I’ve Disappointed and Embarrassed Myself.

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Linus Tech Tips

Linus Tech Tips

Hace 29 días

Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney recently stated that the upcoming Playstation 5 would feature a storage architecture "far ahead of anything you can buy on anything on PC for any amount of money right now". Linus initially attacked Sweeney's statement, citing existing SSDs with faster read/write speeds. In this video, Linus explains how he misunderstood Sweeney's statement, apologizes for spreading misinformation, and discusses some of the cool tech that makes the PS5 truly exciting for gamers of all stripes.
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Tyler Hace 58 minutos
Who. Cares.
Mecha-Art Hace 8 horas
anyone who takes the word of a guy working for a company that has ties to Communist Chinese government as fact really shouldn't be believed. Tim Sweeny could make up a lie and people will believe it.
Emily An
Emily An Hace 5 horas
However, not everyone's mistakes are made in front of [potentially] millions of people.
Michael Rickert
Michael Rickert Hace 9 horas
I'm disappointed about being misinformed. I like knowing the right information on thing's. Sometime's people get big head's about what they know, and "think" they know. I'm guilty of that more than I'd like to admit...you've taught me that much. I can admire a "teacher" that admit's he messed up and mislead other's, alot more than one that still goes on pretending his right just to try to save face. Well, you didn't really lose face, or all that much, with me. There was so many time's I thought I knew about this or that, and you pulled the floor out from under me...hate that feeling!! Yet, now I know my info about the PS5 wasn't correct, see you re-taught me on that. I will end with saying, I'm smarter than I ever was about PC's by following you here on ESwomen, and there's no denying that, it's fact, I actually do respect you more. It truely does take a "big" man to own his mistake's, not everyone can bring themselves to do that.
Emily An
Emily An Hace 5 horas
For some reason, many people are afraid to admit when they are wrong, and too often, the wronged withhold forgiveness from those seeking redemption. This apology lacks
Tuii Hace 10 horas
This Linus character is such a sellout, bought and paid by Epic games and Sony, *NO I WONT BUY A PS5 NOW, IM GONNA ROLL XBOX!*
mutalix Hace un hora
Lmao , guess every dev, company or gamer that likes PS5 or has something positive to say must be bought out ,great bias you got there bud. If thats true Ms has a shit ton of cash, much more than Sony, they could easily do that same thing your allegedly claiming Sony is. Or maybe, just maybe Sony built a very efficient ,bottleneck free system that devs admire? Doesn't mean seriesx is a bad or inefficient, folks are just taking about PS5.
Telisto Life
Telisto Life Hace 15 horas
This is a very Canadian thing to do
The Bearded Sam
The Bearded Sam Hace 17 horas
Secretly a celebrity
Secretly a celebrity Hace 17 horas
You're right... Now shave that beard.
Chris Hace 21 un hora
eswomen.com/id/v%C3%ADdeo-aDMsGl_XxTk.html Some things never change.
Trex Gaming
Trex Gaming Hace 23 horas
He is very "sorey"
Nick Life
Nick Life Hace un día
I was wondering if the PC can't get one of the controller for the data
mutalix Hace un hora
They will soon, maybe before 2020 ends or at least in 2021.
Nicky boi
Nicky boi Hace un día
What did he do ??
chatovocehein Hace un día
Sweeney still a freaking idiot. And all marketing over a SSD Sony is doing is non sense.
mutalix Hace un hora
Thats laughable, if they're shilling for Sony, Ms has 100x more money, they'd be in a FAR better position to buy all the positive spin they could have. Or maybe Sony designed an efficient and bottleneck free OS and system, that devs really like.
The Soviet Socialist World Union
The Soviet Socialist World Union Hace un día
Phack Em
Phack Em Hace un día
It's the beard.
George Sivalls
George Sivalls Hace un día
Didn't know about any of this since I was not following it but you have my respect for admitting you messed up and giving a public apology.
Michel Zöllner
Michel Zöllner Hace un día
safeabz aka
safeabz aka Hace un día
elevated levetator
elevated levetator Hace un día
credz to you for taking responsibility! thats the mark of a highly developed and mature person. Dont feel bad bro!
niduoe stre
niduoe stre Hace un día
Linus is about to cry over a misunderstanding about an SSD. Who cares?
engels1978 Hace un día
Linus respect!
niduoe stre
niduoe stre Hace un día
Damn I didn't know Sony had this kind of muscle. they can force anyone to apologize or whatever they want. Sorry Linus, you have a lot to lose I understand why you did it.
