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Jamie Perkins

Jamie Perkins

Hace 26 días

If you would like to follow Nikki on her journey her youtube channel is and Instagram is @nikkithot

Jamie and nikkijamie perkins

Ems G
Ems G Hace 49 minutos
The ability to get through trials and challenges really makes the marriage stronger. . . the ability tho
Daughter of The Most High God
Daughter of The Most High God Hace un hora
I guess this year is fix couple breakup year. There's Toni and the boy, Nikki and Jamie and 2 or 3 other ones I'll find the names and edit my comment
M M Hace 13 horas
Boy bye! Good luck with your chronic fatigue syndrome
E_Ambition Hace 3 horas
If you can't say anything good. Keep quite.
shiku Nice
shiku Nice Hace 15 horas
May God bring this couple together😥
CHI Town
CHI Town Hace 16 horas
Tameka Anderson
Tameka Anderson Hace 18 horas
after all this talking.....i don't wanna talk no more......yet!you stilllll talking
Annie m Chitika
Annie m Chitika Hace 19 horas
I pray that you guys can get back together again
Priscilla McAliley
Priscilla McAliley Hace 20 horas
Damn haven't been here for a while now y'all separated??!!
Latoya Hace un día
I like the way that he is protecting his children by keeping certain things private. Your children come first!! God bless you in this difficult time x
Kefilwe Gabalebatse
Kefilwe Gabalebatse Hace un día
It is so sad..i can tell you hurting....Time will heal everything and you and Nikki can cooparent in peace...i like the fact that zoe n Ava are your priorities.
Aisha Sajjad
Aisha Sajjad Hace 2 días
Jamie go strong God bless you
S C Hace 2 días
Wishing you both peace of mind, then the rest will follow.
Donna 92
Donna 92 Hace 2 días
Why breakup😭
Sarah Eropu
Sarah Eropu Hace 2 días
Take care of your self. You dont look good at all!!
suihtflava Hace 2 días
I wanna cry... May the Lord restore your marriage. May the Lord ressurrect the Love between the 2 of you
Acacius Hace 2 días
Something really tells me Nikki ended things because she wasn't 100% with him. I don't know how I know this but I somehow feel it. But somehow I am happy for him. Now he can really try to move on and be happy. Although it will be hard first few months. Please Jamie, next time try to find a much more positive and happier person. Nikki always felt to me somewhat a more pessimistic and more on the negative side of a person. Jamie fell in love for her looks just like every guy would for Nikki's look. We all know she is gorgeous. But please y'all don't base on finding women or men based on looks only. If that person is not on your vibe level but still hot af, keep it moving. Again looks is not everything because down on the road things will not work out most of the times. Find someone again on your vibe level. I usually stay away from pessimistic people and people that think negatively even if I like them as people. I don't want to get destroyed by their negativity. Of course we all do have our down moment but when someone is always down. No. Sorry but I can't.
Ditje Datje
Ditje Datje Hace 2 días
She was down because she was not happy with him
D Tyson
D Tyson Hace 2 días
Can you cook on this channel?
Kara Bahama
Kara Bahama Hace 2 días
Good wishes for your family, healing for your hearts and strength to grow. Though you may not be together you are forever a family, bound by your beautiful daughters. Good luck
DeAnna MC
DeAnna MC Hace 2 días
I will still be watching you. All the best...hope your heart heals and you can move on to something and someone amazing.
Felicia Richard
Felicia Richard Hace 2 días
What happened?
Keeping It Real Alicia Nelson
Keeping It Real Alicia Nelson Hace 2 días
I prayer that God reunites this family. Jesus is able
SheSpeaksTruth *
SheSpeaksTruth * Hace 2 horas
Keeping It Real Alicia Nelson nikki is so much more her self now. She doesn’t need him
nigeriansista Hace 2 días
I'm praying for u guys.
The Omani Chef
The Omani Chef Hace 2 días
Two beautiful girls 😔. It’s difficult for us what about them.
Liz Agyapong
Liz Agyapong Hace 2 días
please from a Christian woman I pray you both resolve your issues . the enemy is the cause of this if you can see clearly. I am truly sad about this. you both need to get back please.
Cherry Carter
Cherry Carter Hace 2 días
Men take break ups a lot harder believe it or not
Shamira Mubs
Shamira Mubs Hace 2 días
The way I loved this couple omg..
Lily of the Valley
Lily of the Valley Hace 2 días
His voice is deeper...loved Nikki but she often emasculated him...I saw that
Chantel P.w
Chantel P.w Hace 2 días
pls do a video on more photography tricks
Hi there M
Hi there M Hace 2 días
I hope you and your family find peace and get settled in soon to your new normal Then move on with your lives it will take time Come on peoples move on let them heal privately Publicly since it can’t be helped your curiosity is NOT important IMAO🤓🤓✌️✌️✌️✌️
SAS asmr
SAS asmr Hace 2 días
Who else thinks he looks like simon helberg actor on big bang ?
