How coronavirus spreads outdoors vs. indoors

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Can a runner give you Covid-19?
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If you want to stay totally safe from Covid-19, and eliminate the risk of either getting it or transmitting it, you have to stay home. But as the weather gets warmer, public places start to open up, and many places enter their fourth month of life under coronavirus, that’s becoming less and less realistic.
At the same time, we know that coronavirus can be transmitted through the air -- and that raises some pretty big questions. Is it safe to go the beach? What about a park? Is a heavy-breathing runner going to infect you as they pass you? In short: How do you go outside safely?
Read Vox reporter Sigal Samuel’s article about the risks of transmitting Covid-19 outdoors:
A helpful chart for thinking through the risks of different scenarios when it comes to Covid-19:
The CDC’s study about the Guangzhou restaurant where one person transmitted the virus to several others:
And the study of the 318 outbreaks in China: is a news website that helps you cut through the noise and understand what's really driving the events in the headlines. Check out
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Vox Hace un mes
The risk of coronavirus when you go out isn't binary. Here's how to think about the risk and how to mitigate it, in one chart:
pearlbeachwave 1
pearlbeachwave 1 Hace 3 días
@Rifle Shooter Channel Gun owners rock. U get it!!!!
Rifle Shooter Channel
Rifle Shooter Channel Hace 9 días
Lynda Norris That’s a nonsensical argument. Your tacit concession is noted.
Lynda Norris
Lynda Norris Hace 9 días
@Rifle Shooter Channel so are you
Zuzana Smolkova
Zuzana Smolkova Hace 11 días
Should we stop breathing? Liars
Queenofallmonkeys Hace 15 días
Good, now nothing in this world is binary.
danielle Pavone
danielle Pavone Hace 6 horas
There is no Wuhan rat, bat or cat in the hat virus. All lies non stop 24/7..
KathrynOhh Hace 8 horas
My store opened last week and we've had over 500 customers a day. For some reason when I move away from people talking too close they think I can't hear them and get closer 🙄
I’m Bored
I’m Bored Hace 8 horas
Guys hear me out, this could be important. America could have made this virus to shut down china’s business. As you know China is a very wealthy country with all sorts of impressive inventions and electronic machines. Everyone purchases items online and they’re usually coming from China because they have really low and affordable prices. America could be scamming us and acting as if China created this horrible virus so more people buy things from America online and avoid China’s work. I’m not saying this is true, it’s just a theory of mine. But this whole thing could be scam...
Chanhyu Park
Chanhyu Park Hace 9 horas
Her armpits though
Salvador Anido
Salvador Anido Hace 9 horas
Julia Briggs
Julia Briggs Hace 17 horas
The virus 🦠 is called the New World Order
Kevin Wilt
Kevin Wilt Hace 17 horas
You can't get covid walking past a person outdoors it's almost impossible the data is in so wearing a mask outdoors is not necessary no one has ever caught covid on a trail or at the beach. You are at a greater risk of getting hit by a car. You can't catch a cold doing the same things and the cold is 1000 times more contagious.
Georgienne Bradley
Georgienne Bradley Hace 18 horas
Great description. Unfortunately, it seems that many people are taking away ONLY the sound bytes regarding how it can be safe outside if you follow simple guidelines while leaving behind the data showing the virus can be very contagious.
charlie Hoss
charlie Hoss Hace 18 horas
When my work calls me to work today I’ll say “I’m staying at home so I’m safe” while I’m being fired for refusing to come into work 😂
bob avon
bob avon Hace 18 horas
A virus or bacteria will spread when your wearing a mask because it acts as a petri dish harvesting bacteria and virus. So don't wear a mask because your are spreading disease to you and others.
Unique Rod
Unique Rod Hace 21 un hora
Tbh spreading through ppl is easy to prevent we just have to stay far away from people. But what's important is the virus could survive on an object if the virus for some reason landed on a package food or drinks.
loony lokztero
loony lokztero Hace 23 horas
Zero physical contact you mean*
rean reyes
rean reyes Hace un día
Arduous sequences or not, still, shitloads are becoming ill, thousands who have not been around others, coughing, sneezing.....but yes, breathing, simple exhalation of airborne droplets/particles, aerosols, that's all it takes ! Don't become a statistic, keep right away !!
cabarete2003 Hace un día
So no riots right?
cabarete2003 Hace un día
Oh please stop the fear. Liberals love to live in fear.
hilda rivera
hilda rivera Hace un día
What about those people predominantly social distancing, why are they still getting the virus?
Sean Thomes
Sean Thomes Hace 2 días
Given the case spikes, seems like this could use an update on potential outside risk
Earl Danzell Santos
Earl Danzell Santos Hace 2 días
Well, it is SELDOM for a runner or cyclist to sneeze while executing the activity. So the chance of spreading virus from them is pretty low.
