Hershey’s Chocolate Makeup... Is It Jeffree Star Approved?!

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Hi new makeup review, how are ya?? Today I'm reviewing the Hershey's chocolate makeup by the Korean beauty brand Etude House. 🍫 Does the makeup smell like the iconic candy?? Is it Jeffree Star Approved™?? Watch and find out the truth.
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SWEATER BY: Gucci x Disney collab
WHAT LIP ARE YOU WEARING?: Jeffree Star Cosmetics 'Mannequin" Velour Liquid Lip
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Nora Armenta
Nora Armenta Hace 11 horas
My question is ? What is wrong with Amazon? I shop their all the time. I'm addicted to Amazon. And everything I had bought is good quality so I don't know what's wrong with that.
The Random Jack Show
The Random Jack Show Hace 18 horas
My person taste in candy is non. I do not eat candy.
Alexandra Hatlelid
Alexandra Hatlelid Hace un día
Jeffree: I think February is the official start to 2020 Us in June: umm it still hasent had and official start😂
Lilly Lopez
Lilly Lopez Hace un día
HEHE! He said "It TASTES BETTER than the other one " 4:55
Brooklyn Remick
Brooklyn Remick Hace un día
“1895. I think I was born that year.” 😂😂
Isla Griffin
Isla Griffin Hace un día
No one: Jeffree:I’m just a little shookie cookie tookie 😂🤍
bonkey Hace un día
K beauty / Korean make up is suppose to look natural so that's why the eye-shadow palette wasn't pigmented and the lipsticks are dry Just so they can like absorb and look natural;
Daniela Chacon
Daniela Chacon Hace 2 días
my sister has 1
Lucy Elizabeth
Lucy Elizabeth Hace 2 días
I LOVEEEEE the cookies and crème one too!!! ❤️ 🍪
Zara Royce
Zara Royce Hace 2 días
I like the cookies and cream the best two, a lot of people tell me that it’s nice for you but that is also my favourite
Sara Miller
Sara Miller Hace 3 días
Me:* wonders why all my make up pallets are broken* also me 11:14
Why you SHOULD not hate Yandere Dev.
Why you SHOULD not hate Yandere Dev. Hace 5 días
Are you over Nate?
Rocio Gomez
Rocio Gomez Hace 5 días
Hahahahaha! I love your honesty and now I know that getting it isn’t a good idea but I will forever love there chocolate
Kutkut Dalal
Kutkut Dalal Hace 6 días
I don't trust people who drink red bull with a straw ... Love to allllll
Alex_luna134 Hace 6 días
They sould make a cheeseitz plalete
Allie Kahn
Allie Kahn Hace 6 días
February jeffree: Shares a random brush everyone watching during quarantine .....
UwU Hace 6 días
Ninja x Jeffree pallet, bitch I would lose it 🤪
Amani Masood
Amani Masood Hace 6 días
I LOVE how he just used a lost makeup brush 💀
Crazycatlover 32
Crazycatlover 32 Hace 7 días
Jeffree: Throws paper and box Six months later: OOh!! Was this box from... The makeup that DIDNT smell like chocolate? gosh see ya sister
joana amorim
joana amorim Hace 7 días
Make a video with your favorite make-up
Alexis Mcpherson
Alexis Mcpherson Hace 7 días
I love your nails
kettie kettie
kettie kettie Hace 8 días
Let's get it girls
Mara 35
Mara 35 Hace 9 días
Maybe wonder women 💀💀💀
Mara 35
Mara 35 Hace 9 días
:) L
Jorge Gonzalez
Jorge Gonzalez Hace 9 días
1:18 “January and was the longest month” then march 2020 comes and says “MOVE OVER BITCH HOLD MY LATTE” #quarantine
Wanda Valverde
Wanda Valverde Hace 10 días
I totally agree with Jeffree cookies and cream is my favorite flavor
Dana Kaminsky
Dana Kaminsky Hace 10 días
I love u dude
Renny C
Renny C Hace 11 días
10:46 I thought he was going to say lucky charms ;-;
xXCrack_HeadMeXx Hace 11 días
Save The Plants Like If Agree
Tea is Relaxing
Tea is Relaxing Hace 11 días
Why do you get so much hate your human but still a badass bitch.
愛子 Hace 12 días
4:57 wait did he eat some of it I-
Micha Mallett
Micha Mallett Hace 12 días
Come through gay grandpa-loves-disney realness!
EmmaJaymes Hace 12 días
Omg sis I LOVE cookies and cream to! Like delicious THE HOUSE! It leaves milk chocolate quaking!!
