How-To Draw: Timon From 'The Lion King'

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Disney Parks

Disney Parks

Hace 5 meses

In honor of the recently released Disney’s “The Lion King,” we’re sharing another animation tutorial inspired by the 1994 animated film release. Today’s character is the lovable and humorous sidekick, Timon.
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How-To Draw: Timon From 'The Lion King'

How-To Draw: Timon From 'The Lion King'How-To Draw: TimonThe Lion KingDraw disney characters

CROD Ironman
CROD Ironman Hace 15 horas
Can you please draw Pirate Mickey. Thank you :)
Sonic The Hedgehog
Sonic The Hedgehog Hace un mes
Can You Draw Rafiki
That Sleepy Girl
That Sleepy Girl Hace 3 meses
Would it be possible to get the PUMBAA how to added to the playlist?
Matteo Barbot
Matteo Barbot Hace 5 meses
I will always remember when u guys Made me drew mushu thanks for posting this videos!!!
Joy Hsiu Yin Kwa
Joy Hsiu Yin Kwa Hace 5 meses
Hey hi heather worley.......the animation studio at the park convention so happy to see you.....
Richard Mika
Richard Mika Hace 5 meses
animation experience logo now i liked disneyparks beter logo
Ronan Coleman
Ronan Coleman Hace 5 meses
Can you draw scar
GrahamOnTheGo Hace 5 meses
They *do* teach Scar at Animation Experience at Conservation Station, so it could turn up here some day.
Aj And Everything
Aj And Everything Hace 5 meses
It’s going to be kind of hard but maybe they will
Ronan Coleman
Ronan Coleman Hace 5 meses
Or the alice in wonderland characters
garcia adrian
garcia adrian Hace 5 meses
I do wish disney make alice in wonderland 2 and the sword in the stone 2
garcia adrian
garcia adrian Hace 5 meses
I miss old school disney animated movies
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