I Bought A Cheap Honda Civic On Ebay That's FASTER THAN MY LAMBORGHINI

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Today I bought a cheap Honda Civic on Ebay that's faster than my Lamborghini. Yes, you read that right. This is the first part of a quarter mile racer build-off with Chris from B Is For Build. We have 4 days to build our cars and race on the 5th. Except I've already missed 2 days. Oh crap.
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Tavarish Hace un mes
#TeamTavarish LET'S GOOOO
jj rizk
jj rizk Hace 7 días
why don't u make a new video on you fixing it and than taking it for a race
Linc McDougall
Linc McDougall Hace 9 días
It is a mercyalago
SvenTviking Hace 13 días
Sooo... Torque steer?
Jacob Factory
Jacob Factory Hace 16 días
Tavarish Nice Build! We just made video about mercedes benz g63 brabus 6x6 build!
GerardPedrico Hace 16 días
The Lamborghini machine being given the honorary JR Garage treatment... eswomen.com/id/v%C3%ADdeo-Wa4MvVEZqQo.html
Dani Hunter
Dani Hunter Hace 3 horas
Guys the explorer axel is supposed to do that it's so you don't get stuck in the suger sand totally post to do that
Milo the Macaw and Me
Milo the Macaw and Me Hace 9 horas
I mean I have a a oval track Honda racecar
Shawn James
Shawn James Hace 15 horas
Definitely a car that's not for you
Dane Casarez
Dane Casarez Hace 21 un hora
How is your arms the size of my head
Silva Jay
Silva Jay Hace un día
LS is the non vtec motor.
Vic Chavez
Vic Chavez Hace 2 días
A Lamborghini 1/4 in 11, 1989 5.0 mustang GT 10.8 1/4
James Whitman
James Whitman Hace 2 días
B18C5. Check the block next to the transmission
Leo Ampie
Leo Ampie Hace 2 días
Lmfao, "at least it didn't blow up". You know you're a car guy when you celebrate those little victories once in a while.
Eric Ver Linden
Eric Ver Linden Hace 3 días
"One of the fastest cars on the planet" Ummmm no.
bassline123456789 Hace 3 días
Ohtsu tires are actually made by falken tires
Josh Gutierrez
Josh Gutierrez Hace 4 días
A Murciélago is most definitely not one of the fastest cars in the world but, it is desirable
paintballa95 Hace 4 días
Damn, tow mirrors on the lambo.
Logan Mccool
Logan Mccool Hace 4 días
hey tavarish i can help you find pumps that sell E-85. u said u were in flordia right?
Logan Mccool
Logan Mccool Hace 4 días
here are a few place that i just found 1. RaceTrac, 27140 Florida 56 2.Thorntons, 1351 34th St N 3.U- Gas, 5101 N Federal Hwy & 4.RaceTrac, 2451 Beville Rd
William Xeem Hmoob Yaaj
William Xeem Hmoob Yaaj Hace 5 días
Your shifter bushing are out lol..... its a B18b1 Block with a B18c1 or B18c head LSVtec RIP oil..... Vtec burns oil... get ready to buy alot of oil lol
xJDlst *
xJDlst * Hace 5 días
Power to weight ratio give something smaller lighter the same amount of Hp and that one will take off like flash but in the end the lambo goes home with the ladies.. lol
Taaha Siddiqui
Taaha Siddiqui Hace 5 días
Where are the toxic civic fanboys at? I am confusion
Chris A
Chris A Hace 5 días
Way to do the Honda thing Tavarish! I had a similar experience, in that I bought a "89 b16 hatch thus inheriting the previous owners aftermarket shenanigans, so I can relate. But the experience of shaming some rich kid supercar racer has to be worth every penny. There's a video on YT of a crx with a boosted ls/Vtec walking a lambo, and it's shot from inside the lambo whereupon the drivers friend exclaims "dude!, You just got beat by a 10k Honda !!!". It's priceless.
Noah Weymouth
Noah Weymouth Hace 5 días
“It should go deep 9s”💀💀💀😂😂plz tell me that was a mf joke💀💀💀
Tristen Mitchell
Tristen Mitchell Hace 5 días
@9:37 might I mention the awesome looking Nissan juke and r32 in the background
Fayy YT
Fayy YT Hace 5 días
Me:Crashing the Civic Me:lambo Oh Yaa Me:Saw this video Me:oh sh¡t
bass monster
bass monster Hace 5 días
Only Philippines is the one who knows about civic, Honda will smoke your car negga
Hamlet Hace 6 días
He dont even know what he doin
Honda mush
Honda mush Hace 6 días
New subscriber!!
Ronald Wright Jr.
Ronald Wright Jr. Hace 7 días
I've hardly ever worked on a car, but I love cars, especially fast cars. So I'm audibly coaching Freddy through starting the Civic. Civic: *turns over and putters out* Me: Give it some gas. Freddy: Race car life, everyone. *tries again, same result* Me: Give it some gas! Freddy: S'okay. *tries it again, same result* Me: GIVE IT SOME GAS!! Freddy: I'm just gonna give it a little... little gas. Me: *Rolls eyes* Freddy: *gives it some gas, she starts right up* Me: THANK you!! lol Tavarish I think you gotta step away from the exotics from time to time, man. If you tried to cold start a carbureted classic muscle car we'd be sitting here watching you try for like 5 minutes. From the moment I saw the intercooler in the front of the car, well before you ever even popped the hood, I already guessed it was turbo (obvious), what engine work was done, the fact it was a street car, the fact you need to gas it to start it, the fact it's a backyard build, the suspension is stiff, all of it. Pretty sure there's a sway bar (anti-roll bar) in at least the rear. No strut bar, so he doesn't run it on road courses. I did think those were drag radials at first, so the tires are a weird selection, but... just, a host of information from a shot of the front, and a shot of the engine. In fact, you don't even need to seek cars other than exotics. Just get into racing, man, you'll learn everything you need to know about a high-performance vehicle. All that said, I did enjoy the video! I'm just a stickler for details and it tickles me to see someone figuring it all out, especially if they're known for being a car guy.
