Here's Why the Jaguar XJ220 Is the Craziest 1990s Supercar

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Doug DeMuro

Doug DeMuro

Hace 8 meses

The Jaguar XJ220 is the craziest 1990s supercar. Today I'm reviewing the Jaguar XJ220 to show you why it's so special and unique -- and why it was so crazy. I'm going to show you all around the XJ220, and then I'm going to take it out on the road and drive the Jaguar XJ220 supercar.
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Mr Racz
Mr Racz Hace 19 horas
This is my new dream car
Michael Queen
Michael Queen Hace 23 horas
and its the ugliest thing man has ever created...
Alejandro Delgado
Alejandro Delgado Hace un día
very good reviews doug
Geronimo Jr
Geronimo Jr Hace un día
Doug the type of guy to kiss with his eyes open
Matt Hace un día
My Grandad helped build this car
Sam P
Sam P Hace 2 días
Lemans blue 500k on eBay
How the car became as popular as everybody got a car¿
¡ would be actually more amazed having a private submarine or jet..,
Charles Howarth
Charles Howarth Hace 2 días
The key was like every European Ford key of its time. PS it was 80 degrees today in London in the 2nd of June,
Człowiek Drzewo
Człowiek Drzewo Hace 2 días
If I was some kind of drug lord, this would be my car.
Veikko Hace 3 días
Doug is the type of guy to measure car lenght in mm
Better With Rum
Better With Rum Hace 3 días
34:51 I thought I was having a seizure
Better With Rum
Better With Rum Hace 3 días
James Pumphrey would not approve of these headlights.
Fox Hace 3 días
20:22 That’s what Donald Trump said...
Lance Dudley
Lance Dudley Hace 4 días
GTA niggas be like
Roborav Hace 4 días
The inside bit like the steering wheel and speedometer etc look so boring like from an vauxhall astra or something. Strange for a super car and the boring wheels too.
BlondeWick Hace 4 días
My 94 Roadmaster Estate had similar door problems, thankfully I'm 5'11" and 140lbs lol
Joshua Christoff
Joshua Christoff Hace 4 días
this is my fav super car
O.E.Herrera KrossZero
O.E.Herrera KrossZero Hace 5 días
Do you noticed that the grab handle is the exact same as the 98’ Ford Expedition door handle?
Axel Rose
Axel Rose Hace 5 días
I raced one of these in my built supra back in the late 90's and slayed it
Stidd’ Hace 5 días
Magnifique voiture mes ont entend pas le bruit du moteur ont entends que ta voix et ta langue horrible à écouter je supporte pas ta voix putain ces dommage
Jason Mitchell
Jason Mitchell Hace 5 días
man thats a shaguar baby.... yeah baby
Daniel mzlos
Daniel mzlos Hace 5 días
Preety stupid car if you ask me
360 Picture UK
360 Picture UK Hace 6 días
could you explain why when you pronounced the Jaguar name when detailing the rear logo you said it correctly but throughout the rest of the video you said Jagwar.
Stephen Clark
Stephen Clark Hace 6 días
That plum crazy mopar next to it though...
