Hermitcraft S7 Episode 7: 64 DIAMOND BLOCK Purchase!

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Hermitcraft season 7 episode 6! We make a 64 diamond block land purchase on the shopping district mushroom island of Hermitcraft S7. We now own a massive plot of land for our future plans with ScarX Inc. We also meet up with Stress and purchase 2 villagers for our future fantasy Minecraft village. To end the video we complete the top of the Creeper farm Grian and I have been working on together! I hope you enjoy and are excited about the future of the land we purchased!
Impulse's Infinite Villager breeder video: eswomen.com/id/v%C3%ADdeo-VTseLpa9Iyc.html
Previous Hermitcraft episode: eswomen.com/id/v%C3%ADdeo-mXyqmSKCPYQ.html
Hermitcraft season 7 official playlist:
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GoodTimesWithScar Hace 2 meses
I'm so excited for the transformation the land we purchased! What ideas do you have for the fantasy village? Don't forget to *SUBSCRIBE* and ring the bell to be notified of new videos!
Gemma Holmes
Gemma Holmes Hace 2 meses
You should build a hermitcraft mall!! And you could have other hermits pay to have a shop inside of it
Kayne Jobin
Kayne Jobin Hace 2 meses
Doesn't Aqua end in an a?
Cameo Monday
Cameo Monday Hace 2 meses
You could build a big villager statue (like a god) and then you could sell villagers from the statue to make diamonds
Shmorgel borp
Shmorgel borp Hace 2 meses
Do a viking village with longboats and and longhouses and wood/stone everything, dispense iron helmets onto the villagers. You could also have wooden walkways above the water, you could have a mine cart going into a mine that is a smaller version of the diamond challenge mine with crystals growing out of it.
ErikderFreak Hace 2 meses
You should defently build some rly high, full chunk filling, buildings (maybe skyscraper) around Grians Chunk, so he i Bocked from everything!
Triston Thompson
Triston Thompson Hace un hora
710 diamonds? edit: I was only 5 off!
Kit Haiku
Kit Haiku Hace 19 horas
6 stacks and a few
BlanksBeats Hace 21 un hora
six and a half stacks of diamonds
Fox_Games Hace un día
182 is the answer to the diamonds i believe ( if anybody else said the some number i haven't looked at the comments yet)
O Gallop
O Gallop Hace un día
Carrie Hoolsema
Carrie Hoolsema Hace un día
Scar: We have the bun, and the other bun... Me: *snicker*
WalkedArher272 Hace un día
my guess will be 6 stacks and 17 diamonds. Because you get about 2 diamonds for each diamond ore and i think you're lucky today
Thatshapeshifrer 60
Thatshapeshifrer 60 Hace 2 días
I’m pretty shur that they always put lettuce on the top (at least with every blt I’ve had)
Rieyyan Ali
Rieyyan Ali Hace 2 días
703 diamond Edit:😱how
galaxyraider9 Hace 2 días
Where does he get that good music plez tell me so I can listen
Ella Christensen
Ella Christensen Hace 2 días
No I cannot guess how many diamonds you will get
Sam Kuhner
Sam Kuhner Hace 2 días
Matthew Hi
Matthew Hi Hace 3 días
Sliced Hace 3 días
Gabreil R
Gabreil R Hace 3 días
Banana BOI
Banana BOI Hace 3 días
705 diamonds
Back stroke Jack
Back stroke Jack Hace 4 días
6stacks and 47 diamonds
Bryce Williamson
Bryce Williamson Hace 4 días
Did anyone notice the toon towers in the back round
Ivy Cassity
Ivy Cassity Hace 4 días
The answer is 706
Roos Nuchelmans
Roos Nuchelmans Hace 4 días
Am I the only one that did see a ocelot on a tree
Red Leaf2007
Red Leaf2007 Hace 4 días
Why does he say back when I ate
NeverLetYouIn Hace 2 días
Because he has a feeding tube now.
Paul Hace 4 días
I am living for the super fast build music!
Art3mis1990 Hace 5 días
now when I look at Jungle villagers I only see a hamburger...
Sebastiaan Peters
Sebastiaan Peters Hace 5 días
maybe shorten the nose a little
Sebastiaan Peters
Sebastiaan Peters Hace 5 días
6 stacks
JAW_SHOCK Hace 5 días
Mckenna Kumpf
Mckenna Kumpf Hace 5 días
When did he say "back in the day, when I ate" I didn't hear it I just saw the comments
Harvey Leyland
Harvey Leyland Hace 4 días
Mckenna Kumpf 16:52
Aziza Alsaadi
Aziza Alsaadi Hace 5 días
Umm scar what spectate thing did u use pls can u tell me
GameBarrage Hace 6 días
9:52 Umm... Slavery?
