Huawei Mate 30 Pro is SO good it hurts.

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Hace 28 días

My hands on impressions and review of the Huawei Mate 30 Pro - I go through battery, camera, specs, and release date, as well as the US ban situation! Subscribe for more content (IT'S FREE) :
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Mrwhosetheboss Hace 28 días
Spent the last 10 hours working solid on this video - if you watch till the end I cover pretty much everything you might want to know, including the new camera, specs, and what we've just found out about the US ban situation - Once you've watched it, let me know what you think to the phone! :)
Maqsood Ilahi
Maqsood Ilahi Hace 10 días
This phone should be allowed. There should be no ban on huawei. The reason behind is that other companies are scared about the popularity of huawei mate 30.
What Are You On About
What Are You On About Hace 14 días
@yitzi synett no what are you on about
yitzi synett
yitzi synett Hace 14 días
@What Are You On About What Are You On About?
Monty Python the Flying Circus
Monty Python the Flying Circus Hace 15 días
So as google owns ESwomen does this mean we can’t install it? As for a lot of people the phone wont be worth a hill of beans without it
SAHIL THAKUR Hace 21 un día
Nxt time plz compare the camera samples WITH FLASH USE
Richard Chua
Richard Chua Hace 17 minutos
No google huhuhuhuhu
Carl Manalo
Carl Manalo Hace 7 horas
I hate Kirin cpus. They arent efficient. I tried making an unreal demo with kirin 980 with Foliage, and it lags! Snapdragon 855 all the way
Heghehog yi
Heghehog yi Hace 7 horas
i want to know why there is so few vedios about huawei mate 30 pro in youtube😔😔😔😔
William & Fannie
William & Fannie Hace 8 horas
Hmmm..cosmic purple or emerald green sounds matey and waity Cosmic purple makes you think milky way 🍇 🔭🚀and emerald green makes you think new green deal..torqouise and serenity too..Good old naturals.🌵🏜️🏝️
Is this out? Where do I buy this?
Cube Solver
Cube Solver Hace 23 horas
"Emerald green". Sees blue.
Rokul Shrestha
Rokul Shrestha Hace 23 horas
Why US banned all the good things Ya exactly i am high now 😎
Sonika Gill
Sonika Gill Hace un día
We are waiting for giveaways
faisalhaider007 Hace un día
Just yesterday, revenue report and growth report were released of Huawei progress in 2019 and guess what ?!? They did around 29% more profile y.o.y!! #teamHuawei
Kk Ming
Kk Ming Hace un día
There's a lot of money to be make by the developers for Huawei s own OS
Maplenerd22 Hace 11 horas
There's only a lot of money to be made if the world uses Huawei's own OS. If its just China, then there's not much money to be made, despite being a big country.
IVAN-ENT Hace un día
actually hate this curved edge trend ,had an s8+ for 6 months and because i cant get a proper normal tempered glass protector my screen it is fucked up cracked on all 4 corners ,for comparison i had an s6 for 4 years no cracks
Taiwo YEMZ
Taiwo YEMZ Hace un día
Going to buy Huawei Mate Pro 2 as my next phone.
HUEY Hace 2 días
The US trade sanctions on Huawei are unacceptable. At their core they are racist and motivated by US rivals who are salty about their market share decreasing
hama traba
hama traba Hace 3 días
Theja Konkimudusu
Theja Konkimudusu Hace 4 días
What about Google apps
RBV Hace 4 días
Bro which phone is better to buy overall performance huawei p30 pro or one plus 7pro or 7T please suggest to me
al Hace 4 días
Its funny that iphones are made in China but somehow Apple made the president ban Huwei phones from US due to fear of losing huge market share. They think we don’t notice whats going on. I wonder how many people pocketed big bribes over this.
pulse Hace 4 días
Where can I get this phone imported to the U.S
Sam Gaming
Sam Gaming Hace 5 días
just remove the botch and this phone is fucking bloody hell awesome !
