How NBA 2K Makes Basketball Players Look Real In Video Games

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NBA 2K19, the top basketball sim game, turns NBA players into video game avatars using mocap and body scans. We go behind the scenes at 2K Sports to show you the process of how they realistically capture basketball players' form and movement. Find out how NBA All-Stars like Steph Curry, Lebron James, James Harden, and Russell Westbrook get such detailed appearances and individualized animations in the game, and why 2K's character avatars are getting more and more realistic each year.
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How NBA 2K Makes Basketball Players Look Real In Video Games

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Byanfikri Hace 25 días
Wait is the Steph's dribbling warmups really in the games? 2:32
CeLL TheGreat
CeLL TheGreat Hace 9 días
YES LAST 3 years
Ethan Fenton
Ethan Fenton Hace un mes
Thats a lie cuz curry in 2k dont look like him in real life.
CeLL TheGreat
CeLL TheGreat Hace 9 días
Angelo’s gaming Channel
Angelo’s gaming Channel Hace un mes
At 1:30 Aaron gordon missed the slam dunk
Rance Ranola Music beat channel
Rance Ranola Music beat channel Hace un mes
That’s super litty
Ankle Breaker
Ankle Breaker Hace un mes
mike wang
Shalana Jaquess
Shalana Jaquess Hace 2 meses
Then how do they get historical players so perfectly like MJ and Wilt
McNugget Hace 2 meses
How they do it. They don’t...
Splash2X Hace 3 meses
"Avatar". Its a MyPlayer. You disgust me Insider. Its a avatar but how dare you. You're worse than Ronnie.
Shalana Jaquess
Shalana Jaquess Hace 3 meses
Then how do they get m.j in this game
Mark Wilson
Mark Wilson Hace 3 meses
Why haven't all pro sports gone to video games to continue playing? It could be televised and be great entertainment for the fans!
Artemio.PH Hace 3 meses
great content 💯
House Grumpy Boys
House Grumpy Boys Hace 3 meses
“Next gen character animation” *_ball still goes through hand during a block_*
Caden22Gotem mlk
Caden22Gotem mlk Hace 4 meses
Where lonzo
Author Alan Roger Currie
Author Alan Roger Currie Hace 4 meses
Love this video!!!
cyrus guballa
cyrus guballa Hace 5 meses
what is that game name
prxnce kenshin
prxnce kenshin Hace 7 meses
The blonde dude I swear is future mr beast
Drew Lucas
Drew Lucas Hace 7 meses
NBA 2k20 animations are trash like if u agree
leitinho quente
leitinho quente Hace 7 meses
2k11 still the best 2k game!
Sanji Kun
Sanji Kun Hace 8 meses
Thats a lot of a job to scan all the NBA players all around america ! They're awesome 2k is really awesome ..
Drew GamingPH
Drew GamingPH Hace 8 meses
Ivan 『TWICE』
Ivan 『TWICE』 Hace 10 meses
I hope they add more dunk in 2k20 mobile bc its same as 2k19
TPlumy Otaku'ed
TPlumy Otaku'ed Hace 10 meses
The thumbnail looked like Ben Simmons tho
Twitch_darkjolt Hace 10 meses
They can do all that but they can’t fix the game
MR. Tron
MR. Tron Hace 11 meses
What the the theme song played for the movement
Uchenna Duru
Uchenna Duru Hace 11 meses
Fix micro transactions
iloading_1024 Hace un año
Lmao the graphics are ass
Shelly Kitchen
Shelly Kitchen Hace un año
Anyone else hate that some players 2k just doesn’t try, like Michael porter jrs shot form in 2k is nothing like it actually it
Connor Bui
Connor Bui Hace un año
Kawhi Leonard though 😂
Dj Ryals
Dj Ryals Hace un año
I feel bad for how they made Westbrook look like a dog in the game
DORITO MAN Hace un año
How is this good graphics Russell Westbrook for example HE LOOKS LIKE A FROG trae young looks like HE TOOK A SHOWER
Pepper Cat
Pepper Cat Hace un año
dude centers maks threes the games is unfair. the graphics suck and the game just is horrible. after 20 years
Israyl Leroy
Israyl Leroy Hace un año
EA take notes
Takeover095 Hace un año
2k still some shit
Gustavo Philippsen de Campos
Gustavo Philippsen de Campos Hace un año
I think they should have every player try on each teams jersey in my league
NoYz Gaming
NoYz Gaming Hace un año
It’s called face scan
Karl Pineda
Karl Pineda Hace un año
How people buy the same trash yearly, and spend money on in-game items is beyond me
Btg_Drae Hace un año
Different players idk I buy it's fun even if it repeats
Young LaFlame
Young LaFlame Hace un año
4:05 „every team across the US“ Toronto Raptors:what’s about us?!
