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Patriot Act

Patriot Act

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Since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, the U.S. has experienced large shortages ranging from masks and ventilators to basic food items. Hasan examines what happened to these vital supply chains, how Trump’s misuse of the Defense Production Act is contributing to their disruption, and how workers across America are being impacted.
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Flarelia Hace 13 horas
7:08 - no, they were being caught in the suicide nets put up below windows in Chinese factories, and sent straight back to work.
Trevor Cross
Trevor Cross Hace 14 horas
Hasan, a month has gone by and the ship has sailed for a good recovery. You tried man.
Hertz 2 Helix
Hertz 2 Helix Hace un día
I see a vamp/zombie movie forming here, Netflix...
Gabriel Stevens
Gabriel Stevens Hace un día
Pause at 17:45 and read the part of the sentence immediately preceding the yellow highlight. I'm glad you explained that it's not a mandate to stay open, because without being a lawyer that's exactly how I would have interpreted it. Politispeak is such a pain to wade through.
America turns out to be Vegas in EVERY CITY, EVERY STATE. everything is a con. the castle is not real!!!! its plastic and if too many people lean on it, we will have a collapse! we just had a collapse of the house of cards. our sand castle just got washed out. our margin trades just got called. We lived a pretend life of success so a few can make billions. and we elected a used car salesmen as president. WHAT DID YOU EXPECT?
Monsi Time
Monsi Time Hace un día
I dont think it was our president, it think American people are just stubborn and ignorant.
Joshua Hd
Joshua Hd Hace un día
I gave up on this nation. I'm saddened and scared for the future. Because of Trump and everyone's ignorance
COOK WITH ME !!!!👩‍🍳👩‍🍳👩‍🍳
COOK WITH ME !!!!👩‍🍳👩‍🍳👩‍🍳 Hace un día
My indian self know how many shitty things are happening in India but also knowing that the media's not gonna show it
TheCooPeer Hace un día
Looking at this now is still weird. You would have expected that at least in early June, Trump would try to contain the virus. But here we are.
The guy who knows things
The guy who knows things Hace un día
Trump is a war-time president. He just never mentioned which side he's on.
TorontoLarrivee Hace un día
This show is unwatchable...try letting a syllable pass your lips without an accompanying hand gesture dude. We’re not 6 months old.
Løst Hace 2 días
Lmao why do people still say meat causes heart disease?
CraigBamford Hace 2 días
Farhan Ahmad Tajuddin
Farhan Ahmad Tajuddin Hace 2 días
So for Trump, meat > PPE. Right...
Eric Longcor
Eric Longcor Hace 2 días
Really like the way you identify and explain points! Keep it up Hasan, thank you for actually talking.
Zac F
Zac F Hace 2 días
Hasan Minhaj > anyone else that was ever on the Daily Show
Wendy Busby
Wendy Busby Hace 2 días
This country is over. Rest in peace. We are done.
First Name Last Name
First Name Last Name Hace 3 días
This is easily the only video of Patriot Act i felt like i was getting misinformation.
Farhan Ahmad Tajuddin
Farhan Ahmad Tajuddin Hace 2 días
Mind to explain?
denelson83 Hace 3 días
Because all the real benefits in the US are _only for the super rich._ The US is a *CAPITALIST DICTATORSHIP!!!*
Krix Loaf
Krix Loaf Hace 3 días
everything is broking up
Hirak Sarma
Hirak Sarma Hace 3 días
3:31 Maria Sharapova working for Amazon !!!
sharonmarie watson
sharonmarie watson Hace 4 días
I have been watching your vids since April. You are friggin awesome!. Socioeconomic Empowerment to the People! Stay blessed!
shadowbot696 Hace 4 días
america is made in china. ouch this episode has dropped the mike many times because the microphone is rigged to electrocute upon any truth being spoken. i wrote this comment all by myself any resemblance to other posts are entirely unintentional. it should not be read by anyone.
John Anderson
John Anderson Hace 4 días
Finally thumbs-upped and subscribed. I've seen a few episodes of the Patriot Act and this is the best one yet. There is no animal agriculture industry by 2029. Humanity is realizing that the vegans have had it all figured out for a long time already, that every human disease that threatens to collapse society on a global level originated from raising animals for consumption.. from Covid-19 to MERS to SARS to Swine Flu. There's even a new strain of Swine Flu that should have everyone's attention but somehow doesn't. I mean, the entire industry is balancing on a knife-edge. Propped up by taxpayer money, ready to topple. I'll just put this here and let the future judge the accuracy of my prediction. As 'outlandish' as it might seem at first, by 2030 you won't be able to buy actual meat anywhere, for any amount of money.
