How To Join One Percent...

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One Percent

One Percent

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How To Join One Percent...
0:52 Merch and Content
3:18 ESwomen Channel and Creators
5:07 Pro Gamers and Customs
7:13 Lifestyle, Supercars, Trickshot
8:52 Videography, Photography, editors, designers
10:12 1% Benefits, Vistion

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One Percent
One Percent Hace un mes
Leonardo Dominguez
Leonardo Dominguez Hace 3 días
Is one percent only for fortnite?
Becki Bugbee
Becki Bugbee Hace un mes
If you guys want to spread it to mobile, and flowing and I have a TikTok it is @obimollyhunt on TikTok. And I could design shirts, hats etc. it would be a huge leap for you guys and mobile and I am good at building stuff for the ESwomen stuff.
cherryシ?? Hace un mes
I cant join cuz i cant post my kind of content on youtube
hypex yandel
hypex yandel Hace un mes
Can i join please it's my birthday it will make it the best if I can join
Zfaygo Hace un mes
Add mobile players
LMK Toxic
LMK Toxic Hace 6 horas
It's my dream to join 1% but I know I would never be able to😔
Ethxnnn FN
Ethxnnn FN Hace 8 horas
Me coming back to this video to see my comment with like 60 likes but can't find it :(
Caleb Knapp
Caleb Knapp Hace 8 horas
I wanna join as a just pro player but I don’t have 2fa so I only play arena
LukeTheLegend31 Hace 8 horas
I feel so downed about myself I only have 12 subs and everyone always says I'm bad can I please join plus I want to have fun with you guys and I want to be your friend but I know you guys in 1% won't see this I was just saying can I please join but comment on my video if I can join keep up the good work
LukeTheLegend31 Hace 8 horas
I like playing sports I love playing and watching football
Corba Hace 9 horas
Benjamin Lian
Benjamin Lian Hace 10 horas
Joscina Hop
Joscina Hop Hace 15 horas
One percent on a computer @oneofakind
Xavyzz YT
Xavyzz YT Hace 19 horas
Recruit flea on youtube
Skad Editzz
Skad Editzz Hace 20 horas
Just if I can strem
Skad Editzz
Skad Editzz Hace 20 horas
Everything kiwis said what I’m gonna do
Matthew D
Matthew D Hace 23 horas
I can’t join I am only 10 and i live in RhodeIsland and you guys live in Florida and I’m not the best but okay but if I could join I wold want to be a streamer even though I don’t stream I wold become one and work very very hard to Mack good content.
Vlxne Vibes
Vlxne Vibes Hace un día
How old do you have to be to join one percent
W1SH REFLEX Hace un día
#oneofakind, I love making montages designs and just playing fortnite, I world love if I could join if you do see this one percent, I’ve been watch Formula, Nicks, and Randumb for a long time.
Saif Fayez
Saif Fayez Hace un día
Who wants to join 1 percent I have on that it 100 percent
the gamer gurl x
the gamer gurl x Hace un día
Being in 1% would be a dream but I dont rlly fit the categories(big fan) my dream is to play with on of use... I kinda fit one I stream for 12 hours a day and have my own clan called dynamite and I accept people into it that want to be part of a community aha they probs wont read it epic------ typicalgurl21
HONOR YA DIgg 1 Hace un día
In wanna be the first mobile player to join 1%
EJ PLAYZ Hace un día
Who wants to join and knows you can’t
EJ PLAYZ Hace un día
How old do you have to be
Pinapplefoot Hace un día
Melt needs to get in
alyx on sticks
alyx on sticks Hace un día
Im good at fortnite
alyx on sticks
alyx on sticks Hace un día
but im not from America
alyx on sticks
alyx on sticks Hace un día
Can i join i am #oneofakind
Arrow Hace un día
I would join One Percent over FaZe in a Heart Beat
Jeffrey Stark
Jeffrey Stark Hace un día
Sirwill9 0
Sirwill9 0 Hace un día
how old do you have to be
Jason Schauer
Jason Schauer Hace un día
I'm a good editor and fil
ninja 45
ninja 45 Hace un día
i can edit videos but i only have 2 videos on YT
ninja 45
ninja 45 Hace un día
what age do you have to bee to join 1 %
ninja 45
ninja 45 Hace un día
if i can join 1 % can i at least play with you I don't really friends on Fortnite I have a mic
