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There's a fine line between passtime and doing timepass.
What's the difference? Find out in Kanan Gill's latest special, 'Yours Sincerely, Kanan Gill’ now streaming, only on Netflix.
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kirorupa Hace 4 horas
Shweta A Nair
Shweta A Nair Hace un día
Kanan you are awesome! so naturally brilliant
Pranav Yerram
Pranav Yerram Hace 2 días
Haan when all we do is time pass ; we have peeps dangling up our nerves to make us feel guilty bout that .... Coz time is money but more so it's a damned swear in our nation.... This was relatable AF
Lasya Gajavelli
Lasya Gajavelli Hace 3 días
This is sooooo good...nd the last one was awesomeee😹😹😹
Vivek Karthik
Vivek Karthik Hace 5 días
No hate, but this was honestly better than Kenny's special.
Sudarshan .R
Sudarshan .R Hace 15 horas
@Varshika Bajaj cool
Varshika Bajaj
Varshika Bajaj Hace 15 horas
@Sudarshan .R I legit found this one amazing👏🏻 u are free to hold onto Ur opinion😌
Sudarshan .R
Sudarshan .R Hace 15 horas
@Varshika Bajaj cmon
Varshika Bajaj
Varshika Bajaj Hace 16 horas
Sudarshan .R
Sudarshan .R Hace 3 días
Titiksha Gupta
Titiksha Gupta Hace 6 días
Hey.. U were wonderful
Ramya Sridharan
Ramya Sridharan Hace 7 días
is it just me or everyone else also think that kanan and Arjun kanungo look alike?
Nur Shaheerah
Nur Shaheerah Hace 8 días
Jake, is that you?!
The Song Roaster
The Song Roaster Hace 10 días
Doesn't he look like Andy samberg
vimal varghese
vimal varghese Hace 11 días
Kanan is better than Kenny
Amrutha Ravikanth
Amrutha Ravikanth Hace 11 días
Anyone else watching without even a smile breaking through?
Dear Bish
Dear Bish Hace 12 días
Kanan looks like a person coming straight from Sounth Indian movies, NOW! I missed his stand-up comedies ♥
Tuneer Chatterjee
Tuneer Chatterjee Hace 12 días
He tries so hard.
Monisha Singh
Monisha Singh Hace 12 días
Brown Andy Samberg
Venkat Iyer
Venkat Iyer Hace 14 días
Yes I noticed that silent airport announcement in Bengaluru airport
Someshwar Rao
Someshwar Rao Hace 15 días
Kanan Gill looks like a South Indian Andy Samberg.
Poornima Mohan
Poornima Mohan Hace 15 días
Lousy comedy, his voice is bad, he is trying hard to be funny.
Shaista Waheed
Shaista Waheed Hace 15 días
srihari v
srihari v Hace 15 días
Anyone feel that his Voice is similar to dulquer salmaan
Pratik Kanthi
Pratik Kanthi Hace 15 días
Good to see him back. Kannan should have continued his ESwomen career - he was excellent at it. Better than a stand up comedy.
Manish Madaan
Manish Madaan Hace 16 días
His face suggest he's fit
prijesh rajan
prijesh rajan Hace 16 días
Nice DQ !
Natasha Verma
Natasha Verma Hace 17 días
so the Julius Caesar video began because of this . TIME PASS
Sonam Doima
Sonam Doima Hace 17 días
Perfect 😂❤
Shojib Miha
Shojib Miha Hace 18 días
sanjit33m Hace 18 días
Sreehari Sureshbabu
Sreehari Sureshbabu Hace 19 días
Love the way u hold.mic
Indima Senevirathne
Indima Senevirathne Hace 20 días
I am digging the new kanan with a beard and black shirt...🤣🤣
Missie Wiz
Missie Wiz Hace 20 días
I should not have seen this at 2 am while my baby slept near me. I freaked her out when I burst out at the GoAir line.
luv pie
luv pie Hace 22 días
Do u wanna know what my frnd said when I asked him what u do for time pass? He said I get in a relationship for time pass... Who says that daa...come on🙈🙉🙊
Lady Shiva
Lady Shiva Hace 22 días
He is funny, he is so talented and he is so handsome.. like can I travel to India and have a date with drinking a Lassi and eating Lentils Dhaal? ♥️
KomedyIndians Hace 22 días
Awesome Video Netflix India! Your vids are really good, if you like i do some vidos as well, feel free to check them out!
prem malhotra
prem malhotra Hace 22 días
I just can't get over the fact that how beautiful and handsome this guy is.
