Hermitcraft 6: Episode 109 - The Time Has Come...

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Hermitcraft 6: Episode 109 - The Time Has Come... That's right, in Grian's next episode will be the finale. But there's a few things we need to do before then.
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lightningboy80 Hace 3 horas
if i was a hermitcrafter i would have bought your mansion before everything else :)
PreptiX Hace 14 horas
is iskall going to space maybe?
Callum Hace 16 horas
4:29 Pesky bird
Memes Never die
Memes Never die Hace un día
Oh God the 666 dislike
Move, I'm doge!
Move, I'm doge! Hace un día
I really liked this video, but then I saw that there were 665 likes sorry Grian just gotta do what I gotta do
noa garson
noa garson Hace 2 días
Grian: I am leaving season 6 My brain: *GREXIT*
GiMynus Gaming
GiMynus Gaming Hace 2 días
How is this season 6 its 7
Aron Fekete
Aron Fekete Hace 3 días
When you realized he would have won if he hadn't been fooled by mumbo' s skin changer
karategavin 121
karategavin 121 Hace 3 días
Grian: brt?
Rukasu -kun
Rukasu -kun Hace 4 días
Remember when Grian wanted to sell the mansion for 100 diamonds? Now he wants -10 :))
Epic Gamer 2000
Epic Gamer 2000 Hace 5 días
Who's watching this when G man was invented?
Jared Webb
Jared Webb Hace 5 días
Jeffrey Zhao
Jeffrey Zhao Hace 6 días
man, its the tattletails who ruin it for everyone
Jeffrey Zhao
Jeffrey Zhao Hace 6 días
OMG Me too! I have NO idea what so ever on how flying machines work
Kane Jay Wolf
Kane Jay Wolf Hace 6 días
I'll take the house.
Jess G
Jess G Hace 7 días
is it just me, or do observers look like Grian?
NoOneYT AaG Hace 8 días
I still think Chester is Bog from Hyun Dojo (and gildedguy) for some reason xD.
Black Dragon 217099
Black Dragon 217099 Hace 8 días
I would have bought it for 64 dimonds
Viktor Stoykov
Viktor Stoykov Hace 9 días
He was planning how to leave the season that whole time
Inky error's
Inky error's Hace 9 días
8:59 grain that the definition of leaving season 6 BROKE
Demon Slayer YT
Demon Slayer YT Hace 9 días
U had 60 diamond blocks and 50 diamonds I’m confused
MinerMaster Hace 10 días
Title: The time has come Me: sent shivers down my spine, body's aching aaall the time (Bohemian Rhapsody)
That guy in the group
That guy in the group Hace 11 días
Grian had made a new phrase that shows more wisdom than anything you can come up with. "It's not about the death, it's about the *suffering* "
Delight Hace 12 días
Nice one
Josh Frazier
Josh Frazier Hace 12 días
I’m sad I will miss the tower and the towns are the pranks
Aishwinder singh Mann
Aishwinder singh Mann Hace 12 días
Noooo get the diamonds back i know its late though now😅
G FORCE NEON AXE Hace 13 días
I am xisumavoid Hey it is G-R-IAN I AM GRIAN HEY IT IS X-I-ZUMU-VODE
G FORCE NEON AXE Hace 6 días
xFAIRYTAILFAN 101x Hace 6 días
*Ex-Aye-Zoom-aa Vo-yeet*
Night Shadow
Night Shadow Hace 13 días
2:40 haha BASE-ically
SènorPineapple Hace 14 días
2:46 it’s base-ically a giant tower!🤣
TheNaughtyAngel MC
TheNaughtyAngel MC Hace 14 días
he is going to fly on a char
Galaxy Light
Galaxy Light Hace 14 días
poor stress
Si blog
Si blog Hace 16 días
Husker NTT06
Husker NTT06 Hace 16 días
4:26 Grian talks about parrots, shows a chicken. Hmm... (Grian wasn't involved in that Hermit Challenge, but still.)
ShadowDoesStuf Hace 16 días
hi grain
ManZana Apf
ManZana Apf Hace 17 días
Is that Jeddah Tower?
XxKatDCatxX Hace 17 días
Poultry Man has been here sense the beginning....
