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Scott The Woz
Scott The Woz Hace un mes
Absolutely no clue why I said Nvidia like that. Absolutely no clue why I said the Nintendo Network logo was in the top left corner. Absolutely no clue why I didn't catch both of those. I'm done for.
Geekman 19
Geekman 19 Hace un día
I’m disgusted and I’m the one hundredth
Jamison Danuilettõ
Jamison Danuilettõ Hace 2 días
JS Douglas you also made a mistake in saying “hey y’all” when it’s actually “hey all”
Caden Schleuning
Caden Schleuning Hace 6 días
I didn't even notice until i deliberately listened for it. I don't know why, but I just didn't hear it.
Sonic The Hedgehog
Sonic The Hedgehog Hace 8 días
Sungrand Studios
Sungrand Studios Hace 17 días
Scott. We still love the 3DS too. That's why we recently launched our survival horror game exclusive for New 3DS? Want to try it? We're happy to send a review code.
/ xtek
/ xtek Hace 3 horas
_sex appeal!_
gabsprado121212 Hace 5 horas
What's the name of the outro's song?
LTOdom Hace 6 horas
scoot i bought the circle pad pro, i go to bed with it every night!
LTOdom Hace 6 horas
Collin Bolton
Collin Bolton Hace 7 horas
Hello Slide!
634 Ken
634 Ken Hace 10 horas
greenwitch Ed
greenwitch Ed Hace 10 horas
Abraham C
Abraham C Hace 18 horas
i’m sad that once i got to middle school ( senior now) i stopped caring about all my ds’s . i had all of them starting from the lite to the 2ds. i lost all of them and the games in a storage when we were moving years ago. for some reason my nerdyness is all coming back to me and i miss them. i bought a 2dsxl like a year ago but then i returned it and got a new 3ds mario edition. i only have 2 mario games ( that i had to rebuy) i beat them already. i wanna buy all my old games back and i wanna buy a switch lite too. i just wish i had all my old ds’s. i’m still confused why i grew out of the nintendo faze but now i’m back in it like when i was younger
Paul Mills
Paul Mills Hace un día
why can americans not pronounce MI-RROR properly hahaha, 'MEER' are you having a stronk ?
Ian Drsaurri
Ian Drsaurri Hace un día
It was a Nintendo handheld, of course it did well: *Laughs in Virtual Boy*
reverb Hace un día
whyd you hold the 3ds like L from death note in the thumbnail lol
Windows Nerd
Windows Nerd Hace un día
Did you upgrade to a iMac Pro?
Katherine Thielen
Katherine Thielen Hace 2 días
You’re great!
unknown being
unknown being Hace 2 días
imagine if there werent 367 3ds remodels the world would be way better
Willy Pro
Willy Pro Hace 3 días
I'm still waiting for the "Switch plus"
Kev Villanueva
Kev Villanueva Hace 3 días
12:06 is nobody gonna talk about Dio's involvement
Formula Fanboy
Formula Fanboy Hace 3 días
1:01 "It was a Nintendo handheld, of course it did well!" *Cries in VirtualBoy*
Zachary Zand
Zachary Zand Hace 3 días
its not the ds2 but the 2ds ;]
Lifuu Hace 3 días
21:05 What game is that?
MG Hace 3 días
27:40 Did I just witness one of the biggest Nintendo-related flexes of all time?
GidMod The meme
GidMod The meme Hace 4 días
Hey Scott. Just wanted to preface this comment by saying that I love your videos and to prove that, I’ve seen this video alone 5 times. I just wanted to tell you that I now love the history of Nintendo and all of its franchises because of you. Unfortunately, I never have been able to own a Nintendo console of my own. I really want one and have been saving up for the past year to get either a 3ds or switch. I just feel pain when you dunk the 2ds in the water because I feel like I really want one and then you go and just kill one for a joke. I love your videos I just wish you could ease up on the breaking of products. I’ve been trying to get into collecting games but I don’t have the money so to see you waste a (in my opinion) awesome little portable console just breaks my heart.
Sol Hace 4 días
Shamus Nerd
Shamus Nerd Hace 4 días
Is no one gonna talk about 31:26 Jesus the poor thing
Heaven Toast
Heaven Toast Hace 5 días
1:49 Doug Bowser assassinating Regie for the spot president of nintendo [COLORIZED]
oooplayer1ooo Hace 5 días
17:36 best moment
GM Fan
GM Fan Hace 5 días
I had a black og 3DS but my friend got a red one two months before me.
John Frusciante
John Frusciante Hace 6 días
25:12 actually there's a monster hunter in the vita Frontier Z/G. But only in Asia.
Childish Flamingo
Childish Flamingo Hace 6 días
I want bear 3D to be a real thing
martimnog_games Hace 8 días
It's weird to think that the good old Nintendo DS and the Switch are only separated by the 3DS.
Melissa Choate
Melissa Choate Hace 8 días
quack quack
quack quack Hace 9 días
I guess it was cool Leak confirmed
Fletcher Reed
Fletcher Reed Hace 9 días
I has a totes liget leek the neentindoors 69ds lawnhces in septembuary 3042 meyro parrty 35 metriod no u stair fax negeteve one pokeymans slipper and buut halo infeent plus too not faek This was a joke.
Indava Lucazo
Indava Lucazo Hace 9 días
adalina brown
adalina brown Hace 9 días
anybody wanna be friends on snap chat???? add me, itzadalina
colbalias Hace 10 días
Your carpet looks like rice
big_noodle_p p
big_noodle_p p Hace 10 días
Is he really color blind?