Shishir Maharana
Shishir Maharana Hace 23 días
2:31 was like Jake Peralta.
leela rani
leela rani Hace 23 días
Y there is a huge height difference between the performer and the audience Necks r going to definitely ache for both
Paris 87
Paris 87 Hace 23 días
looool So funny!
Murshid Rahuman
Murshid Rahuman Hace 23 días
Am I the only 1 whose annoyed by his high pitched voice 😅 everything else I love
LiveFree ToDiehard
LiveFree ToDiehard Hace 23 días
This guy sound like DQ in some manner.
tej palla
tej palla Hace 24 días
He looks like Gopichand from tollywood
hashna maria
hashna maria Hace 24 días
U like sidharth malhothra !
Mallika Paul
Mallika Paul Hace 24 días
With his beard on, he looks just like Andy Sandburg or Shahid Kapoor
Kiran Thomas
Kiran Thomas Hace 24 días
This guy is gold
Shubh Maheshwari
Shubh Maheshwari Hace 24 días
Kabhi hindi me bhi kar liya karo. Jo maza hindi me hai vo english me kabhi nhi aayega
Pramila Lopies
Pramila Lopies Hace 24 días
Expression king......
Prabha YSS
Prabha YSS Hace 24 días
Wow !! Too good...
Gaurav Kumar
Gaurav Kumar Hace 26 días
Is it me or does he look jake peralta?!
Shivani Narendran
Shivani Narendran Hace 26 días
I feel like my whole life is a timepass.
Shiv Sai
Shiv Sai Hace 16 días
Madhusmita Singh
Madhusmita Singh Hace 26 días
The first thing people are noticing here is how he is looking ... Me too .. ,🤣
uphill m3
uphill m3 Hace 27 días
Oh my God, the entire Netflix 1 hr show is simply amazing... Damn funny
Mallika Awasthi
Mallika Awasthi Hace 27 días
Keshav Srivastav
Keshav Srivastav Hace 27 días
He is looking more like Jake peralta from Brooklyn 99
Rohan Patil
Rohan Patil Hace 28 días
Only on netflix and telegram.
Aleesha Eleen
Aleesha Eleen Hace un mes
Such keen observation this guy has💥
Kishore AK
Kishore AK Hace un mes
Desi Andy Samberg
Jdjdjf Hdhdjdh
Jdjdjf Hdhdjdh Hace un mes
Found nothing funny
Pratiksha Srk
Pratiksha Srk Hace un mes
I really love this man
Shikhar Kumar
Shikhar Kumar Hace un mes
Am i the only one who is resembling him with Allu Arjun
Suprasanna Baruah
Suprasanna Baruah Hace un mes
OH GOD!! That airport part. I got a certain satisfaction listening to that part. Damn Funny🤣🤣🤣
drasti Patel
drasti Patel Hace un mes
He has a glimpse of javed jafree ....and ya even his voice sometimes seem like him😮
Green Health
Green Health Hace un mes
Kanan Gill is normally AWESOME and had loved all his previous videos...esp his very casual style of talking was faaaabulous. .however here ...not only is he looking different..but also...trying a bit tooo hard...and it was a turn off......hope he stands on his core competency ....his fabulous relaxed style and that sly smile which was a fav before.....Kanan hope you are reading this.
Ayush09 pattnaik
Ayush09 pattnaik Hace un mes
Kanan gill❤❤
Greeshma Pillai
Greeshma Pillai Hace un mes
Basically, Shahid Kapoor + Jake Peralta + Arjun Kanungo = Kanan Gill
Javeria Rana
Javeria Rana Hace un mes
Aniket Narvekar
Aniket Narvekar Hace un mes
The editing is also pretty good here 👌
Keertana Gade
Keertana Gade Hace un mes
2:34 to 2:37 proof that maybe kanan is andy samberg's doppleganger! any peraltiago fans over here?!
fusion_fever Hace un mes
When kanan gill watched kabir Singh movie before the show for"TIME PASS",and later rehearsed shahids body language to "PASS TIME"
Priya Meravigliosa
Priya Meravigliosa Hace un mes
Kanan, you are amazing! Keep this up pleaseeee! 😇❤️
Mustabshirah Hanif
Mustabshirah Hanif Hace un mes
We've read your writing it's time pass!!!😂😂😂😂😠
Rashmi Bhatt
Rashmi Bhatt Hace un mes
Why does he sound and look like a love child of Javed Jaffery and Shahid Kapoor? 😂
Rayzur Designs
Rayzur Designs Hace un mes
I watched the last joke around 10 times to pass time.
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