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How Attractive Am I? | Lineup | Cut
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Aleana Coletti
Aleana Coletti Hace 31 un minuto
These are my favorite comments: “5” “What am I lacking?” “Your face is a little weird” “You like me don’t you.” “You cute” “I know” “I mean you’re tall, but you’re bald.” “Scratch the 6 give you a 7 bc your attitude” “How can I be a 10?” “You can’t” “It’s like me as a man. I’m so excited. You’re a 10 man”
ashley octave
ashley octave Hace un hora
ik she did not try to fat shame her
Pyxis Hace 4 horas
fuc ju blue bitch da bu de da bu DIE
Mike Nunyabizness
Mike Nunyabizness Hace 5 horas
She snorted...
tsohgallik Hace 6 horas
Black dude kinda rapey, also it shows he rated himself as most attractive. 😭
Bayview Scanner
Bayview Scanner Hace 7 horas
so... blazer girl put all the brown people to the end... noted lol
Luuk Hace 11 horas
The lesbian looks a lot like the season 1 Friends, Joey
Beatrice Sanna
Beatrice Sanna Hace 17 horas
This video proves that most of the women are fatphobic, even with theirselves
ExoTic Hace 19 horas
the guy with the crazy hair is a straight 10, fire. Personality on point and he just looks badass
Olivia Tortorea
Olivia Tortorea Hace 21 un hora
Olivia Tortorea
Olivia Tortorea Hace 21 un hora
Just push that 5 times and tell me you didn’t die of laughter 😂
shooterbass10 Hace un día
who actually liked the blazer lady?
supernatural *_*
supernatural *_* Hace un día
Hitler where are u when we need u the most? :') Some of those people are just example that we are all stupid motherfuckers
thebmanboss Hace un día
0:48 what’s her @
MacPrime HD
MacPrime HD Hace un día
9:09 true
Jasmine Lewis
Jasmine Lewis Hace un día
Blazer girl is an ass for someone that’s not so hot herself.
Get Catched
Get Catched Hace un día
That Guy with the curly hair is a legend tbh
Emma Gacha
Emma Gacha Hace un día
I like the dude in the white. I’m glad he’s not one of those boys who shame girls and boys for how heavy/light they are
Static Applx
Static Applx Hace un día
The first girl was whiter than the background
Little Andy
Little Andy Hace un día
When the lesbian told the white man he was a ten she didn’t even say on a lesbian scale she just said it as if she wanted to take a bite. 😂
Leonardo Villa
Leonardo Villa Hace un día
Can you do "How Ugly Am I?" next?
jul ia
jul ia Hace un día
this is just mean
Summer Wilson
Summer Wilson Hace un día
I’ve never gotten asked out by anyone yet, but I think I’m Asexual anyways.
Just Someone
Just Someone Hace un día
Girl in blazer seems like a bad feminist. Just saying. Too judgy, too whiney and just too rude. She isnt even that attractive, I'd put her at a 1 because of her attitude. "I like white men with a big butt and a nice smile" all smiles are great because it's a smile. Butts are all amazing at every size and the race is her opinion but she doesnt have to be so ignorant about her types.
TET2005 Hace un día
This is tough!
xiaomei nae
xiaomei nae Hace un día
did you guys see that even though the guy white outfit and black beanie did the same thing and ranked people from most attractive to least attractive, the contestants all were laughing and smiling? a man raised right and making everyone feel comfortable
Demetria Topaz
Demetria Topaz Hace 2 días
*on a lesbian scale, he wouldn’t turn me* BRING HER BACK PLEASE
Tanaville Valentine
Tanaville Valentine Hace 2 días
doing this, if it were based on my personal preference, if I ranked them really low I’d just have to say someone out there is gonna find you hella hot compared to my standards so please don’t let my measly little opinion affect you :)
Jim Green
Jim Green Hace 2 días
The female judge with the pants on thinks so highly of herself and is rude to everyone else and like she is one of the ugliest people I have ever seen inside and out like she can't talk or put herself in the front of the line, its one thing to be confident but another thing to be straight rude and full of yourself
Alia R.
Alia R. Hace 2 días
ew. only the black guy and the lesbian were nice. wtf. idk what the hell i just watched. you have to bring people up instead of down. i know you are trying to be honest but the girl in the grey skirt and the girl in the blazer made me so uncomfortable and so rude.
asian_white_girl ___
asian_white_girl ___ Hace 2 días
They should've let everyone rate the judges😂revenge!!!😈
xsu Hace 2 días
whos snorting
Sylvia Vineham
Sylvia Vineham Hace 2 días
#CarterFine Love it!!
Frederik Nielsen
Frederik Nielsen Hace 2 días
my nigga love dem big thicc biatches
Ashley Hill
Ashley Hill Hace 2 días
When he rated Carter a 9 and said she was fine... YAS!
