Hello (from the Inside) An Adele Parody by Chris Mann

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Chris Mann

Chris Mann

Hace 2 meses

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Written and recorded by Chris Mann on Garage Band. Shot on iPhone. Edited on iMovie. Co-Directed by Chris and Laura Mann.
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* Facebook: facebook.com/chrismannmusic/
* Twitter: twitter.com/iamchrismann
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Mahima Devi
Mahima Devi Hace un hora
Paul Rudd?
Gabrielle Vulinovic
Gabrielle Vulinovic Hace un hora
This is 😆
J Mac
J Mac Hace 4 horas
You’re are a bum
Laura Wynn
Laura Wynn Hace 7 horas
I bet he had to clean his window after filming this 😂😂😂
blakeamazing12! Hace 9 horas
this is what gamers have bean preparing for
SovaSova Mia
SovaSova Mia Hace 12 horas
The best song, I ever hear!! 😂😂😂😂
Hana Vnoucek
Hana Vnoucek Hace 13 horas
Jhett Paulsen
Jhett Paulsen Hace 15 horas
Theresa Mburugu
Theresa Mburugu Hace 17 horas
just wow
KOTLC forever
KOTLC forever Hace 18 horas
I sang along with you and my neighbors (i live in a duplex) were blessed with my awful singing but your singing is absolutely amazing!!!
choninshi Hace 21 un hora
Anyone know why it's not on Spotify anymore?
Pixel TM
Pixel TM Hace 22 horas
I'malibrocubicularist Hace un día
This is seriously the best quarantine song ever!!!
Crazy_Duk 42
Crazy_Duk 42 Hace un día
mangine people walking by and seeing tis man lip syncing something and making weird expressions lol
Genevieve Roberts
Genevieve Roberts Hace un día
To my sister 😍🤩
Genevieve Roberts
Genevieve Roberts Hace un día
You’re video was so funny
Gaby Roberts
Gaby Roberts Hace un día
I’m dead😏🤩😹😂
Lidia Sánchez
Lidia Sánchez Hace un día
kylie minogue
Constantin Lambert Zapp
Constantin Lambert Zapp Hace un día
You are so sexy! I want have boyfriend like you!
Natalie Smith
Natalie Smith Hace un día
Dude you said it was you, yourself and you.....but I see the wedding ring and I saw your son or whoever that was
JERZYGRL37 Hace 2 días
I love all yr Videos you need to make A cd with all yr coronavirus songs on the CD everytime I here adele Hello I can here you singing it n my hubby says to me why am i laughing i said cause i here Chris mann singing it haahaa
Blanca Graham
Blanca Graham Hace 2 días
0hhhhhh MG!!!! Send another song I r hilarius!!!!
S1lentWolf Hace 2 días
nobody: Absolutely nobody: Not even the psychos: That one guy who sees him screaming hello from the inside, him: **HALLO FROM THE OTHER SIDEEEEEEEE**
Nivasi Hace 2 días
good job
Denise Trout
Denise Trout Hace 2 días
Mr Jack
Mr Jack Hace 2 días
Hhhhhhhh hello from inside🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂
bert havermout
bert havermout Hace 2 días
Yah, we have been locked up. Well done C. but, a bit critical? People did this to us. For business reasons! Want to sell a vaccine, not one but 7 billlion @ ?$50,0- each? Threatening there is a second pandemic coming up. Enslaving us.
Suzanna Chan
Suzanna Chan Hace 2 días
I haven’t showered
The Domino Effect
The Domino Effect Hace 3 días
he looks like paul rudd
Manaia Judith Henare-Ryland
Manaia Judith Henare-Ryland Hace 3 días
My new favorite song😂
loveinspired7 Hace 3 días
Pressing his face against the window is what takes this video over the top! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Ella Ho
Ella Ho Hace 3 días
Him: I don’t put on pants anymore. Me: I don’t put on underwere anymore People: I don’t put on anything. I go NaKeD