John Lerry Magdaong
John Lerry Magdaong Hace 5 días
woow woow another one been watching your videos and it hurts 🤣
CB Rana
CB Rana Hace 5 días
I will snap that dragon using my Kirin. XD
Yufanz Bellamy
Yufanz Bellamy Hace 5 días
Really, i dont like the UI
Maxx Raider
Maxx Raider Hace 5 días
It has 4 rear cameras that doubles up as a front loading washing machine🤣
John Hace 5 días
EU just banned Huawei
Dilip Das
Dilip Das Hace 5 días
P30 pro is the king of smartphones in the world
Javed Khan
Javed Khan Hace 6 días
Best camera phone currently available
Emask FILIPOV Hace 6 días
who uses in 2019 headphones without bluetooth ...
Alessandro Boccaletti
Alessandro Boccaletti Hace 6 días
If it has a notch, it is trash
BinTheeb Hace 6 días
Great voice and and awsome review
Ben Franklin
Ben Franklin Hace 6 días
It could be getting Goggle Play, finally. You didn't test pen support.
Michel michel
Michel michel Hace 6 días
Android have the best phones and the worst cameras 💆🏽‍♂️they trynna make things around look perfect idk just an opinion
ikol russell
ikol russell Hace 6 días
U couldn't be more wrong lol hahhahahha
Michel michel
Michel michel Hace 6 días
So mate 30 pro is just another version of vivo nex 3 and no one even talking about it
Max Fang
Max Fang Hace 7 días
Huawei Mate 30 Pro looks amazing! ---From a happy Huawei P30 PRO user.
Chousakan Hace 7 días
Why does it have to have a curved screen, I've broken too many of them to even consider getting any phone with one. Oh well, looks like my OPPO will be doing another year of service.
Lualua Lualua
Lualua Lualua Hace 7 días
Amazing!!! I will buy it for sure
Amadeus Extra
Amadeus Extra Hace 7 días
Doar eu caut comentariile fanilor Buhnici?
Mamatede Hace 7 días
Can Huawei start their HuaweiMail as weill?
Keithz100 Hace 7 días
were can i order this on amazon i cant find it
Pakalini Hace 7 días
Gapps can be installed in sure from XDA.
Bryan Zhang
Bryan Zhang Hace 7 días
If the Chinese are spying on me, I don't even care anymore. Mark Zuckerburg already has all my information.
Petrichor Sweven
Petrichor Sweven Hace 7 días
Tharuka Jayasinghe
Tharuka Jayasinghe Hace 7 días
Camera KIng!!!
Sayantan Bhaduri
Sayantan Bhaduri Hace 7 días
This is undoubtedly most beautiful phone of 2019
Methamphetamine 99
Methamphetamine 99 Hace 7 días
Can't wait to see harmony os. Long overdue competition to Android and iOS.
sup me
sup me Hace 8 días
laxmikanth lucky
laxmikanth lucky Hace 8 días
The device it don't look beautiful....
loib Hace 7 días
because obviously iphone 11 is a lot more beautiful with a fucking offcenter square
Rafael Fernando
Rafael Fernando Hace 8 días
Huawei has stolen innovation from different smart mobil phone companies!! The Chinese do not have enough capacity of creativity to present a phone with this technical capabilities!! Stolen patents have put this company among the leading high tech in mobil phone innovation!! The CCP and Huawei are partners in crime!! Who will trust the Chinese Communist Party which happens to be a conglomerate bunch of a corrupted elite of 3000 owning An entire nation of 1.4 billion??? The biggest mafia the world ever knows!! Lawlessness is a way of life brought by the CCP and the world gives admirations and praises to a paper tiger system hopefully on its way of collapsing in the next 10 to 20 years...
loib Hace 7 días
hmmmm... i wonder which phone made the first under display fingerprint scanner? which phone integrated a popup camera module instead of a notch?
