He Carries a 100-lb Mass On His Leg! | My 600-lb Life

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J.T. is almost 900lbs with a 100-lb lymphedema mass on his leg and a food addiction that is bound to kill him if he doesn't change.
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Antonio Valencia
Antonio Valencia Hace 6 horas
Navajo tacos are so good; cant blame him
Raymond Gagne
Raymond Gagne Hace 15 horas
Sounds like he’s reading a letter... foreal. Listen to it
Ana Lopes
Ana Lopes Hace 17 horas
There is even a way to repair him at this point? This is so sad. It's breaks my heart just imagining the lack of self love this man has.
RandomeGames Hace 18 horas
I feel heal bad
this is my display name
this is my display name Hace 21 un hora
Damn the fact that he can walk is impressive.. it must be so painful
Cristina Cri
Cristina Cri Hace 21 un hora
Lord have mercy and help this person :(
mary we
mary we Hace un día
People don't go to the doctor!!!!!
Aura Hace un día
8:03 Did he fart?
Gail Gilay
Gail Gilay Hace un día
lol imagine if is soo fat that the noose broke oof
Anthon Deutsch
Anthon Deutsch Hace un día
She also needs to lose weight to have a child, not only him.
Anthon Deutsch
Anthon Deutsch Hace un día
I feel bad for him, he seems kind, just in desperate need for help.
GBR_Replays Hace un día
You not fat dude I'm here to not be rude you just got to lose little fat maybe
Mari Va
Mari Va Hace un día
Poor Bella 🐕 she's so cute ♥️🐶 and Jt loves her. I hope that Bella could be happy ❤️
Er sieht so gut aus schade um sein Körper. Sie hat auch ein Diät nötig.
C aint hungry right now
C aint hungry right now Hace un día
Roblox characters
Some wolf dude
Some wolf dude Hace un día
God, his leg looks like an Oreo...... Poor guy, this man needs mental and physical help.
Gemini B
Gemini B Hace 2 días
What a nice looking fella. Sad.
Aaron Meuret
Aaron Meuret Hace 2 días
Im sorry for him 😞😞😞💓💓💓
Yeet YEET Hace 2 días
I hope he lives
Lo hunn
Lo hunn Hace 2 días
Poor guy ): I’m really rooting for him !!!!
Salma Mahamud
Salma Mahamud Hace 2 días
No don’t die
mohammad mohsin
mohammad mohsin Hace 2 días
I am crying he must be so cold with those holes in his clothes
George Staats
George Staats Hace 2 días
4:40 so being fat is a disability now? It's a self inflicted condition that he can fix by exercising and proper nutrition, everyone can do it. They try to make us feel bad for him by telling us his little sob story, but he can fix his body by making the right choices, he is being unwise. I hope he prospers and and gets better though
English Cloud
English Cloud Hace 2 días
He is carrying almost my entire weight on his leg...
Kiya Wilson
Kiya Wilson Hace 3 días
I feel really bad for him it just make me want to cry😭😭😭😞
Wania Ali
Wania Ali Hace 3 días
Poor dude
xrs sixth Smith
xrs sixth Smith Hace 3 días
i feel so bad i use to be fat
Vanilla Pusheen creamsicle
Vanilla Pusheen creamsicle Hace 3 días
I watch these when I feel fat
Bubsimo Dragon
Bubsimo Dragon Hace 3 días
He looks like a nice guy though
Big Smoke
Big Smoke Hace 3 días
That leg do make a nice table do
???!!!!???!!!! Hace 3 días
Stephen Giufre
Stephen Giufre Hace 4 días
No offense but I want to know this. Is that is testicles?
Jada Thompson
Jada Thompson Hace 3 días
No that is just loads of fat on his leg
Rachith Manjunath
Rachith Manjunath Hace 4 días
God please help him and people who are in need
Skorp Saiyan
Skorp Saiyan Hace 5 días
Amazing how fat works. His face seems like unaffected and normal. I always see people with another chin, but not him.
Jennifer Binnag
Jennifer Binnag Hace 5 días
I'm not trying to be rude and people are gonna say mind ur own business but ummm how is he supposed to use the toilet....
CHLOE HOLMES Hace 5 días
8:29 i feel so bad!
