How Amazon Delivers On One-Day Shipping

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Prime Day, Amazon's biggest shopping event, is here, and now one-day shipping is the norm for tens of millions of items available during Amazon's Prime Day event, which runs from July 15 to July 16. To succeed at this rapid delivery, Amazon spends tens of billions of dollars every year and employs 250,000 workers in its U.S. warehouses. The process is an incredible challenge, and Amazon has faced criticism about working conditions at every step of the process. Watch the video to see what happens when you buy a Prime-eligible item on
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How Amazon Delivers On One-Day Shipping

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David Webster
David Webster Hace 3 horas
12:45 - is working conditions reasonable. Answer..well...........long strung out answer
Edward T.
Edward T. Hace 9 horas
With the way Amazon treats it's employees, they may have to get robots to do EVERYTHING!!! ~ Blackbeard
Max Willson
Max Willson Hace 13 horas
I would tone down the drone and sidewalk robot delivery if I were Amazon. That's going to be a disaster with criminals and hackers.
Max Willson
Max Willson Hace 13 horas
It's insane, everyday on my dinner break I see at least 5 Amazon and UPS vans at the gas station. That stuff is like clock work man. I guess my job is as well lol
Dreamingbig Hace 13 horas
I would be able to deliver my rent on time if I didnt have to pay taxes like amazon
Stephen Barnes
Stephen Barnes Hace 14 horas
Lord have mercy 😭 I will be praying for ya guys
Half Fraction
Half Fraction Hace un día
In 2030: Amazon starts 5 minute delivery
MsClark2009 Hace un día
This is dangerous for the American people. We've worked so hard to set labor standards to protect our people. Now, we're allowing our people to be exploited and treated like slaves. Why do we not ban together to protect our people? They can still have a very productive company and treat their employees like people.
Mmhajan PATTON
Mmhajan PATTON Hace un día
Seriously people cannot wait 2 days???
Phil R
Phil R Hace un día
I worked at one in Nashville for a few days and it's super fast paced. you stand in like a 3x3 area for 8 to 12 hours a day 7 days aweek. in 2015 that center started temps out at 8 bucks and full time was only like 11-12. if you were working 1st shift and the person that was coming in for your little hole didn't show they made you stay 4 hours over or get wrote up. Huge turn over rate, so remember when you buy that item on Sat or Sun remember there is some poor soul working that day just for you.
Roy Ramdeen
Roy Ramdeen Hace 2 días
Dave Clark is just feeding us what we want to hear to be politically correct. The stats show Amazons safety record and their flawed attempt to adjust and improve it. What he does really care about is his productivity bonuses.
Jjgalugie 36
Jjgalugie 36 Hace 2 días
Hahahaha!!!! They DON'T!!! Everytime i order 1 day delivery it gets lost, delivered to the wrong address or just plane delayed. AMAZON IS TRASH. Not to mention a 1 day delivery item is marked up in price.
Glenn Scott
Glenn Scott Hace 2 días
amazon in 5 years: we are very proud of our service, and anyone is welcome to sign up his body as a battery for our robots ala Matrix
Anthony VEGA
Anthony VEGA Hace 3 días
Amazon's the worst company on the earth that's my opinion I don't get why they so many people use Amazon while there's alternatives that are cheaper I can't believe it it's worse than than the Auto industry. Ceo should go to jail for what he's doing to those employees those bosses don't even care about their employees the governments look into this and split up the company all the agencies for the government investigate it's and fine them a huge amount of money and tell him to clean up their act if they don't treat their employees any nicer then they're going to jail. They're becoming a monopoly to there's not even many competitors I can compete with Amazon.I don't get why they are investigating Google but they not investigating Amazon cuz Amazon's a bigger company and they make more than google. Supreme Court of the United States should investigate or congress investigate this twiddling their thumbs and not them can't believe they're not even trying to get the right person to investigate Amazon.
Rajesh Patel
Rajesh Patel Hace 3 días
what if someone ordered a pair of glasses at 11:59, and they did 1 day delivery
Sammy Ho
Sammy Ho Hace 3 días
I always thought about ordering a package at 11pm and request same day shipping for 1 hour shipping
R1CheXY Hace 3 días
I like how all these ads on this video were just the pure nicotine=(something) it's gets dumb after a while
Claddie's Adventures
Claddie's Adventures Hace 3 días
Soon we will order, then hear the doorbell ring. That was fast! Please subscribe to Claddies Adventures and have a great day 😄
Paul Green
Paul Green Hace 3 días
Another nail in the coffin for the high street. Just wait until there are no proper shops left, and watch the online prices rocket.