Mahad ali
Mahad ali Hace 6 días
Lol dope video
tapsy smith
tapsy smith Hace 6 días
I Remember it from Rkellys video
Nich Refosco
Nich Refosco Hace 7 días
Who doesn’t know about this car??? I mean didn’t we all have Matchbox replica??lol
Al Melling
Al Melling Hace 7 días
Alan Scott the TWR engine shop manager rang, could you come and see me A,S,A,P following morning on my way,i went through all the security checks finally in their board room Scott was there and Goeff Goddard from Cosworth. At the time they were building the Jaguars v12 upto 6ltrs for the TWR XJS , Scott asked me my thoughts on this engine for more power, i explained that on this engine it can be done by making new cam boxes,wider and covers to match and very high lift profiles this you cannot do with the present set up. Scott asked me what lift i said 20mm, Goddard just smiled . 12 months later again please come and see me. He asked me if i had time for a contract i said yes, i need a v12 for a super car . He told me he was testing 4 engines from jaguar and they were not good. I went to see them and it was obvious that they were good at the work done but the 4valve design was sadly incorrect. The max bhp was 320 course from 5 ltrs. They want at least 550bhp, we do it on the Silk cut block i confirmed. It was planned that the new engine would be used on a supercar at Jaguar and the TWR Xjs? The new 4valve heads were as they should be the only unique points were the cam bearings i included the bearings between the cylinders not the valves, there being more surface area and controll if the long camshafts started to whip or twist, the first pair of heads were cast by Cosworth castings and machined at Culham Centre in Abingdon. There machine guy and myself machine the pair working 24/7 for 4 days, i was knackered, then drive back up north, all this cos Walkinshaw was giving everyone hell for the new engine, the engine was built 6ltrs 710 bhp max running on the dyno to prove it ,at 6000rpm wide throttle failed after 6 house ,,BIG TIME. The engine was stripped and it was found a hole about 10mm dia in the no.4 inlet port. This was obviously core shift the head was cut open and the wall thickness in that area was thinner than1mm, Hell had arrived for Scott and me. The engine had some success in racing ,but the saga went to the Jaguar 220. The jaguar super car mentioned in my contract was for my engine. When all this happened, and the group C rules were changed the new engine was far to heavy and bulky ,Walkinshaw needed a new engine for the race cars, so he did a deal with the Leyland guys and bought the 6r4 engine modified it and that was the new race car, the v12 twelve was now out of racing but going into the 220 ,it was being fitted at Browns Lane and going great. But Walkinshaw again saw a treasure chest and convinced the jaguar people to fit the V6, it was a disaster the car now out of balance being designed for a much heavier engine and course being marketed and taking orders for a v12. On completion there came a class act litigation at the london courts i was the number one witness, the claiments won the case and the poor 220 was shelved a great engine and wonderful car ruined by arrogance. Thank you.
Yiannis Hayabusa
Yiannis Hayabusa Hace 7 días
Perfect Amazing Fantastic ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Harshad Gentle
Harshad Gentle Hace 7 días
this car is even faster than a gt3 rs!!!!!
Harshad Gentle
Harshad Gentle Hace 7 días
i guess the rock can rest his hand beside the door
Wings 99
Wings 99 Hace 8 días
The interior is loaded with parts from the early 90s Ford of Europe parts bin: Dials, switches, gear lever, door handles; the list goes on. They key and the door mirrors too. Its 10% the same as my dad's Ford Granada Ghia 😆
Wings 99
Wings 99 Hace 8 días
"In the UK they don't really have hot & sunny days" 😆 Thanks Doug, we topped 98 deg F last summer and are well into the 80s already this year... Its just crap design by Jaguar back in the day. My Rover had a sun shade for the roof back in 87 and every car I've ever owned has since
Sujay's \\\VSR
Sujay's \\\VSR Hace 8 días
Hey Doug, pls review this car; "Isdera Commendatore 112i", which was a subsidy of Mercedes Benz AMG. Oldest supercars of times. Late 1990s cars. This was featured in Need For Speed II. Pls make a review. A very special car.
Awaken FTW
Awaken FTW Hace 8 días
Its the Ocelot Penetrator
susheel avvaru
susheel avvaru Hace 9 días
If this car was imported from the UK , why is the wheel on the left ?
Yash Atishay
Yash Atishay Hace 9 días
I really wonder, would having such wheels means the brakes would not get as much air and hence heat up may be?
Eugene Bisson
Eugene Bisson Hace 9 días
The (XJ-200) in the owner's manual is totally necessary maybe 30% of customers that call my shop have zero idea of what they drive. Think of that and let that sink in..a guy will call and say " I have a mustang and someone told me that my clutch is going out". And when he and his Chevy Camaro show up and it's automatic I just let the person stay oblivious.. you know all those car accidents on the roads? Yep it's those people.. another customer tick is THEY DON'T KNOW WHERE THEY LIVE 😠😠..I stopped dropping vehicles off because it's just a headache..
Glenn Westbye
Glenn Westbye Hace 9 días
Thats a really bad design - its ugly.
Peter Blazeby
Peter Blazeby Hace 9 días
Al Melling
Al Melling Hace 9 días
Would have been a great car one of the best, if it had the V12 780bhp. That was made for it.
araz tavakoli
araz tavakoli Hace 9 días
🚙doug Demuro.
loudxr6 Hace 10 días
That looks like an EB Falcon smartlock key with a jaguar sticker stuck over the ford logo.
Josh Kwolek
Josh Kwolek Hace 10 días
Doug re-reviewing the Chiron in a couple decades: "Wow. Wow. This is actually a quick car. Surprisingly so."