Altaz Hace 18 días
Grian that cant sell house for diamond: "its free real estate"
TheGlitched_ Gamer
TheGlitched_ Gamer Hace 21 un día
Grian 2 episodes ago: I always gain a lot of diamonds then lose them all somehow Also Grian: **auctions all diamonds away**
Michelle Wood
Michelle Wood Hace 22 días
What will happen to chicken boy
Monokuma carrot
Monokuma carrot Hace 23 días
Iskall: "As you can see I'm perfectly safe in this box" Grian: *throws trident* Iskall:...
Vincent Ogbechie
Vincent Ogbechie Hace 24 días
I am from the future and I can tell you something about hermitcraft your base will be like a hobbit hole and it will be in the jungle
Maukustus Hace 24 días
execute order 66
James The Kitty
James The Kitty Hace 24 días
You may kill me. Once.
Kaleb Mozota
Kaleb Mozota Hace 25 días
Make a bunch of traps that look like he’s going to die for all of them and then he finally dies after 10 minutes
Toad Is ineviteble
Toad Is ineviteble Hace 25 días
I lost it at ”BRT??” 15:11
Meet Parrot
Meet Parrot Hace 25 días
GamingXd Hace 28 días
my name was boris
Red 2343
Red 2343 Hace 28 días
Hermitcraft: ends Grian: my time has come
Super Fire 64 Gaming
Super Fire 64 Gaming Hace 28 días
Redstone: **exists** Grian: slime block trickery
aniclip ¿
aniclip ¿ Hace 28 días
11:08 grian chaotic neutral confirmed and 15:37 he's literally giving impulse money so that he himself can kill iskall again and oh boy do I like it and find it funny to watch grian outsmarting the smart
Krystina Chainey
Krystina Chainey Hace 29 días
Was I the only one who saw the 3 levels grian had at the beginning
Herbie Willis
Herbie Willis Hace 29 días
Make a machine to put him at half a heart then kill him with a wooden hoe
Rouge Saytr
Rouge Saytr Hace 29 días
It only feels like yesterday I saw him upload the first episode
Will Gamblin
Will Gamblin Hace 29 días
Goodbye hermitcraft season 6
Lumberjack king the great
Lumberjack king the great Hace un mes
Leave with redstone to enter a session where grian is going to be better at redstone I like it
Redwarrior 1_
Redwarrior 1_ Hace un mes
you forgot that cave in which you put Ren's name in like the 6th episode! lol
Blue22 Hace un mes
Grian I can't find out which shirt to pick, "That ain't bro" or "Bumbo Sahara" you made too good of shirts
Lane Robertson
Lane Robertson Hace un mes
8:34 "I wanna be, I wanna be, I wanna be famous!"
SkyCat Hace un mes
Hey, Brian - don't complain you didn't win, you got a free shucker box :p
-cutey_boo- Hace un mes
Grian: observer face and then we go to space Me: omg
Jessup orr
Jessup orr Hace un mes
Master oogway: my time has come
Oskar Jackson
Oskar Jackson Hace un mes
Is it just me who is getting good place vibes
Bianca Jeffords
Bianca Jeffords Hace un mes
U know what I would’ve said I would’ve said “I Bianca Jeffords give you ImpulseSV 24 hours to build something to kill me and if it’s not done by then I get ur diamonds and u get nothing”
PJ Muhich
PJ Muhich Hace un mes
Grian: If I give half of what you paid in diamonds, then we share the death? Me: GRIAN YOU IDIOT! STOP LOSING ALMOST ALL YOUR DIAMONDS!!!
DarkWolfGaming Hace un mes
I know, Iskall is going on a mine cart journey
Strawberry Lemonade
Strawberry Lemonade Hace un mes
XxGucci_Chicken 777
XxGucci_Chicken 777 Hace un mes
If somehow u win?! How could u lose no one else is crazy enough to pay all their diamonds to kill Iskall.
Xanthos Alpha
Xanthos Alpha Hace un mes
Iskall85: I think I'm pretty safe in my little box. Grian: Let me check that... Nope.
Victor Parra
Victor Parra Hace un mes
Oooh can we have a return to Build School?!
Tbolt74 Hace un mes
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