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This episode is brought to you by the Amazon Original series The Boys, a revenge story about taking down corrupt superheroes. Premieres July 26 only on Amazon Prime Video.
Honest Trailers | Shazam
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Roger Furlong
Roger Furlong Hace 11 horas
Always sunny honest trailer?
Alan Day
Alan Day Hace 17 horas
SERIOUSLY!!!!! Lay your hands on my staff????? Um how is this not consider child porn?
Eduardo Tinajero
Eduardo Tinajero Hace 22 horas
Honest Trailers, what happened to you? You used to be so good and WELL WRITTEN.
MrPanther826 Hace un día
Old Wizard in a cave: lay your hands on my staff..... Me: ..... smoke from shoes running the opposite direction 🤣🤣
Ulysses Balanzategui
Ulysses Balanzategui Hace un día
"Let Aquaman punch the nun in the face!" LOL!!!!
CMG The Person
CMG The Person Hace un día
We all know Santa is the best character in this film
LeGoat James
LeGoat James Hace un día
Shazam fucking sucks tbh
Ashley L
Ashley L Hace 2 días
so i'm not the only person who thought this was a remake of Kazaam...
Tomas Chabrillon
Tomas Chabrillon Hace 3 días
pull into a cave by an oldman claiming to be a wizzard, asking the boy to put his hand on his "staff" and say his name
Jean Luc Edwards
Jean Luc Edwards Hace 3 días
Like you did with MCU do an Honest Trailer for DCEU
Christopher Robin
Christopher Robin Hace 4 días
So um... officially dropping Captain OurCompetition makes perfect sense, but in-universe doesn't he need a separate name to be able to introduce himself without standing well back from pedestrians and structures -- or to discuss the local superhero as Billy? Haven't yet seen the film to know if it comes up (this video indicates that it takes awhile to choose a hero name); I'd be surprised if nobody's brought it up in the comics, if only for a laugh. Is there any "canon" on whether he can say the S-word without really meaning it?
Vamsi krishna Bodaballa
Vamsi krishna Bodaballa Hace 5 días
Memento pls 🙏🙏🙏...
Wilo Polis
Wilo Polis Hace 5 días
_Why do all the DC moms look the same???_
happykharl Hace 5 días
yes a live action gargoyle move would be great
Evan Sweitzer
Evan Sweitzer Hace 5 días
why cant they default dance instead the floss is fucking lame the default dance is so much more iconic and interesting to watch I'd always appreciate a default dance restaurant
T am ara Wij
T am ara Wij Hace 6 días
Say "hot damn"
Coral LB
Coral LB Hace 7 días
I actually really liked this movie! lol (but yeah I agree can the flossing dance end already?)
I don’t know
I don’t know Hace 7 días
Power rangers shazam
RPP_LAPSSS Hace 8 días
3:07 - 3:12 im dying 😂
Jeremiah Lynds
Jeremiah Lynds Hace 8 días
why would you want to shit all over Gargoyles?
Moran Joyeux
Moran Joyeux Hace 8 días
Do an honest trailer for The Boys.
V0r4xiz Hace 8 días
That sounds and looks like one of the worst movies ever made.
Andrew Howarth
Andrew Howarth Hace 9 días
Hated the movie, loved the honest trailer. NAILED IT!
Rand Kin
Rand Kin Hace 9 días
Calling it now. They're keeping Mister Mind around as a lore excuse for a partial rebooting. (Why a caterpillar can edit existence by eating some of it, only the creators know.)
cross william
cross william Hace 9 días
Lay your hands on my staff XD
jaymills85 Hace 10 días
biker boyz honest trailer
Abdul Qadir Gandhi
Abdul Qadir Gandhi Hace 11 días
Please do Shawshank Redemption
Rittwik Maguire
Rittwik Maguire Hace 11 días
You are a wizard billy
Horsiegirl998 Hace 11 días
If you do honest trailers for Netflix films, you should do one for the 2019 film The Dirt
Jim Taylor
Jim Taylor Hace 11 días
Just me? Did you like it or not?
Corporal Killjoy
Corporal Killjoy Hace 11 días
ever noticed how shazam was actually more childish than billy in this film?
Lane DY
Lane DY Hace 5 días
They made it so that billy is happier when he's Shazam, so that's why shazam seems more childish than emo billy
ItDoola Hace 12 días
You should've called the villain "sans undertale" :^(
Lovise Ricachii
Lovise Ricachii Hace 12 días
im not being racist but... dat azn dude at 1:28 looks like the cao cao actor from rotk 2010 o: i think
Ben McDonald
Ben McDonald Hace 12 días
Doctor Sivana=Diet Black Adam
Darth Bombad
Darth Bombad Hace 11 días
That's my biggest complaint, why does he have the powers of Shazam?. Why do the seven deadly sins have the lightning of Zeus?. They could have at least given him a purple energy beam. Maybe have the smokey shadow stuff swirl around him when he flies to make a visual distinction between their powers.