Tj Semeniuk
Tj Semeniuk Hace 11 días
Lol imagine paying supercars pricing for 95 Honda civic gauges
Pianothekeys Hace 11 días
You gotta loosen up, your back looks stiff af
Alan Broadhead
Alan Broadhead Hace 11 días
Best looking car ever. i should know I bought a matchbox one, still got it.
Kasza Ákos Adrián
Kasza Ákos Adrián Hace 11 días
V6 or V12 this car is still one of the most beautiful and rarest cars ever made.
simone caputo
simone caputo Hace 11 días
That are peugeot 205 backlights
Adi Setyo
Adi Setyo Hace 11 días
J A G U A R might have to consider about remaking this car, I love the back-end of this car
Sammy Mwamburi
Sammy Mwamburi Hace 12 días
The one thing this car reminds me of... Need For Speed.
Guilherme Ferreira
Guilherme Ferreira Hace 12 días
Not in grey :(
Supprimer Hace 13 días
Is it me or do the tail lights look like Porsche 911 lights that were covered to look like there not?
Jon Parks
Jon Parks Hace 13 días
i would like to see what the vehicles interior looks like at night.
Alan Johnson
Alan Johnson Hace 13 días
Jeez Doug. Your Doug scores are so irrelevant. Everything is built for a purpose. It wasn't meant to be a family cruiser. I bet if you reviewed an F1 car you would award it a low "Doug Score" because of practicality, (no doors so very hard to get into and out of and you need a servant to pass you the safety belts and no roof which means only good weather motoring) comfort (crazy firm ride and the seats are hard. There is limited leg room and no footrest. There is no armrest or drink holders. There is no satnav nor airconditioning... they don't even have air vents. There is no leather in a car costing so much. Not even valour seat covers and there is only one seat. Even the McLaren F1 had three. You also need to wear a helmet or set of goggles to stop bugs punching your eye balls in at 200 mph), value (you could buy 50 Rolls-Royce Phantoms for the same price which makes it crazy) and feeeatuuuuuures (apart from the steering wheel) but that doesn't mean an F1 car isn't what it is.... a machine to do what it is designed to do and that is go fast. Just like the XJ220. It was designed to be the fastest road car in the world and it was. I'm surprised you didn't mention it didn't have any drink holders or cellphone which would obviously be required as you surpassed 200 mph. "Doug Scores" are only relevant if you are comparing cars from the same era. You never took it on the track so how do you know the steering became too light? I'm sure JagWaah did a perfect job in that department. Apart from that I loved your review!
Liony Leftwich
Liony Leftwich Hace 13 días
4:50 THIS will stop the thieves😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂Still my all time favorite supercar even though it got a lame alarm system
Alessandro MK 4
Alessandro MK 4 Hace 13 días
Sou do Brasil. Por favor coloque legendas!!
Panos Karidis
Panos Karidis Hace 13 días
Doug is a live proof that super cars are not made for tall people
Steve G
Steve G Hace 14 días
I had a poster of one of these on my wall when I was young .
Turbo Sicko
Turbo Sicko Hace 14 días
Some rims, tires and I’ll daily this car every minute of my life. 🤩
Will Moxon
Will Moxon Hace 14 días
Everytime Doug stands on the gas his face goes barbaric
Manju Prem
Manju Prem Hace 14 días
Cool jaguar.....i have ever seen....i need one of it
Paul Connelly
Paul Connelly Hace 15 días
That door key and windows switches and gauge clusters...FORD! The key was sold first with the Ford Sierra in Europe.
Mark Harvey
Mark Harvey Hace 15 días
this car sucks
Yooper Author
Yooper Author Hace 15 días
I've had six of these XJ 220s over the years. Just kidding. But it sounded cool.
The Soggy Baguette
The Soggy Baguette Hace 16 días
2:58 Define *Low*
Akyo ZyNK
Akyo ZyNK Hace 16 días
His voice is almost cracking from excitement to review this car, is so funny, but at the same time it makes me kinda sad
Shawn Schroeder
Shawn Schroeder Hace 16 días
"THIS.." this this this this this...use a different word bro. UNreal.
Ed venuto
Ed venuto Hace 17 días
I like jaguar
MatthewCoupeOfficial Hace 17 días
Built 10 miles from me in Bloxham, Oxfordshire along side the DB7
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