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Tae AND Lou

Tae AND Lou

Hace un mes

Y'all y'all y'all... please enjoy me cooking and eating these lobster tails and mega prawns coated in EXTRA HOT CHEETOS. Also, please listen to this crazy story of how my finances took a MAJOR TURN this week!

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Tae AND Lou
Tae AND Lou Hace un mes
What would you do if you woke up and you were 1 million dollars in debt? ASKING FOR A FRIEND 😭 Still can't believe this happened to me... have you ever had a scare anything like this?
SuperMzNaNa Hace 5 días
i would have cried and then called like u anxiety would have kicked in
Brian Lockman
Brian Lockman Hace 12 días
Brian Lockman
Brian Lockman Hace 12 días
I thought this was a mukbang not a story time
Sayo Kumapayi
Sayo Kumapayi Hace 13 días
Kari A frrrr 🤣🤣🤣
Evelyn Pinto
Evelyn Pinto Hace 14 días
Ur acct was just frozen.. and they were able to remove the frozen status
Nicole Santiago
Nicole Santiago Hace 10 minutos
You should play this numbers in your state lottery bc that’s crazy ‼️‼️🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨
Juan Montanez
Juan Montanez Hace un hora
you eat when you stressed huh sis?
Bish Beauty
Bish Beauty Hace 21 un hora
I bet its Wells Fargo. They some shit.
Mommie Sophie
Mommie Sophie Hace 22 horas
Mommie Sophie
Mommie Sophie Hace 22 horas
Go with a credit union like navy federal
Jasmine Teague
Jasmine Teague Hace 23 horas
My compliments to Lou because I cannot stop looking at this beauty that is Tae❤ so damn gorgeous
Sonya M. Boyer-Watson
Sonya M. Boyer-Watson Hace un día
I know what I mean I have had my card declined also. For different reasons.....I too will always think get a little anxiety second guessing if I have the funds or for some reason it gn to decline!! Glad I am NOT the only one!!
Londyn tv
Londyn tv Hace un día
she was really stressed on >>9:00
Quincey Clayton
Quincey Clayton Hace un día
Navy federal is the best
Vanessa Lynn
Vanessa Lynn Hace 2 días
What body parts do I have to sell lmao
P.G.O SQUAD Hace 2 días
The bank always take some shit out but never put shit in lol
Masyn Keyek
Masyn Keyek Hace 2 días
This make Hungary
Jameria Harden
Jameria Harden Hace 2 días
You talk to much damn eat 😑! Ima stop watching y’all .
Majesti Brown
Majesti Brown Hace 2 días
This video just made me check my bank account 💀
Marquisa Grucza
Marquisa Grucza Hace 2 días
Girl, leave dang gine Wells Fargo alone. You dont have to say it. I can almost feel it in my bones that it was them. Smh.
Janelle Bass
Janelle Bass Hace 2 días
I used chicken and made the cheese
Edwin Hudson
Edwin Hudson Hace 3 días
No serious I hope everything work out for you guys and that maybe the bank broke you'll off a little somethin for your trouble but we all know how that is
Edwin Hudson
Edwin Hudson Hace 3 días
Let the bank know I had at least a half billion dollors left in there still they just don't see it its fun money it disappears everytime you try to use it
Taevone Roseboro
Taevone Roseboro Hace 3 días
hey tae what type of cheese do you use.]
Chloe Parker
Chloe Parker Hace 4 días
My card has been declined Hundreds of time 😂😂
Lakeya Williams
Lakeya Williams Hace 4 días
Yo girlfriend
Ieshia Howard
Ieshia Howard Hace 5 días
Girl they took the 800k to suffice for the unemployment claims ..
Rosie Jackson
Rosie Jackson Hace 5 días
It was chase bank I can read lips she said it and bleeped it out
Ash Kardash
Ash Kardash Hace 5 días
Why you do this without yo bae you know she wanted to try that too
Katelyns world
Katelyns world Hace 5 días
I want sum 🥺 I’ve never had any kinda sea food
V Lo
V Lo Hace 5 días
Geeez this looks amazing and i am soo jealous and want it nowww 😋
SuperMzNaNa Hace 5 días
thats why i do a credit unions..i dont like banks
Pamela Robinson
Pamela Robinson Hace 5 días
Lies for views
Beatriz vega
Beatriz vega Hace 5 días
🤣🤣omg i would been 😭😭😭 so sorry u experienced something like that.
Beatriz vega
Beatriz vega Hace 5 días
How do u make the cheese.
Cathy-Ann Robertson
Cathy-Ann Robertson Hace 6 días
I hope you drink a lot of wine because of all that cheese, you're eating
Tyrasia H
Tyrasia H Hace 6 días
I hate when you press one for English and its somebody who barley speak English
Malayah’s Marline s
Malayah’s Marline s Hace 6 días
😂😂😹😹😹 The End of this story time was just too funny to me . But I would’ve felt the same way .
Only Youtube
Only Youtube Hace 6 días
