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She'll keep you safe. Watch I AM MOTHER on Netflix June 7, 2019.
A sci-fi thriller about a teenage girl (Clara Rugaard), who is the first of a new generation of humans to be raised by Mother (Rose Byrne), a robot designed to repopulate the earth after the extinction of humankind. But the pair’s unique relationship is threatened when an injured stranger (Hilary Swank) arrives with news that calls into question everything Daughter has been told about the outside world and her Mother’s intentions.
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I AM MOTHER | Official Trailer | Netflix

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akhil araja
akhil araja Hace un día
Hey Netflix, a trailer isn't a fast forward version of the movie. Please get it.
Lost Alien
Lost Alien Hace un día
Love it. Can't wait for part 2
Jimmy Hace 2 días
ok great now i dont even need to see them movie. trailers these days give away too much.
Michelle Save
Michelle Save Hace 3 días
Just watched this movie and it was GREAT! Loved the Mother and the Daughter!
faith Phillips
faith Phillips Hace 3 días
I haven’t watched it but I can tell the end bout to be sad so I don’t know if I should 😬
Сергей Сергеевич
Сергей Сергеевич Hace 4 días
Part 2
Сергей Сергеевич
Сергей Сергеевич Hace 4 días
Part 2
Şahan Biçer
Şahan Biçer Hace 5 días
görüntüden fazla ses çok iyi lan :))
Grimmer2006 Hace 6 días
Seems Veeeery interesting! Gotta see!
محمد حسینی
محمد حسینی Hace 7 días
Best film
Michelle Umland
Michelle Umland Hace 8 días
Absolutely loved this movie!
Thotty DaGod
Thotty DaGod Hace 9 días
Sceilling through Netflix, saw it here...was like, "bio seems lit af. Let me check out the trailer"
Onoffon Hace 9 días
WTF!!! I announce netflix because Europe.
amari mohamed
amari mohamed Hace 10 días
I think that i am the only who love rose bryne 😍🥰
Acrux Ace
Acrux Ace Hace 10 días
Ella Clark
Ella Clark Hace 10 días
Her name is in the credits as a runner
Ella Clark
Ella Clark Hace 10 días
My friends dad helped to make this movie
Mohanad-AK Hace 11 días
high rated 8.2/10 for me
zaf Patel
zaf Patel Hace 11 días
Is this good movie or not???
Matthew Maguire
Matthew Maguire Hace 12 días
this was a dope movie frfr
jack _
jack _ Hace 13 días
it’s like horizon zero dawn
Maximilian mus
Maximilian mus Hace 13 días
But is she hot?
100,000 subscribers with no video s
100,000 subscribers with no video s Hace 14 días
I still don’t understand this movie
shubham kothiyal
shubham kothiyal Hace 15 días
Saw the movie.. clearly shows that human are self destructive assholes that cannot be loyal to anyone, not even to a thing that has raised them protected them, even given them home I.e nature....so fuck humans
InSomnia DrEvil
InSomnia DrEvil Hace 15 días
Elon is informed.
eesencee Hace 15 días
did i just saw whole movie? oO
Madame Corgi
Madame Corgi Hace 17 días
Don't watch past 0:50, spoilers
brother mike
brother mike Hace 17 días
LUKE i am your mother!
theonly man
theonly man Hace 18 días
It's a little slow but was watchable.
Muz Khan
Muz Khan Hace 19 días
Has anyone got any ideas as to what the music is at the start (0:19 onwards)?
Nilay nly
Nilay nly Hace 19 días
Now i don't need to watch the whole movie. last 15 minutes should be enough. 🤦🙄
Ezekiel P
Ezekiel P Hace 20 días
Terrific science-fiction! Reminded me of Moon from 2009 with Sam Rockwell, another don't-miss, sci-fi gem that is somewhat off-the-radar.
Vicky Vickys
Vicky Vickys Hace 21 un día
Fun fact : Look at that robot clearly and find out whether it's a robot or a child? The robot is actually a man acting in a costume ,not a cgi one. Can't believe your eyes right.. They produced such a great movie at low cost Saw that from Adam Savage.
Hulagu Mongke
Hulagu Mongke Hace 21 un día
is a movie about a single 'Mother' story in a "real" world? another BS female struggle
TechUser Baydo
TechUser Baydo Hace 22 días
It looks like to Atlas which belongs to Boston Dynamics.
wawe lee
wawe lee Hace 22 días
Did Portal inspire this movie?