Jeff White
Jeff White Hace 12 días
I'd like that padded muscle suit for Halloween. 💪
Kale Cox
Kale Cox Hace 13 días
lightningsabre Hace 14 días
Wonderful timing on the "Lay your hands on my staff"
Kyan Hace 14 días
This was a fun movie, looking forward to the sequel!
Ben Logterman
Ben Logterman Hace 14 días
Do an Honest Trailer on Pokemon Detective Pikachu.
Weiss Schnee
Weiss Schnee Hace 15 días
i got a the Boys Ad and it was epic voice guy. that’s some 5th dimensional stuff right there. getting an ad for a show about superhero’s with epic voice guy for a video about superheroes with epic voice guy. that alone makes me want to watch season 1 again.
Shine Quashie
Shine Quashie Hace 15 días
Brett Farris
Brett Farris Hace 15 días
Please say "I am a dwarf and I'm digging a hole! Diggy diggy hole!"
wildsprig Hace 15 días
Do "The Boys" next!
Choy Saechao
Choy Saechao Hace 15 días
That Caterpillar reminded me of plankton from Spongebob.
Tom H
Tom H Hace 15 días
Asher Angel looks disturbingly similar to Maisie Williams in this
Paul James Magalzo
Paul James Magalzo Hace 15 días
Dede Hace 16 días
Honestly the fight coragraphy was trash
Saucy Fry Studios
Saucy Fry Studios Hace 16 días
Shazam is the Spider-Verse of DC Movies
MIK Hace 16 días
Yer a wizard Billy had me crying😂😂
Zozo Zozo
Zozo Zozo Hace 16 días
Enki Merlin
Enki Merlin Hace 17 días
holy wtf!!!!!!! I never noticed the Annabelle cameos
Phil Maplesden
Phil Maplesden Hace 17 días
the boys is a sick program
Syed Humza Reza
Syed Humza Reza Hace 17 días
Can you do an honest trailer for the boys
Robyn Miller
Robyn Miller Hace 18 días
Can you do an Honest Trailer of Magic School Bus? Constant child endangerment combined with educational material!!
Shmoptimus Prime
Shmoptimus Prime Hace 18 días
Mark Strong as Sinestro was the only GOOD thing about the GL movie.
Morgan O'Brien-Bledsoe
Morgan O'Brien-Bledsoe Hace 18 días
I know really badly want to see Aquaman punch the nun in the face.
Efaz Ahmed
Efaz Ahmed Hace 18 días
Give us honest trailer on avengers endgame!!!!!
That Guy
That Guy Hace 18 días
When a female defends Billy's mom: Hoes mad.
IcarusX72 Hace 18 días
Hey do a Honest Trailer on Gillette's self righteous virtue signaling toxic masculinity pandering to the snowflake generation.
Beaudoin Motorsports
Beaudoin Motorsports Hace 19 días
Marvel starts with an M so they have *Daddy* issues DC starts with a D so they have *Mommy* Issues
Dante Villarreal
Dante Villarreal Hace 2 días
Nikko Spelled Like That
Nikko Spelled Like That Hace 8 días
Perfectly balanced, as all things should be.
Rubena Alexander
Rubena Alexander Hace 10 días
You know you've been watching too many Honest Trailers for one day when you internally hear Epic Voice Guy read it for you.
strongbad666 Hace 19 días
If they ever remake "Bloodsport" they should definitely cast Karl Urban as Jean Claude Van Damme's character. Oh, look here my favorite thing to say to you guys: HT for "Bloodsport" ('88) now please. Gracias.
Ly Vo
Ly Vo Hace 19 días
Trafalgar Aizen
Trafalgar Aizen Hace 19 días
Do '' the boys '' .....
Adrian Rodríguez
Adrian Rodríguez Hace 19 días
Whoa! Styrofoam muscle suit?? Don't jump on THAT bandwagon! He worked his ass off for that body!!
Romeo Cortez
Romeo Cortez Hace 20 días
Do your self
Michael Mello
Michael Mello Hace 20 días
You made a dc mommy montage without “WHY DID YOU SAY THAT NAME?” Come on!
Micaela Sparrow
Micaela Sparrow Hace 20 días
The starring section was very clever
Ahmed EL-Koucha
Ahmed EL-Koucha Hace 20 días
Can you Do Ghost Dog PLS
Vladimir Jovicic
Vladimir Jovicic Hace 20 días
What about "Lost"?
Queen LeLe
Queen LeLe Hace 20 días
An uncomfortable amount of Rkelly references ! And through the windows through the wall ! 😂
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