Jeffrey Morton
Jeffrey Morton Hace 3 días
By conservative definitions, striking workers are stinking "Communists" and are nothing short of domestic terrorists! It's okay to use taxpayer money to bail out mis-managed finance companies or manufacturers who have mostly moved operations offshore, but any workers engaged in collective bargaining for basic human rights are branded as subversive. It's time Americans figured out again that without well-organized unions, we are screwed...
Gary McDearmont
Gary McDearmont Hace 4 días
What a bunch of crybabies
Martin P
Martin P Hace 4 días
If they can't deliver in 1 day (like in my case), why not just be honest. Just say it could be delivered in a day, but it may take two. And let the customer know if you can't have it delivered. A simple email will do. I'm still waiting on my one-day package.
Ms. YEA Hace 5 días
I never purchase anything from Amazon.....and after seeing this documentary I am glad!
Francisco Velazquez
Francisco Velazquez Hace 6 días
8:45 says requirements for flex is a midsize sedan, then shows a honda civic in the flex line
Chance Storey
Chance Storey Hace 6 días
It went from a good video to an attack against a good company and smart people. If the employees dont like their job then why dont they quit?? "Well because i can't find another job and amazon offers a,b and c". Exactly! These people are just typical self-indulged whiners... They have tried to ruin anything productive that is better than they are since the industrial revolution... Its so annoying.
Sokoya Abdulazeez
Sokoya Abdulazeez Hace 6 días
Like that guy said Amazon has completely changed the game at the expense of their workers
Misty Gerkin
Misty Gerkin Hace 6 días
how much cardboard does amazon use a day? 🤔🤔
Jake Rosendahl
Jake Rosendahl Hace 6 días
Amazon is literally building their own airports and hiring their own ATC and everything to operate one. That is a prime example of vertical integration.
stimpen12 Hace 7 días
Why do they leave the package by the door in the US? Just it seems to be such a problem that people get their packages stolen.
imabee ASMR
imabee ASMR Hace 7 días
5:45 Amazon included its human robots in the count :P
Francis Villagonzalo
Francis Villagonzalo Hace 7 días
What happens you choose same day delivery on 11:59 pm
Alexander Craven
Alexander Craven Hace 6 días
Amazon teleports it to your mailbox
Tay K 74
Tay K 74 Hace 7 días
I was thinking that lol😂😂😂
RAYMOND Palmer Hace 7 días
Cry babys Amazon is too big and strong
Jose Torres
Jose Torres Hace 7 días
I bet they won’t use scout in the hood. Lol
thatsrightjay Hace 8 días
I call them Scamazon because I’m always getting scammed by marketplace resellers. Amazon is turning into Ali express and is flooded with cheap Chinese crap. Ever notice when you see the same cheap Chinese electronics with the same stock photos but a different company name on it?
Tom Nguyen
Tom Nguyen Hace 8 días
thats too long. i want it now. now damn it.
Dragonbreak Hace 8 días
The thing that delivered packaes are put next to your door is juz bizzare... I could not imagine anything like this... This is one thing I hate about America...
Garrett Merrill
Garrett Merrill Hace 8 días
Amazon and them flying cars tho
Mit Morj
Mit Morj Hace 8 días
Reptilians don’t care about costs cause $ isn’t real
Paul Anderson
Paul Anderson Hace 9 días
I want to love Amazon, but am deeply disturbed by worker conditions. They must do more to ease the worker conditions.
theresa lewis
theresa lewis Hace 9 días
I so love how amazon didn’t disclose too much information about how and why they get things done the way they do 👍🏾
jcontradiction Hace 9 días
bezos looks more and more like Lex Luther.
Josef Holzer
Josef Holzer Hace 10 días
Who would want to work for them? Not me!
Prissea&Sophisticated Hace 10 días
I really don't care how it's done, just give me my order quickly!!!!!
doubstercom Hace 10 días
Wow. I will NEVER buy ANYTHING from Amazon. Even if it is the last retailer/webshop on the planet.
Dedy zee
Dedy zee Hace 10 días
malls, plazas and shops in the United States are quiet
amare 2308
amare 2308 Hace 10 días
How their executives and then you'll know 🤭
Dave Otuwa
Dave Otuwa Hace 10 días
An Amazon Air Jet crashed into a bay near my childhood hometown.