DitchCo Hace 22 días
well fuck now my dumbass doesnt wanna watch it :(
DitchCo Hace 22 días
nvm the twist isnt a huge spoiler
Hamza Khan04
Hamza Khan04 Hace 23 días
Nice file
Damla Hace 25 días
Barış Özcan'dan gelenler? +1
Jonathan Ravenhill Lloyd
Jonathan Ravenhill Lloyd Hace 25 días
why can'T i find this on my netflix account?! *weeps burning tears*
Angel Nigra
Angel Nigra Hace 26 días
Why is this an American Netflix movie, and in Germany it comes in the cinema??
Dusto Sourov
Dusto Sourov Hace 27 días
Don't watch the trailer, go direct on the movie 👌👌
miko Hace 28 días
Boring and naive movie for teenagers.
Dionisis Hace 29 días
The ending is kinda sad :(
AESCULAPTORmark3 Hace un mes
I hate chick flicks.
PizzaMafioso Hace un mes
I have a normal Netflix acc but i can't find the movie. No matter how I search? Had anyone the same problem?
Rock Attack
Rock Attack Hace un mes
android mom, Samsung mom,Apple mom,Nokia mom,iPhone mom
Heba Raied
Heba Raied Hace un mes
يعني حاركين الفلم كله بالإعلان فلم حلو بس مو قوي وبي شويه ملل كان لازم احداث تشد المشاهد اكثر وشويه غموض اكثر جان صار توب وضلت النهاية مفتوحه علوا لو بي جزء ثاني ممكن يكون احلى من الاول
Eyden Storm
Eyden Storm Hace un mes
They need a part 2 or a second movie
J C Hace un mes
Don’t watch it people, it was disappointing.
Giontra Lonx
Giontra Lonx Hace un mes
I am expecting for Tom Cruise to show up at some point of the movie as The Father.
Meadio Meadio
Meadio Meadio Hace un mes
Pathfinder is that you ?
Jeffzior Hace un mes
WHY the f.... did this movie came in my sneak preview cinema wtf
naxel37 Hace un mes
I Am Mother "who's your daddy" .... I Am Mother .........⬇️ "I know you are but what am I"
naxel37 Hace un mes
Yes watch it. Its not to slow and has some suspense. Not crazy action but enough to keep you interested. Does rather well with a kind of possible realness.
Aa Hace un mes
I love you Mother
Moses Pinsol
Moses Pinsol Hace un mes
Why didn't the robot make two babies to keep her from being lonely
XENDER cage Hace un mes
Trailer with spoiler means 3 mins full movie
Chikati Naresh
Chikati Naresh Hace un mes
A masterpiece, Great cenematography 😍👍💛💕💗
Jason Striation
Jason Striation Hace un mes
Great message in the movie. Get rid off all the lowlife Dollarama Walmart trash and start all over🎮
i am sick of female lead movies
@twig 1 sisaj kurac:)
twig 1
twig 1 Hace un mes
You must be gay
John Cyril Roquete
John Cyril Roquete Hace un mes
That's the kind of sci-fi I like. Looks terrific. Good Job !!
roberto contreras
roberto contreras Hace un mes
this wasnt a trailer is was the whole movie in 2.56 minutes. thanks netflix
FaZe Angela
FaZe Angela Hace un mes
ok mother, i will watch this LOL
Z. Anonymous
Z. Anonymous Hace un mes
A movie with a bunch of women! And a 'mother' robot! Who do we need to tell this story wo--- NO MEN~ OF COURSE, because men know women better than women do. : ) If that was reversed we'd had a god damn war on our hands with a bunch of BUTTHURT men who were angry that women thought they knew what they wanted.
Z. Anonymous
Z. Anonymous Hace un mes
What shitty movie. But that's not surprising considering the whole fucking crew is men. I thought this concept was really interesting, but then knew exactly the unoriginal route it was going to go and look who was right. Good thing the whole damn movie is in the trailer. I don't have to waste my time on this soulless piece of shit.
sirandrewmc Hace un mes
I Am Mother: (exists) The Internet: *Portal movie?*
BLAH BLAH Hace un mes
👏THIS👏MOVIE👏IS👏SO👏FUCKING👏GOOD!!! You will not regret watching this - rather, you will create an emptiness in your existence that you will never be able to fully satisfy. You have been warned!
Dina Dunlap
Dina Dunlap Hace un mes
I wish my mom was like that😋🤔😉😄
Dina Dunlap
Dina Dunlap Hace un mes
Love this movie!!!🎥😍🔥💯💨💋 Just watched it! Hi every body!
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