John Anderson
John Anderson Hace 14 horas
@Hertz 2 Helix plant-based foods. Beyond are halving the price of their products. There are already mock-meats that are indistinguishable from murdered animal flesh. The future needs to be sustainable. Animal agriculture isn't. The future is vegan and the consumption of animal products will fade into obscurity. Future generations will look back in horror at how humanity used to consume sentient creatures. Today, we murder more sentient creatures in 3 days than all the lives lost in every single war, skirmish and/or battle in the entirety of recorded history combined. You're either part of the problem or the solution and I know where I stand.
Hertz 2 Helix
Hertz 2 Helix Hace un día
Then please tell what remains post 2029.
Brandon Hace 4 días
Trump is a murderer
SavetheWorld Hace 4 días
Hasan is a bootlicker. EEwwww gross!!! Hasan, how can you lickboots so obviously?!I You ARE funny though. But lots of people are funny and you are a liar. We really just need funny guys, not liars. I mean I get it you wouldn't have the great video production, and you might get iced if you don't "play" your part. But in the end I hope you get yours. Cheerio!
SavetheWorld Hace 4 días
Relax people. Soon there will be a cur,..a mar.....a vaccine! The vaccine will have to be injected into everyone on the planet in order to work though. And all in 20 days. So go get in line make reservations, what ever you have to do to get your vaccine injected into you. But wait there's MORE! To make sure you get your vaccine and can PROVE it we'll, err, I mean THEY will be installing on ALL cell phones, a COVID-19 verification app! Aaaaaand! You guessed it!!! That is what COVID-19 stands for!!! Think...why change the name from corona virus 19 to COVID-19? Corona virus doesn't even have the letter "D"! What is that darn "D" for? .....wait for it......That's right! COVID-19 is an acronym for.......wait again for it..........Certificate Of Vaccination IDentification-19 is for the year of course. And going forward as the "virus" mutates you will NEED further certification. Next years vaccination will be called COVID -20. Are you getting the picture. Now I'm sure many will pass as they don't take the vaccine voluntarily. But. as soon as people see that the others whom do get injected live, they will get injected. As this becomes mandatory in order to buy, sell, or trade..or anything, there will be built a database that uses ALL your information to classify you socially, religiously, and economically available in an instant to make sure you get the injection they want you to have. Kind of a thumbs up or down thing. Sure there will be many bugs to work out in the system, having to do with reactions to being injected with human fetal cells and bovine bile and several heavy metal compounds plus a plethora of new exciting things we, THEY haven't figured out yet. But if you haven't noticed there are PLENTY of people to use up to get it just right. Once we have killed, i mean cured.. everyone who is going to be cured, the systems of control to make sure none of this ever happens again will be in place and supported by all the "survivors" internationally. It will be a whole new world! Believe me it's the beast,...I mean the BEST system for all of US.
luna Hace 4 días
9:30 can someone explain this part, I'm confused. Why didn't American companies sell the masks here? Like I get that they made money over seas but with such a demand here couldn't they have made sales here? Maybe I'm just missing something obvious here,idk but Im trying to learn
Holger Stratmann
Holger Stratmann Hace 2 días
Companies sell their products to customers who order them and pay for them :) These masks we're talking about here aren't sold in stores, they are medical supplies - hospitals or governments place orders for millions of them. The "US government" (see below) messed up in two ways: 1) They didn't act at all (in the beginning). By the time they wanted to order masks, other governments had already placed huge orders (especially from Europe, which was hit a little earlier and reacted a lot faster). By exporting masks, the companies were just fulfilling their contracts. This one is not as "outragerous" as the video makes it sound. "Under normal circumstances", you cannot just cancel those contracts and there was a "diplomatic incident" when the US tried to buy masks that had been ordered and paid for by Germany (there were conflicting reports on what actually happened, but that's not the point here). It would've been possible for the government to "confiscate" the masks by using "extraordinary" measures such as the Defense Production Act. From what I can see, the law has never been used that way (or at least not since the 1950s) and depending on whose masks you confiscate, it amounts to breaking treaties with other countries... not unusual in wartime... or during the Trump presidency... I'm surprised he didn't do it, it would've been a very "Trumpian" thing to do ("America first", we don't care about or need allies). It's just that the (federal) government didn't care much about the health aspect of this pandemic (!!!) and states cannot invoke this act. One "guy" (the last producer of masks in the US) kept offering masks to the government (health department I think) and also offered to reactive some production lines if they placed a large order. He got no response... 2) This is unrelated to the export of masks, but still a weird screwup: In the US, there was no federal response, everything was left to the states. Suddenly, NY and California were outbidding each other on medical supplies and the price for a single mask went up from something like 80 cents to 9 dollars (or even more in some cases)... oh the irony of free capitalism coming back to bite the US government...