Marilyn Bassett
Marilyn Bassett Hace 8 días
Huawei is still in crap.. Watching it on news now.. Spy phones lolol
FastLove90 Hace 8 días
Why are you comparing the Mate 30 to the P30? FFS
loib Hace 7 días
for the exact reason people compare note 10 to s10
Phoenix Yih
Phoenix Yih Hace 8 días
Kidding? A Chinese brand that even Chinese people hate! Stealing technology, false propaganda, high prices, poor screens, color-blind lenses. Believe me, almost all Chinese use Apple, Samsung, OPPO, VIVO and MI. Only government officials and foolish nationalists will be brainwashed into using Huawei.
唐子尧 Hace 7 días
are u kidding me?
Crypted _NiightKuz
Crypted _NiightKuz Hace 8 días
not sure you know but 5gs radiation levels are dangerous and im just happy apple didn't use it for the 11 this year. also not a hater of huawei but my 11 pro is so good and anyone looking for a phone with 2 days battery life for medium usage than the 11 pro is for you
manis magar
manis magar Hace 8 días
Without google its useless
2lu Tube
2lu Tube Hace 9 días
You got a subscriber from @XEETECHCARE viewerS....
harward jay
harward jay Hace 9 días
Nice digital camera
Baleur Hace 9 días
Vivo NEX 3 - Half the price, no notch, identical specs - 12gb ram - Full support for google suite. And the most important thing, ZERO requirements to press Accept on "Your data will be stored on China's servers". You cannot even USE a Huawei phone without having to press Accept on SEVEN of those popups everytime you wanna use the camera, or internet, or AI features, etc etc etc. Even if you arent paranoid, WHY buy a phone that costs twice as much, and infringes your privacy? Enabling them to do this for no reason is NOT how we move forward in an open society. We must punish them for it, not reward them.
loib Hace 7 días
because uhhh... cameras? ui?
Maher Al Khatib of the United Arab States
Maher Al Khatib of the United Arab States Hace 9 días
The Camera looks like a cow utter
iFoodieTV Hace 9 días
What is the process of submitting an app to Huawei app store? Because, my app is already on Apple appstore & Google play store. What is the cost of every purchase in my app by Huawei?
duck 12340072
duck 12340072 Hace 10 días
The edge looks like my old samsung note edge but both sides. New samsung S and note series looks just like a curve not an edge. Their edge started and ended with the note edge. P.s. this phone looks amazing
Hector Athan
Hector Athan Hace 10 días
Im out here chilling with my 3 year old huawei p9 lite (2016) that when the battery is below 30% it lags and then turns completely off...
get me one mobile Mrwhosetheboss
Gunukula Naren
Gunukula Naren Hace 10 días
back looks so old but those special skined ones are awesome
雷電法王楊永信專治各種港臺毒狗疑難雜症 Hace 10 días
no gsm,go on HUAWEI
arun gadhe
arun gadhe Hace 10 días
Worst phone ever
TSP Hace 10 días
The ugly notch 🤮🤮🤮🤮
mdnor matnor
mdnor matnor Hace 10 días
Why people wan still buy this only for take a picture and can't save in google drive
loib Hace 7 días
because other drives exist
mdnor matnor
mdnor matnor Hace 10 días
im not gonna stupid by this 📱 when i can't use Gmail youtube bla bla bla... And the price is fucking expensive fuck you huawei
Any Tutorial
Any Tutorial Hace 10 días
Other phones : let's increase the number of camera IPhone : well, we can't catch them, let's create new trend, let's remove the camera.
M_X_C_N Hace 9 días
well they were the first to have no headphone jack, everyone else has followed suit.
OKB Music
OKB Music Hace 10 días
Android phone without Googleplaystore is like a Ferrari car without an engine.
Phoenix Yih
Phoenix Yih Hace 8 días
You're wrong. Chinese people don't have Google store, ESwomen, Facebook, or even freedom of speech and democracy. But they can barely survive.
Fury Hace 10 días
one if the ugliest smartphones ive ever seen
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