Zakkukarp Hace 6 días
Nah, lettuce goes on the bottom.
John The Gamer
John The Gamer Hace 6 días
You cure villager zombies by throwing a weakness potion on it and then feed it a golden apple
Tucker Rowell
Tucker Rowell Hace 6 días
Let’s be honest, the nose is kinda ugly
Bowie Snell
Bowie Snell Hace 7 días
about 6 stacks
Beanos Hace 7 días
Slave trading with stress
Marin Jubica
Marin Jubica Hace 7 días
In my calculations it could be 697 diamonds with fortune 3
Ninja Viper28
Ninja Viper28 Hace 7 días
why are all the hermits' time lapse songs soo cool and catchy
cian kimcassidy
cian kimcassidy Hace 7 días
jack schroeder
jack schroeder Hace 7 días
"Magical business" 😏
jack schroeder
jack schroeder Hace 7 días
5 stacks and 37
MrFox Hace 7 días
Phin 345
Phin 345 Hace 7 días
Phin 345
Phin 345 Hace 7 días
so close
Tom Atack
Tom Atack Hace 8 días
Siôn Duggan
Siôn Duggan Hace 8 días
0:35 "There's no authority in the shopping district". Not for long.
Spicy disaster
Spicy disaster Hace 8 días
speaking of authority in the shopping district......
Narwhal_OP Hace 8 días
705 diamonds
Antonio Zelada
Antonio Zelada Hace 9 días
17:58 Am I the only one who loves that flute solo??
certifiedweirdo101 Hace un día
I love it!!
Danny McArthur
Danny McArthur Hace 4 días
It hurts my ears
Evan Chenoweth
Evan Chenoweth Hace 7 días
No it is so great
Jonny Casarola
Jonny Casarola Hace 9 días
568 diamond
Samuel Norman élève
Samuel Norman élève Hace 9 días
i realy like the music
Random Experience
Random Experience Hace 9 días
Scar: There's no authority in the shopping district. Mumbo and Grian: Imma bout to end this whole mans career
John Nix
John Nix Hace 9 días
6 and a half stacks
Sugaryice23 Hace 9 días
704 diamonds
Plaid Penguin
Plaid Penguin Hace 9 días
That huge chunk should be called the Scar District. It will have a bunch of shops owned by scar and will have a giant purple crystal in the middle
Justin Chen
Justin Chen Hace 10 días
izzy lol
izzy lol Hace 10 días
scar turned into a real estate agent like bruh
Richard McKeever
Richard McKeever Hace 10 días
Dude these super fast modes are so satisfying!! Especially because they're start to finish.
thepartyboy608 Hace 10 días
GoodTimesWithScar: SUPER FAST DEFOREST MODE! **sad MrBeast noises**
L Studios
L Studios Hace 10 días
rip jelly also I don't like the nose on the chest monster
the red mence
the red mence Hace 10 días
704 diamonds I know cause I did this before not hermit craft but mine 3 stacks
GOgoGOon Check
GOgoGOon Check Hace 11 días
Who watch this in 2021
Lulu W
Lulu W Hace 8 días
Wait....it might just be quarantine making me crazy but isn’t it 2020?
Alex Tollit
Alex Tollit Hace 11 días
I love it when u said: "back in the day when I ate."
Haylie Murphy
Haylie Murphy Hace 11 días
Hii i love your videos scar😍
nathaëlle de hertogh
nathaëlle de hertogh Hace 12 días
Or 705
nathaëlle de hertogh
nathaëlle de hertogh Hace 12 días
cronic_universe Hace 12 días
700 daimonds
pgk fast
pgk fast Hace 13 días
I wonder if he actually ate the hamburger villager
Andrei Chua
Andrei Chua Hace 13 días
I love how scar laugh😂💜💜💜
Olive Gang
Olive Gang Hace 13 días
I think you got 6 stacks and 4 dimonds Edit: Omg I guessed 7 dimonds wrong on ur mining !
Linkolin Alamar
Linkolin Alamar Hace 13 días
i dunno how many diamonds that is..... what the hell, how about 700?
Johanna Hay
Johanna Hay Hace 13 días
9 stacts
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