Huawei Mate 30 Pro is SO good it hurts.

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Hace 8 meses

My hands on impressions and review of the Huawei Mate 30 Pro - I go through battery, camera, specs, and release date, as well as the US ban situation! Subscribe for more content (IT'S FREE) :
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Mrwhosetheboss Hace 8 meses
Spent the last 10 hours working solid on this video - if you watch till the end I cover pretty much everything you might want to know, including the new camera, specs, and what we've just found out about the US ban situation - Once you've watched it, let me know what you think to the phone! :)
Lynn Dennis
Lynn Dennis Hace 4 meses
Thank you, I wonder if the new P40 Pro will be up to the Mate 30 Pro specs this year?. I changed from my P30 Pro to Google Pixel 4XL, big mistake the camera just a disappointment compared to P30 Pro! All this Google business is worrying, but I'm assuming we'll still be able to through the internet download Facebook, Google Mail etc and save to the screen? I have a lot on Google Mail also, I really was impressed with the P30 Pro, and not sure whether to go for the P40 Pro in April, or, wait until October and go for the Mate 40 Pro, decisions decisions. 🤔 Thanks for this, aporeciated! 👍🏻🙂
100 subs with no videos
100 subs with no videos Hace 5 meses
Omg you are my biggest fan
100 subs with no videos
100 subs with no videos Hace 5 meses
You’re my biggest fan 💖
Adam Taylor
Adam Taylor Hace 5 meses
At 5.02 where can I get the icons and wallpaper?
Andrei Botas
Andrei Botas Hace un día
Did you go to the event ?
Albert Weedstein The Thug Genius
Albert Weedstein The Thug Genius Hace 5 días
Huawei mate 30 pro 5g with Google is my dream phone
K.sandeep San
K.sandeep San Hace 6 días
Please do a video for lockscreen signature of mate 30 pro
K.sandeep San
K.sandeep San Hace 6 días
Is mate 30 pro is a best phone
Ben bowen
Ben bowen Hace 6 días
What's the colour called on the p30 pro in the video it was stunning.
Brad Oxler
Brad Oxler Hace 7 días
The problem is I have never had a good experience with a Huawei product. I always heard good things about them from tech channels like you, but my experience has always been underwhelming at best. My Google Nexus phone had a boot loop issue where it would turn off randomly and be unable to turn back on until connected to a charger. This was incredibly inconvenient, especially when I was relying on the GPS and would then have to resort to asking for directions to find my way home. My Huawei Watch 2 had an incredibly glitchy Google Assistant functionality, where it would take 3-5 seconds to activate and then only SOMETIMES work. The battery quickly degraded and the step counter eventually completely broke without me ever dropping it. It was by far my most expensive smart watch and also my worst experience with one. I really wonder what's going on behind the scenes between Huawei and these tech reviewers and if them touting Huawei as this phenomenal brand says something about their credibility as reviewers.
Gokuldass Rao
Gokuldass Rao Hace 18 días
МММ неск ме
Chris Elliott
Chris Elliott Hace 22 días
You really need to learn new words every video you say the same word over and over try guess what word that is
Irshadul Ameen
Irshadul Ameen Hace 26 días
Which one is best..mate 30pro or p30
Tamago Boi Official
Tamago Boi Official Hace 26 días
I am using a huawei mate 30 pro and I have all the google services. I was like, WHERE IS DA US BAN
subbing to everyone who subbs to me yes
subbing to everyone who subbs to me yes Hace 29 días
How does the Kiran 990 chip compare to snapdragon 855.
Leamouamore Amore
Leamouamore Amore Hace un mes
Because I like the curve the edges on the sides
Leamouamore Amore
Leamouamore Amore Hace un mes
Mate pro is one of my favourite phones of huawei than lite
Sanaa Rashid
Sanaa Rashid Hace un mes
I have got mate30 pro days ago, I'm telling you.. it's the best!! No regret.
