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Kenna Marie

Kenna Marie

Hace un año

hi everyone!! thank you so much for watching this weeks video and i hope you loved it!
instagram: @mckennasalazar
vsco: @kennamariie
business inquiries:
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the music in this video.
camera: canon g7x mark ii
please leave requests down below!
like and subscribe if you want :)

how i film and edithow i edit my youtube videoshow i film my youtube videoshow to start a youtube channel

Kenna Marie
Kenna Marie Hace un año
hi guys! here are two other videos that will help you grow your channel! 1. How to Have a Successful ESwomen Channel 2. How I Get my Music
annabelleslife Hace 20 días
Hoodrichpookie lol
Loli's World
Loli's World Hace 25 días
Stephanie Yvonne she hasn’t replied to anyone else but try vllo . You only pay 10 bucks ONCE and you can do anything and everything on it. Only thing is you have to edit on your phone (but super easy and not complicated) , I haven’t checked if they have for computers. But it’s a great app!
Stephanie Yvonne
Stephanie Yvonne Hace 25 días
not sure if you are gonna see this but I have a Canon rebel T7i, would that be good for youtube videos?
Loli's World
Loli's World Hace 28 días
How do I choose the part I want to zoom into . And keep it there , you didn’t explain that part
GHFOOTBALL18 Hace un mes
@Unicorn Girl Hana you cant download it on windows.
QuinnyPotatoMan Hace 22 minutos
how do you edit your video (hehe)
Alanna Channa
Alanna Channa Hace 10 horas
Wait so u do a lot of editing on ur phone and u just import them to ur laptop
Mary Gold Official
Mary Gold Official Hace 15 horas
Best tutorial ever.Thanks
Jordan Mroz
Jordan Mroz Hace un día
Thank you for the help, I love your videos! I’m a new ESwomen and would love if y’all checked out my channel 💕
Mathieu Jacques
Mathieu Jacques Hace un día
That is not editing with Imovie that is editing with 5 different apps and posting using imovie
leyla contreras
leyla contreras Hace un día
what is your ESwomen banner FONT? PLEASE, i love u
Raelyn Macallister
Raelyn Macallister Hace 2 días
I edit on iMovie on my phone and I can do overlays which is free you just have to have a pic or video of whatever you want
Gon With Us
Gon With Us Hace 3 días
This helped me with my “editing”. We only have 4 followers, but they deserve some great edited content! 😂😂🙌🙌🙌
MarvelousMaddy Hace un día
@Gon With Us Yes. They are wonderful.
Gon With Us
Gon With Us Hace un día
MarvelousMaddy ahhhh how adorable!!! That’s such a sweet bond! 🥰
MarvelousMaddy Hace un día
@Gon With Us they are best friends. When she gets home from school, she says ''Maddy Ali I really missed you my sweet girls'' It is the funniest thing haha
Gon With Us
Gon With Us Hace un día
MarvelousMaddy you’re welcome! Aww! Does she get along with your furries great? We don’t have a dog yet but we’ve been waiting to get one. Thank you!
MarvelousMaddy Hace un día
@Gon With Us Thank u. I have a little daughter too. Il take a look at your channel too
Familia Santana Hernandez
Familia Santana Hernandez Hace 4 días
Thanks sooooooo helpful!,💖💖👍😋😋
Exploring The Green USA
Exploring The Green USA Hace 5 días
Hit like if you noticed way toooooo many "AND"s lol
Reagan Zumwalt
Reagan Zumwalt Hace 5 días
what camera should i use?
Col Blackwood
Col Blackwood Hace 5 días
i'll figure it out myself
Col Blackwood
Col Blackwood Hace 5 días
wtf you described that way too fast
Mk121 Hace 6 días
How do youtubers do those filters and stuff?
Nick and Danielle
Nick and Danielle Hace 6 días
Anyone trying to start a channel in quarantine! Let’s grow and learn together! :)
Kali-Ray Skinner
Kali-Ray Skinner Hace 6 días
wtf she is moving so fast D: how can you even keep up with what she's saying ah
Ryann Shea
Ryann Shea Hace 7 días
i never realized editing was so hard
Ashley Minano
Ashley Minano Hace 7 días
this was so helpful! Thank you!!!
Soham Gurav
Soham Gurav Hace 7 días
Room tour pleasee!!!
Alexia Rae
Alexia Rae Hace 8 días
Hey, just wanted to let y’all know that you can just save the image as a png in Phonto now, that saves SO much time! 😃 UPDATE: save it as a regular image, go into the eraser app, click erase, erase target area (the green), and bam!
Ether1aL Hace 8 días
KENNA! How do you edit your videos?
Tin Tin
Tin Tin Hace 9 días
Same you know what you’re doing I’m very impressed 👏👏👏
Rachel Maxwell
Rachel Maxwell Hace 9 días
5:26 I know she says Phonto what’s the other app? Von? Bond? Fon? Keep looking for that logo.
sts x clan
sts x clan Hace 5 días
It’s vont
Sarah Wu
Sarah Wu Hace 9 días
anyone wanna support eachother? btw, small ESwomenr
Wonder Hace 9 días
I am editing my videos in Imovie through my phone LOL
iiStrxwberry Hace 9 días
Thanks You HuNNi! I nEeDeD thIs :>
Aleisha Dawe
Aleisha Dawe Hace 9 días
I personally think editing on an Iphone is good qaulity, it depends what Iphone you have, I have Iphone 11, it works perfectly fine for me, but my brother has an imac and he said I can use it to edit, this is a brill video by the way ! x
