How we must respond to the coronavirus pandemic | Bill Gates

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Philanthropist and Microsoft cofounder Bill Gates offers insights into the COVID-19 pandemic, discussing why testing and self-isolation are essential, which medical advancements show promise and what it will take for the world to endure this crisis. (This virtual conversation is part of the TED Connects series, hosted by head of TED Chris Anderson and current affairs curator Whitney Pennington Rodgers. Recorded March 24, 2020)
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Kim Rupp
Kim Rupp Hace un hora
Not fully human
Joel mcmahon
Joel mcmahon Hace 7 horas
Why is he always smiling like he's plans working
Cali fri1
Cali fri1 Hace 11 horas
Bring the total population control !! New word order he predicted the future how convenient. The blind still the blind. is how evil can act.
Steven Brown
Steven Brown Hace 13 horas
His agenda is to reduce the population of the world especially people of colour by vaccination that will kill. He looks psychotic I am going to phone the police and have him arrested.
Steven Brown
Steven Brown Hace 13 horas
This man is evil,wicked,demonic and a son of Satan he should be in prison.
I love Cebu
I love Cebu Hace un día
That's why he became rich because of his knowledge.
Saurabh Pimpalkar
Saurabh Pimpalkar Hace un día
Well i think Bill gates created coronaVirus... Like if u think same thing
Marvie Music
Marvie Music Hace 4 horas
@123 223 yes.
123 223
123 223 Hace 11 horas
Tash Hashimi
Tash Hashimi Hace un día
I love how he threw in MS Teams...product placement!
ILU-me-naughty Hace un día
Well I m not a scientist nor a specialist in public health but something doesn’t seem right about this Whole scenario I cannot trust the grand narratives from the big media and big pharma and thebig organizations. I will trust my instincts on this one and say it’s an exaggeration/manipulation/misinformation of an epic scale
123 223
123 223 Hace 11 horas
Margarita Orlova
Margarita Orlova Hace un día
Does Bill Gate still think that CO2 is poisonous? He did lately.
Sum- Beach
Sum- Beach Hace un día
we need germs to fight off germs...
Thomas Jonson
Thomas Jonson Hace un día
Gates still run windows 3.1 in his head
ealtamir2 Hace un día
USA 100.000 deaths today
Vs. My Name 04
Vs. My Name 04 Hace 2 días
Pilly Willie Bill
guloguloguy Hace 2 días
IMHO: This "deadly, MAN-MADE, "BIO-WEAPON" (COVIDvirus), looks like it has been designed to kill older, weaker people, essentially culling those "useless eaters" that NAZIs sought to eliminate....
YouTube Gains
YouTube Gains Hace 17 horas
Who told you it's man made? Thousands of educated scientists have established it is just not man made. What is your educational qualification?
Davide Aezakmi
Davide Aezakmi Hace un día
So basically a virus that affects the lungs tends to kill people with already damaged lungs? Wow you should work for the FBI or something btw it's scientifically proven that the virus is 100% natural
P Ram
P Ram Hace 2 días
Just give the world to Bill to run.
Aneesh Ramakrishnan
Aneesh Ramakrishnan Hace 2 días
Well, I didn't know Microsoft was a medical school.
MrDirtyJerm Hace 2 días
Nasty eyebrows meets rich whit guy.
Elizabeth Zeng
Elizabeth Zeng Hace 2 días
You know I always thought Bill gates was Sherlock Holmes and Sherlock Holmes was Bill gates, good thing I’m not a dumb IDOIT now
Christopher Cocagne
Christopher Cocagne Hace 2 días
Isn't Bill Gates the computer salesman ? Why is he the go to guy for Infectious Disease ?
Kaushik Kumar
Kaushik Kumar Hace 3 días
How he predicted the future in his previous Ted- talk video 🤔🤔. Some researchers says -virus was created in the lab. is he behind this pandemic?
