How I WON Lachlan's $20 000 Trio Fashion Show World Cup Qualifier! (Fortnite Battle Royale)

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Shoutout to my teammates!
@xDogged x @EvanTubeGaming
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Hey everyone it’s SypherPK, and Welcome back to another fortnite battle royale vid! I try to keep these vids as clean and family friendly as possible. In todays video I WON into Lachlans $20000 fashion show world cup qualifier! big thanks to Evantube and xDogged for being my trio! Hope you guys are enjoying season 2 of chapter 2 as much as I am.
#fortnite #sypherpk #season2 #chapter2

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Paul Frost
Paul Frost Hace 32 minutos
You should have hade plunja
R.I.M Fortmaker69
R.I.M Fortmaker69 Hace 13 horas
I'm about to fire lachlan from his job fr saying "yoshe"
Hammxr Hace 13 horas
Lol jid
Xxpinky BTW
Xxpinky BTW Hace 22 horas
Ishaan Sandhu
Ishaan Sandhu Hace un día
9:09 when sypher did the ground pound, they should have edited the other person down as if he smashed the ground, that would be lit Edit: just realised the floor would break if they did that😔
Kajus Jovaisa
Kajus Jovaisa Hace un día
More and more this video
Kailani M
Kailani M Hace un día
I love how Lachlan’s so sad about yoshy getting taken away
Gage Lewis
Gage Lewis Hace un día
Is it just me or does Lachlan look like luka doncic with blonde hair
Trying to get 1k with out Uploading
Trying to get 1k with out Uploading Hace un día
Yashi lol
Rowan Palacio
Rowan Palacio Hace un día
Evantubehd what
Travel vlogs by asif
Travel vlogs by asif Hace 2 días
Bro you have nice fortnite content on your cahnnel
Why_d0 1_b0th3r
Why_d0 1_b0th3r Hace 2 días
Btw not trying to be mean
Why_d0 1_b0th3r
Why_d0 1_b0th3r Hace 2 días
Me:OMG I can’t believe it
Why_d0 1_b0th3r
Why_d0 1_b0th3r Hace 2 días
SypherPK:oh wow I won 10,00 dollars 💵
Why_d0 1_b0th3r
Why_d0 1_b0th3r Hace 2 días
U lit
Pele Reveles
Pele Reveles Hace 2 días
Well u clearly won
karla chagolla
karla chagolla Hace 2 días
karla chagolla
karla chagolla Hace 2 días
im gay
feaZe WiLsOn
feaZe WiLsOn Hace 2 días
As if your playing fashion shows
Artic Fox24
Artic Fox24 Hace 3 días
Plz follow my favorite streamer on twitch his twitch name is Xxxmeatyassassin2xx
Tyxoe LF
Tyxoe LF Hace 3 días
Bro I don’t know he dousnt think about other people he has about a thousand subs and there are people that don’t have money that could have won and that could have changed there lifes
Soul King
Soul King Hace 3 días
Can you support my creator code it’s kingkidagreatone
Soul King
Soul King Hace un día
@ΔᴄѳʀєɴΔ I was joking and don’t ever call me that or else. And don’t fu**ing mess with me.
ΔᴄѳʀєɴΔ Hace un día
That isn't a creator code dumbass
Jovanny Cenel
Jovanny Cenel Hace 4 días
Jolt Art
Jolt Art Hace 4 días
Mario one was a bit confusing because in donkey Kong there was never a flag
Rainbow Discover
Rainbow Discover Hace 4 días
this was so awesome!!!!!!
Buddy Dock 24
Buddy Dock 24 Hace 4 días
Do you play fortnite in Sunday's game lachlan or
Rxzor Hace 4 días
3:55 That fish tho
Roman Salmeron
Roman Salmeron Hace 4 días
Roman Salmeron
Roman Salmeron Hace 4 días
Roman Salmeron
Roman Salmeron Hace 4 días
Roman Salmeron
Roman Salmeron Hace 4 días
😊😊😊😊😊 Boy.