KMG CLAN Hace 2 días
I would honestly love to join but I'm 12 👁️👄👁️ but I stream some but I barely get 3 views but I have good energy.
Zc Blaze
Zc Blaze Hace 2 días
I’m only 10 300 followers on tiktok
Zc Blaze
Zc Blaze Hace 2 días
Do you have to be a certain age?
Nou Xiong
Nou Xiong Hace 2 días
I’m good at the game so pls😊
RTM Rush
RTM Rush Hace 2 días
How can i share my design to yall
Daniwi5 Hace 2 días
I really want to join percent but i am youg
Logan Holley
Logan Holley Hace 2 días
I wanna join plz
kk kingjr Mkhize
kk kingjr Mkhize Hace 2 días
I would like to join one percent it's just that I am focused on my soccer career so na fortnite is not my career no sir but I play fortnite
Levi Telligman
Levi Telligman Hace 2 días
u guys probally wont see this but i really love ur vids i am trying to be a good youtuber but i dont have good internet so love ur vids hope u see this
the savage Ward
the savage Ward Hace 2 días
#oneofakind if ur reading this text my snap jaydon_ward19 I wanna talk to you about recruitment
ŁaMez Clan
ŁaMez Clan Hace 2 días
I want to join but I’m not good and I’m terrible at editing and I’m also to young and I’m in Australia
Jackson Cox
Jackson Cox Hace 2 días
ŁaMez Clan ok and
Gmp Yt
Gmp Yt Hace 3 días
I think I’m pretty good give me a chance
Synth Hace 3 días
my pc isnt strong enough to stream and play at the same time
Blaze The gamer
Blaze The gamer Hace 3 días
Do you accept Middle East mobile players I’m not that good but I want to join I live in the uae can you add me nickmercs please
Liz Barnes
Liz Barnes Hace 3 días
I know I’m not going to get in I wanna be a content character but I’ve got no where
Ethan Welch
Ethan Welch Hace 4 días
can i please have your discord
Raid_ GMD
Raid_ GMD Hace 4 días
Ok plz somebody tell me what age you have to be to join like clans and stuff
DinoCraft _0709
DinoCraft _0709 Hace 4 días
Do you guys look on mixer to? Nvm I just found out waht had happened.😢😢
Regina Martinez
Regina Martinez Hace 4 días
Can kids
tt reckless
tt reckless Hace 4 días
Doubt yall are going to see this but my name is casey and for the past couple of weeks I've dropped everything to grind in game to become a cc in one percent it would be my dream to become something other than a kid who streams for 5 hours with 1 veiwer
Andy M
Andy M Hace 4 días
Alexis Sierra
Alexis Sierra Hace 4 días
I well be the yogis nebore I'm 11
Alexis Sierra
Alexis Sierra Hace 4 días
Bot ame pritiee god a so can you pls let me jone to get better I'm going to play 24v playing fortnite
Alexis Sierra
Alexis Sierra Hace 4 días
I wot to be a tuech stremor and I can't bicose a olie have to get a gaming setup pikcos I have a to share with may brother may ps4 so if a wode nide a gaming setup
Unknownツ Hace 4 días
You Guys should also make an EU team
Diverse Clan
Diverse Clan Hace 4 días
Can I join
1ce_ 8ats
1ce_ 8ats Hace 5 días
1ce_ 8ats
1ce_ 8ats Hace 5 días
I’m only 21
Kugelblitz Hace 4 días
1ce_ 8ats
1ce_ 8ats Hace 5 días
1ce_ 8ats
1ce_ 8ats Hace 5 días
My twitch is joeybats1700
1ce_ 8ats
1ce_ 8ats Hace 5 días
I can make logos
Kaden Smith
Kaden Smith Hace 5 días
Is there an age requirement
Miha Obrez
Miha Obrez Hace 5 días
Cen i jond my fortnite epic Fall_obrez2008
Jayden Hockenhull
Jayden Hockenhull Hace 5 días
When I get the right set up I’m gonna stream on twitch
Tim & Michelle Wilson
Tim & Michelle Wilson Hace 5 días
I have been watching all of you guys in one percent sense you guys started
Will Painter
Will Painter Hace 5 días
You should sponsor skateboarders
Jay Hace 5 días
I am unique pee
XFroZenX bake1998
XFroZenX bake1998 Hace 6 días
Me spending 3 hours on my first vid dreaming I could join one percent
Hunter Boyd
Hunter Boyd Hace 6 días
Please respond also
Hunter Boyd
Hunter Boyd Hace 6 días
Bro nobody likes my ESwomen channel they think its trash my ESwomen channel is Hawk_n_sons people think it's a stupid name for it
claps_YT Hace 6 días
hey razz I like sky lines too is that a sky line r33 or r32
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