How the Nintendo Switch Lite TRIGGERS You!

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Nathaniel Bandy

Nathaniel Bandy

Hace 27 días

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Video Edited by: @TotallyNotJon_
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you're* Hace 3 horas
0:04 *ight imma head out*
Brayden Schneider
Brayden Schneider Hace 15 horas
Wow two years later and they already made another switch!!!! Wow!!!
Shibe Hace 15 horas
my thoughts are.. surprisingly the exact same!
Máté Felföldi
Máté Felföldi Hace un día
Would you give me your switch lite?
duckduck 89
duckduck 89 Hace un día
I want to switch light so bad
ARe YoU HIGh? Hace 2 días
Yes the Nintendo switch really makes me pull the trigger 😤
Tree Behind Da Storm
Tree Behind Da Storm Hace 2 días
dat earrape tho
Patricia Law Li
Patricia Law Li Hace 4 días
The switch lite more like the light switch
Rahul Pode
Rahul Pode Hace 4 días
Switch is bad they should update the hardware to handle the latest game.
Jędrzej Tokarski
Jędrzej Tokarski Hace 21 un hora
Rahul Pode Which ,,latest game”?
Iman Radi
Iman Radi Hace 4 días
U suck
The Laze
The Laze Hace 5 días
Bruh. Your being greedy, it’s a switch LITE
Glo BoyDT
Glo BoyDT Hace 5 días
🤦‍♀️ you're so incompetent you can't compare the two the lite is and on the go portable hand held and the regular switch is a home console comparing the two and nit picking at every thing
Maria Jimena Figueroa
Maria Jimena Figueroa Hace 6 días
R.I.P 3DS 2011-2019
Pokemon Gamer
Pokemon Gamer Hace 6 días
I think Switch lite was made for younger kids so they wouldnt lose the joy cons, and was also made for little kids because its more protective I guess?
Shon Newton
Shon Newton Hace 6 días
I play Nintendo switch lite fist system time play my iPhone XR us mobile game done care put tv get both
Joshua Dews
Joshua Dews Hace 7 días
Don't hate me but I wish I had this.
RyanTEZO Hace 7 días
Bathaniel is mind blown about the switch lite Nathaniel is triggered about the switch lite
Mrnotsoslow Plays
Mrnotsoslow Plays Hace 7 días
When you thought the Nintendo switch lite is better..
Bee Beep
Bee Beep Hace 7 días
Have fun in the boulders son
DrDoritosRMLG Hace 8 días
No lie I liked the Ds better than 3ds lol
Kameron Ward
Kameron Ward Hace 8 días
you have the bitchiest voice
Milo Bedford
Milo Bedford Hace 9 días
The console.. Just the console itself
stufivio Plays
stufivio Plays Hace 9 días
I know the secret. The thing they wanted to hide from us is not *ALIENS* its the *NINTENDO SWITCH LITE* . We know it all, goverment go tell the truth, we know it is the *NINTENDO SWITCH LITE*
qmc sans
qmc sans Hace 9 días
The end of the vid was better but hey still a good youtuber
qmc sans
qmc sans Hace 9 días
Easter _God
Easter _God Hace 7 días
Lewisloves Gaming123
Lewisloves Gaming123 Hace 9 días
Louisiana Cowboy
Louisiana Cowboy Hace 9 días
How the SNES Triggers You How the N64 Triggers You How the Gamecube Triggers You That way the consoles come full circle
Shon Newton
Shon Newton Hace 9 días
I get Nintendo Switch lite work good I done put tv free fortnight
Tyrone vlogs 1
Tyrone vlogs 1 Hace 9 días
If I had a switch I would use it in tv mode but handheld when I’m in bed or not home, god I want one
Retro Game Days
Retro Game Days Hace 10 días
2:50 i guess you misunderstood, its 60K
COCONUT MLG Hace 10 días
It's already portable no?
nick ferrantello
nick ferrantello Hace 10 días
take your heart
nick ferrantello
nick ferrantello Hace 10 días
we want switch pro
jerry Hace 10 días
I like how when everybody seen leaks of the lite they were like *ThIs* *iS* *tHe* *BeSt* *ThINg* *EvEr* and now everybody hates it
Otaku_GameFan Hace 11 días
I actually like this idea since the Standard Switches are just too big even in Portable form. My only problems that I wish this came out earlier before the Resident Evil Remastered Versions on Switch were released and that there's no Rumble like you said.
Recorder noob
Recorder noob Hace 11 días
Gets a swich lite ad
Eira Awesome YT
Eira Awesome YT Hace 11 días
1:02 The Xbox 360 Wasn't Made By Nintendo
