How Illegal Items Are Found And Destroyed At JFK Airport

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At NYC's John F. Kennedy Airport, 1,000 bags an hour are checked for narcotics and illicit food. Customs and Border Patrol officials are tasked with stopping these goods from entering the United States.
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How Illegal Items Are Found And Destroyed At JFK Airport

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Alexis Bloom
Alexis Bloom Hace 16 minutos
Were facing world hunger here..... Don't just throw it away
Earth Hace 5 horas
It is ridiculous to bring food to the USA that you can find here.
Mercy Main
Mercy Main Hace 7 horas
Give it to the poor
Eng Joe Ann
Eng Joe Ann Hace 8 horas
Ginger destroying ginger
Elis Phantomhive
Elis Phantomhive Hace 9 horas
what a waste of food 😭
Corbanus The great
Corbanus The great Hace 10 horas
This is genuinely terrible imagine not having food and then watching this video tons of food grinded or incinerated each day f**king wake up
P4RTY K1D Hace 11 horas
When they make this video to make people think the TSA is critically important.
Faiz Ali
Faiz Ali Hace 14 horas
So here’s a fact: I am very scared of big dogs. So once I was at the airport when I was 9, I had snacks in my bag like chips and candy, so a dog the same size of Spike came towards me and I was getting scared. So what I did was, I dropped my bag on the ground and ran to my parents 😂😂😂
Erika Perez de Quito
Erika Perez de Quito Hace 20 horas
*Shows Spike* Me: Oh no they actually sniff for food *Spike sniffing for drugs* Me: phew, I won’t get caught *Shows Biscuit sniffing for food* Me: *hyperventilates*
Erika Perez de Quito
Erika Perez de Quito Hace 20 horas
Had someone tell me that they knew a person that brought several live crabs, they put them in diapers and haven’t got caught
Mslm Hamada
Mslm Hamada Hace 22 horas
I think she's obese because she eats the confiscated food
Paulus MANKER Hace 23 horas
3:00 ginger need to eat this stuff not to destroy, maybe she will be not so fat than than she wont be so fat
DIXEN K Hace un día
Ginger takes care of your food xD
GrizzlySnipez Gaming
GrizzlySnipez Gaming Hace un día
Imagine all the kids in Africa watching her waste the food.
adrian blade
adrian blade Hace un día
Since when is good an item?
adrian blade
adrian blade Hace un día
0:01 what a waste if they were edible.
Charles Detecio
Charles Detecio Hace un día
I saw Lanzones. Waaa favorite Fruit uhuhu
jjseokhpe Hace un día
ShareThisFastDOTcom Hace un día
all that rotting fruit would have really complimented the rotting meat.
AusWash Hace un día
America being wasteful? What else is new
bionicflora Hace un día
Bruhh those were perfectly good mangoes ):
Mokkori Chance
Mokkori Chance Hace un día
Ginger was slim when she first got hired.
TonyYT Hace un día
Why don’t they donate the food wtf
Adrian gay
Adrian gay Hace 51 un minuto
The same reason they dont let you take it home with you just watch the video again 😉
They probably resale the narcotics lol
BangtansDdochi Hace un día
That's such a waste tho :(
Sreejani Ghosh
Sreejani Ghosh Hace 2 días
Does no one else see a problem with wastage of so much of food? This is disgusting.
Janine Rose
Janine Rose Hace 2 días
Respect to all farmers. Throwing those fruits and vegetables like trash :
kelvin patel
kelvin patel Hace 2 días
Worst government agency in the world. Jfk customs had zero professionalism.
1000subsnovideos Hace 10 horas
Elaborate on that
TechFoodie Hace 2 días
They should make juice or jam
lock heart
lock heart Hace 2 días
I brought pizza on an airplane in my carry on. I'm surprised they didn't find any terroristic pepperonis.
OMGmynameisLILI - Lili Martínez
OMGmynameisLILI - Lili Martínez Hace 2 días
Yikes. They could just...keep it ? Why destroy it?
Ethan Vo
Ethan Vo Hace 2 días
_can i bring in the earthworm_
DiEGOGARCiA Hace 2 días
I saw Biscuit as I was flying out of JFK. I laughed a little because of how small the dog was. Then I realized how amazing beagles noses are and I shut up.
jamiebellwolf Hace 2 días
the ham in spain and china is proably better then in america! But america wants people to only get american things!
