How I manage my personal finances as a minimalist.

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Matt D'Avella

Matt D'Avella

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馃檴 Here are the goods I mention in this video:
Chase Checking:
Chase Sapphire:
Vanguard IRA:
Individual 401k (for business owners):
馃挵 Additional Personal Finance References
(Some are affiliate links. All are my genuine recommendations):
The Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey:
I Will Teach You to Be Rich by Ramit Sethi:
Money Master the Game by Tony Robbins:
A Minimalist Approach to Personal Finance:
Everything you鈥檝e been told about money is wrong:
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Adrianna Hace 2 horas
Your side profile is incredibly sexy
Yolanda Elias
Yolanda Elias Hace un d铆a
En espa帽ol please!!
Donovan Commandeur
Donovan Commandeur Hace 2 d铆as
This is such an incredible story. Not only about pursuing your passions, but absolutely destroying your student debt!
Kevin Kim
Kevin Kim Hace 2 d铆as
Can you go into greater detail as to what you define as a solid financial ground? I guess it would be difficult to put a monetary value to it as everyone's situation is different, but it would be helpful to put it in the perspective of the risks you took. Thanks!
Joy Rowan Casey
Joy Rowan Casey Hace 3 d铆as
As an Irish person, listening to Americans talk about IRA retirement funds always makes me do a double take for a moment or two before my brain catches up with my ears
Marquel Jones
Marquel Jones Hace 8 d铆as
Ollie Sydenham
Ollie Sydenham Hace 9 d铆as
Did i miss a wedding?
Andres Espinosa
Andres Espinosa Hace 10 d铆as
Does anyone else see the frame of 鈥淭he Rock鈥 in the back
Jean Francois Thomas Berin
Jean Francois Thomas Berin Hace 11 d铆as
Matt read my mind I was falling asleep...
SunnySideup2012 Hace 11 d铆as
You should look at sinking fund for some of the future plan..
Emma Davies
Emma Davies Hace 12 d铆as
鈥淒on鈥檛 let the fear of doing the wrong think keep you from doing anything鈥 YES 馃檶馃徎
Youcef Tech
Youcef Tech Hace 12 d铆as
The legendary picture of "The Rock" in the background is legendary!!!
Ellyza Dawn
Ellyza Dawn Hace 12 d铆as
i see the ROCK in that picture frame!
Owl27-X Hace 12 d铆as
Matt Davela is racist
uxm2009 Hace 12 d铆as
what was that??? a kindle??? please tell me! color?? wow. I need this. 0:28
Serge Rijkenberg
Serge Rijkenberg Hace 13 d铆as
I can't help myself :P When you point out how $4,000 can grow to $1.2 million but in the same vid say the $100-$200 savings are not worth my time. I fully agree that everyone has to decide how much their time is worth, but feel the need to point out that if you increase from $4,000 to $4,100 your end result also goes up by 2.5% with $30,000. I personally find it worth some hours a year to figure out the best savings rate, believing my future self will thank me =)
Lola Lola
Lola Lola Hace 13 d铆as
I love you mat your advice is so great I totally agree with you
Mohammad Master
Mohammad Master Hace 14 d铆as
I knew buying a leather jacket would be my downfall
Top Tier Lists
Top Tier Lists Hace 14 d铆as
wait does he really have a dwayne the rock jonson portrait at 1:27? Nice eastereggs !
IamMac Hace 14 d铆as
Question: How are your finances during this endemic? Especially in investments?
Sejr Hace 14 d铆as
Don't let the fear of doing the wrong thing prevent you from doing anything. ~ Matt D'Avella
YK 16
YK 16 Hace 15 d铆as
What鈥檚 a Roth IRA? I don鈥檛 know But I know how to factorise a quadratic equation to find x. ;-;
Luiggi Delgado
Luiggi Delgado Hace 15 d铆as
Call you tell me what kind of camera do you use to do your videos? I love the quiality
Divya Battina
Divya Battina Hace 16 d铆as
Superb Video.
Tymoteusz Szporko
Tymoteusz Szporko Hace 18 d铆as
Instead of using credit card you can use a debet cart.
RTB - Raising the Bar
RTB - Raising the Bar Hace 18 d铆as
Good Video well done !
