How to Make a Kurzgesagt Video in 1200 Hours

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Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell

Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell

Hace un mes

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For years, you have been asking us how we make our videos. So let’s finally talk about it! From research, writing the script, illustrating, to animating, narrating and composing music, a Kurzgesagt video takes roughly 1.200 hours to produce!
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Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell
Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell Hace un mes
Ok! We hope this answers some of your questions about our process. If you have more questions, ask us on reddit: .We'll answer some questions today and we are also collecting for a future Q&A video! And if you want to help us make more stuff you can check out our Shop or Patreon!
ANIKET PAUSKAR Hace 23 horas
Kurzgesagt please make a video on magnetars and white holes
Ryan’s Studios
Ryan’s Studios Hace 5 días
Hay kurzgesagt I have an amazing idea if you created a plushie maybe you can work with mitel to create toys like action figures and play sets
Aadharsh Balasaravanan
Aadharsh Balasaravanan Hace 7 días
Sir can we take this video and dub it in regional languages and upload it in our ESwomen channel, ( Without copyright issues)
Kids are so delicious...
Kids are so delicious... Hace 8 días
Thank you so much, this is inspires me for my channel
Christian Nemetz
Christian Nemetz Hace 9 días
The real question is: how is being represented by the bird at the of almost all videos?
Ahmed Hshyar
Ahmed Hshyar Hace un hora
thank you so much for all this effort you put in these videos, your content is so great and easy to understand, I just can't describe it with words how grateful I am for you people
ARCHIT GUPTA Hace 4 horas
Will like to sketch some scenes for you someday... Great work 👍👍
Gabe Hoing
Gabe Hoing Hace 6 horas
Bring back the ants
C-ZäR Hace 15 horas
Jamás creí ver a un ave de Kurzgesagt decir: "¿que onda, wey?", fue hermoso :')
Martin Thomas Schön
Martin Thomas Schön Hace un día
So fucking brilliant, makes me emotional. 6:14 Ooo, the Citrusprince is so weird.
Plam tree
Plam tree Hace un día
Petition for kurzgesagt to add other birds like penguins
Adam Kaabipour
Adam Kaabipour Hace un día
I don’t think anyone noticed but when he said “or stupid things” it was a plumbis from rick and morty wich is basically everyone has one but we never find out what it is it’s mentioned a lot but to us it has no use
Alex Thomas
Alex Thomas Hace un día
Hello nice to meet you kurzgesagt!
Abhilash Thakare
Abhilash Thakare Hace un día
is that a plumbus?
Cary Hace un día
This is so cute I appreciate this
Giang G1anT Trường
Giang G1anT Trường Hace un día
tks bạn dịch lần nữa nhé
mark lepka
mark lepka Hace un día
0:33 I thought the plumbus could do anything tho.
The Joker
The Joker Hace un día
Everybody gangsta till the narrator starts talking in first person
Fia Leann
Fia Leann Hace un día
Kurzgesagt: it’s really complicated.
Mu Jun
Mu Jun Hace un día
How about the ducks
Simon Janin
Simon Janin Hace un día
This is so inspiring it gave me great ideas for my company, thanks a lot for the amazing work
Thomas Giansante
Thomas Giansante Hace un día
Damn what an amazing work, you guys spend all this much time and effort just to give us the best, and you always succeed, if this isn't passion I don't know what this is. I love the videos' design and and now i start understanding how much work is there behind it
Cindy Perez
Cindy Perez Hace un día
There a plumbus
Leandro MT
Leandro MT Hace 2 días
Subtítulos en español por favor
Arael Rivas
Arael Rivas Hace 2 días
My 9 year old son asked: If you were to have a personal tree house for the whole bird army, what would be like?
Rektrak Boi
Rektrak Boi Hace 2 días
For the illustration part. Remember they had to illustrate them illustrating something
Daniele Massanti
Daniele Massanti Hace 2 días
Quick question, where does the name of this channel come from? By the way keep up the amazing work
Daniele Massanti
Daniele Massanti Hace un día
@Azreal20 Thank you very much!
Azreal20 Hace 2 días
