How I Got my Family Out of China

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I tell the story of how I got my family out of mainland China.
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laowhy86 Hace un mes
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所有坏事都是中共的错,贱不贱啊?反共反华反到脑残 Hace 4 días
就是为了钱,just for money
Sylvia E. Berjas-Morales
Sylvia E. Berjas-Morales Hace 5 días
So much non.sense , you like sensation, I was there too, and many times , you love sensation
Man Zhao
Man Zhao Hace 5 días
Stop goddamn lying, no one forced you to be in China
Kiyoko Wong
Kiyoko Wong Hace 7 días
SENOR MAILMAN Hace 23 días
dude, it's a good thing you and your family got out. Otherwise there was a very good chance that the commies would have locked you and your family away just as they did to 2 Canadian nationals in response the the Canadian govt. jailing huawei bosses in their country. And recently those 2 poor souls have actually been given the death sentence. Imagine that.😥😥😥
Mikeureko Hace 10 minutos
I know the US is more free than China, but the US is on its way towards where China is, just slowly enough to not have significant protest. Democracy is the will of the majority being forced upon the minority, it's not as great as a lot of people hype it up to be. We can do better by decentralizing power and control.
William Boland
William Boland Hace 24 minutos
I wonder if democrats here in America are seeing this.
Stanley W
Stanley W Hace 8 horas
If you don't like China, please never come back.
Kelvin Hace 9 horas
l am so relieved you got your family out.
Sreedhar Reddy
Sreedhar Reddy Hace 18 horas
That’s why there should be an open society like democracy. It may not be perfect but you will not be harassed like this
Lydia Jean
Lydia Jean Hace 20 horas
That really sucks about your friend. That’s just so sad. I’m glad you and your family left. It’s insane how China works.
Bruce Doan - MyLifeIn4K
Bruce Doan - MyLifeIn4K Hace un día
Now back in US to see the Antifa & B L chaos ... how long before home is not safe .... again ....
Qopel Hace un día
First off, Nixon made a huge mistake opening up relations with China despite their human rights violations. Second, China needs another Tiananmen Square uprising...only 10 times bigger this time. It’s Obvious the first one only put a temporary band aid on the situation.
Froze Killer
Froze Killer Hace 8 horas
Sure, you Western countries can try to give all the aids you like to, more aks? More molotov? They are welcomed. Oh and if you can, send some more homeless dudes or ppl you don't like in your own country to die for a country in Asia you have no business with, but you can't right? Unless your saying they should fight it themselves, question for you westerners though, are they consider a human? Or just expendable loose ends for you West interests?
Robert Dales
Robert Dales Hace un día
Boring self obsessed egocentric creep.
Swadian Knight
Swadian Knight Hace 2 días
What does Michael know about the Clintons?
John Shen
John Shen Hace 2 días
0:12 what’s the flag on the right? Is it Chinese galactic imperial navy?
Sean Krug
Sean Krug Hace 2 días
So happy you and your family were able to escape to the US and safety. Do you think that if you had moved to a bigger city in China, say Shanghai or Shenzhen that the government would have not cared anymore? It’s a shame they tried to silence you rather than think that these “outside” perspectives might catch things they could try to improve on. I wonder if the next Chinese leader will continue this hardline style or try to revert back to a more international style of governing.
Paul McGorian
Paul McGorian Hace 3 días
God bless hope you use your freedom well .
kris2pe yu
kris2pe yu Hace 4 días
I'm glad you are okey.
stumpedII Hace 4 días
usa is partly to blame for how it's citizens are treated abroad. "freedom fries" got me abused in france.
Charles hk
Charles hk Hace 4 días
You keep say something without proof in your video and try to spreading false impression. People in Hong Kong been kidnapped back to China for trial? I have been living in Hong Kong for my whole life and I have never ever seen or heard about this. DO NOT SPREAD FALSE MESSAGE.
hellopuppy00 Hace 4 días
He barely got out of China before getting exit-banned. Meanwhile we have young white communists trying to take over our streets in Portland, Seattle, NYC, and nobody cares.
TheMannyx17 Hace 4 días
China reminds me so much of my home country... I never wanna go back or experience that again, I am so thankful for living in the UK right now.
百合 Hace 4 días
No one invites you to China, you can go to anywhere else you like. What is the purpose you come to China, for charity? No kidding.
Johnny Hace 4 días
Leave one authoritarian nightmare to come to another one. Go vote in November!