forrealgirl 42
forrealgirl 42 Hace 2 días
I already know the truth all you have to do is go back and watch videos you see his behavior change, he starts to acting more like a single man again not a married man. But it's all water under the Bridge. Now with that said I wish them both the best of luck...
Rwanda bee
Rwanda bee Hace 2 días
Definitely sticking around and seeing your journey as well as nikki’s❤️
Aimee Cajipe
Aimee Cajipe Hace 2 días
Jamie Im here
Wilfrida Shilwatso
Wilfrida Shilwatso Hace 3 días
Jamie you were a such loving, caring father, husband please pray to God to do His will. It's not a good thing you guys have come to but, search your hearts. Forgiveness is the Medicine here please pray. Is there anyone who has not made any sin? No. Talk to God. I am not happy.
Fit Sue
Fit Sue Hace 3 días
Something is really off about Jamie here. I know he just went through a divorce but it’s something else......
Maureen Njeri N.
Maureen Njeri N. Hace 5 minutos
Lack of sleep and maybe binging.
Saraniah Magen
Saraniah Magen Hace un hora
Like what?
Royal Gift
Royal Gift Hace 3 días
😩😩😩😢😢😢😢😢Nooooooo........ Gosh this is soooo sad
amber_denise 88
amber_denise 88 Hace 3 días
I remember when I separated from my husband. He said the same thing about not waking up to the kids and hearing them say "DADDY!" was one of the hardest things he had to go through. We are back together now though, but i thought he would've been relieved to be able to be a "bachelor" again, but he hated it. Lol. Now our relationship is stronger than ever because we both have realized how important our family is and how much honest communicaton can help us grow better. I love him more now than ever and i didn't think that was possible. Not sure why you both separated and honeslty it's none of my business, but may God bless you both regardless of what route you both take moving forward.😊
frau Doktor
frau Doktor Hace 3 días
When i first saw ""breakup" .. I thought it was a prank bc i never dreamt of "youtube couple" Separation
Elzy Arnold
Elzy Arnold Hace 3 días
Well I've been rolling with your family from the beginning.. When you first start dating.. Your two daughters is such a part of my family.. Cuz I was with you from the beginning of that experiences.. This feels so weird because I just watched Nikki's Channel and coincidentally I didn't know you had a channel still running.. I like how you guys are keeping things sort of on the low in regarding the separation.. Trying to be respectful of Ava and Zoe. But you may not never speak on it but it's obvious that the relationship was neglected for whatever reason.. But I'm going to keep it real!! The majority of my support is going to Nikki Ava and Zoe.. But at the same time I can't ever forget you.. Because for years I brought the whole family into my life and in my heart..
Mateo Banda
Mateo Banda Hace 3 días
I follow you both! I love both you! I love both your kids!
Moto Gypsy
Moto Gypsy Hace 3 días
I understand why you have chosen not to talk about the seperation for your childrens sake, and I totally respect that. I'm glad to hear your going to continue to have your ESwomen channel as I've always enjoyed your input. Wishing you all the best Jamie xx
The Blended Fam
The Blended Fam Hace 3 días
How do you guys co-parent?
Ms Gina Y
Ms Gina Y Hace 3 días
Love was never Meant to say goodbye. Fight for your marriage! For better or worse! Go to Nikki! Please!
Lorene Ty’ler
Lorene Ty’ler Hace 3 días
I am SO saddened by this. Wow. Bless you all, and I hope happiness finds you again.
msmickie Cotton
msmickie Cotton Hace 3 días
Praying for you and your family. You and your wife are beautiful people, I pray that the both of you can work it out..
K-Y K-Y Hace 3 días
Late to the party but..... I saw this coming ages ago. Why has everyone been watching their vlogs with blinkers on! Cracks started to show after baby number 2.
Andrea Araque
Andrea Araque Hace 7 horas
Yeah i would like to know too
Sherese James-Grow
Sherese James-Grow Hace 15 horas
How could you tell?
A Frank
A Frank Hace 3 días
Take it one day at a time.
Jeanne L Camara
Jeanne L Camara Hace 3 días
But Jamie what happens????
Jeanne L Camara
Jeanne L Camara Hace 3 días
Hi 👋 everyone can someone really tell me what happens to them or if Jamie You read that .tell us a bit What really happens Or do it for the sake of the kids
Naturallyziny TV
Naturallyziny TV Hace 3 días
This separation broke my heart a lot.💔💔💔 Please Cole and Savannah should not do this to me oooo. E go pain me Wella. 😭
Car Bro
Car Bro Hace 4 días