Damien Slade
Damien Slade Hace 3 días
This was great man! Lmao
Allwin Khawas
Allwin Khawas Hace 3 días
Appreciated ur Corona song
Little Dozer
Little Dozer Hace 3 días
Omg! Tears! Lol You ROCK! THANK YOU!
Tichina Reacts
Tichina Reacts Hace 3 días
The part where he says "me myself and I" yet his wearing a wedding ring and a kid watching dori.
Deborah Hace 3 días
this song is such a mood 😖😖 such an emotional roller coaster 🥺
J & A Skočilásky
J & A Skočilásky Hace 3 días
LOL so funny
Mia Zaheeya
Mia Zaheeya Hace 4 días
Best song during Covid 19!!! U got a vote from Malaysia haha
Luqman Khalil
Luqman Khalil Hace 4 días
I love this!!!!😂😂
Bertha Quezada
Bertha Quezada Hace 4 días
Love t
Emily Weston
Emily Weston Hace 4 días
bayrockwhk Hace 4 días
Clever! Thanks for this, it was very well done!
first news
first news Hace 4 días
It's look a like Paul
pamula wallace
pamula wallace Hace 4 días
Loved this💖😍
Timmothy Copeland
Timmothy Copeland Hace 4 días
"Jesus Christ All Mighty" and "my own God damned face" in the same sentence? Not sure I've ever heard a prayer with the Lord's name in vain before. A lil blasphemy with your quarantine, eh?
Malik Huzaifa
Malik Huzaifa Hace 4 días
You'll get this randomly recommended by ESwomen Iafter 2-3 years so Hi !!!
Lot Smoegrande
Lot Smoegrande Hace 5 días
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Miss Raven
Miss Raven Hace 5 días
This is hilarious! I mean, he's not wrong.
Mmariankaa Hace 5 días
This has literally made my day! You got some impressive pipes!! :))
Marck Hace 5 días
this is so much better then the real one!
N. Reese
N. Reese Hace 5 días
Excellent job!!! Pretty depressing, but-- yeah, so is this whole thing! Congratulations on your excellent work, Mr. Mann!
TheStarsDon'tDance Hace 5 días
I love the "I'm so bored"
Kel Hace 5 días
*vibe check approves*
Ali Bautista
Ali Bautista Hace 5 días
Who else laughed so hard when it said: can you please send me strength (and some $$$) It was funny.
Fox Tube
Fox Tube Hace 5 días
I hate staying home so much. but all day long I listen to his songs they are so funny,
Octavia Cirlan
Octavia Cirlan Hace 5 días
IndigoDande Hace 5 días
Why is he so fucking sexy singing this. That voice.
Kevin Hsu
Kevin Hsu Hace 6 días
Chris, you are so right! I haven’t showed in three days already! Bruh, I stink!
Da_Yanti. F.
Da_Yanti. F. Hace 6 días
This is gold and hilarious, his voice and humor, just gold
Lindsthestudent Hace 6 días
This guy was on the voice and I did not know about him until now. Wow. I hope he gets an award next year at the Grammys for this.
Red T
Red T Hace 6 días
Chris, did you give any gaming app companies permission to use your image from this video? It popped up in an ad just a minute ago.
Fiona Micallef
Fiona Micallef Hace 6 días
Good song n acting should b advert it b taken better more 4 listeners grt and good voice b4 me head bed🤗🤗❤️❤️keep singing g n acting really grt both welldone
Talia Frane
Talia Frane Hace 6 días
At the end you question if he was wearing pants while filming XD
Melissa Jacobus
Melissa Jacobus Hace 6 días
Melissa Jacobus
Melissa Jacobus Hace 6 días
He will crush his nose on the glass. Thanks for lifting my spirits Chris.
Jennifer Spengler
Jennifer Spengler Hace 6 días
Damn, you can SANG
Theresa Dukes
Theresa Dukes Hace 6 días
LOL it’s great to laugh Out Loud,,, me myself and I
Theresa Dukes
Theresa Dukes Hace 6 días
LOL it’s great to laugh Out Loud,,, me myself and I
darkgamingYT Hace 6 días
ha ha ha lol
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