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House Begins to get feeling for his Russian wife and his other stripper friends are beginning to notice.
Season 8 Episode 17 " We Need The Eggs "
A man (Kevin Christy) is admitted to the hospital when he begins crying blood, but the team suspects a neurological component when they meet his "girlfriend"-a very lifelike sex doll with whom he's fallen in love, and he also admits why. Meanwhile, House confronts his insecurities when his hooker/companion decides to leave him.
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Michael Chrisman
Michael Chrisman Hace 8 horas
I'd like to see this cast do a Sherlock Holmes movie
Rr Ss
Rr Ss Hace 3 días
"House begins to feeling..."? Moose and squirrel writing captions? And they are not "stripper" friends--in English, the word is "hooker." And not as in TJ Hooker.
William Hace 6 días
He has a perfect wife
stagna1959 Hace 9 días
"I got you babe" always reminds me Groundhog Day
yo yo
yo yo Hace 11 días
I've never watched this show, only watch these clips, I was not prepared for Patrick stump
Mark Castillo
Mark Castillo Hace 12 días
Is that patrick motherfucking stump?
Texas Yankee
Texas Yankee Hace 14 días
Stoke is very weak. You need to learn high elbow catch for proper pull and improvement.
general venom 468
general venom 468 Hace 14 días
I just really want to thank who keeps uploading to this channel. This year has been terrible so far but at least I can appreciate this.
Mr. Quixotic
Mr. Quixotic Hace 20 días
Without context of the actual storyline in this episode, 4:16 is freaking hilarious
Diego Reyes
Diego Reyes Hace 22 días
That is not how the homeland security addresses letters, so unrealistic. 1/10.
Chela Lin
Chela Lin Hace 23 días
I love Patrick Stumps voice! I have seen FOB live at least 8 times and I just love to listen and watch him perform!! ❤️
Aaron Higgins
Aaron Higgins Hace 24 días
Didn't realise that house lived at the same address as sherlock holmes
Yasmin Basit
Yasmin Basit Hace 10 días
House MD is loosely based on Sherlock Holmes: House ~ Holmes James Wilson ~ John Watson
Inbetween 2
Inbetween 2 Hace 25 días
What a title.
Andrew Barsky
Andrew Barsky Hace 27 días
That little Asian doctor is adorable. Not in a bad way, she’s just comes across as a lovely human being.
SpectralBread3 Hace 28 días
What is that description lmao
Antoni Gates
Antoni Gates Hace 29 días
Ouch. My heart.
smurfyday Hace un mes
Can we promise, if we're in House's shoes, not to do what he did?
Louie Watson
Louie Watson Hace un mes
House is a mgtow God.
the Fez Man
the Fez Man Hace un mes
Completely forgot that Patric Stump was in this episode, this just made my day
Wyvvern Stone
Wyvvern Stone Hace un mes
Good example of when you are human but don't feel human.
SableWolfAngel Hace un mes
The description of this video needs some work, man.
Ax is Trash
Ax is Trash Hace un mes
Hey check this out I've got a soul voice!!!
Raymond Mataka
Raymond Mataka Hace un mes
I s a b e l l a
I s a b e l l a Hace un mes
Patrick stump?????!
Daniel Astillero
Daniel Astillero Hace un mes
Dominika is Greg's wife. No questions.
Level 3 Gaming
Level 3 Gaming Hace un mes
1:21 i aint hittin that.......😂🤣
Mace S
Mace S Hace un mes
I loved House "the show". I never watched the last episode.
Infınıte Hace un mes
monster Frisk
monster Frisk Hace un mes
I am an immigrant who recently (legally) immigrated to the US and let me tell you: the letters they send are WAAAAAAAAAAAAY longer and thicker
monster Frisk
monster Frisk Hace un mes
@Zero Todona I mean, I get what you're saying, but I'm from Canada so... yeah.
Zero Todona
Zero Todona Hace un mes
monster Frisk and you use English. I’m glad there’s still immigrants who are willing to learn our national language. Good luck and don’t support illegal aliens or our country will turn into what you left or worse.
Kaos1382 Hace un mes
Can we start uploading whole episodes yet?
Michaela Prater
Michaela Prater Hace un mes
My mind went so many different places through this. First it went to Ruby from Steven Universe, then to Fall Out Boy, then to a weird amalgamation of Steven Universe characters as members of FOB that liked to perform at hospitals for sick people sometimes.
kevin waag
kevin waag Hace un mes
The weirdest thing is that if he had told her immigration had been approved but he still liked her and wanted to be with her, they would have been together.
Dorie Bixby
Dorie Bixby Hace un mes
I am a BITCH for Patrick Stump
Sh1k1kate Hace un mes
Only I noticed that Dominickas apartment is Baker Street 221b??
Quo Niam
Quo Niam Hace un mes
It is House's appartment.
Jacob Liotine
busywl69 Hace un mes
he wanted her to see the letter
FargoLargoPants Hace un mes
I like how the letter says please see attached list....there was only 1 peice of paper and no list hahahaha
Danica Sandoval
Danica Sandoval Hace un mes
Wait what
Piper Pruiksma
Piper Pruiksma Hace un mes
See People!! 😊 Brothers arent always attracted to a big ass! 😎
Louie Watson
Louie Watson Hace un mes
I'm certainly not. A fat ass is disgusting to me. I like petite women.