Jhas Jhis
Jhas Jhis Hace 2 días
I feel like experience is key here. In China even before this pandemic, people have the habits of opening windows in summer and winter to let fresh air into the home. They tell you to not sleep with the ac or fan on directly blowing your face because you’re likely to get a cold then. I feel that this is all merited now considering how encloses spaces and trapped air can cause viruses to spread and potentially multiply. Another thing that should be noted is cleaning surfaces that are touched by ppl on a common basis more frequently and regularly.
Donald Sawyer
Donald Sawyer Hace 2 días
I believe this is real because many died. However, if all this outdoor stuff about air and sunlight is true then why the big spread in Cali and Florida where there is much Sunlight and people are outside?
dueimack Hace 3 días
So how did they get this information about chinese eating at the restuarant?
pearlbeachwave 1
pearlbeachwave 1 Hace 3 días
MR HADES Hace 3 días
I recently started to bike and I don't use my mask because mostly I'm alone and on the road and bike lanes but when I see someone walking done the sidewalk I use the whole road to distance myself. Should I still use my mask while riding?
spirals 73
spirals 73 Hace 3 días
4:59 That's my expression in the grocery store.
Joseph Collington
Joseph Collington Hace 3 días
Man. This was so clear and straightforward. But you can be sure this will go over many heads.
Sarthak Jain
Sarthak Jain Hace 4 días
One i wanted to sneeze so badly in public but had to stop it because everyobe would have thrown me away😭
Abir Hasan
Abir Hasan Hace 4 días
Thanks karen
Stephen S
Stephen S Hace 4 días
This is why I'm thankful for being able to work from home, order delivery, and communicate with family and friends online.
Chia CleMent
Chia CleMent Hace 5 días
I am from HK. For yourself and the others, always wear a mask properly even you dont feel sick.
Diana Valencia
Diana Valencia Hace 5 días
*Whoever sneezes* “2319! WE HAVE A 2319!”
Mazalina Maram
Mazalina Maram Hace 5 días
I've been searching for hours about corona. I didn't find the right video until I watched VOX's videos! No Channel gives visual examples at this level except VOX.
R S Y London
R S Y London Hace 6 días
very good educational video
ShavedBird Hace 6 días
One of my friends thought it would be funny to sneeze on me because I was “being to paranoid”. In the middle of a pandemic.
shahrzadooooo Hace 2 días
That isn't a friend. You deserve better.
Foxx 3k
Foxx 3k Hace 6 días
Nonsense 😂
Kristopher Blaylock
Kristopher Blaylock Hace 7 días
I knew this would happen. They opened up waaaay to early.....Stay home people as much as you can
Cal McAuliffe
Cal McAuliffe Hace 7 días
What city was this shot in?
Ola Olohun
Ola Olohun Hace 8 días
Anthony Nelson
Anthony Nelson Hace 8 días
When I see dead bodies in the streets and people vomiting everywhere , then I will belive it. Right now I'm having a ball watching all these videos about something that was made from a cold spore.
Siddharth Banerjee
Siddharth Banerjee Hace 8 días
study in China!!? Lol.. Good luck trusting the study.. :D
Umesh Vanapalli
Umesh Vanapalli Hace 8 días
Good content
sluggingbread Hace 9 días
I'm watching this on a NYC train lol
AKA 01 1988
AKA 01 1988 Hace 9 días
Great video.
Joan Paul Panez
Joan Paul Panez Hace 9 días
Everytime we breath, but especially when we talk, and especiaDALE BOO, DALE BOO, DALE BOCA, DALE BOOO 🎶 🔷🔶🔷
Emilia Ulloa
Emilia Ulloa Hace 9 días
Lord help us
GamerVet Hace 9 días
Let's completely disregard the fact it sits on metal and other objects for a while because you know noone ever touches hand rails or doors ......
Lee Damon
Lee Damon Hace 10 días
11. If we want to put an end to this vicious cycle, we need to look for alternatives. There are more models of successful food animal production systems that are remaining extremely efficient and the need for antibiotics are nonexistent. Also, on the rise, the number of traditional/natural forms of raising animals known as “open air” grounds, or local farms. These systems are more enjoyable for the farmer and for the animals as well, with no need of antibiotics and no present diseases. This allows for “the farmers to be farmers, animals to be animals, and lets us save antibiotics for future generations.”
Jackie Brookman
Jackie Brookman Hace 10 días
Sam Winchester
Sam Winchester Hace 10 días
Can I punch people who cough on me? Cuz' I'm gonna, and it's gonna hospitalize them. That way they can be sure to get the COVID-19 test they haven't gotten yet. I'm so thoughtful.