CHLOE HOLMES Hace 5 días
most people might bully him, but he seem cool, i want to be his friend UwU
adam sabeh
adam sabeh Hace 5 días
britney lakes
britney lakes Hace 5 días
if you just saw his face you wouldn’t think he was that big
angel kitties
angel kitties Hace 5 días
I feel bad for this man
Viizion Almighty
Viizion Almighty Hace 5 días
Fam u can legit eat all the food u want as long as u exercise it helps balance ur diet
Michelle Gurung
Michelle Gurung Hace 5 días
There is always a way to change you cant give up
Michelle Gurung
Michelle Gurung Hace 5 días
If he wants to live he has to change
Michelle Gurung
Michelle Gurung Hace 5 días
This makes me cry
Michelle Gurung
Michelle Gurung Hace 5 días
I feel so bad 😪
Sophie Lloyd
Sophie Lloyd Hace 5 días
That’s so sad when he said I don’t know if I’ll wake up tomorrow the pain has never been like this and I don’t think I’m going to be alive for much longer 😓
Renbeni Tungoe
Renbeni Tungoe Hace 5 días
*Hid girlfriend is so caring... We should all appreciate her!* GOD BLESS ❤️❤️❤️
carina Hace 6 días
dude... i feel so bad. he’s been through so much :( AND he has to worry about dying at any second on top of that.
Noah Boa
Noah Boa Hace 6 días
Yeah, he’s not gonna live. RIP
Cloud VII
Cloud VII Hace 6 días
A combination of tumor.
Intolerance96 Hace 6 días
I wish I had a portable dinner table like that, but here I am trying to rest my plate on my knees like a sucker
Paul Engelen
Paul Engelen Hace 6 días
2:10 DEFINITELY not mcdonalds -_-
Gary Fletcher
Gary Fletcher Hace 6 días
He doesn't need plates and utensils, he needs a hog trough.
Karin Ritter
Karin Ritter Hace 6 días
i don t think it s lymphedema, this guy just has big balls
YaBoi GotThatSauce
YaBoi GotThatSauce Hace 6 días
This is just sad
mr guy
mr guy Hace 6 días
6:54 anny WAHAT!?!
nicky carr
nicky carr Hace 6 días
Such a depressing video damn
Mr. Vic
Mr. Vic Hace 6 días
sylphinaangell Hace 7 días
I wish i could give him a hug and let him know he would be okay:(
Nidhi Yadav
Nidhi Yadav Hace 7 días
Please bhagvan jii enki help kijiye 🥺
《•harmidity saud•》
《•harmidity saud•》 Hace 7 días
Nobody: Nobody in the whole world: *me casually sitting on the couch eating potato chips watching my 600 pound life*
MrSisterFister 2
MrSisterFister 2 Hace 4 días
hahahahahah guise if i put nobody: the 9999999999th time and then say what am doing you will laugh right😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Please like my parents don’t give me enough attention and I have no friends at school so I try to get meaningless internet likes in a desperate attempt to feel a sense of validation due to my lack of social interaction and self love please I need help
Ampha Hace 5 días
noahblanco ok?
noahblanco Hace 6 días
hahahah this is such a funny comment i wish it had 100000000 likes and i wish you could post hilarious comments like these every second of your miserable LIFE.
Trillbandz _
Trillbandz _ Hace 7 días
I really wanted to have hope for this guy but the fact is he’s a lost cause he’ll only be free by death he said it himself he will never give up eating because he loves it and if you can’t go 3 days without eating anything at all then you might as well give up your weight loss journey
Trillbandz _
Trillbandz _ Hace 7 días
He’s literally defying physics he looks like a resident evil /left for dead npc
Emi Craw’s channel
Emi Craw’s channel Hace 7 días
I get how he feels but all he has to do is stop eating so much and exercise
Miles Morales
Miles Morales Hace 7 días
Damn they found each other on an elephant dating app.
Jasmine.Unicorn _Games
Jasmine.Unicorn _Games Hace 7 días
I think I’m fat if I gain a pound. That’s why I am underweight and anorexic.
Mingyu Sarang
Mingyu Sarang Hace 7 días
I’m genuinely curious... how does he poop? Can he have sex?? He sounds so sad and as if he had lost the will to live 😢
MaxOV Hace 7 días
he's still mobile so he can get to the bathroom. as for sex no.
Jim Mea
Jim Mea Hace 7 días
tlc hides the logos like we have no clue what they are for
Queenofawesome25 Hace 8 días
This is actually depressing. I hope he got the help he needed.
satzu moments
satzu moments Hace 8 días
The problem is the girlfriend is fat I don't like using the word fat but idk what to call her anyway her girlfriend is the same as him she doesn't stop him from eating bad she should help him eat healthy
Gemma Danyluk
Gemma Danyluk Hace 8 días
I love my 600 pad laf
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