How Amazon Delivers On One-Day Shipping

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Prime Day, Amazon's biggest shopping event, is here, and now one-day shipping is the norm for tens of millions of items available during Amazon's Prime Day event, which runs from July 15 to July 16. To succeed at this rapid delivery, Amazon spends tens of billions of dollars every year and employs 250,000 workers in its U.S. warehouses. The process is an incredible challenge, and Amazon has faced criticism about working conditions at every step of the process. Watch the video to see what happens when you buy a Prime-eligible item on
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How Amazon Delivers On One-Day Shipping

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Clive Ellis
Clive Ellis Hace 5 horas
Modern slave traders.
Robert Eggcat
Robert Eggcat Hace 14 horas
He's right "wearable devices" are a safety device, imagine what the staff would be up to if they weren't chained. What they should add is a toilet robot.
Tarun Agrawal
Tarun Agrawal Hace 18 horas
The package at 2:55 had *Black_Sawn* movie DVD in it.
little Junior
little Junior Hace un día
Oh god just work somewhere else
Sin Sity
Sin Sity Hace un día
How about giving yall delivery drivers uniform imagine waking up somebody knocking on your door look thru the peep hole it's a man standing there in all black saying Amazon delivery I grabbed my 9mm glad he had the package in his hand and this was 8 in the morning
M P Hace un día
The more convenience you provide people the more entitled and spoiled they become. This is why so many Americans are spoiled. Convenience was designed for those who did not have it before. They valued the new service because they learned what it was like before. But when are born into convenience you are spoiled by it. That is exactly why Americans act like they are owed everything. They have never had to start from the bottom and work their way up. They just expect someone else to provide for them. The more you provide someone and try to make it easier on them the more they expect and the more lawsuits will be filed.
I D Hace un día
The robot delivery is what dominos use in straya
The Flume Unplugged
The Flume Unplugged Hace un día
now they have 1 hour delivery
Ivan Pines channel
Ivan Pines channel Hace un día
Everybody, needs somebody!
David Hace un día
I don't know how they do it.... it's amazing that I live in the middle of nowhere but sure enough the items promised the next day are actually here! Now... if Amazon could take over the United States Post Office and get them to deliver in the time promised that would be AWESOME!
Elliot Cohen
Elliot Cohen Hace 2 días
10:28 amazon has tricked u that’s not a giant flying warehouse that’s a nuke
Javier Lopez
Javier Lopez Hace 2 días
9:10 I don’t support amazon nomo 😪
Harismo Hace 2 días
Waiting for a package while I’m watching 📦
JIJA JI Hace 2 días
it doesnt work
Landon Harper
Landon Harper Hace 2 días
Amazon is able to spend many billions on making their service as easy and convenient as possible, kinda makes you wonder why with all the Billions they make from their service they still have employees on foodstamps and struggling to keep their heads above the water. I guess it's a mystery that will never be solved.
Jada Franco
Jada Franco Hace 3 días
i ordered stickers in July... i still haven’t gotten it😔
kev Hace 3 días
my man looks like hip Jean-Philippe. He got tired of of being in the restaurant now he doing business advice for CNBC. Goddamn
Vince Black
Vince Black Hace 3 días
I don’t want it in one day. I want it yesterday. 😂. How can people not wait for pointless junk there buying.
PMR Hace 3 días
amazing amazon will take over sheesh
katze_sonne Hace 3 días
One-Day shipping? *Laughs in German Amazon Same-Day-Delivery*...
Pride of KC Homes Realty
Pride of KC Homes Realty Hace 3 días
Typical corporate garbage from the guy being interviewed, every company have some negativity and this guy had a positive spin for each question that he was able to prepare before the interview. Corporate Greed, you can't provide a t-shirt for your flex drivers?
TheKitchenTechnician Hace 3 días
What’s the perfect bank? One giant central computer and no employees. Amazon is on its way if they can figure out the drone problem.
Ulrest Hace 4 días
Do you think some of the drones might get shot down by something? A Nerf dart could probably slow down the rotor.
thersten Hace 4 días
Capitalism. Businesses will try to limit costs and monopolize the market. Consumers will be bombarded with ads, workers will be exploited. Nothing new. That's why the environment is what it is and a living wage is harder to come by. 🤷
The Entitled Gamer
The Entitled Gamer Hace 4 días
Behold... Consumerism on steroids.
ShapeShifter 984
ShapeShifter 984 Hace 5 días
One day lookin’ head ass. オメガグードジョブ👍🏻
Xouki Long
Xouki Long Hace 5 días
5:40 so fernando is the guy who used a big ass box to mail me my ps4 controller.
Nav Dhadral
Nav Dhadral Hace 5 días
If pilots and workers have issues, why don't they just quit!
JayLiche Hace 5 días
Amazon is a genius company
Purple Strike
Purple Strike Hace 5 días
John Doe
John Doe Hace 5 días
Amazon: "can anyone compete? sure... Can they sustainably compete? I don't think we've seen it yet..." Alibaba: entered the chat..
Na Da
Na Da Hace 5 días
Bad being here in Ireland because amazon takes minimum 3 days even if you order from U.K prime.