Dave Otuwa
Dave Otuwa Hace 10 días
tryin' 2 land onto Galveston
Dave Otuwa
Dave Otuwa Hace 10 días
I just had a preview of my Amazon employment today!
Paul Ewing
Paul Ewing Hace 11 días
Skynet Anyone?!?!?!?!
StellaR Hace 11 días
I appreciate the fast delivery because, like a lot people, I don't like to wait.
YM Pawm
YM Pawm Hace 11 días
USA air line shippment:above 21kg:2.5USD/KG
Marc Cram
Marc Cram Hace 11 días
My boy repping the soccer peak shirt at 5:38 I was hyped getting mine
tay qwad
tay qwad Hace 11 días
my moms was a flex driver and she said its was legit one of the easiest jobs she has ever had XD
Roger McIntyre
Roger McIntyre Hace 12 días
Their process to pack and ship products is absolutely amazing!
Roger McIntyre
Roger McIntyre Hace 12 días
Amazon is now the big guys on the block. watch out UPS!
mbocco83 Hace 12 días
Just think what would happen if EVERYONE did not order from amazon for 1 week to strike for the workers to demand better conditions for the workers. If that would happen at least they would have a little break. Though as people said, warehouse workers in other jobs work just as hard, because Amazon is HUGE.
j dunbar
j dunbar Hace 12 días
At the health of the Amazon employees they do this.
Mj Fowler
Mj Fowler Hace 12 días
guys amazon sells vape juice
Emalie Krieger
Emalie Krieger Hace 12 días
I never get the package on same day shipping it's always the same as if I got two day shipping. LOL
Bryan Flores
Bryan Flores Hace 12 días
Them robots going to take her job 😂
EQ. Goat
EQ. Goat Hace 13 días
Me: Clicks on one day delivery Amazon: *I AM SPEED*
Forever Love
Forever Love Hace 13 días
I feel that is not being environmentally responsible with the excess of shipment material is being used and the use of Palm oil at Wholefoods supermarkets. When we order something from, we are given only one choice of 2 day shipping. I am appalled in seeing one little item being packaged in big boxes or in double package. The excess of material being wasted and the excess of garbage produced is detrimental to the environment. I would like Amazon to give us the option on shipment of goods we purchase, whether we want the order to be combine in one shipment package or if it is urgent. Whole foods was created in the past with the environment in mind, yet, I don’t think is being pro-environmental since its purchase of Wholefoods. I find chocolate cookies in Wholefoods supermarket made with Palm oil. The rainforest in Asian are being destroyed to produce Palm oil and Orangutans are losing their habitat because of that. Also, see the affect it has on global warming: “The oil palm industry is expanding quickly into tropical rainforest, and increasingly into peat swamp forest. The total land area planted with oil palm in Indonesia and Malaysia, where almost the entire world’s supply of palm oil is grown, has more than doubled since 2000 to nearly 17 million hectares in 2015. This is terrible for orangutans, indigenous peoples, and especially the climate. Besides housing some of the most bio-diverse ecosystems in the world, Indonesia’s forests hold large carbon stocks - but that’s nothing compared to what’s in the soil. One-third of all new oil palm plantations expand onto waterlogged peat soils packed with preserved organic matter accumulated over millennia. When peat soils are drained for oil palm plantations, the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions are several times larger than the carbon loss from the forest biomass when averaged over 30 years.”
Spidey Whiplash
Spidey Whiplash Hace 13 días
I've never had Prime & I always choose free 7+ day shipping. I get my packages in 2 days do to their logistics, that are set up so no orders get backed up.
Crimson Halo
Crimson Halo Hace 13 días
This desire for instant gratification means enormous CO2 emissions into the environment. Just because you don't see the dirty diesel fumes or airline exhaust when you click BUY, doesn't mean it's not happening. I'd rather wait for my package, or buy local. My God we've become such spoiled brats as a culture of consumers.
Lara O'neal
Lara O'neal Hace 13 días
They’re service has steadily gone down hill. I have to to the post office to pick up almost everything. I’m using them less and less.
It's Private
It's Private Hace 13 días
Companies used to brag about quality now they brag about 1 day shipping.
Cher Jay Lee
Cher Jay Lee Hace 13 días
I love amazon! Lol
Games4Life Hace 13 días
Amazon in 11 years: instant product to customers
SunnyDaysRComing Hace 13 días
aw omg i wanna give that amazon flex guy a hug
Tropical Orange
Tropical Orange Hace 13 días
Amazon is going to become the "Google" of the shopping industry. They sell EVERYTHING.
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