Mrs. Sullivan
Mrs. Sullivan Hace 4 días
I can not wait to get my husband home from Ecuador😢 That's great you guys are safe... Welcome home
所有坏事都是中共的错,贱不贱啊?反共反华反到脑残 Hace 4 días
所有坏事都是中共的错,贱不贱啊?反共反华反到脑残 Hace 4 días
just for money talk china!😂
所有坏事都是中共的错,贱不贱啊?反共反华反到脑残 Hace 4 días
talk china is good business! although i have leave china!😂😂😂😂
Wolf_oo1 Hace 4 días
Irony is that BLM wants to make America into China lmao so u dint escape
zxn6869 Hace 4 días
that is communist for you
In Watchings
In Watchings Hace 4 días
Glad you made it
William Lai
William Lai Hace 4 días
SWAT teams? You sure you're talking about china? Besides, have you talk to the people in the Chinese Embassy back in US to figure out what is going on? Or are you too afraid to walk in there too? Somehow your story is just a tad too far fetch. Hard to believe what you say is true.
Joana Wishwr
Joana Wishwr Hace 5 días
Thank you Jesus for this family reaching the United States , God is good , Amen so happy for you and your family 💞 Thank you for sharing your story. I believe every word you have told.
Mick Richy
Mick Richy Hace 5 días
Vote Trump 2020
A Lil Kangaroo
A Lil Kangaroo Hace 5 días
Hmm I don't know. There is something not quite right about his story
P. Budiel
P. Budiel Hace 5 días
Not to be that guy but you ARE a foreigner in this cold war 2.0, it's not a surprise they think your a spy or something. Or you think it would be peaches for an iranian living in the US. The only reason you are safe in america is simply because you're (white) american. That's it.
James Kratos777
James Kratos777 Hace 5 días
Glad everyone made it out
Boris Arias
Boris Arias Hace 5 días
Congrats!!! You are happy with your family. Meanwhile thousads or millios of people of Iran, Irak, Afganistan, Libya, Vietnam, etc are not happy because teh bombs you dropped on their countries fos oil or greed. CONGRATS!!!
Phil Ng
Phil Ng Hace 5 días
Welcome back. Thank you for sharing.
banse xi
banse xi Hace 5 días
When u got to some places, u gotta focus on the local rules and restriction. Actually i wonder that why would u say that "China don't have a justice systems and no freedom!!??" i am questioning that why don't u follow the request from Hongkong Customs that u should register your personal information first ? literally Every country have the right to limit the foreigner and ask they to complete identification. Could u image how Chinese being treated unfairly in US? just base to the truth , i am telling the common phenomenon that government always protect their benefits and security. Hope we can think in two sides.
Vanessa Kresnobadi
Vanessa Kresnobadi Hace 5 días
You made honest videos. Very balance of the good n bad which is truth. And i think u got urself a good karma that helped you to where u are now ;)
Jordi Rafecas Ventosa
Jordi Rafecas Ventosa Hace 5 días
My eyes got full of tears with that Liberty Statue footage at the end of your story
GOODTAGO Hace 6 días
Welcome home.
The Asian Way - An inside look at money making
The Asian Way - An inside look at money making Hace 6 días
Who paid for the new apartment? I think it would be an interesting video to talk about how foreigners get scammed through giving their money to their “wife” or money to the wife’s parents; or buying an apartment and it being in the wife’s name.
Sarah Recod
Sarah Recod Hace 6 días
America is the best country in the 🌎
eraclio ramirez
eraclio ramirez Hace 6 días
I know the feeling. GOD bless AMERICA.
Davey TEO
Davey TEO Hace 6 días
I think you should remove your old videos
mr_godman Hace 6 días
but life is so much easier when youre just told what to think and do the censorship is horrible though china should stop that
Alexy Wong
Alexy Wong Hace 6 días
I’m Chinese and I gotta admit that the USA is more democratic than China. However, racism is a huge problem for non-white people living there. If you’re not white, you have no human rights.
Azqq Hace 6 días
That is just entirely not true , Ive been all over the US and EVERYONE has human rights no matter what color. Discrimination happens everywhere and media hypes it up here in the US because we have a problem with people doing it unlike china .
Adit Mistry
Adit Mistry Hace 6 días
The dislikes are all CCP bots
Shyamsundar Sankhe
Shyamsundar Sankhe Hace 6 días
Or worst case scenario, you could have trialed as external SPY for having drone footages.
verιтaѕ vιтae
verιтaѕ vιтae Hace 7 días
I'm so glad you made it out. And I'm also glad you said what you did at the end. The people who are unhappy in the US right now have NO IDEA how bad it could get. They literally don't even try to educate themselves. It's dangerous & scary. Stay safe.
