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She'll keep you safe. Watch I AM MOTHER on Netflix June 7, 2019.
A sci-fi thriller about a teenage girl (Clara Rugaard), who is the first of a new generation of humans to be raised by Mother (Rose Byrne), a robot designed to repopulate the earth after the extinction of humankind. But the pair’s unique relationship is threatened when an injured stranger (Hilary Swank) arrives with news that calls into question everything Daughter has been told about the outside world and her Mother’s intentions.
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I AM MOTHER | Official Trailer | Netflix

IAMMOTHERNetflix FilmNX on NetflixNX

Matty D
Matty D Hace un hora
It's a good film. Interesting, and I quite enjoyed it. And it raises some ethical questions. There's something a bit unsettling about it, though. For example, in the teaching scenario, would you want to be that one person who sacrifices their life for the other five? And is there potential for the argument "For the greater good" to be used dishonestly? Like, for example, "Oh, everyone needs to get this vaccine because there is a small number of people who can't be vaccinated," when it is well known that some people will be injured by the vaccine. Is someone using that "Greater good" argument to make a value judgment over whose life is more important?
D Redacted
D Redacted Hace un hora
Female robotic matriarch. Natural beauty white girl is the first to be "created" in the bunker. In comes a "survivor", the "survivor" has a little pocket book of images of others outside the bunker.... Immediately, the natural white beauty girls interest is piqued by a black male.....There was a time, long long ago in a galaxy far far away, where being white, and having a white partner, boyfriend, husband etc, was not abhorrent. Why, if we are all heading to be a mixed race, or black race, would the first born be a white girl? Why not black? Best would of been, black girl raised by Mother, lesbian black girlfriend from outside, not white one male survivor (too weak to make it). And the creators were all Nigerian Princes.Her "brother" is a little baby bouncing black boy...
Alkyl Dimethyl Benzyl Ammonium Chloride
Alkyl Dimethyl Benzyl Ammonium Chloride Hace 3 horas
The ending would have been better if they'd used a younger actress than Hilary Swank. Her age makes the twist fall apart.
XShrike Hace 3 horas
This trailer looks like it spoils almost everything.
Jon Jackson
Jon Jackson Hace 5 horas
Reminds me of Wondla.
Sergio Solórzano
Sergio Solórzano Hace 5 horas
interesting but... didn't anyone notice she says she's dangerous cause she only cares about her own future, and the girl had morals exams so maybe she's just selective breeding like with dogs to create a compasive human race ( something hard since the very act of surviving often involves violences so its in our genes (In case someoune doesn't know how evolution works --> compasive died and violent survived, so violent genes prevailed generation after generation))
Szabo Wabo
Szabo Wabo Hace 7 horas
The comment section is calling for a sequel, but I want a prequel. I want to see how the machines and AI caused the extinction of humans.
qufeng49 Hace 7 horas
I'm Mother's Prequel: Boston Dynamic.
Chun Li
Chun Li Hace 8 horas
Hated it so predictable and not creating at all
P.N.STUDIO Nezbeda
P.N.STUDIO Nezbeda Hace 12 horas
Film Is best 😀😀
Orpheum Hace 12 horas
I searched for How i met your mother. This is sufficient
Nate e e e e e
Nate e e e e e Hace 13 horas
Tomorrow! :D
Felicity Jones
Felicity Jones Hace 15 horas
Like so that nobody sees the trailer, before watching the movie.
Electro LK
Electro LK Hace 16 horas
Vera level.. movie definitely it's going to be a blockbuster..⚡🔥⚡
Peter Knobloch
Peter Knobloch Hace 16 horas
What is with the stupid pre-trailer trailer that shows the juiciest bits in 5 seconds, then slows down and plays the actual trailer? STOP IT! It's like auto-playing videos on websites. We need to push back now!
Melanie Hace 18 horas
Mediocre at best. They could've made this much more interesting. I had to fight to stay awake for an unimpressive ending.
Alecia Marie
Alecia Marie Hace 18 horas
Mother's last line was a complete mindfuck. It was amazing.