Brianna Shaver
Brianna Shaver Hace 12 días
People in quarantine: Shave their eyebrows/head Jeffree: Wants to but doesn't grow out brows
yara alimam
yara alimam Hace 12 días
Omg he’s wearing something normal
Ali Hace 13 días
6:40 jeffree: all similar shades of brown also jeffree: *makes a pallet with similar shades of white and grey*
Jea Esme
Jea Esme Hace 13 días
Cheetos have a seat 🤣💅🏾
Dopherson 1
Dopherson 1 Hace 13 días
I love the expressions that Jeffree makes during these videos
Bella Portelli
Bella Portelli Hace 14 días
Jeffrey opens liquid lipstick OMG it taste better than the other one
Mikki L
Mikki L Hace 14 días
4:57 did u eat the lip tint?! 😂😂
Nothing Here
Nothing Here Hace 14 días
Lol he went to the fuckin Super Bowl with ninja
Jaeeun Hace 14 días
Im Korean🙂
Ana Robles
Ana Robles Hace 14 días
I'd loove to see if make up brand BISSU is Jeffree Star approved xDD
Gayyy Mercy
Gayyy Mercy Hace 14 días
Please do NOT review anything Hershey company related. I went to a boarding school owned by the Hershey Company (The school is advertised on the back of every Hershey bar if you don’t believe me) and they put me in a mental hospital for wearing makeup and wouldn’t let me out until 2 weeks passed and my mother had to call the school president and beg for me to be released. The company’s school is homophobic and transphobic and shouldn’t be recognized.
Ok Kk
Ok Kk Hace 14 días
Sometimes I love ❤️ your videos but sometimes there a little bit to long
Kenzie Hace 15 días
I think the only reason I'd ever buy the eyeshadow palettes is just for the novelty 😂😂
Deja Boyd
Deja Boyd Hace 15 días
I bet your better looking as a man
Lyric Pinder
Lyric Pinder Hace 15 días
I love how Jeffree rips open the liquid lips like a starving animal
Jungkook’s Banana Milk
Jungkook’s Banana Milk Hace 15 días
Jeffree: a little shooky kookie My kpop ass: *laughs out loud*
Keanu cruz
Keanu cruz Hace 15 días
Can you please do the bt21 makeup
Sarah Balcom
Sarah Balcom Hace 15 días
I’m sorry but you did not stress any of the issues... so what if you’ve *been* working on it. You said you production was shut down and the whole _ENTIRE_ time you’ve had this palette in production. You give away money online, meanwhile you plan on releasing a palette during a quarantine to gain maximize profits throughout??? What? I’m so disappointed that I have to unsubscribe. *WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS?* hundreds of thousands of people are dying and you release Cremated after saying your factories are closed. I can’t even rn 🤢 I’ve been a fan since MySpace! I’m so fucking *TRIGGERED*
JennyApostolos Hace 16 días
When you said "Iconic", it gave me some rupaul vibes... not sure why.... sorry... but you are beautiful!
Jazmyne deLeon
Jazmyne deLeon Hace 16 días
My favorite is cookies and cream too!!!! Love ya queen!!!!!!
What's Inside
What's Inside Hace 16 días
4:47 *flick* No matter how many times I watch this i cant figure out how the wrapper just flies away like that!
Savannah Hancock
Savannah Hancock Hace 16 días
Favorite Hershey bar: milk chocolate and almonds
natea skubic
natea skubic Hace 17 días
I love how he just got so mad about the eye pallets not smelling like chocolate
What's Inside
What's Inside Hace 16 días
I relate
it's anne
it's anne Hace 17 días
What a counsedent i whas rating WHITE hersey's while i scrold and found this video,and My fab are WHITE cookies and cream too,love You.
蔡微妮 Hace 17 días
Jeffrey star i very love you im impress and you are very beutiful
Aum .N
Aum .N Hace 17 días
Bella Ryan
Bella Ryan Hace 17 días
This is how many times Jeffree smelled the lipstick ⬇️ ⬇️ ⬇️ edit: I would have too 😂😂
JINNY KIM Hace 17 días
오마이갓!! 성덕!!! 에뛰드 !!
Finn Hace 18 días
Don’t even like make up, jeffree just fascinates me
Chill lemon
Chill lemon Hace 18 días
u are cringe
Chill lemon
Chill lemon Hace 11 días
@Rosalie Gurna i did
Rosalie Gurna
Rosalie Gurna Hace 11 días
@Chill lemon ruh. y did u watch it then.
Chill lemon
Chill lemon Hace 11 días
@Rosalie Gurna yes
Rosalie Gurna
Rosalie Gurna Hace 11 días
molly mcburney
molly mcburney Hace 18 días
My favorite two girl
Lord Anubis
Lord Anubis Hace 18 días
I need to do a taste test -Jeffree 2020 (On a eyeshadow palette)
Yoshi Hace 18 días
The lip product was a lip tint. Most people only use it in the center of their lips then spread it out with their finger or brush
Sol Bustos
Sol Bustos Hace 18 días
My friend Julia met you in Miami in the Morphe launch!!
It’s Just Me Infinity
It’s Just Me Infinity Hace 18 días
The lip is probably for a lip tint like in kpop makeup
ZXYT Hace 18 días
haha is it edible haha dies*
Ana Carolina Godoy de Oliveira
Ana Carolina Godoy de Oliveira Hace 18 días
I can only think of harry styles when I see this sweater
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