Rainie Leighla
Rainie Leighla Hace 7 días
Lambo's have all of this HP but they are slow af. Almost every Lambo can't do a 1/4 mile in under 12 seconds. All that money for... not speed... Maybe little dick....
Ayush Dhital
Ayush Dhital Hace 7 días
Starts driving the car... 2 seconds later. "I'm almost out Of GaS"
toxic steve's ranch
toxic steve's ranch Hace 7 días
And this is exactly why i changed from honda's to 3.0 bmw gasoline and diesel's. Could almost say that i wasted a good 10 years of my life tuning honda engines when i could have just bought a bmw and get twice the power as stock and all the track handling with all the business options. It has been nice to open the hood only once or twice per year.
Tim Ian
Tim Ian Hace 7 días
Did this car get given to cleetus
Harry Hughes
Harry Hughes Hace 7 días
Your seriously under reving that engine
Kalle Lipponen
Kalle Lipponen Hace 8 días
nettiauto is the way to go
logan selk
logan selk Hace 8 días
Haha!! Good stuff man!
oxinorz /
oxinorz / Hace 8 días
i dont know why i laughed so much with this video
Mxracer6y Hace 8 días
uhh? no power steering?
C-A-S Builds
C-A-S Builds Hace 9 días
It’s a...something...yeah!
Adreno2342 Hace 9 días
I subscribed only because he said you might "consider subscribing" and did not tell me to "subscribe". Thanks Tav!
David Moore
David Moore Hace 9 días
"You dont put it up normally, you gotta put it in honda mode"😂😂
Hangstaz Hace 9 días
tim žgajnar
tim žgajnar Hace 9 días
Phaaaa 600 hp And supra says bay bay
brennon ortiz
brennon ortiz Hace 10 días
Garbage youtuber
Hunter skillzツ
Hunter skillzツ Hace 10 días
Lamborghini:Im the fastest cars in the world Honda civic:Allow me to introduce to myself
Jay Mallea
Jay Mallea Hace 10 días
This is all honda owners thinking all the rear wheels do is roll so let's put the cheapest tires we can find on eBay on it
Cane Otf
Cane Otf Hace 10 días
Did he said he had the most fastest lambo car in the world eh wrong bugatti chiron 307mph your lambo only does like 220/230
Strawberry Jerry
Strawberry Jerry Hace 10 días
This suxx.....next!
Michael Hill
Michael Hill Hace 10 días
Civic fanboys are dripping right now
Jack Goldfinch
Jack Goldfinch Hace 10 días
Using the word cheap is a insult to all tuners 🙋‍♂️🙏
Supergamer 22
Supergamer 22 Hace 10 días
RockNRye TheCR80RGuy
RockNRye TheCR80RGuy Hace 10 días
What a COMPLETE waste of a fucking video! Dude didnt even hit Vtec Yo to hit boost and toss his ass back into next year! Smh....what a shame.
RockNRye TheCR80RGuy
RockNRye TheCR80RGuy Hace 10 días
Bruv, you didnt even hit boost! TF! Lmao
Jacob Nelder
Jacob Nelder Hace 10 días
@9:35 just a calm gtr over his left shoulder
Derek Turner
Derek Turner Hace 11 días
Talk to the guy who ceramic coated your Gallardo exhaust he had built Honda civic's didn't he??
Luis bustos
Luis bustos Hace 11 días
Throughout the whole video I was dying 😂
Daniel Baird
Daniel Baird Hace 11 días
The Honda looks massive compared to the lambo. I literally thought it was an SUV or Crossover from the thumbnail.
MarlenTheGamer Hace 11 días
Did he say murci-eligo
Vague Forest
Vague Forest Hace 11 días
Learn how to say the name of your car before you buy it kids😀 lol he murdered murcielago😂
David Reeves
David Reeves Hace 11 días
"On this episode of Pimp My Ride 2020"
Joseph Teruel
Joseph Teruel Hace 11 días
Ohtsu FP7000 tires are made by Falken and they're good tires.
Adam Baldwin
Adam Baldwin Hace 11 días
I hate builds like this. The person spends all kinds of good money on quality parts but slaps it all together haphazardly due to sheer laziness. The lazy hacks just pile up over time and turn the entire car into a messy turd.
Greek Rap News
Greek Rap News Hace 11 días
Yes but honda hasnt got original 600 horses
kinkbmx42 Hace 11 días
how many ads do you need for one video? geez
Lockinsign Hace 11 días
A years salary later.
Ryan W
Ryan W Hace 11 días
One of my favourite cars the Civic from that time.
NaeNae Games
NaeNae Games Hace 11 días
The Bucket List
The Bucket List Hace 12 días
How did you prounce your lambo? That hurts my ears, also it aint that fast anymore and it had the name "poor mans lamborgini"
adlerdefender Hace 12 días
Track is different from drag strip.. plus power doesn't make the car faster than an exotic..
Bread Hace 12 días
9:14 is that a rare wild juke-r??
Henry Martinez
Henry Martinez Hace 12 días
The civic have 2 color tone
Chris Christian
Chris Christian Hace 12 días
You need to know how to pronounce Murciélago... you said murcie a lago😅
niklas johansson
niklas johansson Hace 12 días
Thats not how you pronounce murcielago
Aidan Barnett
Aidan Barnett Hace 12 días
Bullshit fastest
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