How to be a Pirate: Quartermaster Edition 📙📈

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CGP Grey

CGP Grey

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‣ Adapted largely from The Invisible Hook. It's great, go read it:
‣ Grey's 2-hour Director's Commentary:
## Special Thanks
Peter T. Leeson for reviewing a draft of the script. Check out his newest book, "WTF?!: An Economic Tour of the Weird":

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## Music
David Rees:

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CGP Grey
CGP Grey Hace un mes
The Captain's Version:
Douglas Parkinson
Douglas Parkinson Hace un día
this is actually just strauss explaining to the van der linde gang about finance
legiondood Hace 2 días
Hey Grey, do you watch the Starz pirate show, "Black Sails"
Amy Neverland
Amy Neverland Hace 9 días
@Mike Mikel Yes
killer prankster lo lo
killer prankster lo lo Hace 10 días
Make how to be a pirate crewman edition
Tanvi Gaonkar
Tanvi Gaonkar Hace 15 días
could you make video on biggest army in the world please reply
Ryan Sondgeroth
Ryan Sondgeroth Hace 52 minutos
Love this series. You should do a “crewman edition” to get a different perspective
ana massa
ana massa Hace 7 horas
we need a surgeon edition and a carpenter edition
Comment May Explode
Comment May Explode Hace 7 horas
This is proof that Google records our voice and then recommends these videos. I was saying, "I AM A PIRATE," out loud.
Null Void
Null Void Hace 8 horas
Very fascinating, one can say the modern pirates are drug traders in a way, their customers are different though but in regards to the relationship with the government’s laws it remains similar.
MGsquared Hace 11 horas
It’s been a month. I’ve only been watching these two videos. They keep telling me to watch the other one. I’m hungry. I’ve been drinking out of a leak from my ceiling.
General JellyRoll
General JellyRoll Hace 11 horas
Well done man. I want to see you cheese. My works are colliding. r/latestagecapitalism
bach pham
bach pham Hace 20 horas
So pirates were the original Communists? Workers (pirates) owning the means of production (the ship) together, cutting out the Bourgeois (monarchs and nobles) exploitation of labour?
Juni Post
Juni Post Hace 21 un hora
quite brilliant way of explaining the concept of Tricky illegality of using forceful merchantability of the endeavor of acquiring illicit goods. Also 'Whats genetics" got me giggling like mad!
Sean Cadet
Sean Cadet Hace 22 horas
When CGP watched Black Sails
jonathanzeta13 Hace 23 horas
so the real hero in pirates of the Caribbean was Mr Gibbs...
Nicholas Kasperson
Nicholas Kasperson Hace un día
Who “owns” the pirate ship?
Joolz Godfree
Joolz Godfree Hace un día
Sounds like the Captain's the CEO whilst the Quartermaster's the company President.
Kwang Oh
Kwang Oh Hace un día
So....have you heard of this game called Sea of Thieves? Jerry Seinfeld: But I don't want to be a pirate! Also: Destiny 2 crossover Episode: Toland explains piracy.
Anthony Salfity
Anthony Salfity Hace un día
Or maybe they can just pay a qualified surgeon more. I figure an ordinary surgeon is already well paid so a pirate surgeon should naturally make a lot more to make up for the additional risk. Heck, they even risk making less money than what they would otherwise make. What if the crew doesn't acquire a whole lot of loot or acquires none at all? You better double their share of the reward. Plus surgeons are pretty smart, they probably want to see records of your past success before signing up and chances are they will probably read the contract agreement to see if it's to their liking.
Tac Cap
Tac Cap Hace un día
Never thought I'd see the day when the quartermaster would smile so genuinely 5:37
Vilmos Palik
Vilmos Palik Hace un día
Wait so does this sort if make pirates communists? They don’t believe in private property (they trespass it all the time), they share the profits among the people and the leaders are chosen by the people and are for the people because they can be replaced at any time right? Pirates are the real comrades bro
VelkanKiador Hace un día
You know, I am glad to see your prediction wasn't entirely right. Sure the Captains video is more liked and watched, but not by much. Because this video is just such a great companion video to the Captain video.
Lindsey Sang
Lindsey Sang Hace un día
oh, it was just the captain that was ytoggaf. Q-main is legit.
Joshua Susanto
Joshua Susanto Hace un día
This guy should watch youjo senki.... Those vibes....
Altair Elias
Altair Elias Hace un día
who owns the boat ? I mean what is the role of the boat owner
Kumol Kumel
Kumol Kumel Hace un día
Who own/buying the ship in first place? Should they get more money for their investment? Also isn't it cheaper to just get rid of wounded crew?
The Overlord
The Overlord Hace un día
Is there another video coming up on this?
berry tentacled
berry tentacled Hace un día
Now the third, crewman's view, pretty please O:-)
Dennis Again
Dennis Again Hace un día
Did he join though?
Henry Hace 2 días
Uhh, did cgp grey just attempt to end the nature vs nurture debate in 1 line? This is not over!
Fritz Zimmerman
Fritz Zimmerman Hace 2 días
