Hermitcraft 7: Episode 10 - THE HERMIT HERO

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Hermitcraft 7: Episode 10 - THE HERMIT HERO.. Grian becomes... Who? He has no name.. but He has 2 identities...
#hermitcraft #minecraft


OG Sweat
OG Sweat Hace 15 horas
Ok I’m not gonna ly u kinda sad lol
Cameron Vinroot
Cameron Vinroot Hace 18 horas
"Villagers are a pain" -Grian 2020
jacamillYOLO Hace un día
15:59 U underestimate my power!!!
Bodan Burris
Bodan Burris Hace un día
Alternate Video Title: Grian re-enacts the Soviet purge in Minecraft.
Zeke Zumwalt
Zeke Zumwalt Hace un día
just like a very needy girlfriend says Grian Me too bud, me too.
Phoenix Rize0921
Phoenix Rize0921 Hace un día
aj mum
aj mum Hace 2 días
What was the hello?🤔
Fionn Cahill
Fionn Cahill Hace 2 días
Star wars reference, loved it.
Veronica van de Ligt
Veronica van de Ligt Hace 3 días
"It's over Scar. I have the high ground."
Mitch H
Mitch H Hace 3 días
Why a pestkybird with only face hairs?
Bethany C
Bethany C Hace 3 días
Pesky bird
Sir Blue
Sir Blue Hace 3 días
Scar: You underestimate my power!
Natte Hace 4 días
Mumbo for mayor.
Peace Lovers
Peace Lovers Hace 4 días
No one: Not a single soul: Grian: PEsKy BiRd
ThaphilosopherYT Hace 4 días
He’s simping for mumbo
Maddie Pospisil
Maddie Pospisil Hace 4 días
When he started talking about becoming a hero and stuff, I was like: Poultry Man?!?!?! PLEASE let it be Poultry Man returning!!!
Gerry Villena
Gerry Villena Hace 5 días
Wow the wither fight is like two jet fighters that is destructuble
Baze Hace 5 días
king of building:grian king of circles:wadzee king of redstone:mumbo comment for more kings and who owns the name
Kitty queen imagination Morehu Morehu
Kitty queen imagination Morehu Morehu Hace 5 días
who is saying hello in this??? that’s weird!
najmi nasir
najmi nasir Hace 5 días
Grian should spawn the wither under the bedrock in the portal to overworld in the end soo the wither can't break anything because wither shoot from their head and their just shoot bedrock
PrototypeJake Gaming
PrototypeJake Gaming Hace 5 días
Grian You should spawn the wither in the end, you need some obsidian and then make a small room below the portal that we use to get back to the overworld. for more detail maybe you can search on someone youtube video
Sail Cuber
Sail Cuber Hace 6 días
"And it gives me good deals.." Like 64 emeralds for 10 rotten flesh?!?
Fizzy Hace 6 días
this was thee most cinematic wither fight ive ever seen
Sophie Barry
Sophie Barry Hace 6 días
The plan was ttt tu tutatttttt t t t
4rdon Hace 6 días
u sucka
Brody - Brawl Stars
Brody - Brawl Stars Hace 6 días
Why dos grians goodbye sound like stampys goodbye 🤔
Preston Scott
Preston Scott Hace 6 días
You are doing to kill villagers
Aaron Harding
Aaron Harding Hace 6 días
I legit thought Poultry Man would return in this episode. I was very disappointed.
Fury fighter 16
Fury fighter 16 Hace 6 días
Me is Minecraft pro, yo
Zurab Tsereteli
Zurab Tsereteli Hace 6 días
*P E S K Y B I R D*
Garfield III
Garfield III Hace 7 días
those villager screams TERRIFIED me
mibber121 Hace 7 días
that wither fight was like a fuckin super saiyan duel. So sick.
L&M Toones
L&M Toones Hace 7 días
Pesky bird
D does MSM and Minecraft
D does MSM and Minecraft Hace 7 días
There should be time ice, so you can freeze a wither skeleton head shooter so you can make a wither storm
D does MSM and Minecraft
D does MSM and Minecraft Hace 7 días
How did they get above nether bedrock, and why was there an unaligned (with the BLOCKS) nether portal there?