Emerald GamerZ
Emerald GamerZ Hace 18 d铆as
this man is smart
PNS Buncit ASMR Hace 19 d铆as
Never have even a single debt in my life.
Violet Haye
Violet Haye Hace 18 d铆as
me too bud
JLB3 ART Hace 20 d铆as
Why dont you buy a tiny house, you're a minimalist?
Peter Knight
Peter Knight Hace 21 un d铆a
"sponsors like..." Absolutely seamless Matt. 馃構
Rudra Saha
Rudra Saha Hace 21 un d铆a
It's crazy how much credit debit we are in. I couldn't imagine getting into a situation where I would want to pay interest on goods I didn't need to survive.
Mel Franco
Mel Franco Hace 22 d铆as
Any recommendations for helpful finance/money books?
Nathan Fryzek
Nathan Fryzek Hace 22 d铆as
Current S&P 500 real yield is ~2.50%
Ryan Tran
Ryan Tran Hace 22 d铆as
Is that a framed picture of the Rock in the background hahaha amazing
Margo Lider
Margo Lider Hace 23 d铆as
Matt! Good time to read=) how, how can I talk with you? Plz, I need your help :to become, to try to make steps be better, plz....
TRANSLAMMER Hace 23 d铆as
Hey, Guys! You can watch this video in Russian language on my channel!
Florencia Mesa
Florencia Mesa Hace 23 d铆as
Are more episodes of the ground up show coming up?
Cello Joe
Cello Joe Hace 23 d铆as
Divest from chase! Get a credit union account. Chase funds fossil fuels #partoftheproblem
Angela Lin
Angela Lin Hace 24 d铆as
This was both inspirational and did not send me to sleep! Thank you so much Matt for sharing your own experience :) I'm 25 and have been telling myself (and my friends) that I will be investing 'soon' and figuring out my financial goals 'soon' but it is very daunting with the number of opinions out there. When you spoke about investing your time and energy into content creating because thats where you find value, that was a great reminder to not needing to get the biggest bang from your buck from managing your finances, but just managing them is simply enough.
emusicifyi Hace 25 d铆as
It doesn鈥檛 make sense why you would be saying you prefer to do other things rather than search for the highest interest rate. When researching fees and rates for your other accounts is ok. Just say you don鈥檛 want a savings account and don鈥檛 see the benefit. The excuse wasn鈥檛 necessary
BeautyForAshes Hace 25 d铆as
This video was extremely comforting! Learning about bettering your finances can truly be overwhelming. But what鈥檚 most important is finding what works best for you, you don鈥檛 have to do everything! Thank you for your time and words of wisdom.
Retrorocket Hace 25 d铆as
Dude, monetize your videos. You make me so angry (Marvin the Martian).LoL. Please stop letting that money go to waste. You could own a house outright now.
Pensive Melancholy
Pensive Melancholy Hace 25 d铆as
You can't save and be in debt at the same time. Im paying off all my debt then saving for the long haul. Debt free.
The Crazy Journal
The Crazy Journal Hace 25 d铆as
My question is: I've been thinking of purchasing a Mac for my work...coz I work from home. Been delaying that expense knowing that it will definitely help me in my work. I do have a 4-yr old HP laptop that's damn slow! Planning to buy it on a credit card....ugh! So confused! 馃槄
Nipun Marwaha Esq.
Nipun Marwaha Esq. Hace 26 d铆as
I used to work with economic crime prosecutors and savings is recommended to protect someone from taking all your money that is sitting the checking account if they get your debit card number.
Huey l
Huey l Hace 26 d铆as
I'm confused.... if your rule is to never pay for something with your credit card unless you have the money in your debit account, why don't you just use your debit card/account to pay for things ? Why have a credit card at all?
RAFunit 17
RAFunit 17 Hace 26 d铆as
That shameless segue... Linus tech tips are so used to this by now
Alexandra Meyer
Alexandra Meyer Hace 26 d铆as
would have been so cool to hear you talk about charitable giving as an important piece of finances
Keith Ivan Pachorro
Keith Ivan Pachorro Hace 26 d铆as
watched this video everyday until pay day - then I felt like I did something for myself after moving $$ to the right places
James Longoria
James Longoria Hace 27 d铆as
Texas matt homes here are very affordable
Pablo Rodriguez
Pablo Rodriguez Hace 27 d铆as
@MattDavella Great video! Thanks for putting this content out there. It鈥檚 helped me get things in order. Loved the quality of your video too! Could you please let me know what kind of video camera do you use? Thank you and keep them coming!