Navid HItbd
Navid HItbd Hace 10 días
Holly how dangerous is can't believe
Jay Glee
Jay Glee Hace 11 días
If u just said one person got all them people sick from the air flowing through the air vents what u think it’s gonna do at a beech when the air flowing and hundreds of people there
Stacey Randolph
Stacey Randolph Hace 11 días
andrew manton
andrew manton Hace 11 días
whenever somebody falls ill from covid19, the medical staff asks that person if they had gotten a flu shot. The reason why they ask is because covid19 was inserted into flu shots all over the world. In OH and Penn, covid19 was almost exclusively a nursing home disease starting out because all old people get flu shots, especially in nursing homes. They fudged the statistics about this for quite a while, all the while squawking that young people get it too. The virus has a longer latency period in younger people who got a flu shot and so it gives the "appearance" that it has "spread" to them in more recent weeks. don't be bill gates' next victim. wake up people.
lambanmartyr Hace 11 días
All of this information is useless when people run or bike or walk and talk right next to you. Which is exactly what’s happening. People are not staying even 3 feet away. This video and the accompanying article aren’t doing anything to help. It’s fueling the cavalier to just do whatever they want.
Qua D
Qua D Hace 12 días
Lol and still haven’t caught it, I thought the sun killed it off btw
God N' Country
God N' Country Hace 12 días
When I'm out, I apply the first rule of gun safety: assume the weapon is loaded. In the case of this virus, assume everyone you come into contact with is infected and that the virus is on every surface.
Josiah Kane
Josiah Kane Hace 12 días
same reason i don;t like being on the road: i don't trust other people to understand or behave in risk-minimization and thus will continue staying home
Vic K
Vic K Hace 12 días
Captain obvious wants credit for this video. Btw we have immune systems that keep most of us (99% ) safe from getting killed from this virus.
Travis C
Travis C Hace 13 días
I literally don’t understand how this virus comes out of no where and this video assumes I have it lol
kellyblue Hace 13 días
As long as ppl are respectful to fellow humans and wear their mask while practicing social distances there won’t be much if any spike during the summer months, ppl need to stop complaining, this is a temporary situation, but the more ppl that ignore the guidelines is the longer this ‘temporary situation’ will go on. Until there’s a vaccine the risk of catching this virus is still 100%. Mask, social dist. and sanitizing Helps to protect u by up to 80-90% but that’s only if we all follow the guidelines given by the health professions for our safety. Plain and simple. This is not about politics and civil liberty’ as some are claiming this is about taking this new normal and trying to make the best of it and to stay healthy and also to stay alive.
NAFISABLOG Hace 13 días
Coronavirus made me realize how much I come in contact with people's germs every minute
Digna Lazaro
Digna Lazaro Hace 13 días
Thanks a lot for the info...
Bibi Shangheta
Bibi Shangheta Hace 13 días
no humanbeing can keep up with this analogy , only through Jesus Christ he can immune us ! believe in him.
Vidhya kumar
Vidhya kumar Hace 13 días
Love Vox works perfect research they do before they speak 🙌
Sultan JakSeL
Sultan JakSeL Hace 13 días
meaning long distance air travel is scary then? even when airliner uses clean air filtration technology
Kristo Radion
Kristo Radion Hace 13 días
I'm asking myself, is mask effective? Trump hasn't been infected yet, despite several coronavirus exposure and he never wears mask
Kristo Radion
Kristo Radion Hace 13 días
If AC can spread the virus, it's a good time to test whether those virus-killing ions work, e.g. Sharp Plasmacluster, Panasonic Nano-E
Stephen Sunday
Stephen Sunday Hace 13 días
Lord. Have. Freaking. Mercy. This is exactly what everyone needs to hear. It has become so frustrating explaining to people that this is not about taking away your rights as an American citizen. This is about lowering the risk of infecting other people and even yourself. We could be out of this first wave by now if The United States had unified and said "We're going to look out for each other by distancing ourselves and covering up." But no, the virus was politicized and people became more worried about going to the beach or going to the bar again that they said: "nevermind, coronavirus over." THANKS DONALD.
F. OC Hace 13 días
My dad caught Covid 19 on a 2 and a half hour flight. From the person coughing in the seat beside him. He was cocooning when he came back, even having groceries delivered so he didn't catch it at home. His first symptom was 6 days later with loss of appetite. No high temperature so checking temperatures won't stop the spread. And he had a test done which was positive.
Atom Ariola
Atom Ariola Hace 13 días
Close proximity contact, including being surprised by a jogger not wearing a mask does present a significant risk. Maybe consult with scientists before publishing that part of the video. The data set is incomplete. However, if we are to believe the wuhan outbreak arose from an outdoor market, that says bring outdoors is not a protection.
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