Starius2 Hace un día
have you really disappointed yourself?? or are you just disappointed that you were caught lying and shilling and are making this "GRAND GESTURE" of an "apology", basically (and you literally admit this in title) an apology to yourself, for being caught for the shill you truly are?!
Christopher Carey
Christopher Carey Hace 2 días
For some reason, many people are afraid to admit when they are wrong, and too often, the wronged withhold forgiveness from those seeking redemption. This apology lacks the typical PR bullshit (or corporate speak); Linus appears incredibly sincere and humbled by the experience. We all make mistakes--we are all ignorant and arrogant at times. However, not everyone's mistakes are made in front of [potentially] millions of people.
Sloppy Joe
Sloppy Joe Hace 2 días
Glad you had the balls to say sorry
William Robert
William Robert Hace 2 días
You are the man A Big Man yeah misinformation can send Me off track
Charming nowhere to hide
Charming nowhere to hide Hace 2 días
changed to : "Manning up - Objective lessons in being a real man". Make your teenager watch it.
William Robert
William Robert Hace 2 días
wwhos Mr. Perfect you have my thumbs Up like 4k Im getting a lot of learning being me up to date praise the lord for the web Nuff said bubb!
cbreezay coolit
cbreezay coolit Hace 2 días
I’d knock him Tf out if he didn’t apologized
Hafid Medina Reinhardt
Hafid Medina Reinhardt Hace 2 días
every content publisher can make mistakes and their professionalism is evident by publishing the erratum. Thansk a lot for your videos!
Johan Dorbeck
Johan Dorbeck Hace 2 días
Never liked you. Now I know you have balls. Thank you.
Luc Hace 2 días
Let's all take a moment to appreciate how a Xbox Fanboi accepts that PS5 is daddy.
mutalix Hace un hora
Pressing F on keyboard and X on DS4 for respect.
David Rusin
David Rusin Hace 2 días
Don't worry bout Sweenie.he will live
sparda9060 Hace 2 días
I bet Sony put a lawsuit against Linus for his statement 😆 only reason i can think of gor an apology video over something as dumb as this. Looking at how Sony is protecting the game The Last of Us 2.
sparda9060 Hace 2 días
All the hardware can be fast and optimized but the devs have to make it all work well and efficiently. To do that, they need time to fine tune their code and programming. Which we know in the current gaming industry they dont want to give enough time or extra dev time due to it costing them money. Its still an uphill battle with publishers.
xhoundurican23x Hace 2 días
Kenneth Calderón
Kenneth Calderón Hace 2 días
Damn I didn't know Sony had this kind of muscle. they can force anyone to apologize or whatever they want. Sorry Linus, you have a lot to lose I understand why you did it.
SunnyD Hace 2 días
Linus is about to cry over a misunderstanding about an SSD. Who cares?
mutalix Hace un hora
Millions of views, evidently alot of people cares.
Oil Lease
Oil Lease Hace 2 días
We ALL make mistakes. The people I respect are those who can admit it. 'Splaining round the subject accomplishes nothing. Thanks and go forward. peace
THE M.G.C. Hace 3 días
This sort of thing is why you Linus are BEST-IN-CLASS Keep up the good work.
Akash .poonia
Akash .poonia Hace 3 días
Dude chill you are only human. listen to human by rag n bones and shave.
Akash .poonia
Akash .poonia Hace 2 días
@fouoii gyhh I am not sure if this is the similar situation but thanks for your perspective 👍.
fouoii gyhh
fouoii gyhh Hace 2 días
like Microsoft did with the One where they just didn't talk about their GPU and increased the frequency of their GPU. It's just marketing, they all do the same.
LagunaMontana Hace 3 días
This video made me subscribe to you channel. Its so liberating to see people take responsibility for their actions! 👏🏼
fouoii gyhh
fouoii gyhh Hace 2 días
all human too :) Great apology hope sweeney sees this and understands x
Ulysses8765 Hace 3 días
Troublesome teenager at home who just won't give ground and admit they made a mistake and should do better and learn from the experience? The title of this video should be changed to : "Manning up - Objective lessons in being a real man". Make your teenager watch it.
Mike Soda
Mike Soda Hace 3 días
I'm totally lost but that's because I don't have time to watch wan show anymore lol.
SiNn3K Hace 3 días
John Smith
John Smith Hace 3 días
Aorus makes claims and always leaves their believers lacking. I have several of their defective products.