Invalidstr ingError
Invalidstr ingError Hace 4 días
but doesn't this protect the majority of the public since the majority of the public does not work in these factories. no factories is willing to stay open if they believe that they're going to be a liable for the deaths of there workers caused by doing so. It is not Trump's fault the problem was here before him, how would you advise him to solve the problem.
Invalidstr ingError
Invalidstr ingError Hace 4 días
I don't like Trump I just hate unproductive criticism by the way.
Rossonero Diavolo
Rossonero Diavolo Hace 4 días
1 month later, In Tuscaloosa Alabama they hold "Corona Virus Party" to see who can catch the virus...
max mustermann
max mustermann Hace 4 días
americans be like: public healthcare is communism corona virus: now this is my kinda place
Jayden Calderon
Jayden Calderon Hace 5 días
Mohammed Zamil
Mohammed Zamil Hace 5 días
If Trump wins the next election you'll are done🤦‍♂️
D7 Energy
D7 Energy Hace 5 días
You are a F idiot... This plandemic is just the start of the New World Order keeping us afraid... Those hospitals are empty... If U.S people are more sick it is because you have not used the proven remedies.. And you have the sickest population in the developed world.
Bio Nic
Bio Nic Hace 5 días
Thank god, the US got the Virus under Control in june… oh wait
John Tatum
John Tatum Hace 5 días
China broke America with the virus the bat lady made in the Wuhan Lab...she spent about six years making it very infectious to humans...then she released it with the backing of the CCP. I am not laughing.
DeadDancers Hace 5 días
Class action lawsuit against Trump? The ruling party? All who perpetuated their failure?
Sindhu Khapre
Sindhu Khapre Hace 5 días
Why didn't this Democratic mentioned China's Envolvement in spreading #corona
Kay On Bass
Kay On Bass Hace 5 días
Next few months won't be like the last few months... it'll be worse. I hope I'm (and the rest of the world is) wrong and you guys get through it okay. From a sympathetic Aussie.
Insert Clever Username
Insert Clever Username Hace 5 días
I feel like Netflix has dropped the ball with this show. I mean, I've been sleeping on it for a long time, but in my defense I've only seen it advertised on my Netflix account ONCE. ESwomen on the other hand.... Their algorithm wants this show to SUCCEED, Goddamn.
Sweet Tea
Sweet Tea Hace 23 horas
Me too. Netflix seems to not want people to watch their own show. Please don't tell me Netflix cancelled this show!
MC CG Hace 6 días
I challenge fox news to air this
B Perez
B Perez Hace 6 días
Trickle down scam economics !
Anthony Woody
Anthony Woody Hace 6 días
How is this only a month ago.
Yoni Shtiebel
Yoni Shtiebel Hace 6 días Dr. Michael Greger on Pandemic Prevention | Infectious Diseases, Aids, Influenza, Coronavirus. This was foreseeable as this March video from 7 years ago explains clearly. Our supply chains for meat are breeding grounds for dangerous pathogens. For efficiency, we look the other way.