Vashun Allen
Vashun Allen Hace un año
They messed Russ hair up
Ghost_solider V2
Ghost_solider V2 Hace un año
Why can’t they do that with ps3 2k18
Frozone Hace un año
Lol I wonder who mocap the glitches?
Sub to me and I’ll sub to you- tripletee
Sub to me and I’ll sub to you- tripletee Hace un año
Not true at all 0:17
yolo mein
yolo mein Hace un año
Bruh nba 2k doesn’t have good graphics
Reuri Villareal
Reuri Villareal Hace un año
Wheres the big baller brand
Rea Jane Padua
Rea Jane Padua Hace un año
What about the all time players or classic players
NBA.2248 Hace un año
What about retired players
Bryana Cougar
Bryana Cougar Hace un año
Did they ask Steph to chew his mouth guard?
Bryana Cougar
Bryana Cougar Hace un año
Lol i got my answer 😂. I hope they have Vanvleet’s scream
hypergentis Hace un año
Kawhi’s animations were probably the easiest to make😂
LiL litty nalgas
LiL litty nalgas Hace un año
Comments better than the game
LiL litty nalgas
LiL litty nalgas Hace un año
2k: it looks so realistic A+ Me: what about Russell Westbro- 2k: B+
JaceUnknown Hace un año
Eyes look dead though, that's one thing no one could really make look "alive"
RaZoR RaZoR Hace un año
"Its the most life like game in the world." 2k office: "MORE SWEAT, WE NEED MORE SWEAT!!!!"
Shiven12 Hace un año
1:27 he missed
hachibaba Hace un año
Try to say russel Westbrook looks like his 2k character try it
Fre0n Gaming
Fre0n Gaming Hace un año
Who remembers that mortal kombat secret character calles mokap
mike Hace un año
what about the past players, like prime drose, jordan, pippen, shaq how do they capture their face and movements?
Bobby Smith
Bobby Smith Hace un año
What if players don’t want to do this lmao
Lenny Hace un año
They do all this but instead of updating the game they make a new one the next year
Arthur Morgan
Arthur Morgan Hace un año
When Steph Curry’s wife drops more open threes then I do in 2K
Marvin Flowers
Marvin Flowers Hace un año
They need to make Nfl2k game with all this new technology
Angelina Kruse
Angelina Kruse Hace un año
No one says that stephs 2k player looks more like steph then steph
PostHooking-_- Hace un año
all they need to do now is get rid of contracts
Open Eye
Open Eye Hace un año
That’s a ton of work for a game I’ll never play.
vtecx626 Hace un año
I thought these games were hand drawn
Dave j
Dave j Hace un año
But still get the ball stolen with a hand through your back
That One Guy
That One Guy Hace un año
Ayesha dropped 7 shots with every guy
Bogo Hace un año
I’ve always thought curry didn’t look like curry in 2k........
Bartholomew Fohand
Bartholomew Fohand Hace un año
Game still sucks
Antoney Don
Antoney Don Hace un año
Just say mostly real then real
Christian Ver Gutierez
Christian Ver Gutierez Hace un año
How gta 5 made?
Kel Hace un año
I’m so sure they get every player in the game this way :/
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