perfection 👌
Howard Swing
Howard Swing Hace 7 días
Bla Bla Bla Wbo cares
I don't read comments/replies
I don't read comments/replies Hace 7 días
So you just bought a mid engined miata
SandBox86 Hace 8 días
.. dude you're old..
listerine 2010
listerine 2010 Hace 8 días
Miata is a phenomenal car ,good choice.
Deyon Singh
Deyon Singh Hace 8 días
I want a NSX, gets a Miata.....kill me
megagurka Hace 8 días
So, I'm getting a new car, probably either a Model 3 or a 2019 MX-5. They are two of the most exciting and at the same time economically sensible cars (if you want something fun). Of course they are very different. I'm a single guy and don't need a lot of cargo capacity, but the MX-5 is really pushing it and I'm not sure it works as an only car year around (we get pretty cold winters where I live in Sweden). I could keep my GTI as winter car and just use the MX-5 as a summer toy, or just get the Model 3 instead, but I would miss the top down roadster driving feeling. Hmmm, difficult decisions... :)
George F
George F Hace 8 días
S2000 is so much better and not girly like the Miata although that gen is the best looking yet
lookoutforKURT Hace 5 días
if you cant be caught driving a "girly" car you have some insecurities you might want to talk about with someone bro
Alex Fry
Alex Fry Hace 8 días
I don’t know whether to buy an mx5 now or save and buy a tesla...
Rick Stevens
Rick Stevens Hace 9 días
To much for the Supra ?
KW eightthree
KW eightthree Hace 9 días
Na, 124 Spider Abarth is more better. TURBO!
it's raining
it's raining Hace 9 días
an rx7 2021 under the blanket!!
A-Frame-Wedge Hace 9 días
Should of directed that $1500 to WHO and give it to an organization that isn't a propaganda arm of the CCP
DANIAL ZAKI Hace 9 días
why not a cayman?
egxxx Hace 9 días
S2000 > Del Sol > Miata
Rick Ensink
Rick Ensink Hace 9 días
But if you want to supercharge the car with a 13:1 compression ratio, the supercharger is going te be inefficiënt right? becouse the combustion chamber compresses the air that mutch it cant really have any more air? or are you going to use low compression pistons to make it like 10:1 ?
1423 171
1423 171 Hace 9 días
a standard Camaro SS has a SIGNIFICANTLY better weight to power ratio at 8lbs/hp and considering it's at 3685lbs yet gets triple the HP. and you can get a 2016 for around 25k. if you're willing to spend a little more I feel like it would be a much more fun car considering it's also a FM engine placement with excellent weight distribution and personally I'd like to have the extra grunt of a V8 if i was gonna daily a stick shift it's like easy mode
Ali Rizvi
Ali Rizvi Hace 10 días
what are your thoughts on the lotus elise, the one powered by toyota?
Ali Rizvi
Ali Rizvi Hace 10 días
i love how much you like your car and know what you want. i also had a meet your hero moment with the RS3. just bought a 2016 RS7.
Clint Luethy
Clint Luethy Hace 10 días
My NA was Yellow and I really liked it. Yellow definitely looks good on Miata.
megamanxu Hace 11 días
Say what u like, I like miatas looks
Zero Hour
Zero Hour Hace 11 días
k24 swap, N.A 300 bhp?
Master Shake
Master Shake Hace 12 días
Congratulations on your new car. Always nice to get something that you want and deserve to have. I look forward to your future videos where you put this car through the paces and improvements.
Vok250 Hace 12 días
Dream car for me.
Ranil Abeyasinghe
Ranil Abeyasinghe Hace 12 días
Stefan Weilhartner
Stefan Weilhartner Hace 13 días
the black color looks good
Paul D
Paul D Hace 13 días
The Miata is that one kid in highschool that everyone likes.
Alexander Ramsey
Alexander Ramsey Hace 14 días
You sold an s2k and bought a Miata?? What? What's the difference? What am I missing here
scott wolforth
scott wolforth Hace 15 días
Heres a crazy idea, dont let the s2000 get under 6000rpm?
Ping Pang
Ping Pang Hace 15 días
Miatas perform much better with castrol
watthehelizawingclip Hace 16 días
The american version of professor brian cox👍
ywanman Manen
ywanman Manen Hace 16 días
I tought it was Golf 3. Disapointed.
ArcoZakus Hace 16 días
( 13:58 ) I LOVE IT!
Supa Donkey
Supa Donkey Hace 17 días
At the end cracked me up LOL. Can't wait this thing to be over.
ahh01010 Hace 17 días
@Engineering Explained I was also looking for a 2016 club, but I read there are numerous transmission failure for the 2016 model, and people had them replaced. Have your been replaced by the previous owner? I now have the 2017 sport trim, loving it... also black and it is being wrapped.
lorenzo tint
lorenzo tint Hace 20 días
Very convincing Video. Did not think I would watch it all the way through
Sebastian Tu
Sebastian Tu Hace 21 un día
Awesome! I love that there's a youtuber with my car now! Could you please please please tell us a great alignment spec for the miata? I've been struggling pretty hard to find some that I'm happy with.
Cool and Quirky Cars
Cool and Quirky Cars Hace 21 un día
Great choice! I hope it brings you many miles of smiles. Is there a one-stop shop you use for Miata mods, including horsepower bumps/ mods?
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