DreamR Hace 19 horas
**Spoiler Warning** Sooooo glad I went into this without watching the trailer, I was going back and forth between whether or not Daughter should side with Mother or the stranger up until the very end while this trailer pretty much gives it up at the very beginning, this movie is completely fucked lmao, "Funny how you've managed to survive for so long when others have not, as if someone's had a purpose for you............until now" I shit myself 💀, fantastic movie and probably the most realistic interpretation of an Artificial Intelligence taking over I've seen in my opinion
efrain gonzalez
efrain gonzalez Hace 21 un hora
I did not understand the end
Alex Supremo
Alex Supremo Hace 21 un hora
Cheesballs! Even my human mom knew where I was at all times, and this robot doesn't? With all the cameras and sensors and monitoring? Phhhhpleaze.
Rhez Rhez
Rhez Rhez Hace 23 horas
I see GladOS has taken a new shape, and a new Chell.
Yuleisy Maldonado-Rivera
Yuleisy Maldonado-Rivera Hace 23 horas
it was a bomb movie js
Damian Carter
Damian Carter Hace un día
Netflix trailers are the worst it shows the entire movie in 2 minutes
OrbitOnceAround Hace un día
Portal Movie?
James Neave
James Neave Hace un día
Just realized how much this reminds me of The Island
azath house
azath house Hace un día
I wonder if Netflix would ever make a film called father 🤔 ya right.
örkki sotilas
örkki sotilas Hace 6 horas
Same movie but they are just males :D
SkyZorg TM
SkyZorg TM Hace un día
Локализаторы перевели как Дитя робота, а на самом деле переводится как ЯЖМАТЬ!
It's amazing, althoguh this trailer kind of gives away a lot. It has everything a good sci-fi must have, good job Netflix.
Passion Hace un día
Yes its a movie but... so many flaws... why would you let mother recharge? Just cut off the power. So stupid.
peter pam
peter pam Hace un día
nice FEMINIST ANTI MEN FILM...........What is >>>>" I MADE HIM THE WOMAN YOU ARE " ???????????
port02 Onstage
port02 Onstage Hace un día
Except the robot design could be cooler
Mattia Monticelli
Mattia Monticelli Hace un día
Whoever did this trailer is a criminal, it’s a massive spoiler
Æ Gæł
Æ Gæł Hace un día
Vice Ganda brought me here...and Now streaming...👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
ThePope OfAwesomeness
ThePope OfAwesomeness Hace un día
And I, am Ironman
The Cost
The Cost Hace un día
This film was awesome, I found myself lost in thought ...thinking about mother's development, I found myself liking her most at the end of the film, and that was surprising. Very good film... definitely one that I want to rewatch.
Kazzy Skins
Kazzy Skins Hace un día
"do you never ask to who rise you before? Why you so lucky than another humans??... I see.. let me tell you" Mother close the door. ...daaaayuum ! that women is also Mother's daughter clone too....
Jimcy Cy
Jimcy Cy Hace un día
Waaah what a movie completely nothing. I slept which was much better.
Asian Duse
Asian Duse Hace un día
A TRND Hace un día
Pathfinder of APEX LEGEND
هشام الحارثي Hesham Alharthi
هشام الحارثي Hesham Alharthi Hace un día
oh god , would you stop with the freaking robot movies
Damon Taylor
Damon Taylor Hace un día
had to stop watching, felt like i was seeing the entire movie
Hung Nguyen
Hung Nguyen Hace un día
♫♫Mother knows best Listen to your mother...♪♫
doga kurklu
doga kurklu Hace un día
this movie sucked ıt was so boring the story line was dumb
beibei and qiqi Zhu
beibei and qiqi Zhu Hace un día
Watched it really boring
Jenna Denjern
Jenna Denjern Hace un día
Just got done watching the movie and LOVED it.