Ray N
Ray N Hace un mes
If you can't put a backdoor on their phone, ban them.
Tabrej Kureishi
Tabrej Kureishi Hace un mes
Very good
Ludwig Forsac
Ludwig Forsac Hace un mes
Must buy this
Najimuddin NC
Najimuddin NC Hace un mes
Dear sir what is your opinion about sony xperia phones, especially sony xperia 1 Mark II
Najeeb Muslim khan
Najeeb Muslim khan Hace un mes
Arun phone is my dream, nd even still my wish to have one ,but same the Google, but now I may try Huawei galarry, wat do u suggest about that
Dinesh Dasari
Dinesh Dasari Hace un mes
Ryan Jackton
Ryan Jackton Hace un mes
Plz 2:37 That's blue
Go hicity
Go hicity Hace un mes
very good phone ,I also found an equally good shell 【for mate 30 / 30 pro】
Lynnix Petrova
Lynnix Petrova Hace un mes
F××k trump
Not Funny Didn't Laugh V2
Not Funny Didn't Laugh V2 Hace un mes
I have this phone and I'm LOVING IT it's just perfect
TranceParadise Hace un mes
Funny fact: Mate 30 Pro sales bombed hard... No google services = no sales. I wonder how much money ESwomenrs gets from vendors for sponsored (like this one) videos or materials. I miss mrwhostheboss times when that channel was about tech but not about making money. Good night!
Said Muracevic
Said Muracevic Hace 2 meses
and his price gurts :)
baginatora Hace 2 meses
Am I colorblind or does this "green" look blue?
培博君 Hace 2 meses
gokul balagopal Payyanur
gokul balagopal Payyanur Hace 2 meses
I wish the ban get lifted
HungmanX XXX
HungmanX XXX Hace 2 meses
Forget Google........ everyone move to the new system and new currency (Yuan)!
Linus Magnell
Linus Magnell Hace 2 meses
The curved screen isnt practical. It adds nothing useful, only frustration. Id take physical buttons over it any day.
Circumflêx ÂÂÂ
Circumflêx ÂÂÂ Hace 2 meses
It’s all about adaptation not just quality. If you are a fish, you need air dissolved in water so the abundant damp Carboniferous air won’t be welcoming until you evolve
Jameslivingstone Lima
Jameslivingstone Lima Hace 2 meses
Tell me.. Huawei mate 30 pro n mate 40 pro. ... iPhone 11 pro max , Samsung Galaxy s20+ ,vivo nex 3..which one should I purchase ?
Pratik Raul
Pratik Raul Hace 2 meses
👌 👌
I freaking curse the trade war everyday!!!
TKMJ Hace 2 meses
I wouldn't pay anything more than 500 dollar for this phone .
Subterranean Camote
Subterranean Camote Hace 2 meses
The greatest Chinese smartphone that Americans hard to get.
Jack Duncan
Jack Duncan Hace 2 meses
🔥🔥🔥🔥 1:22 🔥 👇 👇💗
NoobraiderGT Hace 2 meses
Heart says: Huawei Mind says: Oneplus and Samsung Wallet and Mom says: Asus
Ryan Marshall
Ryan Marshall Hace 3 meses
🔥 1:02 💓💖💛 👇👇👇❣
Charles Alden
Charles Alden Hace 3 meses
Vivo also uses the sides, there is now volume keys so they used their new 4D haptic feedback system and touch to create virtual buttons. You can also create custom hotkeys, say for the cameras shutter button, Google Assistant, launch an app, etc.
Nat20 Damage
Nat20 Damage Hace 3 meses
I love the camera on this phone
Nafiur Rahman Nafees
Nafiur Rahman Nafees Hace 3 meses
Try it's 7860 fps video recording on Kawasaki ninja h2r in high speed and post the video.......plz.
Tebogo Mashilo
Tebogo Mashilo Hace 3 meses
I hope Huawei makes their own services and I hope all these big companies out of America( the likes of Samsung) supports and joins them and ditch Google services. I would gladly buy their phones with their services.