Kurzgesagt is german, made from "kurz"- short and "gesagt" - said , literally it's german for "shortlysaid" , but of course the logical translation is, you guessed it - In a Nutshell. The Kurzgesagt team is german, located in munich. The project started as a german voiced project, but switched to english at some point (giving it a greater audience). Nowdays the german channel is no longer the primary one, and as told in this vid, it only got revived due to a deal with FUNK.
Folipurba27 Hace 2 días
The new Intro is great
lucasoccer95R Hace 2 días
the ads as well right?
Glendi P
Glendi P Hace 3 días
Paul Breu
Paul Breu Hace 3 días
Ich finde euren Channel großartig. Macht weiterhin so tolle Videos!
BronzeJourney Hace 3 días
I fell so guilty because i get to watch these videos for free. Worst thing, i cant even share them to support Kurzgesagt because i have literally no friends. Sorry Kurzgesagt,
Antwaun Mcdowell
Antwaun Mcdowell Hace 3 días
Can we see a face reveal of the whole Kurzgesagt team
art3mis_ Hace 3 días
Marisol Mourelle Gerpe
Marisol Mourelle Gerpe Hace 3 días
Thank you for your beautiful and crafted job guys. I create animations for science topics and your videos are inspirational on how to animate or illustrate. Best wishes to you!!
Juras Baubkus
Juras Baubkus Hace 3 días
Julio Coutinho
Julio Coutinho Hace 3 días
Who saw the plumbus?
nay naynay
nay naynay Hace 3 días
I love bird army
{Imperiules} HotLine
{Imperiules} HotLine Hace 4 días
I can’t even draw 1 picture... he makes like 200! How???!
samah abdelmoaty
samah abdelmoaty Hace 4 días
Thanks guys
look what
look what Hace 4 días
O my god... how hard is this
Pedro Mohana
Pedro Mohana Hace 4 días
You guys are amazing, amazing amazing!! Thank you so much for existing :)
Zapcross World
Zapcross World Hace 4 días
BmnGameBoy Hace 4 días
Cocaine + be Android 16
tmvkrpxl0 Hace 4 días
Me When narrator says something as his own view: Thomas had seen everything It's time for Thomas to be excited
Szymon Ignaczak
Szymon Ignaczak Hace 4 días
from where did you get the idea to use birds in your videos?
Rupert Kemsley
Rupert Kemsley Hace 5 días
Hmm, I thought the Kurzgesagt guy was a black duck, not a small round red bird... Hmmmm...
FlegSlav //TestPatterner
FlegSlav //TestPatterner Hace 5 días
Special ingredient: *Pure British accent*
Animation Space
Animation Space Hace 5 días
If the narrator isn't the duck, I'm jumping off a cliff
Animation Space
Animation Space Hace 5 días
The narrator is a red bird. It was nice knowing yall.
Leonardo Nina
Leonardo Nina Hace 5 días
You are the best in this planet!!!
Nafti Orzel
Nafti Orzel Hace 5 días
anyone notice the plumbus at 1:47
Hardiyanti Syarif
Hardiyanti Syarif Hace 5 días
Amazing video, good job So helpfull, unique, & interesting I like it very much. Keep on, it Thank you very much
// Raven Party //
// Raven Party // Hace 5 días
Ashkan Jalili
Ashkan Jalili Hace 5 días
Orucoglu Tetmal
Orucoglu Tetmal Hace 5 días
New videos
Jacob He
Jacob He Hace 5 días
Applications: Adobe Illustrator Adobe After Effects.
Arthur Bayer
Arthur Bayer Hace 5 días
Which bird are you the talker
琉璃雅 Hace 6 días
我倒是真的很想知道视频 是怎么做出来的 感谢你们的这期视频
Anata Hace 6 días
I am very thankful for the availability of Indonesian translations here, so that I can learn many things.
James Park
James Park Hace 6 días
0:35 👀👀👀 Its a Plumbus!!!
winnywolfe Hace 6 días
this is dope
Aleho De Leon
Aleho De Leon Hace 6 días
All I can say is “ woah”
Avi Mistry
Avi Mistry Hace 6 días
I'm speechless. I could never truely appreciate the time, work and dedication that goes into making a Kurzgesagt video. Thank you!
breaking news trevor henderson
breaking news trevor henderson Hace 6 días
0:27 is that mecha godzilla?
Xide gaming
Xide gaming Hace 7 días
Loveeeeeeeeeee it. PLZ do more , teach me.
Adımıvermiyecem Vermicem!
Adımıvermiyecem Vermicem! Hace 7 días
Bu video da 1200 saatte hazırlandı
F̶r̶u̶s̶t̶r̶a̶t̶e̶d̶ Trusfrated
F̶r̶u̶s̶t̶r̶a̶t̶e̶d̶ Trusfrated Hace 7 días
Ryan’s Studios
Ryan’s Studios Hace 7 días
My thoughts 💭 Birds: your the best Robots: put them in all of your videos Nearraider: face reveal
Elliot Tian
Elliot Tian Hace 7 días
How much is ad revenue?
cool 21 forever
cool 21 forever Hace 7 días
you nead to make a vidio about love
Ghazal Khubaib
Ghazal Khubaib Hace 7 días
L O L But this video wouldn't be this hard to make right?
Ben Dover
Ben Dover Hace 7 días
I love your videos! I watch them everyday and i always learn something new! :D
hibach3 Hace 7 días
Is that a plumbus?
mohammad ahm
mohammad ahm Hace 7 días
You guys are doing great.✌ Best channel on youtube.
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