Let Ball
Let Ball Hace un día
He didn’t predict anything he just knew another pandemic would come. It’s obvious look at our world’s history! He’s just smarter than most of us. There are many organizations/people that are focused on studying pandemics and stuff like what is happening now with Covid. Besides Bill reads and has read way too many books! He knows a lot about health care/ vaccines/ diseases
Muzzle Flash
Muzzle Flash Hace 3 días
TED talks is a free speech "Sell out"!!! Unsubscribe from the weak, TED team asap!
Snugg Lufaggus
Snugg Lufaggus Hace 3 días
Bill Gates has a lot of money so that he can buy a time machine for himself
M Hace 3 días
Which medical institution did Bill Gates get is degree from ?
M Hace 3 días
M Hace 3 días
I vote for gates suicide.
M Hace 3 días
Bill gates has been dealing with viruses since windows 95
M Hace 3 días
Runner Phile
Runner Phile Hace 3 días
All Billionaires of the world UNITE and BAIL OUT THE GLOBAL ECONOMY!!!
Holger X
Holger X Hace 3 días
That good mood vibe of Bill is almost infectious. Only I don't invest in companies developing vaccinations. Maybe I should, to be as happy as him.
Davide Aezakmi
Davide Aezakmi Hace un día
@Margarita Orlova Wtf are you talking about? As far as I know Bill Gates wanted to donate 100 million vaccines to India but their government rejected.
Margarita Orlova
Margarita Orlova Hace un día
Do not do that! Bill’s vaccination killed 0,5 mln children in India, but he is happy nevertheless.
Lilo Channel
Lilo Channel Hace 3 días
Thi is conspiration
jeanty higuain
jeanty higuain Hace 4 días
Mw nan Kay la
youtuber youtuber
youtuber youtuber Hace 4 días
Eric Gobble
Eric Gobble Hace 4 días
Can anyone say Eugenicist?
Cookie Goddess
Cookie Goddess Hace 4 días
Bill gates controls more then I knew prior to covid! So thank you covid for opening my eyes more, namaste 🙏
Yazeed Tawalbeh
Yazeed Tawalbeh Hace 4 días
Mister Gates has the "I told you so" look on his face and I cannot stop laughing about it
Tacun pe Bune
Tacun pe Bune Hace 4 días
My brain is starting to hurt because of all these comments saying that Bill made the virus. Can someone just, get rid of them, please?
Laskar Pelangi
Laskar Pelangi Hace 4 días
2005 : Bill Gates told everyone to get ready for the next epidemics. Nobody listened. 2010 : Bill Gates is the evil.
you know my steez
you know my steez Hace 4 días
Imagine taking medical advice from this guy.
Memet Kulolmaz
Memet Kulolmaz Hace 4 días
You are the children of evil. You will not succeed!
Gopal Soren Videos
Gopal Soren Videos Hace 4 días
how come bill knew of this in presence of thousands of scientists when did he convert himself into a health expert or is it correct to say a virus himself which does not have any antivirus, this sounds very doubtful of his intensions , if he thinks he can turn the humans into filmlike mutationed robots he must have very well prepared with the statements, its high time he donated for the well being of humans. its a real surprise how he is updated with even what the scientists dont understand and great economists dont, sonds very alieneted
RonaldBarone Hace 4 días
Can we poor countries have free internet so we can stay at home watching youtube?
Chris03121957 Hace 4 días
If anyone wants to help solve this pandemic you can go to . From there you can download a program to your computer that will run models in the background to help researchers discover how to fight this bug. I've been running this for years. They're also running projects for Childhood Cancers, Africa Rainfall Modeling, Microbiome Immunity.
Ivan Juarez
Ivan Juarez Hace 4 días
Sound of Gugu
Sound of Gugu Hace 4 días
As an after thought.. Gates is Dr Evil? (Austin Powers) “1 Trillion Dollars!”
cikineim Hace 5 días
shabeer rafi
shabeer rafi Hace 5 días
we should have listened to him in 2015 he has been dealing with viruses since windows 98....
astroyogui Hace 5 días
B1G_BAZ Hace 5 días
So when is Bill gates being arrested for crimes against humanity??