Mike2018 Hace 3 meses
"....they are not ready to give up yet"! Indeed, and i'm afraid they will still go up for #1 smartphone manufacturers, despite the US ban, although will be a little slower...
Ranjan Sinha
Ranjan Sinha Hace 3 meses
future of huawei is interesting n exciting in spite of the ban
Gamer Hudson
Gamer Hudson Hace 3 meses
hacked communist garbage
Sandeep Hace 3 meses
Can you please review the Huawei Matepad Pro? I need to get rig of my Ipad pro as its not even close to doing anything my laptop does. Thanks!
Alvin Vicente
Alvin Vicente Hace 3 meses
.wow!!, can i have one?, thank you sir!!..❤
Od1sseas Hace 3 meses
It's trash
Sarvesh Parakh
Sarvesh Parakh Hace 3 meses
If it doesnt have google services, isn’t it the most secure phone on the planet in one way?
Qasim Roble
Qasim Roble Hace 3 meses
Chinese spying on me can't hurt me but us and Europe can 😂
Maxx Grey
Maxx Grey Hace 3 meses
I like the notch. Much better than the tear drop.
Doc Muzammil
Doc Muzammil Hace 3 meses
Without Google support it's useless for me.. Most of my stuff revolves around Gmail , Google documents and all
Aljhun Competente
Aljhun Competente Hace 3 meses
Super i like this mate 30 pro, suddenly it doesn't have a Google support.
majharul islam
majharul islam Hace 3 meses
thank you boss to make this video.....
Lewis Mackay
Lewis Mackay Hace 3 meses
I actually think I could do without play services if I'm honest. I never browse the play store for random apps like I did when I was younger and smartphones were new. All my daily apps already exist on the App Gallery like Facebook and WhatsApp and such. If I'm really desperate for an app like ESwomen I can grab an apk or use the mobile site. Really there are tons of options. My only worry are mobile payments with Huawei Wallet and Pay still only existing in about 4 countries. They are promoting this phone with Carphone Warehouse in the UK so intend to release. They must have a plan for it hopefully.
It's Christine!
It's Christine! Hace 3 meses
TBH, The Camera is clearer than my future😔
fireson23 Hace 3 meses
I am going to buy this phone just to spite the US. It's my way to give the US government the middle finger.
JB Vlogs
JB Vlogs Hace 3 meses
Give away please.
I would have bought this but the memory card it has is bothersome
Wingskie Wing
Wingskie Wing Hace 3 meses
Bet you Apple has something to do with that ban 😆😆
Νίκος 36
Νίκος 36 Hace 3 meses
We love huawei and his flagship... Must be happens with google service problem. Huawei and apple is the “man”...! You are the man...
Doc Hu
Doc Hu Hace 3 meses
Beautiful smartphone
The Rambling Ranter
The Rambling Ranter Hace 3 meses
My one plus 7 pro is half the price, with of course not as good cameras, but still a way better phone.
The Rambling Ranter
The Rambling Ranter Hace 3 meses
@A Raf for cameras yes. For support in China and Europe maybe. For software update reliability in North America i give it to OnePlus. I am well experienced with Huawei phones. Mate 9,10pro, p30 pro ,mate 20 pro. But changing to the OnePlus 7pro with qhd 90hz screen and 700 dollars. I'd say one plus has Huawei beat. Let's not forget the lack of Google on the mate 30 pro.
A Raf
A Raf Hace 3 meses
Lol Huawei is much better
GaRaM MaSaLa
GaRaM MaSaLa Hace 3 meses
Very nice phone
HYPE KA Hace 3 meses
Looks like a hybrid of samsung and iphone lol, nah it's chinaphone
Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ Hace 3 meses
I dont like the curved sides, samsung has it but its not as curved as the vivo or mate 30, but if you like it you do you idrc lol.
GeBeast Hace 4 meses
A Apple a year makes your money dissapear A Huawei a year makes a money well spent
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