Tohur Hace 7 días
whats really concerning is the leftists in our country are pretty much advocating for Marxism and communists beliefs! these people just do NOT realize they are NOT oppressed like they are claiming and in fact advocating for systems that WOULD oppress them LOOOL. if they were oppressed they would not be able to be out protesting and rioting because the government would put them down. This is nothing against you or any other youtuber that makes videos about china but think these people have been influenced greatly from videos thinking these government systems work. I think you people that have made these videos and are now back in the free world should be making videos to tell the truth and deprogram these people
amanda menichelli
amanda menichelli Hace 7 días
Glad you got out! I never realized it’s so scary like that! Hope all is well 🤗🤗
Nyoman Tresnamurni
Nyoman Tresnamurni Hace 7 días
hey hongkong belong to china you western provocation in hongkong
Mike Talk Pictures
Mike Talk Pictures Hace 8 días
Yours and Serpentza's adventure and escape from China would make a good Hollywood potboiler. I won't be surprised if Hollywood agent contact soon!
H1shoK Hace 8 días
Can you imagine the stories your daughter could tell. Happy for you man. :)
ScabieDavie Hace 8 días
Glad you guys made it to safety. Hopefully someday you guys can go back and visit!
Akira Kobayashi
Akira Kobayashi Hace 8 días
Your story is stale. Many foreigners who live in China have contradictory views of yours. Used to live there, but didn't have problems of any of your description. Have friends lived in US and come home with negative views- views that I wouldn't believe. Leaving the country is the best way to do and I respect, but please leave judgement to others.
osp80 Hace 8 días
lol movie rights?
Chu Lin
Chu Lin Hace 8 días
"If you live in a Western democracy, you have no idea how lucky you are. I wish more people would understand that instead of being spoiled to not participating in these systems, because it's easier to be told what to do and what to think. " As a Taiwanese immigrant living in the the states, as I watch all the "social justice" that goes on, they have no idea that everyone is privileged, that they're able to live in such a wonderful country. The fact that you are allowed to burn the american flag is a testiment to how wonderful this country is. They truly truly have no idea, I would love to see their protests in China.
Yuen Wang
Yuen Wang Hace 4 días
@Johnny At least we can vote our leadership out if we don't like them
Johnny Hace 4 días
People are being kidnapped and their skulls cracked by federal militias for protesting against police brutality and impunity. The USA still has a long way to go.
J. Kerr
J. Kerr Hace 8 días
It can happen here in the U.S., too.
Dyimi li
Dyimi li Hace 8 días
i feeled shame to be a zhina people
Sam Sung
Sam Sung Hace 9 días
You are not Michael Spavor. He was in detention in retaliation of Meng Wanzhou's house arrest in Vancouver. Unless there's a Meng in the states, which there isn't, nobody cares about a lowly ESwomenr
Antonio Lopez
Antonio Lopez Hace 9 días
0:12 I know the left flag is the Hong Flanf then in the middle is the Pepole's Republic of China flag ,but that other flag?
believe Hace 9 días
Flash back to five years ago vs now. That iron curtain knows how to set up for act 2
Keith Moriyama
Keith Moriyama Hace 10 días
It is time for China to step up and become part of the world community.
Francesca BonBon
Francesca BonBon Hace 10 días
The last 60 seconds of this video really hit home, for me. We're so lucky to be citizens of a democratic system, and we shall honor this privilege by voting, getting involved and participating as much as we can. Disenfranchisment is the first step to lose your freedom.
Solid Snake
Solid Snake Hace 2 días
Solid Snake
Solid Snake Hace 2 días
Go to sleep
M Hace 10 días
Please go back to the SH where u came from
Darryl Gibson
Darryl Gibson Hace 10 días
So Michaels a political prisoner in China and our government just turns the cheek?
Alisha Xiao
Alisha Xiao Hace 10 días
if you do good thing .no one will target you .
King TREX Hace 10 días
Good and make sure your salty ass don’t go back. I’m wondering how much per check those HK group are sending you.
Poppa Ganda
Poppa Ganda Hace 10 días
The Chinese people are not bad or evil. Communism is. I think that’s important to remember
Furyswipes Hace 3 días
I'm okay with this sentiment. Too many retards on here saying "CoMmUnIsM iSnT baD!"
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