Ayush Sahay
Ayush Sahay Hace 6 días
"Woah! GMA! wrong music for a pandemic"
Dean Doss
Dean Doss Hace 6 días
Why is ANY PART of THIS funny tho bro? Hmnnn where’s ur heart 🤔
donna walko
donna walko Hace 7 días
But Most likely this is what your tv show and Muchos dinero depends on. So sad> As CSNTy...if everyone is wrong no one is right
donna walko
donna walko Hace 7 días
RI CO?? I'm sure with your team this sure sounds applicable...
donna walko
donna walko Hace 7 días
I know this is right However, to be real why not include the actual data source. there are so many statixtics that are totally bullshit
Sterling Lowery
Sterling Lowery Hace 7 días
"A good economy is one your prepared for." Tony Robbins
Haris Sahab
Haris Sahab Hace 7 días
Let’s not ignore that about 90K Ughyur Muslims are being forced to labor for at least 83 companies that includes Apple. Your iPhone might have been made by an oppressed Ughyur. Let that sink in.
daddy joe
daddy joe Hace 7 días
I'm so sorry but, I got to say, that neighbors wife is pretty FN hot ya'll!!! Sorry again.
Elvira Rebane
Elvira Rebane Hace 7 días
Because it is cheaper, big companies makes their stuff abroad. But when we will be in need of them, we will have real problems. Like with face masks and other medical equipment. And how many work force (jobs) are hired abroad, leaving our people without income.
Elvira Rebane
Elvira Rebane Hace 7 días
We depend to much on the big companies, that don’t give a sh*t about people’s lives. Only efficiency is what matters to them.
Not Yo’ Ma
Not Yo’ Ma Hace 7 días
Just think, all the asylum seekers in Mexico are being protected from China.
Not Yo’ Ma
Not Yo’ Ma Hace 7 días
Smithfield is China.....
Not Yo’ Ma
Not Yo’ Ma Hace 7 días
You are a sell out too. But you are entertaining.
Not Yo’ Ma
Not Yo’ Ma Hace 7 días
China sent 500k people to buy ppe before China told the world that they “f’d up”
Michael James
Michael James Hace 4 días
Don’t expect Progressives to hold China accountable for anything - they’re working overtime to create excuses for China’s reaction to COVID.
Not Yo’ Ma
Not Yo’ Ma Hace 7 días
Bill Clinton caused the China problem.
Voltic Hace 7 días
Could have been very informative if political bias was not used. The video literally cited NPR.
Z O Hace 7 días
Why don't you start by thanking chin.a? Started there in August.
Hugh Patrick
Hugh Patrick Hace 7 días
This didn’t age well 🥴
The mirror of the truth
The mirror of the truth Hace 7 días
You find the conditions of those people in humane. place yourself in the position of the animals. that are murdered in those places. And how’s blood is on the floor of those smelly places. Imagine that the day you were born, somebody else already did plan the day of your execution.🤔 I know you understand the difference between right and wrong. because you’re probably hate people how abuse Little 3 years old children. And dogs. But why not despising people how abuse animals of other species it is hypocritical. it is systematic discrimination! You are systematic programs to hate one, and love the other creature. This form of discrimination is called speciesism. Oh yeah the etymology of the word animal. means living or soul. Is comes from the Latin words anima. Go vegan zoonotic diseases are also spreading between animal and animal! So this means there’s probably means other animal can also get covid 19 you can get Infected from eating the corpse of the animal.
Katarina Connor
Katarina Connor Hace 7 días
oh man, start of july is so much worse :X
kavya k m
kavya k m Hace 7 días
Sooo that's how China's economy is higher than its population, hmm
Foundups Michael Trout
Foundups Michael Trout Hace 7 días
#TrumpPandemic - he politicized masks, he lied lied and lied about the severity. . .consider this tigers can catch covid19 and no one is talking about pigs being infected by corona virus. The pork is infected.
ARX 351
ARX 351 Hace 7 días
Wouldn't it be obvious that vital equipment should be manufactured in the country that uses it? What happens if the US goes to war with China? It's like if in WW2 almost all products sold in America were made in Japan and Germany. P.S: it wouldn't surprise me if uniforms, boots and many other pieces of equipment used by the US military were made in China.
Michele Murabito
Michele Murabito Hace 7 días
This is basically last week tonight with a better host lol
Angelo Aitken
Angelo Aitken Hace 7 días
The Joe Rogan joke
rdooski Hace 8 días
Msm lies, cheats, and dont even do their own journalism... Here is a bunch of clips from them saying the same thing and Im going to use them to show you they agree with what Im saying...
TRUMP or SANDERS Hace 8 días
Basketball who wants to watch that s*** anyways
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