Brooks Hace 2 días
*Mr. Trump, we must destroy the grape at all costs! It is a t h r e a t to our country!*
Crazy shots Clips
Crazy shots Clips Hace 2 días
This is so bad there are people firing cause of a pack of food and airports of throwing food down that is just ok. I wonder why it doesn’t tell you how many diseases she really finds.😂 Good video just bad people at the airport get a new process
stormageddon darklordofall
stormageddon darklordofall Hace 2 días
Amanda 434
Amanda 434 Hace 2 días
I wanna try that airport contraband salsa
de fe
de fe Hace 2 días
Does it only seem to me alone that they themselves eat everything?
탄Nancy Hace 2 días
So, new york really forbidden to bring outside food. It seems they worried if their food get stolen by those import 🤣. Somehow, kinda wasted of that fruit and vegetables. Just one of reason to hide the truth
MiMi Hace 3 días
ok but I peeled, cut in half, and de-seeded our green mangoes declared it and they threw it away right in front of me :(
1000subsnovideos Hace 10 horas
Then don't try bring stuff you are not supposed to bring
Logan Wilder
Logan Wilder Hace 3 días
An agriculture specialist named Ginger lol how ironic
AlphaOwnsYou Hace 3 días
Was honestly watching wondering why food was a problem but after explanation it made perfect sense. So many things we have here that we take for granted and we don't even realize it.
Kriti Singh
Kriti Singh Hace 3 días
Why this video screams ‘Fruit Ninja’ to me 🤪😄
Prosody Monstrosity
Prosody Monstrosity Hace 3 días
Julio Cesar
Julio Cesar Hace 3 días
Love me some Serrano ham...
Toni N.
Toni N. Hace 3 días
I don't know if everyone is being funny/sarcastic or they dont understand why they destroy these food items.
Justin Raker
Justin Raker Hace 2 días
Because people are dumb and don't want to listen to the video. There's so many comments making this a joke, but the video says that they destroy fruit that could cause nationwide disease and protect against people who may want to intentionally bring something bacterially dangerous into the US as an act of terrorism.
Jasna Kurtović
Jasna Kurtović Hace 3 días
Looking at this woman Ginger, I don’t believe that she doesn’t eat this food
Jasna Kurtović
Jasna Kurtović Hace 3 días
She’s overweight 😂
EddTheBob !
EddTheBob ! Hace 4 días
If most of the stuff being grinder is fruit, it must smell pretty good in there
Boodlebug13 Hace 4 días
ok but the cop talking to the dog in a doggy voice made me happy ok cool
Jerom Lee
Jerom Lee Hace 4 días
Now i know why there is so much food waste in the world
Ahibj8 Hace 4 días
They’re shot
Robert Beene
Robert Beene Hace 4 días
Yea let's worry about the luggage not the shipments of bananas or fruits that have brought so many species of invading the African killer bees
Itsyourboi 101
Itsyourboi 101 Hace 4 días
Who has actually been to JFK airport I have
Asiaa Cyniical
Asiaa Cyniical Hace 4 días
You got drug puppies and food puppies and they're very good boys at doing their jobs and not making scene and they should get all the lovins
Luka Kočevar
Luka Kočevar Hace 4 días
This is like getting/having herpes. And then you go, aww shiet bruh, better play it safe from now on so I don't get it a second time!
Jxshua Yuzn
Jxshua Yuzn Hace 4 días
She ate all the food
Scott Scott
Scott Scott Hace 4 días
They did my boy sal dirty😂 4:28
Kyrie Kwsta
Kyrie Kwsta Hace 4 días
TheSpinBoy Hace 4 días
Fruit and vegetables grinder? No wonder people are so fat in America
Hannah W.
Hannah W. Hace 4 días
What if someone brings a bug but not any food? Wouldnt that mean it would make it through?
T Bow
T Bow Hace 4 días
One time a officer stopped me and asked me if I had fruits purely based off the fact I’m asian. Though I actually don’t blame them, asian people be smuggling foods.
Anna Pittman
Anna Pittman Hace 4 días
Thank you spike and biscuit for protecting our country
Brad Ting
Brad Ting Hace 4 días
JAY DEEE Hace 4 días
Trains dog to search peoples bag most of the time they don’t find shit
Dylan Perrin
Dylan Perrin Hace 4 días
Dangerous people You gonna hide someone in your suitcase?
12 inchesofworm
12 inchesofworm Hace 4 días
They named the dogs Biscuit and Spike??? Omg My heart
BlueStroke Hace 4 días
Why would anyone get serrano ham when iberian exists
Ocean Blue Animations
Ocean Blue Animations Hace 4 días
6:12 to 6:20 How to make a salad
Kalaiselvi Hace 5 días
I clicked on this video just for the comments............ I'm not disappointed
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