William Huynh
William Huynh Hace 7 días
Welcome to another episode of getting ghosted by mumbo
Anahi Soto
Anahi Soto Hace 7 días
Grian=plastic. Fish ._.
Psalmuel Bayta
Psalmuel Bayta Hace 8 días
Grian should download Omlet Arcade so he can always livestreming and recorded hus lastest moments
A9 shrimp
A9 shrimp Hace 8 días
Pesky birds 🐦
Dominic Rossetti
Dominic Rossetti Hace 8 días
pesky bird is gonna become a meme at some point i feel like
Sofia Lamontagne
Sofia Lamontagne Hace 8 días
At 4:00 blumbobs (yes it's the real name)
Zaidi 99
Zaidi 99 Hace 8 días
Timelapse song??
Batman 1037
Batman 1037 Hace 8 días
xXWolfieee Hace 8 días
Hermit craft should be called Pesky Bird Is A Snatcher
BRavESLimO Hace 8 días
PeSKy BirD
Alex De Roeck YT
Alex De Roeck YT Hace 9 días
Grian: *makes a star wars reference* Marvel fans: I got that reference Time: 15:59
LiVeen Hace 9 días
That whispering is the only ASMR that ever actually caused the effect in me. That was weird
Maximillian Thabile
Maximillian Thabile Hace 9 días
Pesky birrdd😂😂😂❤️
XD - Roblox and More
XD - Roblox and More Hace 9 días
Title: The Hermit Hero Legit Grian: stealing doors 🤚🚪
Happy anonymouse
Happy anonymouse Hace 10 días
6:42 I died and respawnd and died again
Command_Engineer _15420
Command_Engineer _15420 Hace 10 días
Fighting bosses in terraria be like : 12:56
Moimoi24 Queen
Moimoi24 Queen Hace 10 días
I love when Grian said hello back to the villagers
Lauren Cottam
Lauren Cottam Hace 10 días
What about tag 2
Lauren Cottam
Lauren Cottam Hace 10 días
Hoodie Clan
Hoodie Clan Hace 10 días
16:41 “when will you learn, when will you learn scar, that your actions have consequences!”
Malthanis Hace 10 días
15:11 I'll be honest, I was expecting Poultry Man.
Blue Flame
Blue Flame Hace 11 días
how does cub always win everything?
Rory Chapman
Rory Chapman Hace 11 días
If you haven’t already you should build a secret tunnel to your first base to you new base.
Blueberry97 Hace 11 días
Grian: everything is going well! Also Grian *2 minutes later* : this has gone horribly wrong.
DragoGuardianDD GODDRAGON Hace 11 días
lol if u think of it u can hyper farm all the mob heads especially if ure like me and prefer manually farming lol (in all types of mc farms )
Kaleb Sevilla
Kaleb Sevilla Hace 11 días
Grian: the problem is, the server it a bit in a laggy side Me: you never know how mobile players experiences lagg. (lagg is a nightmare to us)
Roman Withrow
Roman Withrow Hace 12 días
Let me put this in perspective for you the Minecraft build height is around 256 and he was 1000 blocks up
Joel Rasku
Joel Rasku Hace 11 días
Yeah bulid hight is 256 but the player can go much further up
Liam Morris
Liam Morris Hace 12 días
you should bring back a hero like poultry man i loved poultry man
Sanghamitra Mohanty
Sanghamitra Mohanty Hace 12 días
the wither is a nooooooooooooooobbbb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Julian gamer santos
Julian gamer santos Hace 13 días
Grian: has dolphin heads me:reeeeee÷
xleafie Hace 13 días
really bummed me out that you werent fighting the wither as “gman”
CatSharkSnake Hace 13 días
17:58 was the beat montage ever
Harrison Gardner
Harrison Gardner Hace 14 días
What Animals head is that
Joel Rasku
Joel Rasku Hace 11 días
Riley Richards
Riley Richards Hace 14 días
Why if no one talking about Grian’s prequel reference
Liam Keepax
Liam Keepax Hace 14 días
Pesky Bird
We Broke up
Gabrielle Moses
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