HOW?! Average Players EMBARRASSING Stars in the NBA Summer League

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Mike Korzemba

Mike Korzemba

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The TOP Times the NBA Summer League saw Stars get EMBARRASSED by Average Players
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raffyfx Hace 4 días
DLOADING Hace 7 días
Why is Lonzo here.....
Ram Hace 8 días
man douggie mcbuckets was cold. still would like to see him at least be a solid starter
T-Herbo357 •
T-Herbo357 • Hace 11 días
i like ur videos put plz stop making ur VIDEOS SO FUCKING DRAMATIC
Dulio Lemus
Dulio Lemus Hace 15 días
steph curry with a 40 inch verticle ?
Seminole Hace 16 días
1% of the comments about the video. 99% of the comments: But is he steph curry with a 40 Inch vertical?
Wes Smith
Wes Smith Hace 17 días
Mike made a guy named Doug sound like the biggest badass in the world
Rahul Agarwal
Rahul Agarwal Hace 17 días
What happened man? Used to come to you for good basketball content. Everything you've put out recently is shit!
Lust Hace 18 días
Lonzo video
C Lo
C Lo Hace 21 un día
average players in the nba will dominate regs. theres a reason they made it
T Bone
T Bone Hace 22 días
Do Lonzo vid please
Ali Dhaif
Ali Dhaif Hace 26 días
Pleasssee Give us a vid about Lonzo
PlatinumState Hace 26 días
If you give Tyus Jones 30 minutes every game I bet he could average 15 & 7. Also Javale was the truth, he just stopped caring somewhere along the way
Poisonous Nut
Poisonous Nut Hace 27 días
Javale McGee is a superstar. He's the Shaqtin a Fool GOAT to say the least.
Penrod Hace 27 días
Javale's first Summer League bucket was literally a recreation of MJ's rookie cradle dunk, its sad that he never put in more work on his game, he would've been a beast
Streamer By the way
Streamer By the way Hace 27 días
Make a lonzo video please
BurritoBob14 Hace 28 días
Request: Top 10 miracles during NBA games.
Jere Jensen
Jere Jensen Hace 28 días
You should do what would happen if giannias antetkoumpo was drafted number 1
The Goat Gamer
The Goat Gamer Hace 29 días
I love Tyus Jones, also I’m bout to make an nba player mix, who should I make one of?
NickDaRobloxian: The Revival
NickDaRobloxian: The Revival Hace 29 días
I am so happy the meme JaVale McGee is in this
CaseytheComedian Hace 29 días
I'd love to hear the outlook for the Atlanta Hawks going forward... 2020 and beyond. Because... no Hawks videos yet. Feel kind of left out 😅
Ashton Wu
Ashton Wu Hace un mes
Weeelllllll they weren't Steph Curry with a 40 inch vertical.
Malcolm Longaker
Malcolm Longaker Hace un mes
Best Players Ever: 1. Michael Jordan 2. Lebron James 3. Kareem Abdul Jabbar 4. Bill Russell 5.Wilt Chamberlain 6. Magic Johnson 7. Shaq 8. Tim Duncan 9. Kobe Bryant 10. Larry Bird
Hunter Nederland
Hunter Nederland Hace un mes
R we just not going to talk about Mcgees micheal Jordan comparible cradle dunk 6:23
Hilarious Z
Hilarious Z Hace un mes
Mike why have u not been posting don’t use the excuse that nothing has been happening bc so much has happened and ur over here making vids about good summer league players come on now u got kawhi and pg going to the clippers raps winning a title Russ going to Houston no excuses like are u serious I trusted u and u said u gone make bangers this offseason I haven’t got nothing but good job bc u just lost another sub
Niners 12345
Niners 12345 Hace un mes
Brrrooooo im from omaha nebraska and i remeber when doug played at creighton and he was like the hometown hero everyone was hyped up when he got drafted
tommy heery
tommy heery Hace un mes
hey mike do what if d'angalo russell stayed in LA
BinxTheJinx73 Hace un mes
Mike, please do: "What if LeBron James never went to Miami" It's gonna be so interesting to see how Kyrie would be drafted due to Cleveland not sucking, what Miami would be like with just Wade and Bosh, and how Cleveland would be with LeBron never leaving. Like so he can see!!!
Nathan Francis
Nathan Francis Hace un mes
I love this channel too much to,wair
Nathan Francis
Nathan Francis Hace un mes
Mike can u make a new vid soon plx
Nicholas Beaver
Nicholas Beaver Hace un mes
My first time watching Mike's videos. He has 1.5 mil subs, but why does it seem like the comments are haters?