B1G_BAZ Hace 3 días
Donal Tumbelaka Check out the Patents he holds for not only the virus itself, but also vaccines linked to microchipping (ID2020), and the patent for microchips linked to crypto currency! The Italian government have already called for Bill Gstes to be arrested - Italian Politician Demand Bill Gates Arrest For Crimes Against Humanity | GreatGameIndia
YouCanAsk Hace 4 días
Donal Tumbelaka time stamp 4:30. This is one video of many that implicate him in Crimes against Humanity. There are several countries standing up against him. And we are protesting here as well. Turn your MSM off, they are manipulating you.
Donal Tumbelaka
Donal Tumbelaka Hace 4 días
Do you have any evidence or proof?
Bionic Nature
Bionic Nature Hace 5 días
you got to be joking!!!!!!
Regen Hace 5 días
Herr Gates ist informiert, seine Ansichten sind vernünftig. Herr Gates muss Angst nicht schüren. Die Angst lebt in unserem Gehirn. Herr Gates muss uns nicht kontrollieren. Unsere Begrenzungen und unsere Voreingenommenheit durch was auch immer und so unterschiedlich diese auch ist, kontrolliert uns von ganz allein. Und Herr Gates muss uns nicht mit einem Chip zerstören. Dies tun wir von ganz allein. Und wenn ich sage wir, so meine ich den Menschen, jeden Menschen, alle Menschen und in meiner eigenen Begrenzheit auch mich. Denn wäre es nicht so, dann gäbe es nicht seit Jahrtausenden Chaos, Krieg, Hunger und was es halt sonst noch so an menschengemachtem Scheiß gibt. Aber warum ist das so? Und Herr Gates allein oder egal welche Gruppierung, ob religiös oder wissenschaftlich oder politisch oder sonst wie.... kann dies nicht ändern. Das Chaos der Welt, der Hass der Welt ist ein Hass der Menschen, jedes Einzelnen und egal wie ihr flieht ob ins Kloster oder sonst wohin oder sonst wie es ist der Mensch und sein Gehirn der unsere Probleme nicht lösen kann. Denn könnte er es, hätte er es schon getan. Warum ist das so? Wir sind voneinander getrennt. Wir, meine ich die Menschen, alle Menschen. Vielleicht müssen wir dieses Problem erst lösen. Wie das funktionieren könnte, darüber müssen klügere Menschen als ich nachdenken. Bis dahin finde ich den Ansatz von Herrn Gates erst mal auch nicht schlechter als andere...... Ihr müsst nicht meiner Meinung sein. Aber wenn ihr wollt könnt ihr drüber nachdenken
Sound of Gugu
Sound of Gugu Hace 5 días
did i fall asleep and wake up to Bill Gates being asked his opinion over medical issues? Yes i did. WTF. the World has gone mad.. oh no, thats it, the one with the most money gets to have an opinion about everything and anything on a global stage even Bill the one who built his empire on the backs of others
Yael Watson
Yael Watson Hace 3 días
True! It's evil!
Tacun pe Bune
Tacun pe Bune Hace 4 días
I'm gonna copy paste a thing I sad in another discussion because I'm too lazy to type it again. Sorry for my bad english though. Fucker's been working on eradicating Polio for years now. And he's vaccinating spree in Nigeria has been helping lots in that. The only places left with Polio after his vaccination campaign and investment into better sanitary infrastructure of the third world, are Nigeria and Afghanistan, mostly because doctors have been killed on site because of terrorist presence. In fact, if it weren't for the Boko Haram in Nigeria, a terrorist group that emerged in the early 2010s in the northern part of the country, Bill and his team would've had eradicated the disease from the region, remaining only in Afghanistan. I think this man has a lot to say about disease spread and prevention. Just 'cause you know him from doing something else it doesn't mean he's only done that thing. Read a bit into the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation. I suggest starting with the wiki article, and from there branch through other stuff.