Roman Salmeron
Roman Salmeron Hace 4 días
Roman Salmeron
Roman Salmeron Hace 4 días
Roman Salmeron
Roman Salmeron Hace 4 días
Gabe Tyler Hernandez
Gabe Tyler Hernandez Hace 4 días
I sub
CACTUSJACK Studio Hace 4 días
u only won cause he knows who u are
Angela Reynoso-Solis
Angela Reynoso-Solis Hace 4 días
ImEffxct_ Hace 4 días
Put a like if you like PayToWinnnnnn!!!
Matthew Arroyo
Matthew Arroyo Hace 4 días
Bruh those skin combos are actuuuaallyy INSANE
TerKo Gaming
TerKo Gaming Hace 5 días
Nice vid but you already have enough money you won that 20k but u don need tha really...but others do
Devilish Soccer
Devilish Soccer Hace 5 días
Let’s not talk about Lachlan’s ping
Tabzy Hace 5 días
Rebecca Cawthorne
Rebecca Cawthorne Hace 6 días
can I add you on Fortnite
Tyler Weikel
Tyler Weikel Hace 6 días
Your mom says fortnite is a waste of money
Nikko Vu
Nikko Vu Hace 6 días
Love ur vids and Evans
Laura Weaver
Laura Weaver Hace 7 días
Gg good your awesome let's soooooooo I am on my moms phone but woo hoo
Fearful Key
Fearful Key Hace 7 días
I watch Evan tube but I never thought u guys would work together
Sime Khan
Sime Khan Hace 7 días
Who knows who evantube is
Adventures with Peter the Mini Lop Bunny Rabbit
Adventures with Peter the Mini Lop Bunny Rabbit Hace 7 días
Mario is a plumber put oh well
Brobro 5560
Brobro 5560 Hace 7 días
Donkey Kong!
Hassan TDM
Hassan TDM Hace 7 días
Use code sypherpk in the item shop
LEKS GAMING Hace 7 días
Felt kinda biased tbh lol
WE DRIPZ Hace 7 días
Subscribe to me
Eclipse Hace 7 días
Evan sounds sooooo different!
Sj beast sharks Jonny
Sj beast sharks Jonny Hace 8 días
I tried so hard in the fashion show for this
Pey FN
Pey FN Hace 8 días
I’ve watched this 4 times and I just now realized that donkey Kong was EvenTubeHD
Unkhown DiwaniyaKFP
Unkhown DiwaniyaKFP Hace 8 días
Grady Parker
Grady Parker Hace 8 días
How did he have Christmas skull truper
Mason Ferreira
Mason Ferreira Hace 8 días
thestrucidnoobpro roblox
thestrucidnoobpro roblox Hace 8 días
I wish i won $20,000 so i can buy good pc and monitors
Gray Fawne
Gray Fawne Hace 8 días
Just sayin I loved the vid, congrats, but the Bigfoot skin would have worked slot smoother
GamingSergio Hace 9 días
Mario Yoshi Donkey Kong
glowa Hace 9 días
This should just be called Sypher and his squad simping over what Lachlan thinks
William Swindler
William Swindler Hace 9 días
I think he should not of won because some other people could of used that money in my opinion. and he already has enough money to live his life. So he needs more money seriously. p.s I am not hating I am just saying what I think
Kay Hace 9 días
Hey Sypher I'm a hugeeee fan. I love your videos and by any chance can u help me get 1k? My dream is to be a youtuber but if you could maybe give me a boost I would be soooooooooo happy. Also I'm giving away a galaxy skin account at 1k😊
Luis Rivera Echevarria
Luis Rivera Echevarria Hace 9 días
Dang that was a good combo
Dylan Pena
Dylan Pena Hace 9 días
Hen7HL Hace 10 días
You guys should have used the scoot dance and do a race.
FaZe Sway
FaZe Sway Hace 10 días
Im sway Use Code Yosway
Plebtato Pleb
Plebtato Pleb Hace 10 días
I think the Bigfoot skin would’ve looked cooler in my opinion but Great job sypher
temple of j
temple of j Hace 10 días
HOW I CAME SECOND ON LACHLANS 20000 DOLLAR FASION SHOW. This is what the title should be
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