Takeda Kiyoshi
Takeda Kiyoshi Hace 27 d铆as
How about life and medical insurance? Doesn't it plays important element in your personal finances?
Nils Schneider
Nils Schneider Hace 27 d铆as
Save more money than you spend and you can't do that if you spend money that you don't have. - Matt (nice one!)
GGEO W Hace 27 d铆as
Hi Matt, you may not see this but I want to say thank you so much. I am a new dad since Feb this year, my daughter made me start rethinking about what am I doing everyday. I miss the time back to 8 years ago when I just graduated from uni with all my passion for my life. Time after time, the busy life made me tried to think about my serious life but with only reacting it. In March this year, ESwomen recommended your channel to me and your videos made me to start connecting all the ideas and knowledge in my mind together. Yes, we only living once, we need to keep improve ourselves instead just wasting time and take basic reaction for life. Thanks for your 30 days challenge videos made me start rebuilt my habit with more patience. Thank you for your minimalism video made me start doing what I have tried to do in the past and leave me self alone from social media. Thanks for your book recommendation , that book completely changed my mind about my personal finance. Best wishes to you and your family from Australia Chinese. Hope everyone could live better and find their core value in their life.
Jasmine Farnquist
Jasmine Farnquist Hace 27 d铆as
Great video!! Your videos help me learn some things on how to improve on my life choices and how to eat healthy sleeping well!! 馃挄馃挄馃挄
SlimIsThik Hace 27 d铆as
Oh... A commercial.
Levan Altman
Levan Altman Hace 27 d铆as
Dude, where do you buy your t-shirts?
travisdirk Hace 28 d铆as
Minimalist finances are something of a a specialty of mine 馃
Cesar 脕lvarez
Cesar 脕lvarez Hace 28 d铆as
How old Is Matt?
Suporia Anthony
Suporia Anthony Hace 28 d铆as
Omg ! I love the ending. I feel the same about personal finance. It鈥檚 such a zone of judgement. But at the end of the day growing net worth is the goal - we all can do it different ways but it鈥檚 the same goal.
Suiko Sama
Suiko Sama Hace 28 d铆as
@ Matt D'Avella you should do a 30 days keto diet. suppose to be miraculous
hannahpaige Hace 28 d铆as
I'm only 22, but my biggest and best piece of financial advice that was passed down from my parents is to get your undergrad as cheaply as possible. America sells the idea of the "college experience" and attending your dream school, but it's just not practical for most people. Higher education is a wonderful avenue to pursue, but Americans have normalized going into tens of thousands of dollars in debt for a 4-year experience. Don't do it.
VC Hace 28 d铆as
Matt please do a series on the very basics of finances, as someone's who's young people transitioning into adulthood even listening to certain economical terms sounds intimidating af
Emily Novak
Emily Novak Hace 28 d铆as
Matt, what are a couple of resources you'd recommend for diving into the "figuring out my personal finances" journey? You're thumbing through a book in your video and I'm curious to know what book it is (or if you have a book you used to get started). Thanks for the video and inspiration!
BERNARDO CN Hace 29 d铆as
Congratulations from Brazil. Your videos are amazing !
DONG MING TAN Hace 29 d铆as
Love your video.
Sam D
Sam D Hace 29 d铆as
Matt, you should do a video about The Art of Possibility. I'm reading it right now and I really think more people should too!
aceqman Hace 29 d铆as
i always listen to you tubers, so now I have 15 Squarespace and 19 Skillshare accounts.....
Spartacus38 Hace 29 d铆as
If you have a Chase checking account, you either have a savings, or they can add a savings account on for free. And with Chase you can setup automatic savings, so you never have to do anything. Save a %, save x every y, it's really nice. And it's all in the background, so it just grows and grows and grows. It's a great compliment. I have all the same accounts as you I just have the savings piece as well.
Darren Kriz
Darren Kriz Hace 29 d铆as
Anyone know what kind of camera Matt uses?
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