Hoss Ein
Hoss Ein Hace 5 días
#Brian Rose #londonreal WHY you did this Ted Talk??
Renegadereporterpublications Garry Vaughn
Renegadereporterpublications Garry Vaughn Hace 5 días
Our personal income viruses created pthrough all biologists and research are not going to be able to make you ever fucjz
Renegadereporterpublications Garry Vaughn
Renegadereporterpublications Garry Vaughn Hace 5 días
So why are there more than 5000000000 mass casket sites worldwide
Renegadereporterpublications Garry Vaughn
Renegadereporterpublications Garry Vaughn Hace 5 días
In no way are you involved with being involved with this..
Terry Mutant
Terry Mutant Hace 5 días
TED is really showing it's True Colors with Bill Gates commenting on Viruses . It makes no sense and very concerning when true medical professionals are getting banded from this platform. Really amazing.
Allo Film Productions
Allo Film Productions Hace 5 días
first response, put bill and friends in prison.
mvvagner Hace 5 días
Guys, I looked into it... It turns out Bill Gates is actually a shapeshifter from Proxima Centauri b. He came to Earth in 1960, killed the original Bill Gates, and assumed his form. His primary directive is to kill all human life and destroy the planet's atmosphere so he can harvest all of Earth's precious natural resources. First, he had to create a massive tech company to begin his surveillance and to get money and influence. Now he's in phase 2: Developing and deploying the vaccine of death to the masses.
Gina Devi
Gina Devi Hace 5 días
Your not clever Bill , why you asking him. He needs to learn again the right way. Go to church Bill, get some sense
barney the dinosaur
barney the dinosaur Hace 4 días
Gina Devi Why? What did Bill do?
Mad Sad
Mad Sad Hace 5 días
Bill Gates is in the Electronic field, Microsoft & Computers, he is NOT in the Medical field, why did he talk and still talking about viruses & Vaccines??
David W
David W Hace 3 días
Maybe.... Just maybe.... Because he's invested the vast majority of his fortune to eradicating many diseases in the 3rd world... Along with a shitload of other philanthropic interests...
Aaron J
Aaron J Hace 3 días
I wonder the same. But I think that's because he's an all-rounder, he has the knowledge about most things but specialises in computer and stuff. Jack of all trades but master of ONE.
g3tech Hace 5 días
Brian rose
Andrea Martinez
Andrea Martinez Hace 6 días
it is amazing how some humans choose to ignore signs and desire to put down who give clues on what is truly happening behind the scenes...
ma0 martinez
ma0 martinez Hace 6 días
Put London real ted talk back wtf
Tim Kerstetter
Tim Kerstetter Hace 6 días
He's so excited and loving it. I'll get him. 50 cal thermal sight. Second he farts above the temperature the pandemic is over.
Kyle Hace un día
I think death threats are illegal, im sending a tip to the fbi
Jhelzea Akoh
Jhelzea Akoh Hace 6 días
Very inspiring message
Richard l connor
Richard l connor Hace 6 días
Who made doctor channard god?
Richard Chin
Richard Chin Hace 6 días
Trump: I. Us. USA. Me. Bill: The world. Developing countries. Collaboration. Global.
Joey Snow1
Joey Snow1 Hace 6 días yeah what a great man bahahaha
อรทัย ลาภยืนยง
อรทัย ลาภยืนยง Hace 6 días
it use web app ปลอมช่าง3bb thing withit do my wife same be buffalo it happen fun to me need everything
Nadia Abunaser
Nadia Abunaser Hace 6 días
Bill gates anticrist Bill gates anticrist is helping the devil put the mark of the beast on us we don't want the government of antichrist we don't want to put on the mark of the beast 👹⛏ He wants to world population and kill us with diseases in vaccines bill gates he is a tyrant we do not want a chip we are not dogs or cows freedom !!!!!!
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