Banana Spear
Banana Spear Hace un día
well, that was dissapoiting, I was expecting any decent plot twist but it was SUCH generic movie without any real surprise
GЯАИТ Hamilton
GЯАИТ Hamilton Hace un día
When are we going to quit showing the whole movie in the trailer? I feel like I have seen the entire movie now and even if there is a twist I will never know because my desire to sit through it now is gone. Whet the appetite, not bloat me in 2:56 mins.
John Thornton
John Thornton Hace un día
Great movie!
Evan Herriges
Evan Herriges Hace un día
Guys the robot was a human
King Slayer
King Slayer Hace un día
This is perfect in every angle, i have to watch it again.
Ömer Altun
Ömer Altun Hace 2 días
This is a brief more than trailer. Do you like giving spoilers to people, Netflix, don't you?
Kalonda12 Hace 2 días
Major spoilers in the trailer. Don't watch it, if you want to enjoy the film.
Elliott Briggs
Elliott Briggs Hace 2 días
This was not a good movie. They tried. But failed
Imre Nagy
Imre Nagy Hace 2 días
Am i the only one who is just sitting here after watching the movie and having no clue what hapend i the last 2 hours? but in a good way offcourse o.O God job Netflix! 10/10 Recommended!
firebirdgao Hace 2 días
Film bof bof
Christian Gold
Christian Gold Hace 2 días
Thank you for this trailer. I dont have to see it anymore, I know perfectly what will happen in the movie :)
Damian Reloaded
Damian Reloaded Hace 2 días
This film is simply great!
painite Hace 2 días
such a good movie, honestly, I don't remember appreciating a movie to much this year.
-edv Hace 2 días
I just watched this movie here! thanks trailer saved me hours.
Chrisshunter Let ́s Plays und mehr
Chrisshunter Let ́s Plays und mehr Hace 2 días
So this Film is Only Avalible in the USA? Not in Germany? To Sad.
Reece's SpeakmanYT
Reece's SpeakmanYT Hace 2 días
I'm really very sad, it's was like serious very sad movie, I want some I am mother (Part 2) One like - I AM MOTHER (Part 2)
Luis Moran
Luis Moran Hace 2 días
Why does this remind me of the game Horizon Zero Dawn
ProofOfWork Hace 2 días
Well the whole story is out, have to watch the whole thing to check who’s lying.
frankthespank Hace 2 días
This movie sucked.
Viajantes do Tempo
Viajantes do Tempo Hace 2 días
Feel like i don't even need to watch the movie anymore...
pedro dasilva
pedro dasilva Hace 2 días
The cake is a lie
P. T.
P. T. Hace 2 días
Reminds me of Horizon Zero Dawn Eleuthia-9
Brynjolf Nightingale
Brynjolf Nightingale Hace 2 días
Arthur Williams
Arthur Williams Hace 2 días
I watched this the other day on Netflix when I was off from work !! This is a good one and very Interesting!!! 🔥 Check this out everyone
Mads Ziegler
Mads Ziegler Hace 2 días
Well done Clara Rugaard-Larsen , a legendary danish actor!
lurkzie Hace 2 días
Did anybody else see this as an allegory for adam and eve?
lurkzie Hace 17 horas
@Alecia Marie I thought about that too but the fact that she came back for the baby just seemed too much of a coincidence. As I said it doesn't follow the story verbatim, it's just the idea of the first human(s) abandoned from their creator and starting a civiliation of their own.
Alecia Marie
Alecia Marie Hace 18 horas
I didn't say it did. But it is missing a key component from adam and eve. The idea of Adam. And Eve. Mother wanted to create gods.
lurkzie Hace 18 horas
@Alecia Marie An allegory doesn't have to follow the story that it's taking inspiration from verbatim. it's more about themes, ideology and interpretation. The stranger isn't a literal serpent but her presence disrupts the existing harmony. Mother isn't literally god but she is omnipresent.
Alecia Marie
Alecia Marie Hace 18 horas
There is no Adam. Only Mother. And mother did not create daughter and brother, she just created daughter. Daughter chose brother. Daughter was chosen by Mother to take over the facility. Daughter becomes Mother. No Adam.