TTV___ONESHOT___ Hace 5 días
All workers can get fired for not working quick enough 😂😂😂
Zach Hace 6 días
"How Amazon Delivers on One-Day Shipping" Trick answer.. they don't. it's more like 3 day shipping on average sometimes 4-5 when you pick one day shipping. I understand why it's 3 days so don't bother explaining, it's just that it's intentionally misleading to get people to buy Amazon prime.
sankalp nagar
sankalp nagar Hace 6 días
Damn amazon 1 day delivery doesn't work when load is high. Simply AMAZON SUCKS #amazonsucks
Bruce Maddox
Bruce Maddox Hace 6 días
none of that 9 billion is spent on proper packaging and cushioning of fragile items. it's gorilla care service.
Wing Chang
Wing Chang Hace 6 días
After I watched this video and I will not use or order anything on Amazon again. The way Amazon treat their employees make my blood broiling.
Annie Fung
Annie Fung Hace 6 días
Well I think we know which two Amazon "employees" are now out of a job...
Pride of KC Homes Realty
Pride of KC Homes Realty Hace 3 días
I'm sure their last day was right after the video was released.
IFilmAlways Hace 6 días
One day shipping my ass... Maybe in the inner cities.
I love bacon
I love bacon Hace 6 días
With other retailers offering 2-day shipping I don't see why people still pay for Amazon Prime.
solisium Hace 6 días
Mercado libre has next day shipping for free after spending 15 dollars equivalent here in Mexico.
THE RC Guy Hace 6 días
16:18 that’s why my damn Amazon package is so goddamn late
Nord VPN 66% Off
Nord VPN 66% Off Hace 6 días
Nobody gonna talk about dude's Trump sticker at 9:06 ?
A Hace 7 días
So how much did amazon pay for this ad?
Cavan Moriarty
Cavan Moriarty Hace 7 días
Their deadass taking over the world
Lizet Loera
Lizet Loera Hace 7 días
Amazon is winning
coin paradise
coin paradise Hace 7 días
XBOXRULES Hace 7 días
I've ordered some things Sunday morning and received them early Sunday evening.
kuulei Hace 7 días
everyone gangsta until the amazon truck goes GTA mode
Unwrap Zindagi
Unwrap Zindagi Hace 7 días
I had a friend working for Amazon. He left within a few months... Because, he had to work without getting off the screen for more than 9hours and also just half an hour lunch break. If he didn't obey rules, he got escalated.
Mr Tank
Mr Tank Hace 8 días
Who remembers when we had to wait 6 to 8 weeks!!?
George k
George k Hace 8 días
it is not that hard to figure out how they do inventory
Bunker Buster
Bunker Buster Hace 8 días
Fake News Amazon Logistics is Horrible
Ross Carlson
Ross Carlson Hace 8 días
The world needs more minimalists ...
Eric Hempler
Eric Hempler Hace 8 días
Amazon: Boiler Plate Lawyer Talk
Geataí woscailte
Geataí woscailte Hace 8 días
Damn I'd wait a day or two if the workers were paid a living wage and treated like humans
Kaiser Zephan
Kaiser Zephan Hace 8 días
Amazon: F our workers, if there not boxing items instead of breathing they will be fired.
OZMAN YMD Hace 8 días
2020 long vid
Bbt Hace 8 días
It doesn't
Malcolm Mckay
Malcolm Mckay Hace 8 días
Damn my town is coming like a ghost town. All the shops are closing down cause of these guys.
Torper Vazquez
Torper Vazquez Hace 8 días
Wtf,why did't i ever heard of this "thing"?
Wesley Lewis
Wesley Lewis Hace 9 días
Level 10 convenient. The problem is it’s destroying small businesss
Yuri Hace 9 días
How things work: Boomer Edition
CritikulThinkin Hace 9 días
He said ... no competition ... period lol
TopShelf Supply
TopShelf Supply Hace 9 días
Too Slow we need same day shipping 😂🙏🙏
solid Hace 9 días
Thanks amazon, only had to wait a month for my order even though it had prime shipping
Toffee Blue
Toffee Blue Hace 10 días
I love Amazon Prime I can buy all my shopping without leaving the house, and stops the judgement from women about my height.
neko nekic
neko nekic Hace 10 días
Robots wont take human jobs..meanwhile in amazon.
Jana Hagen
Jana Hagen Hace 10 días
Wow, there ARE people who get orders in an actual box.
Mr. Bawbag
Mr. Bawbag Hace 10 días
I just realized I've ordered four separate items and downloaded one book since Sunday thanks to Prime membership and Kindle unlimited. I feel kind of dirty after watching this video...
Tyrel Tolliver
Tyrel Tolliver Hace 10 días
You should. You help slave labor. I worked as a driver. I went in at 7 am didnt get home til midnight. You get cussed at, dogs chase you, the chance of robbery is high and homeowners forget they ordered so when you enter their property especially at night you have guns drawn on you and your working in the freezing rain and snow or scorching heat with a van that has bad brakes and horrible headlights and yes i had to pee in bottles because they watched you on gps and if you stopped you got written up and lost an hour of pay.
see you later
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