Дмитрий Данилов
Дмитрий Данилов Hace 2 días
Lesbian girl is really fine looking, and somehow I feel like I'd be best friends with someone like her.
Fireoncityy Hace 2 días
The girl in the red shirt tho........ umm
Broken Toenail
Broken Toenail Hace 2 días
It’s a nice way of how to say people are ugly lmao
Wanda Caser
Wanda Caser Hace 2 días
This is not a good video
AK Revol
AK Revol Hace 2 días
Anyone notice that the blazer girl put the people of color and the only girl who wasn’t thin at the end, and put herself before them, and 2/3 of the people before her were the white people, the girl with an hourglass and the guy really thin and tall? Huh.
Tierra Bolton
Tierra Bolton Hace 2 días
The girl in the blazer is eww... like ewwww
Tori P.
Tori P. Hace 2 días
2:49 - Lady: I mean how? That hair...we would have to pull it back. Me: ok................personal opinion I love his hair it’s wonderful and voluminous.
Phoenix Kennedy
Phoenix Kennedy Hace 3 días
Put yourself first cause you gotta love yourself before you love others 🤞🏼❤️
Decon Hace 3 días
"One night stand material" "Ooh!" "Ffffff-ive." "Whaa?" The way he said "what" cracked me up
ghostbeast_ Hace 3 días
I would not want to be ranked by my appearance like this! the participants in this are brave and must have great self esteem to put themselves out like this Also Carter has a cute face
N. T
N. T Hace 3 días
Blue blazer girl is annoying
N. T
N. T Hace 3 días
Red shirt girl is so cute, I’m sad ppl gave her such harsh ratings. I’m hurting for her :(
Chimi Changas
Chimi Changas Hace 3 días
2:55 The way the dude slowly turned 🤣
Amy Robe
Amy Robe Hace 3 días
How to lower your self esteem in a day
aj barry
aj barry Hace 3 días
I thought this was buzzfeed-
Vaporwaved Ender
Vaporwaved Ender Hace 3 días
I hate how the girl in the blazer isnt that humble, and she snorts a lot which kinda annoys me (no offence to people who snort)
Lola K
Lola K Hace 3 días
Blazer girl deadass put all the black people to the left end in the final line up. That's some internalised racism there. And a nice touch of fatphobia with the girl in the red shirt.
Max Holmqvist72
Max Holmqvist72 Hace 3 días
All of these people were ugly as fuck! Bring in some hot Russian chicks With a sweet ass!
Jessica P
Jessica P Hace 3 días
The girl in the blazer was so horrible like-
IsaacMcIntire 18
IsaacMcIntire 18 Hace 3 días
3:11 he don’t even need hair those shoes do justice 🔥
It’s just my opinion but
It’s just my opinion but Hace 3 días
I love this woman ... she’s so sweet and considerate
Cameron Hace 3 días
Why does she always say “lesbian wise,” should I say straight wise?
Flavia Bacci
Flavia Bacci Hace 3 días
6:10 aRE yOU eVEN rEAL ?
Jordan TRusso
Jordan TRusso Hace 3 días
Tinder if you actually had to look them in the eye when you decide they aren't good enough.
DHG Krypto
DHG Krypto Hace 3 días
Lmaoo i loved that black dude bruh he needa join the squad 😂
Giddy B
Giddy B Hace 3 días
I will rate the judges Funny black guy:10 his kind and gives people good vibes I like his attitude Cool chill lesbian woman reminds me of my aunt:10 she’s cool also gives good vibes I like her attitude Nervous girl who reminds me of my girlfriend:10 she’s kind and sweet and I like her attitude The girl who likes ass:4 just 4 because of her attitude
Koateh Kush
Koateh Kush Hace 3 días
5:00 y’all are petty af
Celestial Hace 3 días
if i had to do this i would start crying over how bad i would feel.
blair Hace 3 días
8:48 they’re gonna be going out, periodt
J Hace 3 días
blue blazer got to go
BʀɪᴛᴛɴᴀʏTᴏQᴡᴀᴢʏ FᴏʀYᴏᴜ
BʀɪᴛᴛɴᴀʏTᴏQᴡᴀᴢʏ FᴏʀYᴏᴜ Hace 3 días
One guys it’s their personal preference not yours and two last guy..I see you🔥
Tronci Hace 4 días
The white lesbian looks like Johnny Depp
Oasis Alanis
Oasis Alanis Hace 4 días
the girl in the blazer was mean :(👎🏼
ΑΝΑΣΤΑΣΙΑ ΚΟΛ. Hace 4 días
the black girl with the blue jumper was so attractive tfff
William Mickelson
William Mickelson Hace 4 días
lmao the black guy put all the dudes on one side
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