Winnie Xi
Winnie Xi Hace 3 días
When a PC dude think he is smart, but in fact he is dumbest. LOL "Tim Sweeney" > "Linus Tech Tips"
Him Him
Him Him Hace 3 días
From the thumbnail and title I thought this was a metoo video
Winnie Xi
Winnie Xi Hace 3 días
Shame on you, pathetic PC Peasant. lol
VC Hace 3 días
You fucked up and you public apologized. Much respect and hopefully lesson learned.
ThanatosDMC Hace 3 días
I like eating crow videos. They're all the same BS. Still hilarious though. 🤣🤣
Sean Newman
Sean Newman Hace 3 días
Microsoft won this gen
Shrestha Agrawal
Shrestha Agrawal Hace 3 días
This was way cooler than I expected. Great writing too.
Alexander Athanasiou
Alexander Athanasiou Hace 3 días
Just saying that apologizing first to yourself is kinda weird
Thibault -
Thibault - Hace 3 días
Simply put, you didn't watch a publicly available video that explained the SSD, trashed the PS5 and apologized by paraphrasing the video you didn't watch all the while by making money with 4M+ views. I am not even mad, it's amazing
Jon Chuang
Jon Chuang Hace 4 días
Really impressed with the innovation from Sony
Ethan Spittle
Ethan Spittle Hace 4 días
Everyone makes mistakes, especially due to the marketing that's been around recently. What's real and what's not, but its refreshing to actually see an apology that's heartfelt, rather than brushing it under the carpet. That's why I watch your vids Linus, I have built a few pcs now thanks to you and gained a bit of tech knowledge, and realised that we are all human too :) Great apology hope sweeney sees this and understands x
Amir Bright
Amir Bright Hace 4 días
Still Optane is way better, as it has much lower latency than any SSD. The only reason Sony are so pushing their SSD is because they lost the power war against Microsoft, just like Microsoft did with the One where they just didn't talk about their GPU and increased the frequency of their GPU. It's just marketing, they all do the same.
Quan Nguyen
Quan Nguyen Hace 4 días
it takes A LOT of balls and courage to bury your ego to do such thing. Great job, man.
Josh G.
Josh G. Hace 4 días
Good thing you don't live in America! Because you are no longer allowed to apologise for your mistakes here! You get destroyed 💀 Even if it happened a lifetime ago! But way to go on doing what is right by apologizing, learning and being better for it!
Fahad Nadir
Fahad Nadir Hace 4 días
Pc guys just can't take it that ps5 is faster than any gaming pc
ItBe Bizzle
ItBe Bizzle Hace 4 días
Wish more humans were like you...
Marcus Antonius
Marcus Antonius Hace 4 días
I got about 4 minutes in the video before I realised it wasn't a piss take
Matthew Cox
Matthew Cox Hace 4 días
takes some stones to apologise infront of a lot of people. good on you. :)
Crowns Colossal
Crowns Colossal Hace 4 días
We all make mistakes but you brought it back... You are a class act my friend.
Sycokay Hace 4 días
If politicians would handle personal mistakes like you, it would be a perfect world.
B Sanders
B Sanders Hace 4 días
Well Sony does need to get more information out though.
Jhemp Hace 2 días
Honestly, I would love more information, but you can't blame them. Almost anyone who looked at their 32" 720p 60Hz tv, seems to KNOW native 4k at 120fps has to be mandatory and if they don't have the biggest TFLOPpy pen0r it's junk. People are idiots, and they often know so little they don't even know what they don't know. Even the variable frequency tech in the ps5 is constantly being attacked, yet countless times it's been explained that it simply isn't related to thermal throttling.
Peter Tran
Peter Tran Hace 4 días
It’s not that deep
Food. Health. Fit.
Food. Health. Fit. Hace 4 días
This might be the best apology that I've ever seen over anything in my entire life
Barack Obama
Barack Obama Hace 4 días
Linus Tech Tips just learned some Tech Tips from Tim Sweeney
Joel Garcia
Joel Garcia Hace 4 días
Everyone makes mistakes, but not everyone has the class or maturity to apologize in this fashion. My respect for you has increased after watching this, thank you for being an example despite your mistake. Everyone needs to learn how to own up to them anyway.
Michael Camerson
Michael Camerson Hace 4 días
Time to do the same for @Thunderf00t
Julian Tito
Julian Tito Hace 4 días
This is my office, pulsehighway
DarkLord666SK Hace 5 días
and last... 12 minutes long video made him muneeeeh
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