Just finished watching you, and not once did you say, "I misses my wife." Maybe, because you don't. Only thing you're interested in seem to be selling YOUR HOUSE. Isn't that both of your house? It's a beautiful house, so why, jump too quickly? Maybe Nikki, and the kids, would like to still live there. She put so much of herself, in the house. It's a lot more to this. Is the reason you wish to sell, is to give her her half? I am not trying to get into your business, but it seem that you are happy, that it is all over. I want to know? Can this marriage be saved? Can we get Jamie and Nikki back together again? Acquiring minds want to know. Ask yourself, "WHERE DID I GO WRONG, WHERE DID WE GO WRONG ?" I know that it's none of my business, but I care about all of you. More than you'll ever know. Maybe the woman was right, maybe you and Nikki did fall out of love with each others, if so, I do understand. That's different. You should move on, separately, before someone get hurt. You are doing the right thing. Because this union is over, I pray that you two, can still stay friends, for the children sake. God be with you, stay good, stay blessed, you do your part and God will do the rest.
Car Bro
Car Bro Hace 3 días
When I stated that aquiring (misspelled), acquiring minds, want to know, I meant, inquiring minds, wishes to find out, the reasons why. We need answers. We misses all of you together. The whole package. You, and Nikki, and the girls, are like family, written into a good book, but I know, all good things, must come to an end. Wouldn't it be something, if The Great Tyler Perry, could turn this into a story, with episodes ? (wow), this would be something to look forward to. I hope so. Keep Hope Alive !!! I love you guys.
Antonia .Ellis
Antonia .Ellis Hace 4 días
It’s unfortunate what you’re going through. Put God first. Being able to see your children when others don’t have that opportunity is a positive. It’s good to not put your life out there. People are voyeuristic. Good choice. That being said keep things in perspective-there are whole people groups being wiped out in genoside, a woman who was captured & raped by ISIS, Coptic Christians beheaded on a beach in Egypt. There are sooo many bigger things that are horrific. Cancer is a crisis. Homeless is a crisis, discrimination & systemic racism is a tragedy. You are healthy, your kids are safe. Good things worth being grateful for. Get on with the business of living. Not trying to minimize this but in the grand things of life, this is not insurmountable.
Sippy Sweetcheeks
Sippy Sweetcheeks Hace 4 días
Is it just me or are South African and Australian accents really similar?
Wisdom Akpan
Wisdom Akpan Hace un día
They are far from similar
Yukka_bee Hace 4 días
I can see sadness and regret from his face
Anonymous Hace 4 días
If you really look at the videos you can tell she’s the one that changed.
chimenerf Hace 4 días
I dont understand. There lives were like a fairy tale. The showed us. Isnt it. And now this
Maha Naagi
Maha Naagi Hace 4 días
There's high chance this just for followers this ESwomenrs will do anything to get their own channels and get paid for views, I'm not been harsh but if this not the case hope things get better
xoxoxoxoxo je t'aime
xoxoxoxoxo je t'aime Hace 4 días
He looks very depressed
iz Hace 5 días
i wonder if they went to marriage counseling.
Codra Gavi
Codra Gavi Hace 2 días
these social media families and celebrities dont care. it also depends on how mature both are.. My pastor once said when people get divorced, the next thing is each proving the other how better they are without them.. I have already seen that in the other lol👀👀 . Whatever if they believe God brought them together then surely there should have been a solution.God hates divorce!!!!
Whitney Greyton
Whitney Greyton Hace 5 días
I hope you can heal Jamie, your sad eyes are breaking my heart ❤️ thinking of you, Nikki and the kids during this tough time. You will make it through this and come to love co-parenting, and find your new normal with your family.
usha sharker
usha sharker Hace 5 días
I don't want to see your broken family😥😥😥😥😪😪
Kayla Henry
Kayla Henry Hace 5 días
My heart broke!!! My ESwomen game has been weak lately so I’m still only catching up. I wish you all the best. I haven’t watched anything at all. I have respect for you both and the kids. One of my best friends were actually in one of your videos. And I said oh my god! I love them.
WeAreTheFishers Hace 5 días
Happy you are open to talking to someone. Very big of you. - Please subscribe to my channel for vlogs guys 😊
Jaya Kamble
Jaya Kamble Hace 5 días
Jamie please reunite in CHRIST.
Kenya K
Kenya K Hace 5 días
Only 6 years and your separated that’s nonsense all the people that are married for 50/60 years are not going to always be happy. You have to keep rediscovering each other. I hope this is a prank.
Rachel Hace 5 días
He looks like he's been drinking a lot
Rachel Hace 5 días
I never thought they would break up 💔 he looks so sad and miserable
Nubian Beauty
Nubian Beauty Hace 5 días
We still love you guys as a collective and we understand you have the right to privacy we pray you both heal and come into better places mentally and emotionally. 💜
Valerie Herron
Valerie Herron Hace 5 días
Boy bye
anonymous user
anonymous user Hace 4 días
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