erivliaa Hace 9 días
Who here just started there chanel bc of quarintine
Anne Chan
Anne Chan Hace 9 días
Trinitee posted that
Trinitee posted that Hace 10 días
Subscribe to me 👉🏾👈🏾🥺
Peyton Naomi
Peyton Naomi Hace 10 días
I found this video way more helpful then any video I ever watched! Ty!!
Sarah Wu
Sarah Wu Hace 10 días
ᔕᑌᗷᗷIᑎG TO ᗩᑎYOᑎE ᗯᕼO ᔕᑌᗷ ᗩᑎD ᒪIKEᔕ TᕼIᔕ ᑕOᗰᗰEᑎT ᗩᑎD ᔕᗩY DOᑎE 👈 ❤️ 🔥 I'ᗰ ᖴᗩᔕT 🔥
LiliFlower& Rose
LiliFlower& Rose Hace 11 días
I’m in quarantine starting a channel
3VA VALTER Hace 11 días
okay, I'm gonna sound so stupid but can someone explain how to select certain parts of a clip to add effects just to a certain bit? I've tried selecting in every way possible I just can't figure it out. :(
Pranali’s corner
Pranali’s corner Hace 11 días
U were my inspiration to my macbook and love editing
Jyoti jojra
Jyoti jojra Hace 11 días
Subscribe:Prankit kumar (a 5 yr old kid vlogger
toby -
toby - Hace 12 días
when you realise she has to edit this video about how to edit
dj manje
dj manje Hace 12 días
Thanks quarantine for making me start channel 😌😌 just asking for supporters 😌😌..... good tips by the way💕💕💕
BriSlay Henry
BriSlay Henry Hace 12 días
And then, and , so now, then, and then , and then , and then , and 😲😲😲....going way to fast
Firoia Hace 13 días
I can’t add costume thumbnails for some reason
Jayden Robles
Jayden Robles Hace 13 días
I’ve watched so many videos but i still can’t figure it out😩😂
lujain juman
lujain juman Hace 13 días
zxcvi Hace 13 días
i- my sister has a macbook do i need to go to her house just to edit and stuff💀💀
zxcvi Hace 11 días
@noora albastaki wha-
noora albastaki
noora albastaki Hace 11 días
zxcvi conversation ended ....
zxcvi Hace 12 días
@noora albastaki cuz i wanna edit duh i wanna do edits of celebrities and i wanna learn the basics
noora albastaki
noora albastaki Hace 12 días
zxcvi k sooo .... it’s your choice BUT why you watching this video
zxcvi Hace 12 días
@noora albastaki the way i have the money but i wont use it on a laptop just to edit-
t o u l a n k h o u q e e r
t o u l a n k h o u q e e r Hace 13 días
what type of font do you use in phonto?
bryan_Yamoms Hace 14 días
Wow a lot of people are clueless to this app i’ma make how to edit on iMovie for y’all it’s not hard i make my videos look like I don’t use iMovie
martha Hace 14 días
4:45 u can also use vlogs to add the questions and socials and the app is free!
aidah biancoo
aidah biancoo Hace 15 días
what was that last app that she showed to make her transitions
Baking in the Making
Baking in the Making Hace 15 días
omg i litterally love your vids /and this one was very usefull /thanks
Hope Jainae
Hope Jainae Hace 16 días
Small ESwomen channel hoping to start growing soon 🥰! Wishing the best of all for others small ESwomen channels ✨
Raven Elana
Raven Elana Hace 16 días
New channel!! I’m so excited 💕 thanks for the video!
Vicky Zhang
Vicky Zhang Hace 16 días
I did not quite catch it, what are the two apps again?
Rachel Lauren
Rachel Lauren Hace 16 días
SO much great advice! I just tried to do the same thing with transitions but i did it on google slides! So i could make my graphic on my computer then download it right into an image!
Eknoor Panag
Eknoor Panag Hace 16 días
since i don't have a camera i just film on my iMac
Lara Hace 16 días
Does anyone know what font she uses for writing her username in the box? X
Lara Hace 16 días
Does anyone know what font she uses for writing her username in the box? X
Hritvik Jain__35
Hritvik Jain__35 Hace 17 días
Antonio Uresteee
Antonio Uresteee Hace 17 días
Who’s here in second stage of lock down
Paul Rose
Paul Rose Hace 18 días
i just have one thing to say......THANKN YOU..u are just amazing I litterly feel tht u r my older sis and i asked my mind out and u told m everyhing i need to know..:3 love you
Strawberry Hace 18 días
what about android
Andrea Croley
Andrea Croley Hace 18 días
Goodluck to everyone starting a channel this year! :) myself included lol
Nicole Ashley
Nicole Ashley Hace 19 días
please put the names of the apps used in the description!! :)
Laura Victoria
Laura Victoria Hace 19 días
thank you! this is so helpful so needed for my channel!
webster makwati
webster makwati Hace 20 días
You are a saviour
Fxddie Hace 19 días
Jess and Hatz
Jess and Hatz Hace 20 días
This is so helpful thankyou! We just started our channel during lockdown and we are currently trying to grow! our goal is 1K subs!! X
Gaming With Kerrigan
Gaming With Kerrigan Hace 20 días
Finally I see some body I can watch
R S Hace 21 un día
Perhaps you can show us how to remove the 5,433 "and" reps? Great video otherwise, you have skills.
Glam with Diane
Glam with Diane Hace 21 un día
Dang girl there's no way I could keep up with you i,I, from the old
Just a random person
Just a random person Hace 21 un día
this vid is so good!! 2020 anyone? 💕✨
Imogen Ross
Imogen Ross Hace 23 días
Finding tips for my youtube!
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