Poodz Sherbert
Poodz Sherbert Hace 2 días
Hilary skank tryn to top Natalie Portman’s annihilation ‘no way honey’
Marcelo Araujo
Marcelo Araujo Hace 2 días
That end really inspired me...
jon elsea
jon elsea Hace 2 días
Look the feminists created a world were men aren't needed,,, how sweet. How woke.
Kirk Dyreson
Kirk Dyreson Hace 2 días
Black Mirror, you've lost your edge. Take notes.
CrimsonKiller199 Hace 2 días
Horizen zero dawn?
Emily Kilpatrick
Emily Kilpatrick Hace 2 días
So glad I saw the movie before the trailer
Mike Chavez
Mike Chavez Hace 2 días
This is a good movie
Bladerunner Blues
Bladerunner Blues Hace 2 días
Good until the ending,
sandqwert Hace 3 días
Watched this movie the other day... I really enjoyed it... But when I learned that this movie was "on a budget" and that Mother was not CGI but a person wearing a costume, I was really blown away
Jack Kraken
Jack Kraken Hace 3 días
Goddammit another trailer that spoils the movie. Pretty good movie still.
Roy De la cruz
Roy De la cruz Hace 3 días
i like how the robot wasn’t Cgi
oxhid3 - 3D/CGI Artist
oxhid3 - 3D/CGI Artist Hace 3 días
I should have watched the trailer first so I would've known better than watch this movie..bah...
Blake Bell
Blake Bell Hace 3 días
I just watched it i wasn't expecting much but its really good
pallav sarkar
pallav sarkar Hace 3 días
who is Father than?
Marek Suma
Marek Suma Hace 3 días
Reminds me of "Oblivion" and "Moon".
Guybrush Threepwood
Guybrush Threepwood Hace 3 días
When you realize it... Mother = Nazi
Bacender Hace 3 días
Holy fuck FIRE the person who made this trailer. 1 minute 30 into it I had to pause. Stop ruining the entire goddamn movie in the trailer you absolute mongoloids.
Mood Forever
Mood Forever Hace 3 días
This movie made me want my mom ... so I went in her room & kissed her & she told me to get out her room 😬😂
prodby404 Hace 3 días
* I AM MOTHER | Official Spoiler | Netflix
Non Your Business
Non Your Business Hace 3 días
I had to stop half way through the trailers always ruin the movie for me, heading over to see it now on Father’s day!
Neo Ramsey
Neo Ramsey Hace 3 días
I don't know if this was intentional, but I like how at the beginning, she sounds more like a human with a clear voice, then when it gets darker, she sounds more like a machine
iamdarell123 Hace 3 días
Girl: why arnt there anymore children? Mom: there use to be. Bruh obviously there use to be that's why I'm asking the question lol
James Libunao
James Libunao Hace 3 días
I mean this movie just being a low budget film is already AMAZING 👌
Lolaczyk Hace 3 días
Rewatching the trailer, it really doesn't spoil that much.
RetroGaming74 Hace 3 días
Spoiler: I got pretty freaked out when “Mother” started RUNNING!!! Who is crazy, the “Mother” or the woman.
lightheart5 Hace 23 horas
123 456
123 456 Hace 3 días
Ohh, the daughter of robot is a beautiful girl💔
Faisal Saeed
Faisal Saeed Hace 3 días
Meetings on all trailers in 2019. Studio: "Make a trailer". Trailer trash: "You mean summarize the movie". Studio: "No, make a trailer. You know, mystery sandwich. Enticing people. Without spoilers". Trailer trash: "Yes, I will make a summary of the movie".
Dee Zee
Dee Zee Hace 3 días
Horizon Zero Dawn movie rip off
Lustful Hace 3 días
The trailer is legit as good as the fucking movie. It’s scary.
Lustful Hace 3 días
The trailer makes you confused on what and who you should team up with, that’s all I’m putting on the table.
Paulus MANKER Hace 3 días
i love hillary swank !
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