Ok so basically the bank plays with your money and I’m sure it was just a glitch but they made 822k profit from your 6k bc u can’t cash it out all at once, meaning the bank is investing in stocks and stuff and accidentally messed something up and took your 6k plus the 822k. Confusing ik but yeah. They made 822k from your 6k haha
Nonya Buizz
Nonya Buizz Hace 6 días
💞 No worries all you have to do is have your account investigated if they do not contact you they will have to write it off! Probably Hackers! The Honorable Supreme Court Justice Judge ⚖️. The Monarch 👑and Princess 👑 With Jurisdiction Over The Globe incognito.
Miss Jayne
Miss Jayne Hace 7 días
Legal matters are in place now
Miss Jayne
Miss Jayne Hace 7 días
At least you got it to talk about 🤷🏾
The Kaybaby Channel
The Kaybaby Channel Hace 7 días
if you air fry the hot cheeto foods you will be able to taste the hot cheeto more because the oil and frying the food takes away the flavor . just watch ToshPointFro Eats
esmeralda taketa
esmeralda taketa Hace 7 días
"2:38" When someone wish somthing only use ** this in particular was better than the rest 💳
John Milton
John Milton Hace 7 días
"2:29" Whenever anyone want somthing simply consider using ** It is fascinating on all devices! axx සෑම කෙනෙකුටම පරිපූර්ණ ක්රමය
Teyonkwa Cox
Teyonkwa Cox Hace 8 días
you need navy federal, i gotchu you can use my access code because i would’ve lost my entire mind
Shyts&Giggles Hace 8 días
8:57 The look I give bae and the sound I make when I eat her 😂
Melanie M
Melanie M Hace 8 días
👋👋👋💞💞💞💞new subscriber. You are just so adorable 💞💞💞💞💞💞
Mary Robinson
Mary Robinson Hace 8 días
I bet it was capitol one bc they had me f'd up
Zulema Pugh
Zulema Pugh Hace 9 días
Omg that is crazy my heart dropped when you said that. You deserve a explanation after all that .
Funny A** Chris
Funny A** Chris Hace 9 días
Damn Did She Really Have To Take That Big A** Bite Out Of It lol😂
T&C FAMILY Hace 9 días
THAT BITE @9:07 killed me !!!!! Dog I laughed out loud!!! Everybody have a blessed day lol 😂
destiny Mosley
destiny Mosley Hace 10 días
You got some stuff on your face
destiny Mosley
destiny Mosley Hace 10 días
karla diaz
karla diaz Hace 10 días
It could’ve been a glitch in the system, as a banker I seen it many many times.
Adonia Dean
Adonia Dean Hace 10 días
Tae the realest!!! No faking around here i felt your pain
Fiona Hace 10 días
😂😭 I would faint bruh even seeing it at negative, food looks yummie
Jewel M.
Jewel M. Hace 11 días
I felt that stress bite at 9:00😭
Naynay Mangham
Naynay Mangham Hace 11 días
TAE that is a lot of money 😭😭😭😭
Cindy Chaan
Cindy Chaan Hace 11 días
I feel like this can happen to anyone. Big banks are usually good for reimbursement. They just needed time to investigate..
Brianna Sykes
Brianna Sykes Hace 11 días
Do anybody know where she got that pot from
Tooty Juice
Tooty Juice Hace 11 días
Stuff like this happens and they’re tryna make it a cashless society
Emily Humphrey
Emily Humphrey Hace 11 días
They were probably doing some trading with your money
Jade Beamon
Jade Beamon Hace 12 días
This makes me want to take out allllll my money out the bank 😅
Natalya Smith
Natalya Smith Hace 12 días
What cheese dip did you use
Roblox Games
Roblox Games Hace 13 días
girl shut the hell up.
korou sucks ass
korou sucks ass Hace 12 días
your like 9 you shut the hell up
Bomb Squad
Bomb Squad Hace 13 días
Stress eating lol
Oreo Emesis
Oreo Emesis Hace 13 días
Had to be: 1) Bank of America 2) Chase 3) Wells Fargo Lol scary this has happened at multiple national banks.
Jane Bacon
Jane Bacon Hace 13 días
Eloquently handled. The bank i used to work for did that too, i was that customer service rep that was scared for you 😂 they always blamed this on garnishment and legal/irs issues and they were nearly impossible for us to get them to remove them. It's not fair how much of a hold the govt has on all our lives!
Derrick Thompson
Derrick Thompson Hace 14 días
Mikayla Seymour
Mikayla Seymour Hace 14 días
How did u make the cheese? Velveta? I need the deets!!
Khalil McClendon TV
Khalil McClendon TV Hace 14 días
Sounds like JP Morgan Chase
Ashari & Dekari So cool
Ashari & Dekari So cool Hace 14 días
does any body else think that tae look like chris brown
Royal Qu33n
Royal Qu33n Hace 15 días
Just demand an investigation to your case with them and if you hear nothing then she them for fraud
Royal Qu33n
Royal Qu33n Hace 15 días
I ment sue**
JMONEY #J squad
JMONEY #J squad Hace 15 días
When she said "what body parts do I have to sell"? I WAS GONE🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
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