chagorith Hace 11 días
tbh, I'm absolutely loving the Swith lite, despite everyone telling me to just get the actual switch (I don't play on the TV nor table mode, even on my uncle's switch, so why would I waste about 200€ more for functions I don't use and I didn't like the motion controls for BotW, because it was kinda awkward doing them in handheld plus it's smaller size makes it easy for me to take it out of the house without anyone noticing it's disappearance)
MeekmeekoftheKayden Hace 11 días
Finally another lite
Stewart Dorans
Stewart Dorans Hace 11 días
Yay two videos in one
Killer Bean
Killer Bean Hace 12 días
I'll get one for my friends who live out in the boulders
Kenny Wise
Kenny Wise Hace 12 días
I know why it triggers me *ITS NOT MELEE*
Mr Cheese
Mr Cheese Hace 13 días
I was just gonna buy a new 3ds. Xl but ok
Ryan Kulibaba
Ryan Kulibaba Hace 13 días
Or if you want wait until Black Friday and get a switch for the same price
Deissy Hernandez
Deissy Hernandez Hace 13 días
Im only trigger that the lite has 11 games
Epic Gamer boi
Epic Gamer boi Hace 13 días
I have it it fine
YoRHa Hace 14 días
the only reason i went with the new switch is the joycon drift :(
SashDaMeme Hace 14 días
the switch lite literally looks like the wii u gamepad
Earnest Standback
Earnest Standback Hace 14 días
I'm only triggered because the controls wont come off anymore :/
Earnest Standback
Earnest Standback Hace 4 días
@Aid3n Mack3nzi3 Ikr
Aid3n Mack3nzi3
Aid3n Mack3nzi3 Hace 5 días
Yeah, that's kinda stupid to thing about.
DayanaDaFangirl 100
DayanaDaFangirl 100 Hace 14 días
Um well the switch Lite already has the joycon drift
JoJoMemeRequiem Hace 14 días
My man Nathaniel got a 388GB extra storage on the Lite acting like its nothing. 1:55
Peter Szekely
Peter Szekely Hace 15 días
1:36 untitled goose game
Scott Laishley
Scott Laishley Hace 15 días
3:53 Nintendo Switch U gamepad cost 2 Nintendo Switches 1 dead
Michael Lagassey
Michael Lagassey Hace 15 días
Bathaniel nandy was behind the mind blowing series
Shuriken Boy789
Shuriken Boy789 Hace 15 días
No joy cons
Deluxe Guy
Deluxe Guy Hace 15 días
Jokes on you I just got a 2Ds and currently playing Ocarina of Time
Cole Snow
Cole Snow Hace 15 días
NB buy a Xbox 360
Gdashfan13 GD
Gdashfan13 GD Hace 15 días
So The switch lite is literally a Phonetendo Switch Lite?
hi welcome to chillis
hi welcome to chillis Hace 15 días
I ask for a regular switch and they bought me this they said I can get out more now
curtains_ 4you
curtains_ 4you Hace 15 días
Is it just me or do it looks like a smaller version of the Wii U?
Azemi Farhan
Azemi Farhan Hace 16 días
I live on boulders too give me one.
Columbus41 Productions
Columbus41 Productions Hace 16 días
Use a pop socket to make it stand
Ronnie James
Ronnie James Hace 16 días
Switch lite is a ripoff
jkoala Hace 16 días
The Nintendo switch lite is out
S_entinential-TheRiptzyTier Hace 16 días
On the back it doesn’t say *lite* Well done Nintendo 👍
The Great G-man The Guy
The Great G-man The Guy Hace un día
You cn't use the switch lite as a second screen like the Wii U
LokiTeeVee Hace 16 días
ds lite anyone?
Likealokey Hace 16 días
Nintendo Switch Lite is just call Wii U 2
Oscar Iraheta
Oscar Iraheta Hace 16 días
How nintendo switch lite trigger you. 1: you could just save another 100 dollars for a original switch 2: it will be complicated to put a GameCube controller on a switch lite 3: Nintendo haven’t make a portable carry case yet. I know you can use a original switch case but come on. 4: leaving a Nintendo switch lite on a table could be a risk if there water or other food near it. 5: changing out the Nintendo Switch lite plastic shell will be more complicated 6: why does it call a Nintendo switch lite when it doesn’t switch, GOOD JOB NINTENDO 7: there is no grip 8: why there is no screen protector made from Nintendo for the switch lite 9: it only made for 1 player, you could play 2 players but the screen will be small.
Gabriel Ratner
Gabriel Ratner Hace 16 días
I live out in the bolders
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