Sir Diamond
Sir Diamond Hace un mes
Pls do lonzo video
Jason Vue
Jason Vue Hace un mes
For you sheeps who can't comprehend the title. Its how average players performed better than stars like Curry, Harden, Giannis, Howard, etc did during the Summer League
SebastianHD Hace un mes
Mike Korzemba = Stephen A. Smith without a 40 year old hairline.
TeezyTakeover Hace un mes
Do a CJ Miles video
Iconic space
Iconic space Hace un mes
Jaaavaaale mageeeeee
Noah Rolen
Noah Rolen Hace un mes
2011 redraft plz
DumAnimationGuy/ShamPlayz Hace un mes
Tre need to start taking lessons from Tyus
Philip C
Philip C Hace un mes
Doug mcdermont made me watch college basketball a lot more, kid was insane
Manos Kok
Manos Kok Hace un mes
Next video : What if Michael Jordan was drafted by the Blazers
Mr. Padilla
Mr. Padilla Hace un mes
Been waiting for a free agency video 🤦🏾‍♂️😭
DJ_Dat_Dude15 Hace un mes
Hey now don’t disrespect the man Tyus Goat Jones
Pal Harrington
Pal Harrington Hace un mes
Not Dougie McBuckets
Gavin Pavesic
Gavin Pavesic Hace un mes
I’ll give you each $100 dollars if you beat us once
Alex Rangel
Alex Rangel Hace un mes
Yo y r u so annoying and y do u have to yell so much
kalikid gamer
kalikid gamer Hace un mes
where is your brother cause I just found his channel and says he has not posted in 2 years :(
Ibrahima Barry
Ibrahima Barry Hace un mes
make a video on the westbrook trade
bre lowe
bre lowe Hace un mes
lonzo update please
Mathew Spencer
Mathew Spencer Hace un mes
I just have one problem he’s fucking retarded he’s like Lonzo ball with be the next Stephen curry with a 40 inch vertical and said trae young would be a bust like he’s always wrong about his dumbass prediction like go talk to a smart person like me the pistons will go to the playoffs next season and will make the finals and win against the lakers and this is also a wild theory but watch and I haven’t even seen how well the lakers big 3 will player neither have I seen kawhi leanord and Paul George play but kawhi and Paul will dominate the lakers no doubt
Idk Gaming
Idk Gaming Hace un mes
I just thought your next what if what if Dwight Howard never left the Orlando Magic
Zach Price
Zach Price Hace un mes
Denzel is my man #MSU
who the Fuck is this
who the Fuck is this Hace un mes
Can you do a what If LeBrons Block in 2016 Finals in game 7 never happened? Including things like how we view LeBron
LucasJLora2 Hace un mes
Lonzo video plz
Bird is the word
Bird is the word Hace un mes
(please read this) guys please subscribe to my channel help me grow it i appreciate your cooperation thanks guys. i wamt to be like troydan help me achieve it
w c
w c Hace un mes
Whys this guy always so dramatic. Chill out, the sky is not falling.
SportzPowwredGaming Hace un mes
Mike how did you do the What if series
Sam Newburn
Sam Newburn Hace un mes
Who’s here after the Grizzlies and Wolves are in the Summer League Finals?
Skullyton Hace un mes
Tyus Jones the type of dude to catch his own lob at 10 seconds on the clock
Owen Macdougall
Owen Macdougall Hace un mes
Do what if Kobe got drafted 1st and iverson went to LA
Michael Ibrahim
Michael Ibrahim Hace un mes
Make a video on top 10 most intense games
Idgaf Hace un mes
Yo why haven’t you done a why Lebron isn’t human video
Myk White
Myk White Hace un mes
Agent00 crashed u
Riot Clapped
Riot Clapped Hace un mes
Markell fults?
Kyle Bill
Kyle Bill Hace un mes
Hey mike I think you should really do a what happened to the Memphis Grizzlies they had loads of talent
hayden nelson
hayden nelson Hace un mes
Mike, could you start doing a video for every NBA team in the off season? Tell about when they contended for titles. For example I'm a Pacers fan (Indy born and bred) and I think they were%are under appreciated in the late 90s to mid 2000s etc. There are so many teams that dont get any love that I think you could do justice. thanks
Fawnke The Sauce God
Fawnke The Sauce God Hace un mes
Tyus Jones is the GOAT
MoB Joseph
MoB Joseph Hace un mes
Simon Sez
Simon Sez Hace un mes
I don’t think anyone was expecting Doug McDermott to be “one of the best players in the league” lol
MoB Joseph
MoB Joseph Hace un mes
Agent trolled you hard 😂
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