Raiden Hace un mes
"Men want to have sex", Dominika is the female House
Poor Boi
Poor Boi Hace un mes
2:20 wow
Poor Boi
Poor Boi Hace un mes
1:10 lol
Sammy River
Sammy River Hace un mes
Only way I’m going to marry is if it’s a sexy Russian woman like that
Star Lord
Star Lord Hace un mes
That gaiter teacher really lookes like Ed Sheeran :v
Robert Reynolds
Robert Reynolds Hace un mes
I dont like house all squishy.
Cape Cod Exotics
Cape Cod Exotics Hace un mes
Had to put brightness on full and still can barley see
TAG4327 Hace un mes
Your videos are out of sinc
Mark Douglas
Mark Douglas Hace un mes
"Expand?" "...contract"
sami taybi
sami taybi Hace un mes
Learn to fish
Elijah H
Elijah H Hace un mes
*Ruby from SU/Chloe from WBB casually singing half of a duet in the background as a man holds hands with a blowup doll*
Don't Open Dead Inside
Don't Open Dead Inside Hace un mes
Patrick Stump? is that you?
Philip Logothetis
Philip Logothetis Hace un mes
Naruto Datté
Naruto Datté Hace un mes
House Begins to get feeling for his Russian wife and his other stripper friends are beginning to notice. xD lol description
MBA Hace un mes
These comments making me sad 😢
SSP AMV Hace un mes
Getting dumped by a hooker. Big Oof.
Aashish Redfy
Aashish Redfy Hace un mes
is that ed sheeran
Vinnie Tolento
Vinnie Tolento Hace un mes
So this is the Fall Out Boy new single? Not a fan.
Dibyashubhro Roy
Dibyashubhro Roy Hace un mes
Ed sheeran sound so different here
Bongo Cat
Bongo Cat Hace un mes
if house takes a phone call is it a house call?
WalterLiddy Hace un mes
LOL - out of context when it cuts to the guy with the doll it seems to out of left field.
shai.loves.tacos Hace un mes
awww it was so cute when she fed him the milkshake !
shai.loves.tacos Hace un mes
simplythebest286 yes she is !!
simplythebest286 Hace un mes
she is a very likable character !!!!
Mandy Hace un mes
This is so sad especially with the accompanying background track.
Sean Zoilo
Sean Zoilo Hace un mes
I'd make Dominika made my wife anytime.
Hernán Antonio Sáez Ibáñez
Hernán Antonio Sáez Ibáñez Hace 21 un día
Xenon VH2 Too skinny. I like More flesh attached to the bones
Dremora Valkynaz
Dremora Valkynaz Hace un mes
"It's not a marriage, it's a felony" -Conservatives before 2015
Dremora Valkynaz
Dremora Valkynaz Hace un mes
@Jonathan Williams You know what a joke is or nah?
Dremora Valkynaz
Dremora Valkynaz Hace un mes
@Alexander Rambasek No, my country legalized gay marriage in 2015...
Jonathan Williams
Jonathan Williams Hace un mes
Gay sex wasn’t a felony But the definition of marriage doesn’t belong to the government
simplythebest286 Hace un mes
what ????????
Alexander Rambasek
Alexander Rambasek Hace un mes
jahson molt
jahson molt Hace un mes
laura howard
laura howard Hace un mes
I'm confused how is it House is a doctor but can't fix his own busted leg?
Leighann Cash
Leighann Cash Hace un mes
laura howard He had a muscular stroke. The muscles in his leg are dead.
xNeoblood Chaosx
xNeoblood Chaosx Hace un mes
In all honesty, I wish everybody would stop trying to make House care, I just wish everybody would just let him be how he is and let things ride out on their own. In House's case I guess sometimes it's easier not to care.
TJ Frye
TJ Frye Hace 3 horas
@LightSource in all honesty, he's not wrong... at one point in 1 of the seasons, he was happy & so his work regressed noticeably, & he wasn't happy about that, so he went back to being miserable, because nobody should suffer so he can be happy.
xNeoblood Chaosx
xNeoblood Chaosx Hace 21 un día
@LightSource Exactly! And to take your comment further, If he believes being miserable and uncaring is a safer course FOR HIM, then he's entitled to believe that. I think the best thing to do is let people be who they are and stop trying to change someone who doesn't want to change.
LightSource Hace 21 un día
House is miserable, and he makes it that way himself and tries to drag others with him. HE thinks being miserable and a genius goes hand in hand, and it will be true as long as he believes it
Aninja Hace un mes
my favourite cringe in TV shows and movies is: someone does a count in for a song they continue to play the song at a totally different tempo than the count in was
TJ Frye
TJ Frye Hace 3 horas
@Jesse James is he also the best there is & the best there ever will be? if so, i think i have the same doctor, & i'm pretty sure he's a heart doctor
Jesse James
Jesse James Hace un mes
Your cringe threshold is very low. I'd see a doctor. This could be a normal pet peeve, but cringing in response to it could be a sign of an underlying condition. I know a good doctor, if you're interested. He's the best there ever was.
susanne anique
susanne anique Hace un mes
Their count was fine here.
Aninja Hace un mes
@Liam Keily I think you're right, I thought it was in 4/4 and played in triplets, but if it's in 12/8 the count in is actually correct!
Liam Keily
Liam Keily Hace un mes
Yeah it could have been a lot worse. Would have made way more sense to count 1 2 3 4 5 6 but the 1 2 3 4 wasn't that out really.
KyleCG Hace un mes
ed sheeran?
mortan me
mortan me Hace un mes
I won't lie. I DONT REMEMBER A THING about this season
Wobby 1
Wobby 1 Hace un mes
S P O I L E R S House got out of prison. Foreman got Cuddy's job. Chase got stabbed. Wilson got cancer. House faked his death. Chase took over Diagnostics. House and Wilson went on one last road trip. The End
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