Gotta min/max your YARR and aggression.
eakoandcompany Hace 2 días
Rewatch these videos way too often
antimarmite Hace 2 días
Captain: how to pirate Quartermaster: why to pirate
antimarmite Hace 2 días
I want a whole TV series about the adventures of the Pirate ship of Quartermaster and Captain.
FlameDarkfire Hace 2 días
Pirates were the first communists
NPC 420
NPC 420 Hace 2 días
The quartermaster edition is better than the captain edition . . . . Come at me
Grant Flippin
Grant Flippin Hace 2 días
Is this a lesson on pirates or on how to run a business?
KitsuneRose Hace 3 días
Personally, I like the Quartermaster's spiel. Very brass tacks *chef kiss*
DutchOrBelgian Hace 3 días
Fascinating. One of your best videos. Very well done!!
X. Perry Mental
X. Perry Mental Hace 3 días
I've seen (way too) many web videos in my day, including great ones, but none have characters in them as cute as the stick figures of cgp grey.
Dominic M.
Dominic M. Hace 3 días
So... uh... when are we getting Reservations Part 1?
Arkban Adamas
Arkban Adamas Hace 3 días
how do people pronounce 'michael lofthouse'?
GhostlyBanes Hace 3 días
Um... where are you CGP Grey
Adrian Freya
Adrian Freya Hace 3 días
This was very insightful, Grey. I had no clue the quartermaster was so vital to the ship's overall operation.
Ellie Swan
Ellie Swan Hace 3 días
minute 3:00-3:10 is the most depressing summary of adult life
NeoZapper Misc.
NeoZapper Misc. Hace 4 días
1:03 looks like fallout shelter
eslam zahran
eslam zahran Hace 4 días
Giving coin master and the captain personalities with quarks, accents and attitudes is the most amazing thing I can possibly imagine .. big fat like
sumrandumguy1 Hace 4 días
Crime isn't just an inevitable part of society, it can be an entirely rational choice.
liam cayabyab
liam cayabyab Hace 4 días
Nest how to be a president
stelios petrakis
stelios petrakis Hace 4 días
The economy diagram on 4:18 is wrong. P1 should correspond to Q1 while in your diagram it corresponds with Q2. Same goes for P2 and Q1.
FlameLFH Hace 4 días
Oh, I thought you meant the *other* kind of pirate
Colby Thornton
Colby Thornton Hace 5 días
You should do a video on the british parliament during the empire before and after the American revolutionary war
Jeff Goldbroom
Jeff Goldbroom Hace 5 días
We sell bads and disservices
[ [Deleted] ]
[ [Deleted] ] Hace 5 días
Yo gray Make a video about the mandate of heaven
MrZomBIE16 Hace 5 días
The captain is remembered while the quarter master is informative
Daddys Remote
Daddys Remote Hace 5 días
Can you put a link to what you use to draw in your next video please
kingvideogames Hace 6 días
*The stick figure and captain when the quartermaster doesn’t say booty:* “That wasn’t very cash money of you.”
freezaplanet419 Hace 6 días
So does that mean the carpenter would get 2.5 shares?
Laeven D
Laeven D Hace 6 días
Why did a bother going to university and getting a degree? I'll just be a pirate. Maybe even graduate to Gay Pirate Assassin. (Kudos if you get the reference)
Evergreen Hace 4 días
I don't get the reference but that's my new goal in life
AnnTheQueen03 Hace 6 días
Where is the family genetics explained video?
h Hace 6 días
so youre saying pirate ships are anarcho-communist
Michael Edington
Michael Edington Hace 7 días
Can you do a few videos on New Zealand history!?
Steve Atkinson
Steve Atkinson Hace 7 días
Can we get the rest of the reservations series?
LK007 Hace 7 días
0:54 Motion we chose, but the sum of forces upon us.
somebody Hace 7 días
"Minimum wage? What's that?" ~the crew, probably
Painful Planet
Painful Planet Hace 8 días
Grey, do you have another crowdfunding option? I'm not a huge fan of Patreon especially since I've heard rumors of them hosting cp on their website.
Spartan Duck
Spartan Duck Hace 8 días
Dang it im stuck in a loop of the two videos now
joshua H
joshua H Hace 8 días
Wait, if a captain gets replaced part way through, who gets 2 shares, the old captain or the new captain?
Welliam afton
Welliam afton Hace 8 días
How to be captain forever (until you die) 1: fight.
Blank AP
Blank AP Hace 8 días
How to be a pirate: digital edition, next
Koliha studios
Koliha studios Hace 9 días
I think you are secretly xkcd
J Mace
J Mace Hace 9 días
Really expected this to turn into a "Digital piracy is bad mmmkay video."
someone mega awesome
someone mega awesome Hace 9 días
Are you a robot
videoxplorer Hace 9 días
The concept of "personality matrix" is an intriguing topic - any good books or authors on that? I've come across it in Games People play, Celestine Prophecy, Choice Theory and DiSC, though seems like it is ripe for research
Lorenzo Giorgioni
Lorenzo Giorgioni Hace 9 días
'which genetics?' 'sorry, after the nazis, eugenics and pseudo-scientific production and use of genetics correlated to race, research in this field will be clogged forever, so i can't give you an answer but the biological paradigma of genetics+environment = you, though most people like to slide past the genetics part, for the reasons above'. That would be tooo long, 'no matter' is much more incisive.
joe bob
joe bob Hace 8 días
He says “what’s genetics,” not “which genetics.”
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