Max Porter
Max Porter Hace 10 días
i actually have the mario and luigi dream tream 3ds xl!!
DS5 Hace 10 días
14:30 For anyone curious, the game shown here is Atmosphir, a PC game that ran on Unity that allowed people to make their own 3D levels and upload them online for others to play
Arschgeiger Hace 10 días
12:07 why does it say Dio on it? This can't have anything to do with JoJo right?
Joely Mations
Joely Mations Hace 11 días
I watch these videos only to hear the song at the end
AntiKid 124
AntiKid 124 Hace 11 días
10:19 he probably meant yoshis new island
Bibis Product Placements
Bibis Product Placements Hace 11 días
Majora's Mask 3D is such a tragic story. People waited like forever only to get a worse experience than on the fucking N64. There's at least one essay about how bad this port is and modders had to step in and fix the game. Talking about mods, thank u Steeldiver for existing.
Brad 591
Brad 591 Hace 12 días
I have a Mario and Luigi dream team 3ds
SD Hace 12 días
Ironically I have a Mario and Luigi dream team system which i was playing while watching this playing new leaf waiting for new horizons
Lego Yoda
Lego Yoda Hace 13 días
my grandma bought the mario luigi dream team 3ds lmao
Stormy Hace 14 días
dear god, the cartridge shape reminded me of an incident where my brother, whose eyes would burn using the 3D feature, insisted on back-porting a 3DS cartridge onto the DS. he did this by taking a knife and whittling the nub away until he could force the cartridge into the DS. Needless to say he broke the game.
Kenexxa Hace 15 días
Lets be real the reason why the Wii U failed was because EA didn't say it was cool
TheHylianBatman Hace 16 días
I remember being broke back in those days. I still want a 3DS. I still want a Wii U.
Michael Overton
Michael Overton Hace 16 días
In all fairness the majora's mask 3ds color was chosen because purple means death in japan.
From the Hollow
From the Hollow Hace 16 días
26:18 I'm going to die laughing!!!!!
kidwajagstang Hace 16 días
Still waiting for TG16 games on 3ds? I’ve seen them on the virtual shop. Have you not searched for them?
PokéFan Hace 16 días
I actually got the mario and Luigi dream team 3ds for my 10th birthday and i broke it like 2 maybe 4 years ago ahaha i was sad T~T
Pig Bukkit
Pig Bukkit Hace 16 días
Why is this in a siivagunner playlist
Zestypanda Hace 17 días
Why did you randomly inject facts from 2015 (said 2014) in the middle of the 2016/2017 timeline????
Erarhcam owo
Erarhcam owo Hace 17 días
“Ever since the dawn of time they’ve been spoiling reveals!” Meanwhile with Dino boys: Dino 1: hey I heard a rock was gonna come and destroy us Dino 2: push yeah right Well you kinda already know how this ends...I’m just to lazy to type it :)
HallowLitten101 Hace 17 días
I will never forget that fake “Pokémon star” on the switch. When I first saw it I was like people can fall for trash
Avishek Saini
Avishek Saini Hace 17 días
3D is a "fad" because Hollywood decided it was too expensive and stopped producing them as standard practice. Don't confuse supply with demand.
Sungrand Studios
Sungrand Studios Hace 17 días
What else is cool about the 3DS? We recently launched our survival horror game, Silver Falls - 3 Down Stars, exclusively for the New 3DS. We wanted to give 3DS users an exclusive new game to be excited about.
LatinoPackBuster Hace 18 días
Bro...you dont post enough videos...bro...need more
Nicolas Zarco
Nicolas Zarco Hace 18 días
Let’s all not forget. In between the 2ds and new 3ds. The Nintendo 1DS.
Isaac Morrison
Isaac Morrison Hace 18 días
2011 was my first E3 and wasn't that an interesting fathers day when I just realized how good the Nintendo Channel was.
Jacob Butler
Jacob Butler Hace 18 días
Rumor: nintonto woll relaese nintonto swotg pRo iN tmo tho sand tweny
Pipperoni Hace 19 días
I've been having your stuff recommended to me like crazy, and I caved in and finally watched something. I think the algorithm knows me too well
R1sky B1z
R1sky B1z Hace 19 días
Sorry I went on the nod maybe today is not the best day for me too spend minutes and hours typing obnoxious drug-related Commons on the few channels I actually enjoy you are on that list mr. Woz
R1sky B1z
R1sky B1z Hace 19 días
I am jerking off whilst crying on several drugs by z66ymmmmkm mb GB ghhbv vbvfb GDF mmmmmmmmmmmmm mmHg
Chris Kerr
Chris Kerr Hace 20 días
17:42 I thought your carpet was maggots.
The Other White Castle
The Other White Castle Hace 21 un día
I love you Scott, but the way you hold that 3DS in the thumbnail makes me physically angry
TrizzyDRO Official
TrizzyDRO Official Hace 22 días
Is Scott really colorblind?? I NEED to KNOW 😂
jeanschyso Hace 22 días
circle pad pro was great with Monster Hunter games. Outside of that, I didn't even know there were other games that used it.
Lbp boricua
Lbp boricua Hace 23 días
That was YOU?!!!! I was so excited about that damn yoshi special edition and got so pissed!!!!2! Unsubbed and reported for defamation! Prepare to hear from my lawyer
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